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诸暨市第四人民医院纹眉毛多少钱浙江义乌去抬头纹多少钱If yoursquo;ve ever driven by a wind farm, you may have noticed that the turbines most likely have three blades. Not two, not five, but three. Now, you may think that if the point of a wind turbine is to capture wind, wouldnrsquo;t five blades capture more wind than three? And wouldnrsquo;t capturing more wind translate to generating more electricity? Why? The answer depends on whatrsquo;s meant by capturing wind. The goal of an electricity generating turbine isnrsquo;t exactly to capture the most wind possible. Itrsquo;s to capture wind with the greatest efficiency. And engineers have found that three blades is the most efficient and least troublesome way to harvest wind.如果你曾经经营过风力发电的农村,你可能已经注意到,涡轮机,最可能有三个叶片。不是两个,也不是五个,而是三个。现在,你可能会认为风力涡轮机的就是为了能尽可能多地捕捉到风,个叶片捕获的风不是更多吗?捕获更多的风能从而产生更多的电力?为什么呢?取决于捕捉风的平均数。风力发电涡轮的目标是并不完全使要进坑捕捉到多的风。而是要最有效第捕捉风。工程师们发现,三个叶片是最有效地捕捉风,而且是最不麻烦的方式。164413东阳去除鱼尾纹多少钱 Who: Suicide Leading Cause of Death Worldwide世卫组织呼吁采取措施防范自杀行为 The World Health Organization says suicide is a leading cause of death worldwide, and one of the three leading causes of death for young people under 25. To mark World Suicide Prevention Day, which falls on September 10, the World Health Organization says there are measures people and society can take to save thousands of people from meeting a self-inflicted violent death.世界卫生组织指出,自杀是造成全球死亡的一个主要原因,也是造成25岁以下年轻人死亡的三大原因之一。世界卫生组织在9月10日世界自杀防范日这天说,民众和社会可以采取措施,挽救数千名准备以自杀结束生命的人。The World Health Organization reports every year, about one million people die by suicide. That comes to around 3,000 deaths a day or one death every 40 seconds.世界卫生组织历年的报告指出,每年大约有100万人死于自杀。这意味着每天大约有3000人自杀,或者每40秒就有一个人自杀。 In the past 45 years, the World Health Organization says suicide rates have increased by 60 percent worldwide and it predicts these deaths will rise to 1.5 million by 2020. 世界卫生组织说,过去45年来全球的自杀率已经增长了60%。该组织预测,到2020年,死亡数字将增长到1千500万人。It says suicide deaths account for more than half of all violent deaths in the world - more than all deaths from wars and homicides combined. Almost a quarter of suicides are teenagers and young adults aged less than 25.世界卫生组织说,在世界上所有暴力造成的死亡中,自杀占了一半以上,比所有战争和凶杀造成的死亡总人数还要多。自杀者中几乎四分之一是不满25岁的青少年。The World Health Organization says more men than women commit suicide, but more women than men attempt to commit suicide. 世界卫生组织说,男性自杀者多过女性,但是自杀未遂者中,女性比男性要多。Scientific eExpert in WHO's Mental Health and Substance Abuse Department, Alexandra Fleischmann says risk factors vary in different cultures.世卫组织的精神健康和药物滥用部门的科学专家弗莱希曼说,不同文化中存在不同的造成自杀的风险。"For instance, we know that mental illness disorders like depression or alcohol use disorders play a major role in European countries, for instance," said Alexandra Fleischmann. "But, we have to also look at Asian countries where impulsiveness plays a much more important role, which is that suicide can happen on the spur of the moment." 她说:“举例来说, 我们知道像抑郁症和滥用酒精一类的精神疾病在欧洲国家中起着很重要的作用。但是,我们也必须看到在亚洲国家,情绪冲动是更重要的因素,也就是说,人们可能因为一时冲动就去自杀了。”The agency notes cultural differences, views and attitudes toward suicide influence whether people will attempt suicide and whether suicides will be accurately reported这个机构指出,文化差异、对自杀的观点和态度影响人们是否会试图自杀,以及自杀案例是否能得到准确的报告。The WHO report says most suicides in occur in Asia, which accounts for up to 60 percent of all cases. 世卫组织的报告说,大多数的自杀行为发生在亚洲,其数量达到所有自杀事件的60%。But it reports Eastern European countries have the highest rates of suicide. The lowest rates are found in the countries of Mediterranean Europe and the predominantly Catholic countries of Latin America and Asia, as well as in Muslim countries, such as Pakistan. 但是报告指出,东欧国家的自杀率最高。自杀率最低的是欧洲地中海国家、以天主教为主的拉丁美洲和亚洲国家以及穆斯林国家,如巴基斯坦。The World Health Organization says suicide can be prevented. It says educating communities to better identify people at risk of suicide and encouraging those at risk to seek help can reduce suicides among people with mental illness.世界卫生组织说,自杀是可以防范的。该组织说,向社区提供教育,以便更好地确认有自杀风险的人群,以及鼓励那些有自杀风险的人寻求帮助,可以减少精神病患者的自杀行为。09/83891Economics focus经济聚焦Drain or gain? 