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福建看阳痿费用南平治输卵管积水正规医院Chen Yuhang doesn’t know why, but every year when Spring Festival arrives, the 25-year-old civil servant feels a natural impulse to go home. Not to the one he rents in Beijing, but the old apartment back in Jiangxi province. It’s not an easy ride.不知为何,每年一到春节,25岁的公务员陈宇航(音译)就禁不住想回家——那个江西老宅,而不是这个他在北京租来的家。虽然回家的路途并不轻松。“It’s like a seasonal spike of emotions. You go through all that toil of taking three trains to get home because you just know you have to go back, no matter what,” said Chen.“就好像是一次季节性情感爆发一样。纵使需要乘坐三次火车,你也无论如何都要回去,”陈宇航说。It’s a feeling Chen shares with most people in China at this time of year.每年的这个时候,很多中国人都有着和陈宇航一样的感受。What makes home so unique in the Chinese value system, and how its definition is changing according to social values, serves as a key to understanding the character of China as a nation.那么,到底是什么让“家”在中国人的价值体系里如此无可取代?“家”的定义又是怎样随着社会价值观发生改变的?这是了解中华民族品质的关键。Family with social functions家庭的社会职能Ye Tao, a researcher specializing in folklore at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, says the deep roots of family culture come not only from the warmth of being with relatives, but also because the family, as a unit, has long been regarded as an important part of the social mechanism.中国社会科学院民俗学专家叶涛(音译)说,家文化之所以根深蒂固,不仅仅是因为举家欢聚的温情,更源自于一直以来,家作为一个整体被视为社会体系的一个重要组成部分。“As Confucius said: ‘cultivate the self, regulate the family, govern the state, then lead the world to peace’,” explains Ye. “The family has been an integral part of the social order since the very beginning of China’s cultural development and extends its impact to the present day.”叶涛解释道:“孔子云:‘修身齐家治国平天下’,中国文化发展从始至今,家一直是社会秩序不可分割的一部分。”That’s why China’s long history of a communal and collective lifestyle is so fundamental in shaping people’s attitudes toward home: it is not only a place to live, but also a social responsibility.这就是为何在塑造中国人家庭观念方面,这种历史悠久的集体社会生活方式会如此重要。家不仅只是一处居所,更是一份社会责任。Challenged norm受到挑战的传统With the growing mobility of the population, young people are leaving home to pursue better education and career opportunities. This trend is challenging family-based traditions.随着人口流动性的与日俱增,年轻人走出家门去追求更好的教育和工作机会。这个趋势正在挑战中国以家庭为基础的传统。Shi Jiepeng, a researcher at the Institute of Chinese History at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, explains that with horizontal kinships becoming weaker, the urge to reunite with close, or vertical, family members — siblings, parents and grandparents — is becoming stronger.中国社科院中国历史研究所研究员史杰鹏(音译)表示,随着旁系亲属关系日渐淡薄,和直系家庭成员——兄弟、父母、祖父母团圆的欲望也就变得越来越强烈。“The family planning policy has forged strong emotional bonds in smaller families,” said Shi. “It is an inevitable process of society.”“计划生育政策使得小家庭成员间的情感纽带更加坚固,”史杰鹏说,“这是社会发展不可避免的一个过程。”Finding escape心灵港湾In defining the function of homes for Chinese people, especially the young, Ye Tao says that finding an escape from the rushing tempo of their daily lives serves as the primary incentive for people to go back home today. “Young people are under mounting pressure from all sides,” said Ye. “Home is a shelter where they can return to a simple lifestyle, although only for a brief period of time.”说到家对中国人,尤其是年轻人所起到的作用,叶涛表示,现如今,想要逃离飞快的生活节奏、寻找一处心灵港湾是人们想要回家的主要原因。“年轻人面临着方方面面、与日俱增的压力,”叶涛说,“家可以让他们返璞归真,回归简单生活,尽管这样的生活很短暂。”“The warmth of home is the best chicken soup for the soul,” added Shi Jipeng.