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2019年08月24日 10:44:20 | 作者:新华咨询 | 来源:新华社
Health Officials Battling Child Disease in China中国和外界合作抗击严重肠道病毒  Chinese and international health officials say they are working closely to combat a severe form of an intestinal virus that has aly killed 28 children and infected thousands more.  中国和国际卫生官员说,他们正密切合作抗击一种严重的肠道病毒,这种病毒已导致二十八名儿童死亡,还让数以千计的人受到感染。Two more children were reported dead Wednesday, one in the central province, Hunan, and the other in the southwest region, Guangxi. 星期三有报导说又有两名儿童病亡,一人是在中部河南省,另一人在南部的广西省。Both children tested positive for enterovirus 71. The virus causes a severe form of hand, foot and mouth disease, which can lead to paralysis, brain swelling and even death. 这两名儿童在肠道病毒71型化验中都呈阳性反应。这种病毒导致手、足和口腔的严重疾患, 并可能造成瘫痪、脑部肿胀甚至死亡。Health officials across the country must now report all cases of the disease to central authorities. State-run Xinhua News Agency says the reporting requirement has caused the enumeration of people in China infected with hand, foot and mouth disease to jump to near 16,000.  全国各地的卫生工作人员如今必需向中央汇报疫情。新华社说,这一汇报要求使得全中国患手足口病的患者计数跃升到近一万六千人。The World Health Organization's China representative, Hans Troedsson, says EV-71 is causing less severe problems in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. He says it is not unusual for thousands of children each year to be infected with what he says is normally a benign and mild disease. 世界卫生组织的驻华代表韩卓升说EV-71型肠道病毒在新加坡、马来西亚和越南造成的问题比较不那么严重。他说,每年有数以千计的儿童患这类病症,而通常都是温和不致命的。他说:"It could be unpleasant for the child because it has blisters, and blisters in the mouth, and so on, that could hurt," he noted. "But usually, it's self-limiting within 10 days." “这种病对孩子说来很难受,有泡疹,而且还在口腔等部位,会觉得疼痛。但是通常十天内就会痊愈。”Most of the EV-71 cases in China have been centered around Fuyang, in central Anhui Province. Troedsson says he believes doctors at first did not know what they were dealing with, because patients were displaying symptoms not typical for hand, foot and mouth disease. 在中国,EV-71型病例多半集中在安徽中部的阜阳。韩卓升说,他相信医生起先不知道这是什么病症,因为病人没有手足口病的明显症状。他说:"And, when the clinicians tried to diagnose it, they looked for other causes that could be severe, including avian influenza and SARS and so on, which was all negative," he explained. "Just later, they could identify that this was actually enterovirus 71 and it was reported to the WHO." “当诊所的医务人员试图作诊断时,他们寻找其他可能相当严重的病因,如禽流感和萨斯病等,但是检测结果都是阴性。在一段时间后他们才鉴定这是肠道病毒71型,然后才向世卫组织报告。”The World Health Organization representative spoke at a joint news conference Wednesday with the spokesman for China's Ministry of Health, Mao Qun'an. 这位世卫组织代表星期三和中国卫生部发言人毛群安举行联合记者会,并在会上讲了话,毛群安在会上说:"I was told by the experts that some fatal cases occurred because of the late response time. That is, they were sent to the hospital too late. So, this increased the difficulty to treat them," he said. “根据刚才介绍在一些病例中这些孩子由于就诊时间比较晚,所以可能对临床救治来说增加了一定的困难。”The official China Daily newspaper reports the Anhui government has punished 10 doctors in relation to the outbreak. 中国官方英文报刊中国日报报导,安徽政府已经惩戒了与这次疫症爆发有关的十名医生。In one of the cases, two doctors were given demerits for delaying the transfer of a patient with a fever to a larger hospital. In another, a doctor was fined for giving 17 children an injection he claimed could prevent EV-71, although there is no vaccine for the virus. 其中有两名医生由于延误发烧病人转到大医院去治疗而被记过。另有一名医生由于给十七名儿童注射他所谓的EV -71 型预防针,而被处以罚款。因为根本不存在这种病毒的疫苗。And, despite the current attention, the Health Ministry's Mao says that this is not the first time China has experienced problems with this illness. He said incomplete data from last year show 80,000 cases of hand, foot and mouth disease, including 17 cases that were fatal. 卫生部发言人毛群安说,尽管目前对这种疾病的关注,但是这并非中国第一次经历这一疾患的问题。他说,去年的不完整资料显示有八万个手足口病的病例。其中包括十七个致命病例。200805/38055Nigerian Oil Workers Threaten Walkout尼日利亚石油工会威胁发动大罢工Nigeria's senior oil workers union is threatening a nationwide strike to protest the firing of some of its members by ExxonMobil. Members are to meet later Tuesday, following the expiration of a 21-day ultimatum issued by the union to the oil company to desist from what the union termed "unfriendly" labor practices.  尼日利亚石油和天然气资深工人工会威胁说,他们将举行一次全国性罢工,抗议埃克森美孚公司解雇他们的一些成员。该工会的成员们将在星期二晚些时候开会。此前,该工会向石油公司提出的让他们不要从事不友好的劳工行为的21天的最后期限已经超过。