人才外流,是得还是失?Poor countries can end up benefiting when their brightest citizens emigrate 穷国最终会从人才外流中获益WHEN people in rich countries worry about migration, they tend to think of low-paid incomers who compete for jobs as construction workers, dishwashers or farmhands. When people in developing countries worry about migration, they are usually concerned at the prospect of their best and brightest decamping to Silicon Valley or to hospitals and universities in the developed world. These are the kind of workers that countries like Britain, Canada and Australia try to attract by using immigration rules that privilege college graduates. 发达国家担心移民,他们通常考虑的是对收入要求较低的移民会和他们竞争就业岗位,例如建筑工人,洗碗工或是农场工人。而发展中国家担心移民,则通常考虑的是,他们最优秀的人才流入了硅谷,或是发达国家的一些医院和大学。而这些人才正是英国、加拿大、澳大利亚这样的国家需要的,他们通过优待大学生的移民政策来吸引这样的人才。Lots of studies have found that well-educated people from developing countries are particularly likely to emigrate. By some estimates, two-thirds of highly educated Cape Verdeans live outside the country. A big survey of Indian households carried out in 2004 asked about family members who had moved abroad. It found that nearly 40% of emigrants had more than a high-school education, compared with around 3.3% of all Indians over the age of 25. This “brain drain” has long bothered policymakers in poor countries. They fear that it hurts their economies, depriving them of much-needed skilled workers who could have taught at their universities, worked in their hospitals and come up with clever new products for their factories to make. 很多研究发现,发展中国家受过良好教育的人们尤其可能移民。据估计,三分之二受过良好教育的Cape Verdeans都居住在国外。2004年对印度家庭展开了一次大范围调查,询问了他们移居国外的家庭成员情况。调查发现,近40%的移民接受过高等教育,而所有25岁以上的印度人中,这一比例仅为3.3%。这种“人才外流”的现象长期困扰着穷国的政策制定者们。他们担心这会有损经济发展,使得他们丧失亟需的有技能的人才,他们本可在大学里教书,在医院里工作,或是研发出可供生产的新产品。201105/138368义乌去疤痕最好的医院

东阳热玛吉3代Nancy Martiny has made it in a man's world. She started making western saddles as a hobby but there's now a three-year waiting list of people lined up to buy her designs.南西·马蒂尼开始制作马鞍时,只是为了兴趣。而现在,要买她的马鞍要等三年呢。曾几何时,马鞍制作是牛仔们包揽的。但马蒂尼对此从不在意。Martiny builds her saddles from the ground up, eventually carving and stamping intricate patterns into the leather. She works in a field that’s been dominated by cowboys for years, but that's never bothered her.Martiny is no stranger to working with men. She grew up on a ranch, working cattle, riding and roping. 对南西·马蒂尼来说,和男人一起工作不是什么新鲜事。她在一个牧场长大,整天和牛、马、套索打交道。"From whenever I was a little kid I was always doing what the men did," she says. "And then, as I got older and rodeoed and then, producing rodeos, I’ve always worked with men."她说:“我从小就经常做男人的工作。长大以后,我学习牛仔竞技表演,然后又制作牛仔表演节目。我总是和男人一起工作。”So it never occurred to her that she couldn’t build her own saddles, something that men -- cowboys -- usually do. Something that comes as a surprise to many.既然男人--也就是牛仔--通常都自己制作马鞍,所以马蒂尼从来就没想过她为什么就不能为自己制作一套马鞍。"They think you have to big and strong to build saddles but you don’t," says Martiny. "You have to have a sharp knife."And you need an artistic eye for carving and stamping designs into the leather.马蒂尼说,把图案雕刻和烙印在皮革上,需要有艺术眼光。"It’s more of a finesse thing than a strength thing. If you’re trying to overpower your leather, you’re going to get in a wreck and you probably haven’t done it right."“与其说这是件力气活儿,不如说是件细活儿。如果你只会下死力去整治你的皮革,你八成没做对。”Carving elaborate patterns into the leather is a skill Martiny first learned as a teenager, while watching her father tool leather.马蒂尼在皮革上雕出花朵的枝干,花瓣,叶子。它们看来就像是从皮革上长出来的。马蒂尼十几岁时就看着父亲加工皮革,慢慢也学会了这种技巧。"So when I was 15, I talked him into helping me start tooling," she recalls. "And then I kind of took his tools and made myself a belt and of course my friends at school wanted a western belt and it kind of started just like that."她说:“我15岁那年说父亲帮助我开始加工皮革。我用他的工具给自己做了一条皮带。我在学校的朋友都想要西部式的皮带,我就这么开始了。”