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You#39;re far more likely to be in a car accident in winter than in summer. Cut the odds by taking simple precautions and following these common-sense driving tips.冬季驾车发生事故的风险比夏季高得多。采取一些预警措施,遵循下列常识性的驾车建议,减少事故几率。You Will Need你需要Preparation准备Unworn tires未破损的轮胎A bag of sand一袋沙子Concentration集中精力Patience耐心Steps步骤Step 1 Check your vehicle1.检查车辆Prepare your car for the winter. Check your tires for wear and proper inflation. Check the condition of your windshield wipers and the levels of your antifreeze and wiper fluid. In snowy regions, consider buying snow tires or tire chains.冬季要检查好车辆。检查轮胎的破损程度,充气状况。检查挡风玻璃雨刷和防冻剂,擦窗液的水平。在经常下雪的地方,考虑使用雪地专用轮胎或轮胎防滑链。If your tire ts are worn to a depth below 5/32 of an inch they’re no good for winter use.如果轮胎胎面破损深度超过5/32英寸,则不适合冬季使用。Step 2 Be prepared2.做好准备Keep a bag of sand in your trunk to help with tire traction in case you get stuck. Always warm up your car and defrost all windows. Turn on your headlights.车厢中放一袋沙子,万一车辆被困可以用来牵引轮胎。先发动一下让车子暖起来,所有车窗都要解冻。打开车灯。Step 3 Test road conditions3.检查道路状况Start slowly. Test your braking and steering response to see how much traction your tires have.慢一点启动。检查刹车和转向装置,看一下轮胎有多大的牵引力。Step 4 Slow down4.减速慢行Take your time. Going too fast on slippery roads will result in skids. Don#39;t use cruise control and use low gear for added traction.开车慢一点。在湿滑的道路上驾车速度太快会导致打滑。不要使用恒速操纵器,加速时使用较低的档位。Step 5 Anticipate problems5.提前预料到问题Anticipate problems. Look for black ice, blowing snow, and traffic slowdowns or stops. Watch for bridges and overpasses, which freeze before the rest of the road. Leave extra room between yourself and the car in front of you.提前料到有些问题的出现。检查黑冰,飞雪和车流减慢或停滞状况。观察桥梁和天桥,两者都比道路的其他位置更快结冰。和前面的车辆保持足够的距离。Allow four car lengths between yourself and the car ahead of you for every 10 miles per hour of speed.对于每10英里每小时的车速,和前面的车辆应该保持4辆汽车车长的距离。Step 6 Turn corners safely6.安全转弯Slow down before you begin to turn. As you turn, release the brakes. Once the turn is complete, accelerate to maintain control.开始转弯前放慢速度。转弯的时候刹车。转弯结束后加速来控制车辆。Step 7 Prevent skids7.防止打滑Avoid sudden breaking or swerving. Break gently and evenly, and ease up if you start to skid. Don’t pump antilock brakes; apply steady, firm pressure on the pedal.防止突然刹车或转向。轻柔均匀地刹车,如果开始打滑的话放开刹车。不要使用防锁死刹车系统,踏板力度要稳定有力。Snowflakes are clear. Refracted light makes snow appear white.雪花是透明的。折射光线使雪呈现白色。视频听力译文由。 Article/201402/275281

Chiru, or Tibetan antelope, have arrived for the winter rut.长角羚或叫藏羚羊已经到了冬季的发情期。In the energy-sapping thin air, the males must try to control groups of females by constantly rounding them up and corralling them.在这样耗能的稀薄空气当中,雄性还必须经常地围着成群的雌性跑,以使她们在自己的控制之下。But the chiru have an advantage. Their red blood cell count is twice as high as ours, sufficient to supply their muscles with oxygen even at this extreme altitude.但是藏羚羊也有优势,他们的红血球数量是我们的两倍,即使在如此高的纬度 也足以为他们的肌肉输送氧气。Nevertheless, it#39;s hard work keeping his harem in check, and the male#39;s life is about to get even harder.然而,想要控制住这么一大群家眷并不容易,甚至有时雄性的生活会更加艰难。Another male is gearing up to steal his females. With their rapier-like horns,the males won#39;t risk fighting unless they really have to.另一只雄性垂涎于它的家眷们,除非逼不得已雄性一般不会冒险用它们剑一样锋利的角搏斗。But if neither backs down, conflict is inevitable. Some of these fights end in death.但如果双方都不退让 大战就不可避免。有时甚至不死不休。While the males fence, the females look on.在雄性抵抗的时候,雌性就在一旁看着。Injured and weakened by the battle, the loser will be an easy target for the predators and scavengers that patrol the wilderness.虚弱受伤的失败者很容易成为在荒原上游弋的食肉动物和食腐动物的目标。Out here there#39;s little room for mistakes.在这里生存不容许有任何失误。 /201403/279493

But actually it was his own empire, Lydia, that was conquered.最终,是他自己的帝国吕底亚战败,Croesus was captured by the great Persian king Cyrus, and he became the world#39;s favourite moralising example of how fortune can turn, even against the richest!克罗伊斯被居鲁士大帝俘虏。他成为世界上最知名且具具说力的例子,命运如何充满变数,甚至对最富有的人也是如此!In fact, his end wasn#39;t so bad.但其实,他的结局也没那么凄惨,Cyrus shrewdly appointed Croesus as an advisor-I like to think as his financial advisor-and the victorious Persians quickly adopted the Lydian model, sping Croesus#39;s coins along the trade routes of the Mediterranean and Asia, and then minting their own coins in pure gold and pure silver at Croesus#39;s mint in Sardis.居鲁士十分精明,他让克罗伊斯担任自己的顾问—我猜是财政顾问—胜利的波斯迅速釆用了吕底亚模式,克罗伊斯的金币沿着地中海和亚洲的贸易路线散播。其后,波斯人在克罗伊斯位于萨迪斯的造币厂铸造自己的纯金纯银货币。这一做法与库施人征埃及后吸收埃及文化如出一辙。It#39;s an intriguing fact that coinage was invented at pretty well the same time in both China and in Turkey, and it#39;s probably not a coincidence.中国与土耳其几乎在同一时间发明了货币,这也许并非巧合。Rather, I think, they#39;re both responses to the fundamental changes seen across the world around three thousand years ago from the Mediterranean to the Pacific.三千年前,从地中海到太平洋,世界正发生着根本性的变革。货币的出现正是在回应这样的变革。There were military, political and economic upheavals that brought us not only modern coinage, but something else that#39;s resonated till the present day-new ideas about how people and their rulers saw themselves, in short, the beginning of modern political thinking, the world of Confucius and Classical Athens.军事、政治和经济的巨变带来了现代货币,也带来了一些至今仍能引起共鸣的崭新观念:人民与统治者全新的自我定位。简单来说,这便是现代政治思想的开端,开启了孔夫子与古代雅典的世界。That#39;s what we#39;re going to be looking at next week, and we#39;re going to start with the people that toppled Croesus-the Persians.下一部分,我们将以推翻了克罗伊斯统治的波斯人作为起点。 Article/201409/326663

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