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湖州激光溶脂价格湖州安吉县去除红色胎记费用湖州曙光整形美容医院去疤怎么样 Technology firms and health care科技公司和医疗保健Heads in the cloud头文字;云;Digitising Americarsquo;s health records could be a huge business. Will it?美国的医疗记录数字化会是巨大商机吗?ALTHOUGH most rich countries, and some leapfrogging poor ones like India, are adopting electronic medical records, doctorsrsquo; surgeries in America still mostly do things the old-fashioned way. Determined to change this, the Obama administration has passed laws that will flood the health-care industry with billion in subsidies over the next few years to persuade doctors and hospitals to go digital. Aneesh Chopra, the White Housersquo;s chief technology officer, says the promise of this money is aly boosting investment. The big tech firms have convinced themselves that the health industry will be the next to embrace cloud computing.尽管大多数富裕国家以及一些有着跳跃式发展的贫困国家,比如印度,都采用了电子病历,但在美国,医生们的诊疗室多数仍按传统方式运行。奥巴马政府决心改变这一现状,他通过了一项即将遍及卫生保健行业的法律,投放280亿美元的补贴,说医院和医生在未来几年做到数字化(管理)。白宫的首席技术长官Aneesh Chopra宣称,(政府)对这笔资金的允若已经推动了投资,大型技术公司都确信,医疗行业将是下一个被纳入云计算的目标。In principle, it makes sense to put health records into the ;cloud;; the factories for mass-producing digital services that are the IT industryrsquo;s next big thing should be ideal places to store, maintain and process patient and clinical data. Doctorsrsquo; surgeries, hospitals and patients would all be able to retrieve and manipulate the data remotely, over the internet. Bridget van Kralingen, a senior executive at IBM, sees health care providing maybe one-tenth of the billion in revenues her firm sees from cloud computing by 2015.原则上讲,把医疗记录放到;云;里是有其意义的。IT行业的下一个大事件是,批量生产数字务的工厂,应该是放置、存储并处理病患和诊所数据的理想场所。医生的诊疗室、医院和患者都将可以通过网络远程检索及操作这些数据。IBM的高级执行官Bridget van Kralingen预见到,截至2015年,她的公司将从云计算中获得70亿美元的利润,其中的十分之一有可能来自医疗保健务。But some scepticism is in order. A scheme to computerise the medical records of every patient in England has turned into a spectacularly expensive fiasco. Gartner, a technology consultancy, observes in a recent report that tech firms are rushing to rebrand their products with the latest ;cloud; buzzword, ;whether they actually are cloud offerings or not.; The danger is that Americarsquo;s health services have foisted upon them whatever the industry has to sell, rather than what is needed.但是,存在一些质疑也是合理的。英国使用计算机处理所有患者的病历,结果该计划变成了烧钱的无底洞。高德纳技术咨询公司在最近的一份报告中注意到,无论是否提供云务,科技公司们都一窝蜂儿地用最近的热词;云;来重塑其品牌。危机之处在于,美国的医疗务不追求行业需求,而是一味骗售自己提供的所有产品。Another reason not to get too excited is the reflexive conservatism and technophobia of medical folk. Jonathan Bush, the boss of athenahealth, which uses the cloud to digitise health firmsrsquo; administrative systems, calls the medical industry ;anti-innovation;. He reckons the average American doctorsrsquo; surgery still handles 1,000 faxes a day.另一个让人不容乐观的原因,是下意识的保守主义和传统医学的技术恐惧。(医疗务公司)athenahealth的老板Jonathan Bush称医疗行业是;反创新;,他的公司利用云技术将保健公司的行政管理系统数码化。他估算到,平均每天,美国医生的诊疗室仍需处理1000份传真。201201/166849湖州市第三人民医院整形科

