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福州看卵巢早衰那个医院好福建性激素六项检查的医院龙岩第三代试管大约多少钱 You don#39;t have to be a millionaire to steal these ideas about work, retirement and even getting up in the morning。即使你并不是百万富翁,你也可以偷学这些工作理念、退休概念甚至起床时间观念。1. They Don#39;t Retire When Everyone Else Does。他们不会像普通人一样早早退休。The average age for Americans to stop working is now 61, according to a recent Gallup poll, up from 59 ten years ago and 57 in the early 1990s. But America#39;s highest earners -- i.e., those with the biggest savings -- don#39;t plan on retiring until they#39;re at least 70, another new survey shows. Almost half of those people, who make ,000 or more a year, say they plan to keep working because they want to.根据最近的盖洛普民意测验显示,美国人现在的平均退休年龄是61岁,从20世纪90年代的57岁到十年前的59岁,退休年龄一直持推后的趋势。但是根据另一项最新研究显示,美国的最高收入群体——比如那些存款数目最大的人——至少到70岁之后才会计划退休。那些年收入7.5万美元甚至更高的人群中有将近半数称他们希望工作,所以会一直干下去。Granted, this group holds white-collar jobs that aren#39;t physically taxing -- but the ;never quit; concept is one that almost anyone can embrace. Stepping down to a less stressful position, or shifting to part-time work can put you farther ahead, savings-wise, when you do decide to retire。当然,这一富人群体都是不从事体力劳动的白领——但是他们“奋斗不止”的信念是每个人都应该积极借鉴的。退居到压力较小的岗位,或者换成一份兼职工作可以推迟你的退休年龄,这对你真正选择退休之后的生活有利。2. They Don#39;t Wake Up At 6 a.m. And Answer Emails。他们不会6点钟才起床回复邮件。You#39;re no doubt aware that the highest achievers are up earlier than most people: The National Sleep Foundation says most 30- to 45-year-olds get out of bed at 6 a.m. on a typical weekday morning, while this Guardian article shows that many CEOs of major companies wake closer to 5. You may not know, though, what those leaders are doing with the extra hour。你一定清楚收入最高的那些人比大多数人早起:根据全国睡眠研究基地研究显示,大多数30至45岁之间的人在工作日早晨6点钟起床,而一篇《卫报》上的消息则显示许多大型企业的CEO都在5点之前起床。你也许并不知道那些企业领导者们利用早起的时间干什么。Laura Vanderkam#39;s new book What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast gives plenty of concrete examples (and none of them involves catching up on Facebook). For instance: A businesswoman knows she could spend her early-morning hour cleaning out her in-box, but since that#39;s a job she can do in 5-minute breaks during the day, she devotes the alone time to making real, uninterrupted headway on a project that she#39;s decided is a top priority for her -- and that will have clear career benefits, teeing her up for a promotion or other advancement。劳拉·凡德卡姆的新书《大多数成功人士在早餐前干什么》中给出了很多实际的例子(这些例子中无一例包括查看脸谱网)。例如,一个职场女性知道自己可以用早上早起的时间清理她的收件箱,但是这件事她可以利用白天里5分钟的休息时间做完,所以她就用利用这段时间专心来跟进一天中最重要的项目工作——这种工作态度无疑会创造真正的工作效益,也为她升职、加薪做好了准备。3. They Don#39;t Ignore Job Offers For Lateral Moves。他们不会忽略平级跳槽的机会。While many top earners keep an eye out for their next career move, they#39;re not always looking to move up. They#39;re often looking to make lateral moves, says Amanda Augustine, job-search expert at TheLadders.com, which originally began as a job-search site for people earning 0,000 and more (they#39;ve since expanded to all salaries). This group is willing to move horizontally, or even to take a step down,很多有钱人会时刻关注职场机会,但他们并不总是向上看的,求职网站the ladder的求职专家阿曼达·奥古斯丁称,这些富人们常常会寻找平级跳槽的机会,求职网站the ladder一开始只为年收入10万美元以上的人提供就业信息(但后来他们已经扩展到为各薪酬阶层的人提供信息)。