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为逃避上班,美国环保署专家John Beale谎称自己要给中情局做卧底,潜入巴基斯坦打击塔利班。然后,单位领导就相!信!了!此后JB大叔连续几年领着工资不上班最后东窗事…201312/270573The company had lost its lead in the computer market,苹果公司已经失去了它在计算机领域的领导地位customers were leaving in droves, the company had no future, no roadmap.客户不断在流失 公司的前途一片黯淡 不知何去何从The company was in serious trouble.苹果当时身陷囹圄I, and other Apple users, were being told with malicious grins那些使用Windows操作系统的朋友们曾坏笑着from our Windows-using friends that if we wanted to keep our machines告诉我和其他苹果机用户 如果我们想继续使用我们的机器wed have to go to hobbyist shops because there would be no Apple computer.就得去小众爱好者商店了 因为以后不会再有苹果机了At Next, Jobs had focused on developing its powerful operating system.此时 在Next公司 乔布斯正在全力筹备一个强大操作系统的开发Apple needed just such a system.而这恰恰是苹果所需要的Apple was in technical trouble.苹果遇到了技术瓶颈Next was absolutely in financial trouble, and the two came together.而Next则陷入了财务困境 它们刚好可以互补Apple bought Next for 0 million.苹果以4亿美金收购了NextIt got the new operating system it needed, and Steve Jobs.获得了它正需要的操作系统 以及史蒂夫·乔布斯 Steve was truly excited to be linked up with Apple again.能够再次回到苹果让史蒂夫兴奋不已It was the company he founded, the company he was kicked out of.这是他一手创建的公司 也是他被扫地出门的公司Its the company that had lost its way, it was starting to fail,这也是一家失去了方向 开始走下坡路的公司so he had this opportunity to go back and start fixing Apple at large.他现在有了一个回去让苹果重整旗鼓的机会A few days later, Apple revealed just how much trouble it was really in.几天之后 苹果坦白了它究竟遇到了多大麻烦They announced that they were going to lose something like billion,他们宣布 苹果的损失达到将近十亿美元and back then billion was a lot of money.那个时候 十亿美元可是一大笔钱I said, ;Steve, what did we just get ourselves into?;我说 史蒂夫 我们这可是给自己挖了什么样的大坑啊?And he was wondering himself! Because this was a big surprise to us.他自己也愣住了 这个情况是我们都始料未及的To bring Apple back from the brink,为了让苹果重回正轨Jobs had a conventional business challenge.乔布斯需要解决一个典型的商业难题He had to stop the company haemorrhaging money,那就是扭转公司持续亏损的状态but he also had to do more.但他需要做的远远不仅如此He had to help the company rediscover itself,他还必须让这个公司重新定位自己and for that he thought he needed to take it back to the future,因此 他觉得自己有必要让苹果找回先机to the values that had built it up in the first place.找回那些苹果最初赖以生存的价值观 /201308/252210

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is this legit? In the U.S., the federal minimum wage is .25 per hour. 这合理吗?在美国,联邦最低工资是每小时7.25美元。This is legit. States and communities may require a higher minimum wage, but this is the absolute minimum wage set by the federal government.这是对的。不同的州和社区的最低工资可能会更高,但是这是联邦政府所设定的绝对的最低工资。UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Fast food workers have become a loud voice in the debate over a federal minimum wage increase.快餐店的工人在就提高联邦最低工资的问题上的辩论掷地有声。Over the last 18 months, you‘ve probably seen images on the web, in newspapers, and on TV of strikes in cities across the country. Workers are asking for an hour.在过去的18个月里,你可能在网上、报纸上和电视上看到全国的工人在城市里闹罢工的画面。工人们希望每小时工资15美元。They even took their fight to McDonald‘s corporate doorstep at the company‘s annual meeting.他们甚至在麦当劳公司开年会的时候在其办公室门口抗争。But are these protests making a difference? 但这些抗议者改变了什么吗?So far, fast food companies aren‘t doling out major pay hikes. 至今,快餐公司也没有发放大量的工资上涨。In 2013, the average pay for a food prep and service worker in restaurants was .74 per hour, or about ,000 a year. 2013年,餐厅的备料员和务员的平均工资是每小时8.74美元,也就是每年18,000美元。 /201409/327801