湖州曙光整形美容医院宽鼻矫正怎么样Hawaiis Next Island 下一个夏威夷超级火山Look at a map of Hawaii and youll seevolcanic islands strung outlike pearls on a necklace. The biggest–and theyoungest–is Hawaii, in thesouth-east corner. 随便翻看一张夏威夷的地图,你会发现夏威夷的火山岛分布得就像串在一条项链上的一颗颗珍珠一样。其中威力最大——也是最年轻的火山,当属夏威夷东南角的夏威夷火山。 As the islands stretch away to thenorth-west they become olderand more worn. While Hawaii is about a millionyears old, the extinctvolcano ofKauai on the north-west end is five timesolder. 随着岛屿不断地向西北方向延伸,各大火山变得越来越陈旧,破败。虽然说夏威夷已历经了一百万年的岁月,但是,在西北端考艾岛的死火山却已是其五倍了。 The Hawaiian islands were formed by whatgeologists call “hot spot”volcanos. These occur where hot magma from theEarths liquid mantle issteadily forced through the Earths crust. 夏威夷群岛是由地质学家们所称的“火山热点”组成。“火山热点”处在由地幔(又称软流层,很可能是岩浆的发源地)产生的炽热的岩浆不断地被喷出地壳的地方。Hot spots can last for millions of years,staying in the sameplace while the plates of the Earths crust move graduallyoverhead. “火山热点”能持续活动数百万年。就算是地壳板块活动而渐渐居于其上,“火山热点”也一直都不会改变地方。 The plates of the Earths crust move atuneven speeds, so when theplate moves slowly, this allows a tremendous volcanoto build up. Thats why weget a string of separate volcanos, rather than acontinuous line. 地壳板块不是以均匀速度移动的,因而,当板块运动较慢时,一个巨大的火山就可“趁机”形成。这就是为什么火山是一个单独的火山,而不是一片连续不断的火山了。 This is exactly whats happened with theHawaiian islands. The hotspot stayed in the same place, pushing up a string ofvolcanos as the Earthscrust moved over it. 在夏威夷群岛上也就是如此。“火山热点”一直在某个地方,在地壳板块对其作用时形成了一座又一座的火山。 Because of this, the volcano on north-westKauai is old andextinct, while the volcanos on Hawaiis south-east edge are themost active inthe world. 因此,西北端考艾岛上的火山都是很老的死火山,然而,位于夏威夷东南边的火山却是世界上活动最频繁的活火山。 The Hawaiian hot spot is now located aboutseventeen miles off thesouth-east coast of Hawaii. Theres nonew island there,but thereis a huge, underwater volcano, rising almost three miles above theocean floor. 而今,夏威夷的“火山热点”位于夏威夷东海岸约17英里的地方。目前,那里还没有新的岛屿形成,但是那里有一座很大很大的海底火山,高出海底足有三英里高。 Thisnew volcano will break the oceanssurface in about fifty thousand years,giving us our next Hawaiian island. 在未来的五万年里,这座新火山将会使海底地壳断裂,创造出下一个夏威夷火山。 /201212/213184湖州祛晒斑多少钱 湖州曙光医院植发怎么样

湖州二院修眉多少钱Business Corporate crime Give a little whistle商业 公司犯罪 揭发The SEC offers a huge carrot to encourage whistle-blowers美国券交易委员会高额悬赏鼓励举报人;TOO many people remain silent in the face of fraud,; says Mary Schapiro, the chairman of Americas Securities amp; Exchange Commission (SEC). On May 25th she announced new rules to encourage corporate whistle-blowing. Inducements will include cash: 10-30% of fines of over m that result from tip-offs. The US Chamber of Commerce, a business lobby, calls it a ;bounty programme; that will reward ;amateur sleuths in search of a big payday;. It is threatening legal action to block it.;太多人在面对欺诈行为时选择了沉默。;美国券交易委员会(SEC)主席Mary Schapiro感叹道。5月25日,她公布了鼓励举报公司犯罪的新规定。举报的奖励将会包含现金:如果举报产生了100万美元以上的罚款,那么举报人可获得罚款金额的10-30%。企业游说组织美国商会将其称作;赏金计划;,奖励那些盼着一夜暴富的业余侦探。其威胁性会导致有人采取法律行动来阻止这一计划。The new rules were required by the Dodd-Frank act, Congresss response to the financial crisis, which was passed last year. They follow an earlier effort to encourage employees to speak up. After Enron, an energy firm, collapsed in a flurry of fraud, Congress passed the Sarbanes-Oxley act in 2002 which, among other things, protected whistle-blowers from retaliation.