Augustine says, if there is a future opportunity to move up and take on an even better role. Employees at every level can learn from this behavior, she says. Making a sideways career change (either within your company or to a new one with a similar title, pay and responsibility) can also be worth it if your industry is contracting and the new job is in a field that#39;s growing, or if you#39;ll be saving money with a shorter commute or cheaper parking, or getting better benefits, whether insurance- or retirement-related。奥古斯丁表示,只要有升迁或获得更好的职位的机会,富人们愿意平级跳槽,甚至接受比当下等级低的工作。奥古斯丁表示,各个层级的员工都可以学习这种态度。 如果你当下从事的行业正在紧缩,而你新从事的工作行业则正在扩张,或者节省交通费用,或者获得更好的保险、退休金等福利待遇时,平级跳槽就是值得的。4. They Don#39;t Buy When They Can Rent。他们能租房就不买房。It#39;s the American dream to own a home, but don#39;t assume that everyone who can purchase a home does. The five-year rule (if you#39;re not going to live in a home for five years, don#39;t buy it) is back. Renting is more popular than ever, even among the wealthy. While it once made sense for people who could afford it to buy a home and flip it after two years, and the market has improved moderately this year, we#39;re hardly in a boom。拥有一套房子是美国梦的一部分,但并不是所有的人都有能力买房。五年规则(即如果你不会在这套房子里住五年以上,就不要把它买下来)卷土重来。即使是在富人圈子里,租房之风也空前盛行。虽然过去买得起房子的富人倾向于买下一幢房子,然后两年后转手,而且今年的房市稍有缓和,但当下绝不是经济繁荣时期。This article by economist Robert J. Shiller explains that attitudes toward renting are starting to change; 61 percent of Americans in a recent MacArthur Foundation survey agreed that, ;for the most part, renters can be just as successful as owners at achieving the American dream。;经济学家罗伯特·席勒解释说,人们对于租房的观念已经改变了;在麦克阿瑟基金最近作出的研究调查表明,61%的美国人同意,“在很大程度上,租房的人和买房的人实现美国梦的机会是同等的。”5. They Don#39;t Buy Without First Comparison Shopping。他们不会在货比三家之前付款。Chances are, if you#39;re ing this here, you#39;re likely also shopping online (80 percent of people who use the Internet have bought something by clicking). But wealthy shoppers are getting more shipping confirmation emails than others: According to a recent report by Martini Media and comScore, in the first quarter of this year, affluent shoppers were 47 percent more likely than buyers earning less than 0,000 annually to purchase something online。如果你正在读这篇文章,很有可能你会网购商品(80%的网上用户都曾经试过网购)但是那些富裕的买家可能网购的次数更加频繁:根据广告商Martini Media 和 comScore在今年上半年做的相关调查显示,年薪10万的人网购东西的可能性比其他人多出47%。Just as interestingly, wealthy online shoppers aren#39;t visiting luxury destinations as much as they#39;re visiting sites with mid-level pricing (think Macy#39;s). We know shopping online greatly lowers the likelihood of an impulse buy, but another major money-saving reason to buy from home is that you can easily do price comparisons. Plus, new apps such as Slice will even send you alerts when the price on an item you#39;ve purchased online drops so you can get a refund。有意思的是,他们去Net-a-Porter等奢饰品网站的次数少于去中等消费的网站的次数。我们都知道网购可以有效的抑制消费冲动,但是网购省钱还有另 一个重要理由,即你可以货比三家同时,“降价应用”这样的新网络应用可以在你已经购买的商品降价时向你发出通知,由此你可以获得一定退款。 /201310/260638Achtung baby注意,宝贝!Anyone seeking to understand why Germany remains the economic powerhouse of Europe need only to look at the performance of its auto industry. Its flagship brands -- Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, and Porsche -- are all enjoying record years and forecasting even better results for 2013.如果有人不明白德国为什么是欧洲经济的发动机,只要看看德国汽车业的表现就明白了。梅赛德斯-奔驰(Mercedes-Benz)、宝马(BMW)、奥迪(Audi)和保时捷(Porsche)等德系品牌的旗帜这几年的销量节节攀升,而且预计2013年还会有更好的业绩。