201104/131957义乌江东后宅街道人民妇幼保健医院激光去痘手术多少钱 Naomi Wolf is author of "The Treehouse" and Caitlin Flanagan wrote "To Hell with All That: Loving and Loathing Our Inner Housewife". Ladies, good morning to both of you. (Good morning) Naomi, (morning) let me start with you, I mean, in a blatant attempt to be provocative on the part of this author or a little bit of truth? Well, sure, there's a little bit of truth in that, un we are in a time of big change and about 20% of women do out-earn their husbands and this, you know, is a source of vulnerability and, and extreme emotions in, in people adjusting to change. But it's also kind of ridiculous because this piece, the same piece gets written every time women make a big leap forward. You saw the same essay in the 20s when women got to vote and in the 50s when women and early 60s when women were ing feminine mystic and it really is, um, a kind of one of these stir the pot and make everyone upsets of the pieces. Well, stir the pot , but Caitlin, there are a lot of people who think that this author has put his finger on something that a lot of career woman, women in particular, probably think but don't wanna say out loud. What do you think? Well, I think men and women are both waking up to the fact something that poorer people, working class people, have known for years, which is that when two people work, it's very hard to make home life work very well. And I think that there's always a strand of elitism to this discussion. Two Wal-Mart jobs are a heck of a lot harder on the marriage than two jobs scaling the heights at the law firm. But I think that there's absolutely a sense that running a home takes a lot of time and that the women who have made a choice to stay home and do it understand that they are really creating something at a man's value, but the value... Well, but when you look at divorce rates in this country, there are a lot of things that contribute to divorce rates, you've got race, religion. economics, family history. Where would you rank career women in that equation? Well, I think, I think that the author, you are absolutely right, he was being as provocative as he possibly could. He was intentionally, said, using the term "career girl" instead of "career women", which is I am sure why Forbes pulled it off so quickly. But I think that ultimately the notion that one career person marrying another ca, career person, regardless of gender, when two people with huge jobs get married, we all know that it takes a huge toll on their family life (I, I really need to make ) and I think that. . ( Caitlin, can I jump in? )(Go ahead, Naomi. ) I really need to point out (please do) that what the author is really saying if you tease apart his really inflammatory use of studies is that when women have choices, they make choices that they might not have been able to make in the time when they had no choices. I mean, he's saying things that he's acknowledging that when women do make money, they might leave someone who's alcoholic, they might leave someone who's verbally abusive, they might leave somebody who's physically abusive, and what he's not acknowledging and a rebuttal does acknowledge is, is that, um, if, what men really are learning is that they need to do things to make marriage last as well. Well, there's also, there 's also whole aspect is to blame the woman and put no blame on the shoulders of the man. If, in fact, careers have an impact, a negative impact on marriage, then he's assuming that it is the woman who's to blame and not the man who perhaps is intimidated by the career woman. And I wanna point something else out to Caitlin who, you know, with all due respect, has done some inflammatory stuff herself with the issue of a dual-career marriage, which is that we all know that, especially before the women's movement, women stayed home, and tended their lives and tended their children and gave up their careers and many of them found 20 years later that their husbands left them and married a trophy wife, anyway, and (Caitlin) they're hardly in a better position and if they had done the things they needed to do to look after themselves. (Caitlin, respond to that. ) Well, women have worked throughout time in America and there was a very small time in the 50s, and I think a lot of us hanker for that aspect of the past, when a man with a union job could support his family. I bet a