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Michelle Obama’s Slave Ancestry The first lady’s family tree traces connections to slaves and a white forebear. It is moving, it is sobering, it is a reach back into history. The tales about the family tree of first lady Michelle Obama and an American map that traces her back to the slaves and slave owners that were in her past. This woman who made it all the way to the White House. A's Yunji de Nies has more on the first of this journey. The rock of our family, the love of my life, the nation's next first lady-Michelle Obama. Here is a journey that began more than a century ago with the death of a slave holder who left all of his property to relatives including a six-year-old girl named Malvinia valued at 475 dollars. She worked on a farm that grew wheat, corn and cotton living an unimaginable life of labour. She was one of three slaves. There was a very small farm. It wasn't kind of the notion of a plantation that we have. With so few slaves, Malvinia likely worked in the house and laboured in the field. As a teenager, she gave birth to a son with a white man. The child is listed in this 1870 census as a "mulatto", the term used to describe a person of mixed race. His name was Dolphus Shields, Michelle Obama's great-great-grandfather. Many families have stories like Mrs Obama did about white ancestors. This is a good memory of him.Shields grew up a free man and became a carpenter. Barbie Helld was his informally adopted daughter.He was just a beautiful person, full of love. Three generations later, Marian Shields Robinson would give birth to little Michelle. In Mrs Obama Holt sees Shields. She seems to be a very loving person, and so was he. And they were just a good match. A family that went from slavery in the south to the halls of the White House.It's just an amazing journey.An amazing uniquely American journey. For Good Morning America. Yunji de Nies. A News, Washington.11/90030《老友记》,原文名《Friends》、又译作《六人行》,是美国N电视台从1994年开播、连续播出了10年的一部幽默情景喜剧。由华纳兄弟公司〈Warner Bro.〉出品。整部戏由三男三女共六位俊男美女担纲演出,不时请到明星与设计师等各界名流客串参与,播出以来一直为N电视网的招牌戏之一。全剧共237集,每集大约20分钟左右。曾在1996年创下5,300万的收视记录。故事主要描述了住在纽约的六个好朋友从相识到后来一起经历了10年的生活中发生的一系列的故事,朋友间的生活、友谊、麻烦、欢笑、矛盾、爱情、工作等表现得淋漓尽致!他们六个扮演“朋友们”住在纽约市区的公寓中;他们之间的友情、爱情和事业就是这部电视剧的主线,六个人鲜明的个性、幽默的性格使得《六人行》在欧美国家获得了巨大的成功,它已经成了新一代美国青年人的“必看电视剧”,也多次刷新了美国晚间档节目的收视记录。 Back to Book Segment, tonight the Factor TV Icon. The mega-hit Friends ran from 1994 to 2004. And over that ten-year period, the six actresses actors featured are estimated to have made, y? 100 million dollars each including re-run payment. But what has happened to them since Friends went off the air? A few days ago I spoke with FOX Entertainment reporter Jill Dobson about that.Bill: You are a brutal person. I mean you rank these people in order of success. And the least successful is Matt LeBlanc. But it looked like out of the gate, he was gonna be one of the most successful because he’s got a spin-off from Friends. What happened? Jill: Joey wasn’t a huge success. He got some nominations for his acting. But by 2006 it had been canceled. He hasn’t done much since.Did you break another piece of the wall?It’s just begging to be climbed.B: It’s interesting because Kelsey Grammer, a spot-off from Cheers into Frasier, huge hit. Mr.LeBlanc had the same opportunity but the show went down to drain. Show me your bra, he’s afraid of bras. Can't work them.B: Lisa Kudrow plays a lot of character actress parts, right?J: She does and she’s a great actress. She won an Emmy for her role on Friends. And she had a role, a show called The Come Back, and did very well by critics but not so well with the audiences.Read the card.Congratulations from your favorite gay. Oh…. Mickey. Guy! Favorite guy. Yeah.B: She is a good actress but she’s not gonna carry a film any more?J: Yeah, She's never really gotten that headliner status. Even during Friends, She was always considered kind of the side, where the meat potatoes where Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox.05/72001Let