Logically, they shouldn#39;t be doing well at all. At a time when most of the world#39;s consumers have a case of the shorts, Germany is selling premium cars at premium prices. With gasoline at wallet-busting levels, it continues to profit from high-performance V-6 and V-8 engines. And with typical buyers squeezing into smaller cars, there is no shortage of upscale German limos -- black only, of course -- festooned with more luxury features than a first-class seat on Emirates.从逻辑上讲,德系车本来不应该这样繁荣的。如今全球大多数消费者的钱袋都比较紧张,更何况德国人还是以高端的价格卖高端车型。而且油价近年来一直高得吓人,德国车虽然动辄搭载V6和V8发动机,但依然能继续盈利。另外,尽管一般消费者越来越青睐小型车,但高端德国豪车总是不愁销路——当然,它们还是一水的黑色,车里的豪华配置甚至比阿联酋航空公司(Emirates)的头等舱还要豪华。So much for logic. In the first five months of this year, BMW#39;s global sales are up 6.4%, Porsche has gained 13%, and Audi is a remarkable 14% better off.逻辑问题就先谈到这里。在今年的头5个月里,宝马的全球销量上升了6.4%,保时捷上升了13%,奥迪的销量更是上升了14%。How do the Germans do it? You could say they#39;re smart, work hard, and have momentum on their side. But they also enjoy 10 unique advantages:德国人是如何创造这个奇迹的?你可能会说,他们很聪明,工作努力,而且得到了老天的眷顾。不过除此之外,德国还有10个独特的优势。 /201308/251573福州市输卵管接通哪家医院好

三明市做复通手术那个医院好According to a new study by U.K. law firm Slater amp;Gordon, married couples are happiest in their third year of marriage.根据英国斯莱特-戈登律师事务所的一项研究结果显示,夫妻二人在婚后第三年最幸福。Researchers polled 2, 000 people and determined that a couple#39;s first year of marriage was typically filled with post-wedding happiness, and the second year of marriage was dedicated to getting to know each one another.该所向2000人发送了调查问卷,结果表明,夫妻两人婚后第一年往往还沉浸在婚礼的幸福感中,婚后第二年是两人努力了解对方的时期。The third year was found to be the happiest time in a couple#39;s marriage, which the researchers attribute to becoming comfortable within the relationship and starting to plan a family. Couples were also used to sharing finances by their third year together.婚后第三年是婚姻中最为幸福的一年。研究者认为,这是因为此时双方已经适应了夫妻关系并且开始计划组建家庭。婚后第三年也是夫妇开始共同理财的一年。After the third year, however, couples begin facing more serious challenges. The couples polled reported that the fifth year of marriage was a difficult one due to tiredness, increased workloads, and for some couples, children.然而第三年之后,夫妻就要开始面对更加难以应付的挑战。参与调查的夫妇表示,由于厌倦情绪、工作负担增加、子女抚养等种种问题,婚后第五年是一道难坎。Researchers also found that most couples who successfully made it through the first seven years of marriage were more likely to have a long, happy and lasting union.研究者也发现,能成功地度过最初七年的夫妻将更有可能共同走完幸福的一生。This isn#39;t the first study to look at married couples#39; happiness levels. In December 2012, a study found that people who had been married for more than 40 years were actually happier than newlyweds. And a recent study out of the U.K. found that being married is more important than money and owning a home when it comes to happiness.对夫妻幸福指数进行的调查研究,这并不是第一次。2012年12月的一项研究发现,婚姻生活超过40年的夫妻比新婚夫妻更加幸福。最近另一项来自英国的研究表明,婚姻比金钱、家庭更能给人带来幸福感。 /201310/259723福州检查阴道炎那家比较好 Happiness, as the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it, is ;a state of well-being and contentment.; Sure, that#39;s one way to put it. But what does it really mean to feel on top of the world or entirely at peace with oneself? Do you feel immersed in joy? On cloud nine?幸福,正如《韦氏大字典》的定义:“一种健康满足的状态“。当然,这是表述幸福的一种方法。但感觉到欣喜若狂或完全心如止水到底是什么意思?你觉得沉浸在快乐中吗?处在九霄云上呢?We were curious about the deeper, more personal interpretations of the sensation we all know so well. So we asked our Facebook community to tell us how they explain the joyful feeling. See some of our favorite definitions below then let us know in the comments: How do you define happiness?我们很好奇这种对我们都如此了解的感觉的更深层次、更个人的解读。所以我们询问我们的Facebook社区告诉我们他们是如何解释愉悦的感觉。下面能看到我们最喜欢的一些定义,然后在中让我们知道:你如何定义幸福? /201305/240434南平一院性激素检查

