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信州区打美白针一针多少钱武夷山鼻头缩小多少钱Love Really Does Hurt?爱很伤?In a recent study, scientists observed that when the participants felt rejected,在最新的科学研究里,科学家发现被测试者有以下现象:如果他们感觉到他们被人拒绝的话,the flow of blood increased to the area of their brain known as the anterior cingulated cortex.在人们熟知的大脑前环带皮层的血液流动量会增加。This same area has been associated with the emotional response to unpleasant physical pain.这个地方是人们感觉生理上的疼痛时情感的反应。The same part of the brain apparently responds to both physical bruises and bruised feelings.大脑的同一个部分可以对身体和心灵的创伤作出反应。This may signal that the need for social connections is as strong as the need to stay out of physical harm.这事可以反映出我们与社会的融合跟我们要免于受到身体伤害一样重要。For mammals, apparently, being excluded from a group can be dangerous, and even deadly.而对于哺乳动物来说,显然,被群体排斥在外是很危险的,甚至是致命的。I mean, evolutionarily speaking, living and working in a group is a key component of how well humans have managed to survive.我的意思是,从进化论的角度讲,在族群中工作和生活是人类生存优劣的关键因素。This means we have to stop dismissing emotional pain as something imaginary.这意味着我们必须停止漠视情感伤痛,不要把它作为想象的东西。And the next step might be to test whether the extent to which you feel comfortable socially helps lessen the pain of rejection.接下来可能就是要测验出哪些社交中让你觉得舒的事情可以帮助减轻被拒绝的痛苦。 /201212/213949上饶隆鼻医院哪家好 And then there is this PR headache for Apple. There have been allegations of extremely long working hours, underage employees and unsafe conditions at one of its biggest Chinese suppliers, Foxconn. Alison Kosik is at the New York stock exchange. Alison, what does Apple say about all this?苹果公司近日陷入公关危机,其在中国最大的代工厂富士康面临着工人超时工作,雇佣未成年人,工作环境不安全等指控。现在连线美国纽约券交易所的Alison Kosik。Alison,苹果对此有什么回应?Hey, Fredricka. So Apple is actually coming out defending its reputation. Its CEO Tim Cook spoke at a tech conference in California yesterday. He said Apple will not stand for any abuses at suppliers factories in China or anywhere else. Cook says the top priority is stopping suppliers from employing kids, in fact, hes calling that “a firing offense” now. But he did concede that there are instances of long working hours which is a violation of Apples work rules. Now this whole uproar, it actually goes back to 2010 when several Foxconn workers committed suicide. Since then, allegations of unsafe conditions have gotten louder and louder. Foxconn and other manufactures are currently being investigated this week by an independent labor group. That was actually brought in by Apple. Fredricka.嗨,Fredricka。其实苹果是在努力挽回名誉。苹果CEO蒂姆·库克昨日在加利佛利亚的技术研讨会上发言。他表示苹果不持在中国及其它地区的代工厂里发生任何劳工争议事件。库克说目前要把制止生产商雇佣童工放在首位。他称雇佣童工就是与其“解约”。但他承认确实存在工作时间长这个问题,这也违反了苹果的工作原则。目前的混乱局面,又让人忆起2010年富士康几名工人跳楼事件。从那时起,声讨工作环境不安全的呼声就越来越大。目前这星期,富士康还有其他的生产商正接受独立劳工协会的调查。而劳工协会正是由苹果公司引进的。So Alison, has this in any way kind of affected the bottom line for Apple?那么,Alison,那么这会不会从某些方面影响苹果的盈亏底线?And that was interesting. It hasnt. Apple has actually posted record iPad, iPhone and Mac sales last quarter and overall, you know, its shares are doing really well. Its shares are over 0, thats how they are trading these days. As for the overall market, its looking in the opening higher on word out of China, saying it will keep buying European bonds during its bid to help the debt situation in Europe, Fredricka.这问题很有趣。没有影响。苹果发布的iPad, iPhone and Mac的销售额创历史记录,总体上来说,你也知道,股市也相当给力。如今每股超过500美元,这就是苹果这些天的交易现状。至于总体市场方面,苹果把眼光放得更长远,不止注重在中国的舆论,据说苹果会在竞标期间一直在购买欧债,帮助缓解欧债危机,Fredricka。All right, Alison Kosik, thank you so much at the New York Stock Exchange.好了,非常感谢位于纽约券交易所的Alison Kosik。原文译文属!201206/188450南昌大学上饶市医院激光点痣多少钱

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