  Learn how to talk to a girl on the phone from dating coach Rachel DeAlto in this dating tips for guys Howcast . 观看Howcast这段视频,跟随约会教练Rachel DeAlto学习如何和女孩在电话中聊天。Lets talk about how do you talk to a girl on the phone. So youve gotten her number, youve actually summoned up the hutspah to call and youre now having a conversation because she didnt let it go to voice mail. So what do you talk about?让我们来讲述一下如何和女孩煲电话粥。你已经得到了她的电话号码,也已经鼓起勇气打电话给她了。现在,你必须跟她展开对话了,因为她并没有转接到语音信箱。那么,你应该跟她说什么呢?First of all, talk about something. The worst thing that you can do when youre on the phone is just have this lapse of empty air. I mean, its probably the most awkward thing in the world. So if youre not a phone conversationalist, dont pretend you are. Dont pretend that you can stay on the phone for an hour talking about mindless things. Its going to come off really awkward. So call for a purpose, you know, and call to make plans or discuss in particular. But know when to cut it short, because like I said, that awkward silence is something you dont want to get to in the beginning.首先,一定要说话。拨通电话后最糟糕的就是沉默不语。我的意思是,这或许是世界上最尴尬的事情。如果你不擅长电话聊天,不要假装。不要假装你可以煲电话粥一个小时天南海北地说一些不着边际的事情。这会让人非常尴尬。所以,最好有目的地打电话,比如制定计划或者讨论某件具体的事情。但是要知道何时停止,因为就像我说的,你肯定不想一开始就出现令人尴尬的沉默。As it gets, you know, longer on in the relationship, youre going to know how to talk to her because you actually have things in common, you have a lot to say to each other. But for the beginning, keep them short. Make plans. Unless youre an amazing conversationalist, which then, youre probably not watching this . So thats my advice.随着时间的推移,你们相处的时间越来越长,你就会知道跟她说什么了,因为你们有了共同语言,相互之间有许多话说。但是刚开始的时候,电话内容一定要简短。制定计划。除非你很擅长聊天。不过如果这样的话,你可能就不会观看这段视频了。上面就是我的建议。Honestly if you cant talk on the phone, send a text message. This is like the digital age. You guys can have entire conversations over text if its necessary, at least in the beginning, to get past the awkwardness and the nervousness. You know, at least until you get to the first date and then after that you know, you need to obviously be able to talk to them. But you know. Its okay to kind of have a texting crush until then. You have to talk on the phone though. Everybody wants to talk to you. You have to sometimes hear a voice and you know make a connection and thats not going to happen always over text. But at least until you get to that point when you feel comfortable its okay.坦白地说,如果你不知道如何在电话中聊天,可以发送短信。现在毕竟是数字化时代。如果必要的话,可以一直互发短信来聊天,至少刚开始的时候利用发短信来度过最初的尴尬和紧张。你知道,至少要到你们第一次约会后,然后你觉得打电话聊天不再困难的时候。但是你知道,在此之前,发送短信可以让你怦然心动,然而,毕竟还是要打电话。谁都希望能够通电话。有时你必须听到声音才感觉到两人之间存在联系,而不仅仅是通过短信发生的一段感情。但是至少要等到你感到放松的适合。视频听力译文由。201406/303584。



  There was a time when babies had a great life. The softness of their skin got them all their mom’s attention. Then one day, fathers discovered a special weapon. From now on, fathers and sons can fight on equal terms. Men can now take revenge and win back their wives. To get their moms back, there is no choice but to fight. Fight for kisses.曾经有一段时间,那时婴儿有着美好的生活。 他们柔软的皮肤使妈妈把所有的心思都花在他们身上。然后有一天,父亲发现了一个特殊的武器(剃须刀,谢谢)。从现在开始,父亲和儿子,可以争取平等的条件 。 男人现在可以采取报复并赢回自己的妻子。婴儿们要赢回他们的妈妈,除了抗争没有其它办法。这是一场争取吻的战役。201402/275632Rural land reforms stick to three guidelines: Xi农村土地制度改革坚持三条底线President Xi Jinping says Chinas rural land reforms will stick to three guidelines as policymakers announce new measures to let the market play a more decisive role.随着政策制定者们宣布实施新措施将会让市场发挥决定性的作用,中国国家主席习近平表示农村土地改革将坚持三条底线。Xi said during a meeting Tuesday that the reforms will result in:周二会议上习主席表示:no change of farmland ownership; no more arable land acquired; and no infringement of farmers benefits.坚持土地公有制性质不改变、耕地红线不突破、农民利益不受损三条底线。201412/346611

