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  • Ladies and gentlemen, theres only one thing missing, please welcome Robin Thicke!女士们先生们,万事俱备,舞台上只少了我们今天的嘉宾,欢迎罗宾·西克!Now, now, Robin, how good are you with cheesy pick-up lines?罗宾,你擅不擅长用那些很俗气的情话搭讪?Well, Ive never been really good picking up women...Really? Especially the pickup lines, you know.嗯,我不擅长搭讪。真的吗?特别是讲情话Never been good at lines? Well, Im not very good, either.不擅长搭讪?哎,我也不擅长But tonight were going to see who is the best or shall I say the worst and we have chosen an audience member to help us out.但是今晚,我们会找出我们中搭讪最强或者说最烂的那个人,我们邀请了一位嘉宾上台协助So please come and join us with a round of applause, everybody.大家掌声响起来Thank you. Hello, Im James. Hi, James. Whats your name? Im Stacy.谢谢。你好,我是詹姆斯。你是?我叫史黛西You are Stacy. Now are you a fan of a cheesy pickup line? Do they all work on you? Absolutely.史黛西,你喜欢别人跟你讲那些俗套的情话吗?这些情话管用吗?当然OK, well, lets find out because its time to play Lay It on Thick with Robin Thicke.好,让我们期待罗宾·西克的《吹牛大王》!Hey, do you need to lay down? You must be so tired.嗨,你要不要躺下来休息一下?我想你一定很累了Because youve been running through my mind all day.因为你已经在我心里跑了一整天Hello. Good evening. Do you know what this jacket is made of?你好,晚上好。你知道我这件夹克是什么材质的吗?No. Boyfriend material. Yes.不知道。男朋友材质的。好的Whoa, whoa, whoa. Your hand looks a little heavy.哇,你的手看起来好重Do you want me to hold it for you?需要我帮你握着吗?Excuse me? Yes? Are you by chance a professional magician? No.不好意思。什么事?你是一位专业的魔术师吗?不是Well, because when I look at you everyone in the room disappears.那为什么每次我一看向你,眼里就看不见其他人了?Is your name google.com? Because youre everything Ive been searching for.你的名字是google.com吗?因为我一直都在找你Your name must be Waldo, because a girl like you is so hard to find.你的名字一定是沃尔多,因为你这样的女孩儿实在难得OK. All right. I see what youre doing. All right.好,好了,我看穿你的套路了。好I got a call to come down here. They said there was an emergency.我接到电话让我赶紧来这里,他们说这里发生了一起紧急事件No one knew what to look for, but I did because you are on fire.他们都不知道要找些什么,但我知道,因为在我眼里,你对我散发着致命的吸引力So I—thank you. Thank you.我——谢谢,谢谢你们So I canceled my trip... I canceled my trip to space.我取消了...我取消了去太空的计划Because I dont have to leave earth because I can see the stars in your eyes.因为我根本没必要离开地球,你眼里就有星星闪耀Ive done all the math, Ive crunched all the numbers, and it keeps saying that me plus you equals true love.我试过所有算法,算过所有数字,只得到了一个,我加你等于真爱All right. Well, Im done running all my experiments of the day because好了。我今天结束了所有的实验,因为I dont need to do any more and know that you and I have chemistry. Oh, god.不用试就知道你和我之间有化学反应。天呐Sorry, sorry, sorry, guys. Sorry, sorry.抱歉,不好意思,打扰大家了。抱歉,不好意思Would you want to get a drink right now? Yes. Yes. Yes. Youre beautiful. Thank you!你想喝一杯吗?当然,当然,当然。你真美。谢谢!Come on! Owen Wilson?我去!欧文·威尔逊?He does that to me every time. Every time! Were gonna be next time.他每次都这么整我。每次都这样!下次看我们的Well, this...this has been Lay It on Thick with Robin Thicke and Owen Wilson! Well be right back!好了,今天的《吹牛大王》到此结束,感谢我们的嘉宾罗宾·西克和欧文·威尔逊!精马上回来!201706/513285。
  • Ive climbed high in the urban jungle in search of food.我攀爬到都市丛林的高处寻找食物Now Im looking for an easier way back down to ground level.现在我要找到一条轻松的路回到地面Just give this the shoulder.What?Almost went straight off the edge of this.只能用肩膀撞开 怎么了 差点直接掉下去That must be six or seven stories down.Thats a good 100 foot.肯定有六七层楼那么高 足足有30多米Need to work out some way to try and get down there.Its not gonna be this way.得找出一条路让我下去 肯定不会是这条路This boiler house has been completely stripped and appears to have no floors or stairs.这个锅炉房完全被掏空了 而且似乎没有楼板或者梯子Actually we can be able to cross this ledge.Look. close to the wall.通过这个壁架 紧靠着墙Get all the way to that see that metal pipe goes straight through the floor.Lets see if we can reach that.通过这条路 那边有条水管直通到地面 试试看能不能到达那儿But that means a head-spinning shuffle along this ledge.You know, its funny, this sort of thing.这就意味着要在这边缘缓缓挪动 其实挺有趣的You know, if this is at ground level,I wouldnt think twice about just scampering along this.如果这是在地面上 我可以毫不思考地在这蹦着走But somehow, when you got a drop like that, next to you.但是如果你旁边有东西掉下去It kind of messes with your head, you know?还是让人感觉很害怕的You got to keep focused on your feet and exactly where youre putting them.要小心谨慎地移动脚 准备地落脚Try to block out everything else.Im finding this more difficult than I expected.清除其他东西 比我想象中的要难The hard concrete and sharp angles of this man-made structure make this more scary than any cliff top.人类所创造的棱角分明的钢筋水泥结构 使得这比任何悬崖来得更恐怖201610/470701。
  • TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201608/452253。
  • Id never be a paparazzi. I couldnt be.我绝不会像个仔队那样去跟拍。To torment people and chase them...Oh, that I couldnt do. I wouldnt do.去折磨那些人,追着他们拍我不会,也绝不那样做。I think it has to be done just discreetly and quietly.我认为拍照是一件很谨慎的事应该悄悄地去做。;Invisible,;I think, is the word.或许换句话说,摄影师应该是;隐形人;。This is the greatest subject in all of Europe...Madame Piaggi.这是欧洲最美的人之一,Piaggi夫人。Cest le The New York Times.Yeah, I know.他们是《纽约时报》的,在拍照。哦,我知道。The pumps. I dont like them on me, but its good on her.我不喜欢他们拍我,拍她很好。When did he first photograph you?他第一次给你拍照是什么时候?Uh, in the 70s.大概是…七十年代。I photographed her outside Saint Laurents couture show, mixed in with all the other women that were trying to be so chic with their pantsuits.我第一次给她拍照是在Saint Laurent的女装展外面,她和一些穿着普通裤装却努力想让自己显得很特别的女人在一起。It was a revelation.这简直是场革命。I mean, I never saw anyone like her.我从未见过像她这样的人。I think shes a poet with clothes.她像个衣的诗人。But a very fine poet.一个很好的诗人。Oh, my God, I wouldnt miss her.哦,天呐…我决不能错过拍她。To me, thats the reason to go to Paris.她是我来巴黎的原因之一。I mean, I just like fashion as an art form of dressing the body.她简直像流动的装艺术展。If we all went out looking like a slob like me, it would be a pretty dreary world.如果每个人都像我这个懒虫一样这样穿出门那这个世界将会多么无趣。No, see, I think Bill is very stylish.Bill有他自己的风格。201609/460801。
  • TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201612/480355。
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