Officials of the Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association have been meeting top government officials in Abuja to avert the planned strike. 石油和天然气资深工人工会的官员已经在阿布贾同高层政府官员会面,避免计划中的罢工发生。Union President Peter Esele denied reports the walkout is to begin Wednesday. He says his group, one of Nigeria's two biggest oil unions, will attend a meeting Wednesday called by the government . 工会主席伊塞里否认罢工将在星期三开始的报导。他说,该工会是尼日利亚两家最大的石油工会之一。这个工会将在星期三参加政府召集的一次会议。"I had a meeting with NSA [national security advisor] yesterday, and DG [Director General], SSS [State Security Service]. So what the government is doing is to call parties for a meeting for Wednesday 4:00 PM," he said. "But sincerely speaking, I do not know where the press got Wednesday for strike. One thing we said was that there was a looming strike. We have not, the Central Working Committee, taken a date for a strike." 伊塞里说:“昨天我同国家安全顾问、总经理和国家安全局举行了会谈。政府目前在做的是让各方在星期三4点钟召开一次会议。但是说真的,我不知道媒体在哪里得到星期三要罢工的消息。我们说的是,有罢工的可能,但是作为中央工作委员会,我们没有为罢工设定日期。”The union is protesting ExxonMobil job cuts that affected about 60 workers, mostly union officials working at the company. 工会抗议埃克森美孚公司裁员影响到60多名员工,他们中的大多数是在该公司工作的工会工作人员。Nigeria's main trades union, the Nigeria Labor Congress has endorsed the strike call and urged the government to intervene without delay. 尼日利亚主要的工会尼日利亚劳工大会持罢工的呼吁,并且敦促政府立即介入。ExxonMobil has rejected accusations of unfair treatment of the affected employees, insisting the workers fired under a reorganization plan received generous payouts. 埃克森美孚公司否认指责他们不公平对待受影响的雇员,公司坚持说,被解雇的工人将根据公司重组计划得到丰厚的补贴。The union says an indefinite strike could blight Nigeria's oil production and petroleum distribution. Analysts say a walkout may have limited success in the short-term, because a skeleton staff may be engaged at production facilities to limit the impact on output. But it could prove effective in the long run if other powerful unions join in solidarity. 工会说,一次不确定的罢工可能会影响石油生产和石油销售。分析人士说,一次罢工从短期看可能只会取得有限的成功,因为或许资方会让一小批临时工参与生产来减少对石油产量的影响。但是,如果有其他强大的工会联合罢工的话,罢工从长期看可能会是有效的。But even a looming strike could increase pressure on international oil prices. Supply worries are stoking up concerns in Nigeria, Africa's largest oil producer, where production has been crippled by unrest. 但是,就算是一次可能出现的罢工也会为国际石油价格增加压力。对非洲最大石油生产国尼日利亚的石油供应的担忧不断增加,尼日利亚的石油生产因动乱而被削弱。200803/31232"Jill Turner. " "I, Jill Turner, make. . . " It is a historic day for gay and lesbian couples and one they have waited a long time for. The very first civil partnerships ceremonies will take place in just over 2 weeks and rehearsals are aly under way. . . . a happy chorus, come on! hangs lovers in the air. . Are you singing? Your turn. Come on! Lovers in the air. Not bad. "This is, you know, the, the biggest step forward, and that sets a history in the mankind because it is allowing us now to have the same rights as opposite sex couples. " It's a quality and recognition that we are partners. I mean we've been together 14 years. Ohhhhh. . . . . In the world-spinning night. . . . . At the gay wedding show in Brighton there was everything couples might need to make their day special and plenty of companies're chasing the pink pound. Well, for those who want to make a real statement on their big day, how about a theme? Stores like this one are offering costumes from every period and to suit every taste. And if you want your guests to be talking for months, no better way to keep them happy than a pink chocolate fountain. "Some people want fairgrounds, they want 50 drag queens, they want, you know anything and everything and to be honest with you, some of them don't have a budget of extravagance they're more than happy to spend together at their wedding. " "It will be grand but I'm afraid not in this guise. " "I think maybe Westminster Abbey. " "Or simple? " "Something simple. " Brighton has aly had more than 500 provisional bookings for so-called pink weddings. The government is expecting 22, 000 civil partnerships in the next 5 years. The new law is according to gay and lesbian campaigners as important as the decriminalization of homo-sexuality. Sarah Hughes, Sky News. 生词:drag queen:A male transvestite; also, a female impersonator200805/39180