me see that thong... lawsuit A California woman is suing Victoria's Secret because she says she was injured while putting on her thong. Willie Geist has the story on today's News You Can't Use. (Oh, is that time?) It's time for a quick version of (Oh, Willie.) News You Can't Use. We only have time for one story. So, Mica, (Oh, dear.) I have to give you the one I promise you. You asked for filth, I give you filth. (Oh, dear.) A Californian woman is suing Victoria's Secret because she says she was injured while putting on her thong underwear. (That'll do it?) (Okay.) Seeking unspecified damage, the 52-year-old woman (Come on.) says she was injured by a defective, low-rise, V-string from the "Sexy Little Thing" collection of Victoria's Secret. She says a design problem cause a decorative metal piece on that throng to strike her in the eye as she was putting on the underwear, so she's damaged her cornea, and she wants Victoria's Secret to pay. Again, recapping our top story, "Woman suing Victoria's Secret after she was injured by her own underpants." Uh, Mica what do you think of that story. Um, I'm, I`m good, that's fine, thank you Willie, haha. You know, Willie, (yeah, yeah.) sometimes, the cable guys smile upon you in a way that makes me think that though you are not Irish, you do have a luck of the Irish, (Well I'm gonna be following the story very closely for us to have an update tomorrow.) that, is great, that is a good example of the glass half-full for Willie guys all the time. (seriously, ) And the , (Don't you hate those defective thongs.) and Willie, where did you, where did you select ah, (I thought the product was all right) the for that, because some of that really didn`t even go along with the story. Well, that's hardly the point, is it? It's uh, you get the, you get the idea, thongs like, thongs you're seeing here. (Ok, thank you.) File, it's file footage, file thongs footage, we've dug it up. (You know.) (Stop it) You know, (You got, ah…) Oh, Jesus, oh, I'll tell you what, you know the thing that we only, we only gave Willie 35 seconds this entire hour, (Yes, I make the most of it), we, we, we, we try to save the Earth, we try to solve the immigration, (you did) we try to talk politics, (But he can save people from thongs, that's okay, too.) but in 35 seconds, you`ve taken it so far off the ditch, that Mica is feeling a little dirty. That's why I'm here, well Mica you asked for it, you got it.200812/58993Despite economy, Nike soars Nike has seen its third-quarter income leap by 32% compared to a year agoIt looks like the weakening US economy is not weighing on Nike whatsoever. The athletic apparel giant out with its earnings late last night after the closing bell and they did shock---profit up 32% from the same period a year ago. That is for its fiscal third quarter.Now the stock got such a pop-off that it did have to suspend trading for just a bit. So what is helping Nike, is it the US? No, not really. The stock is up almost 7% right now. But again, those gains not in the US. It did see a respectable 5% increase in sales here in the US, but those gains were overseas--- in Europe, sales up 23%; in Asia, sales up 27% . Now, of course, the Olympics in Beijing are coming up. Nike is doing a lot to prepare for that. Nike doesn’t always sponsor the Olympics but it of course does work with a number of those top Olympic athletes. So some great news out for Nike, the stock is benefiting from it. Here back up again, close to that 52-week high that we saw back in November, looks like it could top that now after this news.Notes:Weigh on: to exert influence01/60356First Lady Michelle Obama has been making the talk-show rounds, plugging an exercise program called "Let’s Move." Designed to get America’s young people in motion, it is one of a number of efforts to attack the nation’s obesity epidemic.美国第一夫人米歇尔·奥巴马自从发起一项叫作“让我们动起来”的行动计划以来,她在多个电视节目上推广这个计划。这个计划的目的是敦促美国年轻人能够动起来。为了对抗肥胖,美国采取了很多努力,这个计划是其中之一。