史杰鹏补充道:“家的温暖才是最好的心灵鸡汤。” /201402/274812福州博爱医院男科专家 I remember when I first looked up a patient on Google. It was my last day on the bone marrow transplant unit, back when I was an intern. As I stood before the patient, taking her history, she told me she had been a painter and suggested I look up her work on the Internet. I did, and I found her paintings fascinating. Even though our paths crossed fleetingly, she is one of the few patients I vividly remember from that time.我仍然清晰地记得我第一次谷歌搜索患者的经历。那是我在骨髓移植科实习的最后一天,我与一个患者闲聊,她告诉我她是个画家,并建议我去上网看看她的作品。我搜了搜,觉得她的画着实精。因此,虽然我与她只有短暂的接触,但她成为了令我印象最深的患者之一。Google has taught me other things, too, things that don#39;t come up during the routine history-taking or medication checks of my usual doctor-patient interactions. I learned recently, for example, that one of my patients had been an Olympic gold medalist and world-record holder in the 1960s. Knowing more about my patients as people helps build empathy.除了艺术作品,谷歌也曾带给我一些其他的信息,一些常规的医患交流(如询问病史、药史等)无法带来的东西。举个例子,几周前,我搜索发现我的一位患者在20世纪60年代曾是奥运会冠军和世界纪录保持者。这些信息帮助我更深入地了解患者,使我更容易与他们建立感情。Doctors do ;Google; their patients. In fact, the vast majority of physicians I know have done so. To my generation, using a search engine like Google comes as naturally as sharing pictures of our children or a recent vacation on a social networking site like Facebook. But it surprises me that more physicians don#39;t pause and think about what it means for the patient-doctor relationship.医生们确实会“谷歌”他们的患者,至少我认识的大部分医生都这么做。在我们这个年代,使用谷歌这类搜索引擎和在Facebook这类社交网站上分享子女或旅行照片一样,都是顺理成章的事儿。但是,让我感到吃惊的是,许多医生在“谷歌”他们的患者之前,从不停下来想想这种搜索将会给医患关系带来些什么。What if one finds something that is not warm and fuzzy? I recently about a case in which a 26-year-old woman went to a surgeon wanting to have a prophylactic double mastectomy, citing an extensive history of cancer in her family. However, she was not willing to undergo any work-up, and her medical team noted several inconsistencies in her story. When they searched online, it turned out she had set up multiple Facebook accounts soliciting donations for malignancies she never had. One page showed her with her head shaved, as if she had aly undergone chemotherapy. The surgeons immediately decided to halt her care.万一医生们搜到一些不那么温馨或失真的信息呢?我最近读到一个病例,说一个26岁的女士要求医生给她做预防性双侧乳腺切除手术,因为她的祖辈中很多人有患乳腺癌的病史。但是,这名女士拒绝接受任何检查,而且她的医疗团队注意到她关于家族史的叙述中也有几处自相矛盾的地方。当医生们在网上搜索这名患者时,他们发现她注册好几个Facebook账号,谎称自己有恶性肿瘤来募集捐款。在其中的一个页面上,她甚至贴出自己剃光头发的照片,装成进行过化疗的样子。此后,医生们立即停止了对这名女士的“治疗”。I was once taking care of a frail, older patient who came to the hospital feeling very short of breath. It wasn#39;t immediately clear why, but her breathing was getting worse. To look for accidental ingestions, I sent for a drug screen and, to my great surprise, it came back positive for cocaine. It didn#39;t make sense to me, given her age and the person lying before me, and I was concerned she had been the victim of some sort of abuse. She told me she had no idea why there was cocaine in her system.曾经有位虚弱的老年患者来我这里看病,她感觉自己呼吸特别困难。我们没能立刻探明原因,可她呼吸窘迫的问题却一天重过一天。为了查查她是否不小心摄入了什么毒物,我安排她进行了一次毒品筛查。让我大感意外的是,她的可卡因指标竟然呈阳性!对于一个像她这样年龄和身体状况的人来说,吸毒是无法想象的事儿,于是我担心她是否经受了某种虐待,但她告诉我她完全不知道这些可卡因是如何进入到身体内的。