南平哪里可以治不育Move over(1) Barbie, veiled is beautiful. The physical ideal of Muslim girls increasingly includes the hijab(2), as evidenced by toy shops' best-selling doll "Fulla" and the string of showbiz(3) stars opting(4) to cover up.The dark-eyed and olive-skinned(5) Fulla has replaced her American rival's skimpy(6) skirts with more modest "outdoor fashion" and Barbie's luxuriant(7) blonde mane(8) with an Islamic veil."Fulla sells better because it is closer to our Arab values: she never reveals a leg or an arm," says Tarek Mohammed, chief salesman at a Toys R Us branch in Mohandessin.The Arab answer to Barbie has been selling like hot cakes for Eid Al-Adha(9), not least because it is cheaper than its American rival, although both are made in China.Fulla is not the first Islamic doll but none of her predecessors(10) have taken the regional market by storm like she has, selling some two million since its creation two years ago by the Emirates-based NewBoy Design Studio.Saudi Arabia's religious police had then just banned "Barbie the Jewish doll", whose "revealing clothes and shameful postures, accessories and tools are a symbol of decadence(11) to the perverted(12) West."Fulla, named after an Arabic word for a type of jasmine(13), was initially sold in the Gulf in a similar pink box but in more modest attire(14), such as the traditional abaya(15) overdress and complete with a little prayer mat."Her wardrobe(16) had to be widened to adapt to the Egyptian market. In other words, she became more modern," said Ahmed, a sales clerk at City Stars, Cairo's largest shopping mall.Fulla can now dress her perfect albeit slightly less busty(17) figure with tight t-shirts and jeans and wear the same colourful head scarves donned by most young Egyptian women today.Fulla also has two female friends, Yasmine and Nada, with lighter hair.But she is still single as no plans appear to be afoot for(18) marketing an Islamic equivalent of Ken, as giving her a boyfriend would be seen inappropriate in conservative Muslim cultures. 芭比靠边站,穿着保守才是美。 穆斯林女孩的完美装束一定要有一条伊斯兰头巾,不信的话可以看看玩具店中畅销的“芙拉”娃娃和成串穿着严实的秀明星们。黑眼睛、橄榄色皮肤、穿着端庄“户外装”、披着伊斯兰罩袍的芙拉已经完全击败了身穿超短裙、顶着一头金发的美国对手。Toys R Us穆罕黛森分店的主管塔莱克·穆罕默德说:“芙拉卖得好是因为她更符合我们阿拉伯人的审美:她从不露出腿或者胳膊。”芙拉在阿拉伯的热销就像宰牲节的热蛋糕,不仅是因为她比她的美国对手要便宜,虽然她们都产自中国。芙拉并非第一个伊斯兰娃娃,但却是第一个如此轰动当地市场的伊斯兰娃娃。自从两年前由阿酋新男孩设计室设计出来后到现在,销量大约已经有二百万了。沙特阿拉伯的宗教警察当时封杀了“犹太巴比娃娃”,说它那“暴露的衣、丢脸的姿势、装饰物和小零件是邪恶西方堕落的象征。”芙拉是阿拉伯语,是一种茉莉的名字。芙拉最初在海湾地区出售,包装是和现在相似的粉色盒子,娃娃的衣更加保守,例如传统的阿拉伯长袍,还附赠一条祈祷跪毯。开罗最大商场都市之星的销售人员说:“为了适应埃及市场,娃娃的衣柜也必须拓宽。”现在,芙拉可以穿着端庄了,只是当她穿上紧身体恤和牛仔裤时显得没有那么丰满。她还可以戴上当今多数埃及年轻女子喜欢的色头巾。芙拉还有两个女伴,雅斯敏和娜达,她们的发色稍浅。但是她仍然单身,并没有计划推出伊斯兰版的肯,因为拥有男朋友在保守的穆斯林文化中还是很不妥的。 /200804/37122 Grand Central纽约中央车站The survivor历经世事沧桑的幸存者As thestation celebrates its centennial, New York looks to the next 100 years.