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涟水县人民医院治疗腋臭多少钱淮安中山医院盆腔炎淮安不孕医院 【视频欣赏】【听力文本】Strawberry shortcake doesn’t have to be cake on a plate – turn this fruity favorite into something you really want to sink your teeth into.You Will Need1 angel food cake 8 oz. package cream cheese 14 oz. can condensed milk 12 oz. container whipped topping 1 c. sugar 3 tbsp. cornstarch 3 tbsp. strawberry gelatin 1 c. water 2 c. fresh strawberries, quartered 1 large glass bowl 5 whole strawberries Light or fat-free cream cheese, condensed milk, and whipped topping (optional) Step 1: Slice the angel food cake(将蛋糕平均分成3个等分)Slice the angel food cake crosswise into three equal sections.Make your own angel food cake with a box mix or buy one in your grocery store.Step 2: Mix cream cheese, condensed milk, and whipped topping(在蛋糕的上面放上奶油,牛奶,稠黄油和一些低脂食物)Mix together the cream cheese, condensed milk, and whipped topping and then set the mixture aside.Lighten up your dessert by using light or fat-free ingredients.Step 3: Heat sugar, cornstarch, and gelatin. Fold in strawberries(放入适量的糖,玉米粉和凝胶,用中火炖,一分钟之后将草莓天塞在蛋糕当中)Stir together the sugar, cornstarch, and gelatin in a saucepan over medium heat. Add water, stir until it thickens, and then fold in the strawberries.Step 4: Layer ingredients(放入其他成分)Place one layer of the cake in the bottom of your glass bowl, top it with a third of the glaze from your saucepan, followed by a third of the cream cheese mixture. Repeat all of this two more times.Step 5: Top with whole strawberries(在最上面搁些草莓)Top your dessert with whole strawberries, chill it for an hour, and then dig in.The average strawberry has 200 seeds. Article/201005/1029942012欧洲杯进行了C组的两场小组首轮比赛。西班牙1-1战平意大利,两队联手上演了本届欧洲杯开赛以来最精的一场比赛。而同一小组的克罗地亚则以3-1击败爱尔兰,暂列小组第一。World champions and Euro 2008 champions Spain were held to a 1-1 tie by Italy in the Euro 2012 Group C opener here on Sunday.Di Natale, who substituted Mario Balotelli in the 56th minute, gifted Italy 1-0 lead in the 60th minute when he slipped through on goal by a wonderful pass from Andrea Pirlo and found the corner of the net with a cool finish.But Spain striker Cesc Fabregas tied the score only after four minutes. With a fine passing, Silva slid Fabregas in and the latter slammed the ball past Italy keeper Gianluigi Buffon.Balotelli, the rising star striker from new English Premier League champions Manchester City, stunned the world in the 54th minute when he got a solo run through a tackle. But he hesitated at the goalmouth without any clear action. Then a chasing defender came to ruin the scoring chance.Italy coach Cesare Prandelli forgave Balotelli, telling the post-match press conference that he would not punish the Man. City striker.;He is still a young player who may make mistakes at any time, ; Prandelli said. ;At that moment, he may thought about several plans but failed to choose the right one.;He noted that it was his pre-plan to send in Di Natale to replace Balotelli, which had nothing to do with Balotelli#39;s mistake.In the 74th minute, Spain made a surprising change, Fabregas out and Fernando Torres in. From then on, Torres, who showed poor performances in the 2010 World Cup despite Spain won the title, squandered at least three clear scoring chances. His bad form continued in the Euro 2012.In injury time, Spain would have a stupendous goal as Andres Iniesta beat three men, found Navas, who teed it up for Alonso but his shot squirmed wide of the far post.The most interesting thing was that the starting list issued one hour before the kickoff showed Spain#39;s no striker plan.Spain coach Vicente Del Bosque said that Fabregas was a special player who could play well in the midfield and the front. ;I just tried to use this point today.;;Italy is a great team and it was a difficult match. We preferred to win but this is football. We will try to play better in the next two games,; he added.The 0-0 first half was entertaining. There were lots of neat, short passes from Spain, but they did not change the possession into a tangible cutting edge. Neither side got clear cut chances.Prandelli said,; Spain is a great team. They are world champions. It is not easy for us to beat them in ball possession. But we can beat them in other areas. The 1-1 draw today is fair.; Enditem Article/201206/186330淮安安全人工流产价格

淮安市哪里治男科好演讲简介:2010年初次发现震网电脑蠕虫时,它就给我们出了个难题。在它不寻常的高度复杂性后隐约地呈现出一个更令人不安的谜团:它的目的。拉尔夫·兰纳和他的团队协助破解了代码,其中揭露了这一数字敌人的最终目标 — 及它隐秘的来源。在数字取这一奇妙的表象下,他阐述了他们是如何做到的。 Article/201210/205200淮安中山医院男士外科 淮安市第四人民医院包皮手术多少钱