国会为应对金融危机在去年通过了多德佛兰克金融改革法案(Dodd-Frank act),这些新规定是应该法案的要求制定的。同时也延续了早就开始的鼓励公司员工站出来举报的做法。在能源公司安然(Enron)在连串的欺诈案件中轰然倒下之后,国会采取的善后措施中就包括通过了萨班-奥克利法案(Sarbanes-Oxley act)保护举报人免遭报复。Employees have never found it easy to squeal on employers. Perhaps the most celebrated of corporate whistle-blowers, Sherron Watkins, a former executive at Enron, never went public with her prediction that the company might be brought down by fraud. She reported her concerns internally, and was ignored.员工举报老板从来就不是件容易事。最著名的举报人,安然公司前高官Sherron Watkins,可能从没有将她对于公司会因诈骗倒闭的预测公布于众。她只是在公司内部提出了她的担忧,但是没有人理睬。When the SEC released draft rules in November, businesses fretted that the financial rewards would prompt insiders to go straight to the commission, bypassing their firms internal procedures—especially since that would reduce the risk of being victimised by the boss or branded a ;disgruntled employee;. The new rules try to correct this, for example by allowing a reward to be paid in some circumstances to whistle-blowers who only grumble internally.当券交易委员会在去年11月公布规定的草案时,公司担心金钱奖励会促使内部知情人越过内部程序直接向委员会举报,因为这样会降低被老板陷害或者被贴上;不满员工;标签的风险。新出台的规定试图改变这一状况,比如规定在一些情况下可以奖励只在内部举报没有外传的员工。The chance of making a fortune may encourage speculative whistle-blowing in the hope of winning the lottery. Ms Schapiros new Office of the Whistleblower may be deluged with useless tips. But even that might be better than the status quo.靠举报发财的机会也许会刺激一心想发财的投机式举报。Schapiro女士的新举报官可能会被无效的线索淹没。但是即使是这样也好过现状。 /201301/223705 Fairs, carnivals, festivals or anywhere you can buy helium-filled balloons, you’re sure to see at least one balloon rising into the sky after someone accidentally lets it go off.在集市,嘉年华,节日聚会还有任何其他地方你都能买到氢气球,你至少能看到一个气球由于有人没有拿好,意外让气球飞向高空的情况。What happens to the balloon after it rises out of sight? Well,that depends on how high the balloon goes!气球飞到看不见的地方会发生什么呢?嗯,这取决于气球飞到多高的地方!When you inflate a balloon, you’re actually putting gases, mostly helium,in this case , into an elastic container. As you add more gas, the pressure inside the balloon increases, and in response, the balloon expands…up to a point, that is! If you put in too much helium, and the pressure inside the balloon gets too much higher than the atmospheric pressure on the outside of the balloon, the balloon will burst.当你给气球充气的时候,你充的一定是气体,大多是氢气,到一个有弹性的容器内。你加入的气体越多,气球内部的压力也随之增长,相应地,气球变大了……到了一定的大小,就是那个状态下,如果你充入更多的氢气,气球内部的压力就比气球外面的大气中的压力大,气球就会保障。So what happens to a rising balloon? Well, if it gets caught by an air current and is carried along level to the earth’s surface, it could go a long way,even across the ocean,if the winds arrived! Of course, no balloon is perfectly sealed, no matter how tightly you tie it, so eventually the helium will leak out, and the balloon will sink.所以一个不断向上升的气球会怎么样呢?嗯,如果它遇到气流被带到地球表面,这样可以走很远。如果有风,它甚至可以越过海洋!当然,不论怎么扎紧气球,没有气球是完全不会漏气的。因此最终氢气会泄露,气球会下沉。 /201206/186183长兴县褐青色痣多少钱湖州玻尿酸隆胸哪家医院好



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