Just this month, the federal Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, proposed rules that would require restaurants, fast-food chains, even vending-machine owners, to clearly post the calorie contents of their items on s and signs.4月,美国食品药物提出一项议案,要求餐馆、快餐连锁店、甚至自动售货机的管理商,都要在菜单和食物标示上清楚标出食品的卡路里含量。We can’t yet say this is too little, too late. But we’re pretty sure America is losing the war on fat.我们不能说这些努力太少或者太迟。但是我们清楚地知道美国正在输掉一场和肥胖做斗争的战役。Just a few examples: 请看几个例子:This month’s "five-dollar foot-long," or 30-centimeter submarine at a popular sandwich chain, features not only meatballs but also pepperoni sausage and cheese. 有一家很受欢迎的三明治连锁店最近推出了一款名为“5块钱一条一英尺长的三明治”,也就是说,5块钱就能买一条30厘米长的三明治,里面不仅夹着肉丸子,还有意大利香肠和奶酪。One pizza company, not content to double its meat and cheese toppings, began stuffing extra cheese inside the crust. 一家比萨饼店不满足于在饼上面加双份的肉和奶酪,甚至在面皮中间也夹上了奶酪。201104/133662

We are here in Yellowstone National Park to follow some grey wolves and observe the deadly brilliance of the pack. They’ve learned to cooperate, hunting their prey with many acting as one pack. This mother grizzly knows how to protect its cub and itself. Stand your ground. Don’t be intimidated. Don’t let the grey wolves run you down. Grizzly mum stands up to the grey wolves. And eventually, they lose interest. Stand up, hold your ground. Wolves know that large prey can be dangerous if they fight back. What the wolves want is to get their prey on the run. Like, for example this herd of elk. Now the wolves can fan out over the herd, waiting for an old or sick or just unlucky elk to make a wrong move. The alpha male leads the hunt. He bides his time, directing his troops. And eventually, one elk stumbles. The hungry wolves quickly surround their faltering victim. They swarm in forthe kill, and then, the meal. Wolves are a vital part of a healthy Yellowstone echo-system. They filter out sick and weak animals in the herds and helpscavengers survive but providing leftovers from their hunts. This coyote however is not a scavenger but also a competitor, who's been interfering with the kills of the pack. So once again, the wolves use cooperation to guard their turf and drive out the intruder. 1. alpha/beta/omega male or female:In the power hierarchy, the alpha male or alpha female is the individual in the community to whom the others follow and defer. The beta male or female is the contender, subservient to the alpha male or female, but only after testing. The omega refer to member at the bottom of the social hierarchy that is subservient to all members. 2. bide one's time:To await an opportunity; wait patiently until your chance comes. 3. scavenger:An animal, such as a bird or insect, that feeds on dead or decaying matter.200811/54876

Arava, the disabled tortoise is using her new set of wheels to get around in more ways than one. Keepers at the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo say the 10-year-old Spurred Tortoise was fitted with custom wheels to overcome paralysis of her hind legs. The 55-pound tortoise is unable to move herself forward with just her front legs, so the zoo staff built her a metal frame with two wheels that can be strapped around her shell. “We don't really know the reason why it's paralyzed, why this tortoise is paralyzed. We tried to find out to determine what is the cause. We didn't find it. So instead of just leaving it to move only with her front legs, we invented if we may say so ,ur, wheels, that were attached to her rear legs and it's allowed, and supposed to move almost freely in the enclosure." Yedvad says it's not that Arava has come out of her shell with her unique new wheelchair, but that a particularly amorous 10-year-old male has been after her since her arrival. But despite some improvement, Arava still finds it difficult at times to use the new device. The handicapped tortoise is not able to writhe herself without assistance and the employees at the zoo have to do it. "The wheelchair is a little bit heavy so I hope in the future it will have a lighter one." 200812/59069

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