New North Korean Missile Site Revealed北韩推动持续几十年弹道导弹计划  As speculation continues over the health of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, there are new signs the North is advancing its decades-old ballistic missile program. 在外界继续就北韩领导人金正日的健康状况做出种种猜测之际,有新的迹象显示,北韩正在推动持续了几十年的弹道导弹计划。Private sector intelligence analysts have made public for the first time an apparent missile base in North Korea. A report to be published next week by Jane's Defense Weekly is expected to unveil satellite images of the North Korean facility near Podong-ni. Analysts say it appears designed to accommodate test launches of long-range missiles. 私营情报机构分析人员首次公开了有关北韩一个导弹基地的情况。简氏防务周刊预计将公布北韩浦洞里附近一个设施里卫星的照片。分析人员说,看上去这颗卫星是为了试射远程导弹而建造的。North Korea has poured a large amount of its economic output into missile development for decades. It has about 800 missiles capable of hitting South Korea and Japan, and test-fired a missile directly over Japanese territory in 1998. North Korea test-fired a long-range missile in 2006, a few months before it conducted its first test explosion of a nuclear weapon. 北韩几十年来把大量的经济资源用于研制导弹。北韩现在有大约800枚可以打到韩国和日本的导弹,1998年曾经试射过一枚飞越日本领空的导弹,2006年试射了一枚远程导弹,几个月之后又进行了第一次核武器爆炸试验。David Asher is a former coordinator of North Korea policy at the U.S. State Department. During a visit to Seoul this week, he said there are signs North Korea may be contemplating more missile tests. 戴维.阿舍曾经是美国国务院北韩政策协调员。他这个星期访问首尔的时候说,有迹象显示,北韩可能正在考虑进行更多的导弹试验。"Last week there was a statement by the KCNA, the [North] Korean news agency ... it stated that North Korea has the right to test a satellite. Well, this is exactly what they did before they tested the Taepodong a few years ago. And I would be very concerned, personally, just based on that, that they are going to do this again," said Asher. 他说:“上星期,北韩官方通讯社宣称,北韩有权试验卫星。几年前他们试射大浦洞导弹之前就是这么说的。正因为如此,我个人非常担心他们会再次这样做。”South Korean Defense Minister Lee Sang-hee was ed in local media as saying he is aware of the missile base, and believes it is 80 percent complete. Defense Minister Lee was ed as saying there have been no unusual moves by the North's military, amid the possibly declining health of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. South Korea is not taking any immediate steps to raise its level of defense alert. 媒体援引韩国国防部长官李相熹的话说,他知道这个导弹基地的存在,也相信这个基地已经建成百分之八十。报导引述李相熹的话说,尽管传出北韩领导人金正日健康恶化的消息,但北韩军队并没有任何不寻常的活动。韩国军方也没有计划提升防卫戒备。South Korea's intelligence agency revealed this week its belief the North's leader is recovering from a cerebral hemorrhage, or stroke, he suffered last month. North Korean officials reject the reports as a worthless conspiracy. Nonetheless, Kim Jong Il has not been seen in public since August 14. 韩国情报单位这个星期透露,金正日上个月发生脑出血或中风,目前在康复中。北韩官员指责报导是不值得一提的阴谋,然而,北韩领导人金正日在8月14号后就没有公开露面。Kim Jong Il has absolute personal control of North Korea's secretive government. He has never publicly named a successor. Leaders view any compromise of his health as potentially destabilizing to the North Korean system - and even to peace on the Korean peninsula. 金正日是北韩秘密政权的最高领导人,他从未公开宣布未来的接班人,一般认为,如果他的健康出现问题,可能对北韩政治体系甚至朝鲜半岛的和平带来严重冲击。Brian Myers specializes in North Korea's propaganda and official communications at South Korea's Dongseo University. He says North Korea's domestic media is absolutely silent about international reports on their leader's health. 迈尔斯是韩国东西大学专门研究北韩官方宣传与传播的教授。他说,北韩媒体对国际间有关金正日健康的报告保持绝对的沉默。"What we can expect are editorials that condemn the rest of the world for making baseless rumors, but I do not think the North Korean press will explain to the people what those rumors are," he said. “我们可以预期北韩媒体发表社论批评国际社会捏造没有事实根据的谣言,但我不认为这些社论会向民众解释谣言的内容是什么。”He says health problems may put a dent in the North's efforts to portray Kim Jong Il as an all-powerful leader."It does compromise his image because North Korean propaganda has always praised Kim Jong Il for his sturdy constitution, and compared it favorably to the poor health of other leaders," he said.He says average North Koreans are probably aware of their leader's health situation, via broadcast and cell phone technology, as well as robust business contact with China. 迈尔斯说,北韩老百姓或许能从广播,手机信息或者与中国的商业接触中,获悉自己领导人的健康状况。200809/48373