淮安中山妇科医院治疗月经不调多少钱How To Survive A Blind Date相亲成功的小诀窍 Blind dates can be scary. With a million "what if" thoughts running through your head, you probably start to wonder if you can really go through with it. Fear not! We'll show you how to be a blind date survivor.相亲或许是件可怕的事,你可能有无数个“如果”在心里纠结着,担心自己表现不好吗?下面是几个有益的建议:Step 1: Greet With A Smile笑脸相迎 Even if you've exchanged pictures with your blind date, it's never the same as meeting in person. The meet and greet is easily the most intimidating part of a blind date. You both know you're sizing each other up but you don't want to give away what you really think once you meet that person face to face. As hard as it is, try not to get any pre-conceived ideas of what your date may look like. Simply go into the date with the goal to have fun with a complete stranger, no matter what they may look like. If you're the type of person who's emotions are always written on your face, try to smile when meeting your date. This can help hide your thoughts on your date's physical attractiveness or unattractiveness.Step 2: Food And Drink食物和饮料 If you're planning to have a bite to eat on your blind date, we still advise you to eat before you go out. This way, if lunch or dinner is delayed for some reason, you won't become a royal pain like you know you do when you become hungry. And if you do get to eat on your date, the food usually plays the role of a prop rather than a meal. If the date's going well, you'll also want to continue the conversation through the meal, so eating beforehand will allow you to concentrate more on your date rather than the juicy cheeseburger in front of you. You can always get a doggie bag so that your date won't think you are wasteful. Also, take it easy with the alcohol. Know your limit. A couple drinks to loosen up is one thing; drinking until you can't remember your date's name or story is quite another.Step 3: Conversation Starters打开话匣子的人 Compliment your date once when you meet them, and end it there. Compliments and weather talk are dead end conversations. If you were set up on the date, ask the matchmakers to tell you a little bit about your date so that you have a starting point. Avoid topics such as past relationships and career. Most people aren't very passionate about their work, so it may lead to a negative feeling. Travel, goals, hobbies and interests are all great topics. Obviously, save politics and religion conversations for a later date; unless you aly know they share the same viewpoints as you. Article/201109/152708 A plan and a smart attitude on a blind date can make all the difference in knowing whether to plan for date number two, or to cut your losses and chalk it up to experience.对相亲进行完美的计划,采取正确的态度对于了解怎样进行接下来的约会,还是减少损失,吸取教训都是非常重要的。Step 1 Get contact information1.获得联系方式Ask the person setting up the date for the blind date’s contact information. Call or e-mail the person before you meet.向安排相亲的人索取约会对象的联系方式。会面之前打电话或者发电子邮件。Step 2 Meet in a public place2.公共场合会面Meet in a public place to play it safe and establish a casual, stress-free tone.在公共场合会面,不仅可以保安全,还可以创造简约,没有压力的气氛。Step 3 Keep the location casual3.非正式的约会地点Keep the location casual: go out for a drink or for coffee. This will cost less, and allow you to discuss a second dinner date.安排非正式的约会地点,可以外出喝饮料或咖啡。这样花费比较少,还可以让你们商讨一下下次的晚餐约会。Step 4 Keep it short4.保持简短Limit the date to one hour. If things go badly, you’ll have an easier out and if they go well, you’ll have more to look forward to.将约会的时间限制在一个小时以内。如果情况比较糟糕,你可以提前撤退。如果情况比较好,你可以有更多期待。Go somewhere with light entertainment and visual or auditory appeal such as a botanical garden, an outdoor concert, an art gallery, or a hike.去一些设有轻松的设施,或者景观和音乐的场合,例如植物园,室外音乐会,艺术馆,或者去徒步旅行。Step 5 Wear comfortable clothing5.穿着舒适Wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable and confident.穿让你感到舒适和自信的装。Step 6 Give information to friends and family6.告诉家人和朋友Let friends and family know where you’ll be, who you’ll be with, and the time you’ll be away. Bring your cell phone.让家人和朋友知道你去哪里,和谁在一起,外出的时间。带上你的电话。Did you know? Relationships that begin with friendship are more likely to result in long-term stability, and have lower divorce rates, than those that start off too quickly and passionately.你知道吗?从朋友开始的恋情通常比快速开始的恋情更加持久,离婚率更低。 Article/201301/222636淮安尖锐湿疣最好的医院淮安治疗阴茎弯曲多少钱



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