中央车站迎来百年庆典,此时纽约仿佛看到了下一个100年“EUROPE has its cathedralsand we have Grand Central Station,” said Philip Johnson, an architect, when healong with Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Kent Barwick, then a director of NewYork’s Municipal Art Society (MAS), fought to save the station from demolitionin the 1970s. It took a Supreme Court decision to save the magnificentBeaux-Arts building; but it survived and launched its year-long centennialcelebration on February 1st.“欧洲有大教堂,我们有中央车站,” 建筑大师菲利普·约翰逊(Philip Johnson)与杰奎琳·肯尼迪·奥纳西斯(Jackie Kennedy Onassis)和肯特·巴维克(Kent Barwick)在一起的时候曾这样说过。在20世纪70年代,纽约市政艺术协会(MAS)的一名导演曾为中央车站免于拆迁而奋斗奔波。最高法院下令才使这座宏伟的艺术建筑免于毁坏,不管怎样它幸存了下来,并在2月1日举行了百年庆典。The station’s architectural oddities, stilldelight. A concave ceiling in the main concourse depicting the constellationsdraws the eye upwards. The station helped create New York’s premiere businessdistrict, where 250,000 people work, and it still serves it well.中央车站的建筑风格奇异,但又赏心悦目,中心大厅星空穹顶引得人们抬头观看。中央车站带动创造了可容纳25万人工作的纽约主商业区,并且为商业区提供良好的务。The station’s construction was a vast undertaking:25 miles of water and sewer lines had to be relocated, and 3m cubic yards ofdirt and rock were excavated. Trackswere lowered underground and electrified and the ground above became Park Avenue. The station,since 1991 home to acommuter line and several subway lines, was once the main gateway to the rest of thecountry. In 1913, 75,000 passed through the station per day; today that numberis 750,000, with 1m people passing though the station on busy days. Some160,000 more are expected when the commuter line to Long Island is extended toGrand Central in 2019.建造中央车站是一项浩大的工程:必须重新安置25英里的自来水管道和污水管道,挖掘300万立方土石,铁轨降到地下,统一电气化,地面是公园大道。自1991年成为通勤站和几条地铁线的始发站以来,中央车站曾是人们出入美国其他地方的主要通道。1913年车站每天接待75000人,现在达到75万人,高峰时段会达到100万人。如果2019年中央车站开通连接长岛的交通线,届时车站每天通过人数预计会再增16万。Michael Bloomberg, New York’s mayor, wants toensure the surrounding area, home to 14 Fortune 500 companies, remains adesirable business district. He has proposed changing the zoning laws for the78-block area around the station in East Midtown. Re-zoning would make iteasier to demolish out-of-date buildings and allow grander commercial space tobe built. He also wants to partially pedestrianise Vanderbilt Avenue, anunderused street behind the station named for a railway tycoon. The area doeshave a lot of older buildings with high vacancy rates. The average age ofoffice buildings in the area is 73, much older than similar places in globalrivals.纽约市长迈克尔·布隆伯格(Michael Bloomberg)希望确保周围区域仍是令人满意的商业区,它也是14家财富500强公司的所在地。他提议改变东中城车站附近78个区域的分区法规。重新划区将更好地拆除过时的建筑,建造大规模的商业区。他还希望把部分范德比尔特大道设为行人专区,这条大道以一位铁路大亨命名,位于中央车站后方,当时还未投入使用。这片区域有许多老建筑,空置率很高,办公大楼的平均年龄是73岁,比全球同类地区建筑的历史久远得多。New York has a history of bold vision. Its streetgrid was designed for 1m people at a time when the population barely topped 100,000.The subway was built when much of New York was still farmland. Mr Bloomberg haslong looked to the future. He has re-zoned 36% of the city since 2002. Withjust one year left in his term, he is moving quickly with his plans, which concern many, like VinCipolla, the present head of the MAS, who accepts that midtown must evolve, butis worried about unprotected historic buildings. Just like Mrs Onassis.纽约向来具备远见胆识,其街道的设计流量为100万人,而当时人口才刚刚10万人,在大部分土地仍是农田的情况下就修建地铁。布隆伯格一直放眼未来,自2002年以来曾重新划分了纽约36%的地区。在即将离任的一年里,他快速实施自己的规划,使得许多人为之担心。其中就包括MAS的现任领导文西·珀拉(Vin Cipolla),他赞同市中心一定要发展,但也担心未受到保护的历史建筑遭到破坏。他的行事风格跟奥纳西斯夫人很类似。 /201302/225016福州治宫颈糜烂去那里宁德检查排卵哪家医院好




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