Pakistan's Ruling Coalition Shaken by Failure to Agree on Judges巴政府无法就恢复法官职务达共识   Representatives of Pakistan's ruling coalition government have failed to agree on a plan for reinstating judges deposed by President Pervez Musharraf, last year. Following the collapse of talks in London, Sunday, party leaders are meeting in Islamabad to discuss the coalition's fate. 巴基斯坦联合政府的成员无法就一项恢复巴基斯坦高级法官职务的计划达成一致。总统穆沙拉夫去年解除了这些法官的职务。星期天的伦敦会谈破裂后,巴基斯坦政党领导人星期一在伊斯兰堡举行会议,讨论联合政府的前途。The process of reinstating senior judges sacked by President Musharraf, last November, has been the top issue for Pakistan's ruling coalition and the subject of numerous talks in recent months. 如何恢复去年11月被穆沙拉夫总统解职的高级法官的职务是联合政府的首要议题,也是最近几个月来一系列会谈的主题。Following the latest round of negotiations in London, Sunday, Pakistan Muslim League-N leader Nawaz Sharif said, despite "sincere efforts," the parties were unable to resolve the deadlock before Monday's self-imposed deadline for an accord. 星期天在伦敦举行最后一轮谈判之后,巴基斯坦穆斯林联盟--谢里夫派的领导人纳瓦兹.谢里夫说,尽管他们做出“真诚的努力”,但是在各党派给自己定下的最后期限星期一之前,各个党派仍然无法排除障碍、达成协议。The main disagreement is over which supreme court justices to empower. Sharif's party wants to restore the deposed justices and have them decide whether to retain those justices appointed by Mr. Musharraf under the provisional constitution. The Pakistan People's Party argues Mr. Musharraf's appointed judges, also called PCO judges, should remain in power. 主要的分歧是,最高法院未来由哪些法官掌控。谢里夫的政党希望,恢复那些被解职的法官的职务,让他们来决定,由穆沙拉夫总统指派的那些法官是否能够保留他们的职位。与此同时,巴基斯坦人民党认为,穆沙拉夫根据临时宪法指派的那些法官应当保留他们的职位。Aitzaz Ahsan is a leader of the lawyer's movement which has long demanded the deposed judges be reinstated, as soon as possible. During a protest in Islamabad, Monday, he said he is unhappy with the passing of Monday's deadline. 艾察兹.阿赫森是巴基斯坦律师运动的负责人,他们很长时间以来一直要求尽快给被解职的法官恢复职务。星期一他在伊斯兰堡举行示威活动时说,错过星期一的最后期限让他很不满意。"We strongly condemn the fact that the judges have not been reinstatedand we will oppose forces trying to keep the PCO judges in place," he said. 阿赫森说:“我们强烈谴责法官至今没有恢复职务这一事实,我们反对企图让被指派的法官继续留任的政治力量。”Members of Sharif's party have threatened to abandon the coalition government, if the judges were not reinstated by Monday. Other members say the party could abandon its seats in the cabinet, but continue to support the government, led by the Pakistan People's Party. 谢里夫政党的成员威胁说,如果高级法官到星期一还没有复职,他们就要退出联合政府。其他一些成员说,他们的政党可能会放弃内阁席位,但是仍将继续持巴基斯坦人民党领导的政府。The PML-N party is expected to announce its decision later Monday. 200805/38801

Beneath the city's skyline, it was time to light the blue touch paper.The Torchlit Procession traditionally kicks off Edinburgh's Hogmanay Festival. This year, more than ten thousand people were happy to oblige, snaking their way through the streets and up the city's Calton Hill.(It) wasn't enough. You'll get to walk through the streets of Edinburgh, bonding torches and prevent burning things dying. It's always....Let me say, fun because every(one) comes together. It's a group.I have never been here before. Sure there're some novelties and real spinnings for us to join then.It's the twelfth year of Edinburgh's set peace Hogmanay party which stretches over several days. Now it combines with that Christmas festival and both flew under crowds. This year around half a million people will witness the sights and songs of this city at play.It's just the most beautiful setting in the world. It is a beautiful city that lends itself to, you know, open their stuff even in the middle of winter, but we light it with fire and music and dance and the atmosphere of this place changes incredibly over these few days.This year's Edinburgh Hogmanay has a Catalonia feat, so Catalan acts and theme performances will combine with Scottish traditional entertainment. The highlights being at the midnight are tomorrow of course,where a hundred thousand people will gather in Princes Street to bring in the new year.This of course is the warm-up for the main event. It seems to please everybody here and aslo makes good business sense. Edinburgh's Hogmanay Festival is worth more than 14 million pounds to the local economy.It can hardly get bigger. The challenge this year like every year is in trying to make it better.James Matthews,Sky News ,Edinburgh本期难点1.light the blue touch paper: Touch paper is the correct name of the impregnated material used in fireworks fuses. The original phrase (the instructions on fireworks) s "Light the blue touch paper and stand well back." As an idiom it means to initiate some sort of process or actions.2. oblige: provide a service or favor for someone, as in: The players are generally happy to oblige with autographs.200805/39183