  Latest eurozone GDP figures CNNs Richard Quest talks with Olli Rehn Vice President, European commission.Finding more positive data is certainly welcome,but there is no room for complacency whatsoever.I hope there will be no premature decorations of subsesting that the crisis is over because we still have many obstacles and many challenges,relatively low growth and high unemployment in many parts of Europe.The temptation will be for many people to say,well,yes,things are slowly getting back to normal,we can ease off the changes that need to be made.I think that could be a dangerous sentiment because as I have said we have very substantial challenges with high unemployment in many parts of Europe and still relatively molested growth.Nevertheless,it is important that this recent data seem to indicate that the recession is now ending and European economy is gaining momentum.The truth is that you now have to warn governments,dont you?Dont get involved in the nasty political mess.Dont back-track and make sure you keep moving forward.And best of all,don not scramble among yourselves at this crucial moment.Thats really what you are saying,isnt it?Thats the equality and we are always said to be encouraging managing that support the 28 European teams of umember states to continue pursue economy reform and to balance their public finances and to rebuild the economy union.I think we are on the right track now,but also censor that we do maintain the momentum of economic reform and we dont give up because any kind of ungrounded sense of complacency. /201308/253067

  Nonetheless, it remains a wonderful and moving piece of sculpture.但这无损于这幅雕像的动人魅力。But what does it mean?然而,这图案究竟代表了什么意思?And how can it sum up, in itself, a view of the Athenian state?我们又如何从中了解当时的雅典城邦呢?Im fairly certain that these sculptures are using myths to present a heroic version of recent events.这些雕像无疑是在以一种神话的方式讲述当时现实中发生的英雄事迹。A generation before these sculptures were made, Athens was one of a number of fiercely competitive city states, who were suddenly forced into a coalition with each other by the Persian invasion of the Greek mainland.在雕像制作者的父辈生活的时期,由于波斯入侵希腊本土,像雅典这样原本处于激烈斗争中的城邦不得不团结一致,抵御外敌。So, in the metopes, when we see Greeks fighting Centaurs, these mythical battles stand proxy for the real-life struggle between Greeks and Persians.在排档间饰上,我们看到希腊人大战半人马,这场神话中的战役代表了现实中希 腊与波斯间的战争。Heres Mary Beard, Cambridge classicist, on what the sculptures would have meant to the people who first saw them:剑桥大学的古典学者玛丽·彼尔德这样解释雕像在当时所代表的意义:;Ancient Greece is a world which sees - sees - issues in terms of conflict, of winning, and losing.在古希腊人的世界里,凡事都通过争斗来解决。输赢决定一切。Its a conflictual society, and one of the ways that Athenians thought about their position in the world, and their relationship to those they conquered, or abominated, was they saw the enemy or the other in terms that were not, in a sense, human.希腊人在世界上为自己定位的方式之一,就是将“敌人”及“他者” 都视作“非人”。这便是他们与自己征或痛恨的人之间的关系。So what you have on the Parthenon is different ways of understanding the otherness of your enemy.帕台农神庙的雕像展示了表现敌人的“他者性”的不同方式。I mean, the best interpretation of the metopes, is that you see the heroic conflicts as necessary in order to ensure order.对这些排档间饰最好的一种诠释,便是将英勇的战斗视为确保秩序的必然手段。And part of that is a feeling that we can very easily empathise with.其中有一部分我们很容易感到认同:I mean, we dont want to live in a culture that the Centaurs - the half-men half-horse run, we dont want to live in Centaur World!我们不愿意生活在半人马的世界,Nor do we want to live in Amazon World. We want to live in Greek World, and Athenian World.;我们希望生活在希腊的世界,雅典的世界。201409/328479。