lot of women right now who are getting dressed to go to work, aren't doing it to have glamorous jobs in law firms. I think they would much rather stay home with their children. I think that most women now, because of the economic changes in this country, have been forced into the, into the job market. They are not thrilled to be going to work, I bet there are a lot of women watching right now would say I'd love to put my purse down , I'd love to put my coat down, and I'd love to raise my child myself. Caitlin of course you're absolute right, But, what, what I'm frustrated by is that you don't acknowledge that we in America don't have the same kinds of options for flexibility in the work-family life that they do in Europe, especially in northern Europe, in Canada, where after you have a baby you get a year off , your husband gets a year off, you get 60, 90% of your salary , and women, they are not stressing about work (Naomi,Naomi.)and family life And marriage aren't just stressed there as they're.....Caitlin, last word, go ahead. Naomi, look at France. Why did France blared over last summer? Because there's a whole lot of women, who are not white and not native-born French women who can't get in their job market. Europe is no picnic for the middle class and upper middle class family, if you are not a white native-born French person. Ah, your, you're just completely wrong, but guess I have to leave it there. And I promised her the last word but that's all right. Caitlin Flanagan again, thanks Naomi Wolf, thank you.1. blatant:adj. You use blatant to describe something bad that is done in an open or very obvious way.2. elitism:n. Elitism is the quality or practice of being elitist.精英主义3. inflammatory:adj. If you accuse someone of saying or doing inflammatory things, you mean that what they say or do is likely to make people react very angrily. 激动的4. rebuttal:n.If you make a rebuttal of a charge or accusation that has been made against you, you make a statement which gives reasons why the accusation is untrue. (FORMAL)辩驳, 举反5. with all due respect:with all due honor, without any attempt to hurt (usually a token expression of respect that precedes a critical or not very flattering statement) 尽管对阁下尊敬之至6. trophy wife:a wife who is an attractive young woman; seldom the first wife of an affluent older man; "his trophy wife was an asset to his business"200810/52769义乌去眼袋医院哪家好

永康市切埋线双眼皮多少钱Full-time jobs hard to find With unemployment on the rise, some job hunters rely on part-time work to make ends meet Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke this week said it’s possible the U.S. may be heading into a recession. But millions of Americans believe that we are aly there. Why? Because of the job picture, tens of thousands of people have been losing work, last month 80,000 jobs lost. We are here at an employment center in New Jersey, the state of New Jersey. And Over here, people come to try to find work. Here’s a list of demand occupations in New Jersey, nurses, accountants, teachers, these are some areas where there are companies hiring but it's still not very easy. Let’s have a talk over here with one of the job seekers. His name is Wahid, and Wahid is actually a veteran, he served in Iraq. Wahid, what did you do ah, / in Iraq with the army?I was both a solider linguist for one year and then later for about eighteen months a contract/ linguist.And so now you are looking for work once again?Yes, I am looking for a full time job as an Arabic linguist.I would think that’s a very in-demand position?That’s absolutely right, but most of those positions has to do with money that is allocated by Uncle Sam. So when the money becomes available that’s when I can get the job.But to find something with a private company, you haven’t found a full-time position?I am doing part time translation jobs, till I get the part time, till I get the translation job that will elevate my career.And is that providing enough money or you are doing something else as well?Actually the main income that I have right now is from day