Well, serve your man according to my next guest, all women should be a wife first, a mother second, and then focus on their career third. She calls Hillary Clinton a lousy wife while saying Laura Bush is a great one. So, what gets? With me now is Dr. Vorenica Corpening. Doctor, good to have you here.Great to be here.You know a lot of people are gonna hear that and say, oh, Man! What do you say?I'd say that you were chosen to be a wife, and so you have to do your job as a wife just as well as you do your job as a physician, a lawyer, a politician. So when you're chosen, your husband expects you to meet the needs of him; you expect him to meet your needs. So therefore, you need to do what you need to do as a wife first and put that at the top of your priority list.All right, now you said you had, and you were telling me during the break you have? 3 kids, right?I have 3 sons.All right, and, and you've been married for almost 20 years?Yes.And you put your husband ahead of the kids?I do, I do things like take him to lt;thegt; train station every morning, pick him up at night. I work my schedule around my life as a wife, and then my life as a mother, and my children also understand that there is time where mum and dad are spending time together, and they are aside. And, your argument is it makes for better parenting that way anyway, when the couple is tight, close, makes for better kids down the road, right?It does because what has happened is that women have lost their way, and they don't know what it means to be a good wife and how do they learn that. They learn that through how their mother and father interacted at home. So we have to teach women and men what it means to be a good partner and then marriages would be much more successful.Um, you said Hillary Clinton was bad at that, Laura Bush is good at it. What did you mean?Hillary has been trying to be in front of her husband the whole time, and further her own career. When her husband was the most powerful man in the world, she wasn't behind his vision; she was behind her vision and (she) always has; whereas Laura Bush although she is a professional and a very intelligent woman, she always follows her husband and is behind his vision.You, you know there're gonna be women listening to this say, well, you know, we are not slaves! We are not second-class citizens, you, you, you seemed to give that image.I absolutely, I absolutely, I am not telling people to be a servant, em, you have to look at...(inaudible) Does your husband like worship the ground you work on? I mean if you're here doing all this for him. If you were my wife, I would say, man, I'm gonna take you out every night. I'm gonna...You are not, you are not superwoman. But Let's think about women like Nancy Reagan and Coretta Scott King, those are women who supported their, the vision of their husbands so well that even when their husbands were faltering and even when they were dead. They kept their vision alive.All right, but what if you have a husband that er has a cheat on you left and right? chasing interns, I mean why be loyal to a guy like that?Well, it probably started because one thing that Hillary does not give Bills is admiration, and she definitely looks like the type of woman that when he says I want some, she'd say, noway, I don't feel like .....Hey, hey, hey. All right, so you are saying that you, you women just have to be a little more sycophantic to their husbands?Well, there is a time to step back. And When you walk into the house, it's a time to step back and let your husband feel like he is in charge even though you know that there're, the decisions are being made side by side. You let him be forward and so there's peace in the home. All right, even if it's the man deciding the peace.The women are deciding the peace too, and the women who decide peace (are) the best.So you are actually getting your way by making him think he's getting (it)…You interestingly do get your way cause you are not having a fight about it anymore.All right, I'd like you to come home and talk to my wife, Doctor. Doctor Veronica Corpening, thank you very very much. (Thank you) In fact there're gonna be a few e-mails on this particular segment.200809/48179

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