  The trick to saying ;no; is to do it in a way that doesnt invite discussion. These strategies will head off any arguments.说“不”的技巧是以不会引起讨论的方式说出来。这些技巧可以防止任何争论的发生。You Will Need你需要A simple no简单的说不Some positive statements一些积极的声明An alternative其他选择A compromise折衷A compliment赞美Confident body language (optional)有信心的身体语言Steps步骤Step 1 Just say ;no;1.直接说“不”Just say ;no; – dont offer any reasons for your refusal. Simply say, ;Im so sorry, but I cant.; Then change the subject. Otherwise, you invite the person to challenge your excuse.简单地说“不”——不要为你的拒绝说出任何理由。简单地说,“对不起,我不能。”然后就改变话题。否则会导致对方挑战你的借口。Make sure your body language conveys ;no; by standing up straight and looking the asker in the eye.确保身体语言符合“不”的意思,身体直立,正视对方的眼睛。Step 2 Sandwich it2.转折If you cant be that abrupt, slip your ;no; between two positive statements. For example, ;Im so flattered you asked! Unfortunately, I cant do it. But arent you nice to think of me!;如果你不想这么无礼,可以在两个积极的声明中间表达出拒绝的意思。例如,“我很高兴你能提出来。不幸的是,我不能这样做。但是很高兴你能想到我!”Step 3 Offer an alternative3.提供其他选择Offer an alternative if you can, such as, ;Why not ask Susie? Im sure shed love to.; This is especially satisfying if you know Susie will d the request.如果可以的话,提供其他选择,“你为何不问一下苏茜?我确信她会乐意的。”如果你知道苏茜会答应对方的请求的话,这样就更好了。Step 4 Compromise4.折衷If you feel guilty about declining, make the person a counteroffer. Say, ;I cant do that, but heres what I can do.;如果你对拒绝感到愧疚的话,可以向对方提一些反建议。比如,“我不能。不过我可以这样做。”Step 5 Compliment them5.赞美他们End on a positive note by complimenting the person. It will take the sting out of your rejection. Were all suckers for a compliment, even if we suspect its insincere.赞美对方,以积极的论调结束对话。这样可以缓和你的拒绝带来的不快。我们都喜欢听到赞美,即使我们怀疑不是真诚的。Eighty-two percent of women surveyed say they have trouble saying ;no; to people.82%的受调查女性表示他们难以拒绝别人的请求。视频听力由。201311/263114

  Drought bakes California, could dry up your wallet California produces half of the countrys homegrown produce. Its drought could mean bigger grocery bills nationwide.Water, we drink it, we wash with it and we use it to grow our food. In California, it’s running out. The historic drought in the west now be filled in grocery stores around the country. On the left, that’s what California first look like, it’s one year ago, on the right, that’s how it looks today. That’s right, two thirds of the state is classified as being extreme or exceptional drought. It is the most serious categories. If it continues, it’ll be the worst drought in 130 years. This will hurt you even if you dont live in California, why? Californias 80,000 farms, produce nearly half of US grown fruits, nuts and vegetables ,thats more than any other state in the country. And some of those things you put in your grocery cart, you cant get anywhere else.90% of the nation’s supply of ,they all come from California. Many of them, water intensive and water is in short supply. And such as grains, wine, beef, dairy could all face price pressures, price increases. So how high could prices go? A vegetable crop specialist Usy Rivercide Momen Giffen told us this drought could hike product’s prices 10% over the next few months. Law makers are preparing emergency relief bills. What the farm need now is rain. /201402/275466

  In a matter of minutes, the flowers precious golden pollen squeezes from the stamens and begins to fall, showering onto the captive beetles below.一会儿,花朵珍贵的金色花粉从雄蕊中挣扎而出并下坠,阵阵洒落在被俘获的甲虫身上。Now, at last, the prisoners are free to go. The flowers wall changes texture, becoming rough to provide the ideal escape ladder.现在,囚徒终于被释放。花壁的质地变得粗糙起来,提供了理想的逃离天梯。Loaded with their pollen parcels, they can now climb to freedom, just as other forest witches are beginning to open.甲虫满载花粉奔向自由,正好其它的丛林女巫即将绽放。Seduced by the irresistible perfume, the beetles are sure to pay a visit, so ensuring pollination, and another generation of incredibly big, smelly flowers.无法抗拒的味道引诱甲虫再次造访。花儿保了授粉得以施行,也因此保了这种硕大的发出难闻气味的花得以传宗接代。 /201405/297554

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