trading, because you can not really tell when the money will be allocated for those jobs. So I have to day trade and then do some, few, of few jobs for translation to the market of ....Day trading in stocks?Day trading in stocks…Tough right now,Very tough very risky, but I need at least five hours a day to be able to choose the stocks I buy.Very well, well, good luck with that, Wahid. As you can see this is an economy that it is very difficult for people to find employment, Wahid / even turning to day trading in order to provide income in a very tough market. Tough market not only for employment but also for stock traders as well. For CNN money.com, I am Allen Chernoff.01/60900 我们上一次的收获是16亿年前的叶子化石,那么发现了它意味着什么呢?低温度下的叶子与温暖环境中的叶子相比,它们的叶缘上面会有什么样的变化呢?这是值得探讨的。接着听哦! Leaves with teeth do better in colder climates because teeth are actually really advantageous in jump-starting growth at the beginning of the growing seasons. In this case, you can see this beautiful fossil leaf here with teeth, and each of the teeth are a little hotbeds of photosynthesis(光合作用), so when that leaf first comes out of the bud, it gets a jump-start on leaves that don't have teeth. Miller uses this information to find out about the height of the young Rocky Mountains. In a simple but powerful technique, he compares the number of leaves with teeth to those without. You go to a particular area, and you pick up all the species of leaves that are there from the trees that are growing in that area, and you compare the number of species that have teeth to the number of species that have smooth margins. That gives us some idea of what the temperature is. So the higher the proportion of plants with jagged edges compared to plants with smooth edges, the colder the temperature of the site. And the colder the temperature, the higher the mountain. So if you've got into a hot air balloon here today, and you float it straight up into the atmosphere, the temperature will decrease in a very predictable way, and it turns out that for about every mile you go up in the atmosphere, you lose about 20 degrees Fahrenheit. So if we know how temperature changes with elevation, we can back out elevation from those estimates of temperature. To work out the height of the early mountain, Miller needs to compare samples from two areas, one at the base of the mountain and one at the top. Fossils found at the base of the Rockies near the present-day Denver have an amazing story to tell. These ancient leaves are incredibly similar to plants growing in the tropics today. So after the Rockies rose, down in the area of Denver, it was sub-tropical and tropical forests, we have palms, and cycads, and canopies like we see in the tropics today. Up here we had a forest that looked probably more like a forest that grows in North or South Carolina on the east coast of the U.S. By comparing the ancient fossil leaves from the top of the mountain with fossil leaves from the foot of the mountain, Miller has come up with a surprising conclusion. It turns out that the fossil leaves here are predominantly toothed as compared to those that are in Denver which are predominantly smooth margin. And it turns out the ones in Denver grew in a climate that was about, on average about 75 degrees Fahrenheit, the ones up here grew in a climate that was probably about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. So if we know how temperature changes with elevation, that means that this site, when these fossil leaves were deposited, was about a mile higher than Denver. Today it's only a half mile higher. So 60 million years ago, the mountains would be twice as high as they are today.小编有约:本期的文章中有许多对比的句子,非常的地道。可以摘抄下来,试着自己写作文的时候用。不仅仅是优美的文章,同时Daisy也认为它告诉了我们探索真理的一种方法。这种方法叫“比较研究法”,通过对近缘物种的行为进行对比分析,以了解行为适应和进化的重要方法。这是一种科学的研究方法。在学习物理和化生时,会用到这个方法。课后题目:Daisy提供这三个线索,你来找找看这个。A. You've got into a hot air balloon. B.You float it straight up into the atmosphere. C. The temperature will decrease in a very predictable way. 201110/159217义乌腋臭手术诸暨市人民医院打玻尿酸多少钱



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