When I walked out of the room, a nurse called me over to her computer. There, on MugShots.com, was a younger version of my patient#39;s face, with details about how she had been detained for cocaine possession more than three decades earlier. I looked away from the screen, feeling like I had violated my patient#39;s privacy. I resumed our medical exam, without bringing up the finding on the Internet, and her subsequent hospital course was uneventful.当我走出诊室时,一个护士把我叫到了电脑前。在MugShots.com上,我看到了我的患者年轻时的照片和她三十多年前因为持有可卡因被拘留的细节。我将眼睛从屏幕上移开,顿时有一种侵犯了患者隐私的罪恶感。后来,我帮那位患者做完了剩余的检查,没提起在互联网上发现的她的那段历史。她接下来的留院治疗并没有出任何意外。I am tempted to prescribe that physicians should never look online for information about their patients, though I think the practice will become only more common, given doctors#39; — and all of our — growing dependence on technology. The more important question health care providers need to ask themselves is why we would like to.由于我们医生对科技的依赖越来越深,在我看来,“医生谷歌患者”的现象只会越来越普遍。但是,我仍然想强调:医生们绝不应该去网络上搜索关于患者的信息。更重要的是,作为医务工作者,我们应该反思:为什么我们总想去“谷歌”那些患者。To me, the only legitimate reason to search for a patient#39;s online footprint is if there is a safety issue. If, for example, a patient appears to be manic or psychotic, it might be useful to investigate whether certain claims the patient makes are true. Or, if a doctor suspects a pediatric patient is being abused, it might make sense to look for evidence online. Physicians have also investigated patients on the web if they were concerned about suicide risk, or needed to contact the family of an unresponsive patient. In my state, Massachusetts, doctors can also use a specialized database to track every pharmacy a patient took controlled drugs from — an especially useful tool when drug abuse is suspected. But if the only reason a doctor searches online is to gather personal information that patients don#39;t want to share with their physicians, then it is absolutely the wrong thing to do.在我看来,去网上搜寻患者“足迹”的唯一正当理由是出于安全考虑。举个例子,如果一个患者表现得疯疯癫癫,疑似有精神问题的话,去网上调查他可能会有助于确认他提供信息的真实性。或者说,如果医生怀疑一个儿科患者曾遭到虐待,在网上搜寻据会是一个理性的做法。医生们也可以在他们担心患者有自杀倾向或需要联系某位无正常反应的患者家属时,上网搜寻一些信息。在我所居住的马萨诸塞州,当患者被怀疑有滥用药物的行为时,医生们可以查询一个专业的数据库来追查患者取得管制类药物的各家药房。不过,如果一个医生上网搜索他的患者仅仅是为了查看一些患者们不愿分享的个人信息的话,这就是完全错误的。Recently, one of my primary care patients was back in clinic, with some worrisome news. In spite of increasing the dose of his medication, his panic attacks were getting worse. He had told me that as he saw his business success grow, so did his stress, and the frequency of his panic attacks.前几天,我的一个家庭保健病人又来到诊室,带来了一些令人担忧的消息。尽管用药剂量增加了,他的恐慌症却越来越严重。他告诉我,随着他的生意越做越成功,他的压力越来越大,恐慌症发作的频率也越来越高。I stepped out of the clinic to speak with my supervising physician. I related the patient#39;s history, telling him about the growing success of the patient#39;s business.我走出诊室,找到我的头儿,跟他说起这个患者的商界故事和生意上的成功。;What sort of business?; he asked. When I told him that I had forgotten to ask, he quickly flipped the window on the computer before us from an electronic medical record to Google and typed in the patient#39;s name.“什么样的生意?”上级问。当我说我忘记了问患者时,他立马在电脑上打开“谷歌”的页面并输进了患者的名字。But before he pressed return, he paused.但在按下“确认”键之前,他停住了。This was unusual — most doctors I know don#39;t pause. Then, with the cursor blinking before us, he pressed the backspace key, keeping it pinned until there were no more letters for the cursor to gobble up. And he proceeded to do what has worked for physicians for eons. He sat down next to the patient and asked.这很不寻常——我认识的大部分医生从不犹豫。然后,随着光标在屏幕上闪动,他按下了“删除”键,直到患者名字里的每一个字母在搜索栏被清除得干干净净。接着,他做了一件外科医生们已做了几个世纪的事儿:在患者身旁坐下来,问起他的故事。 /201409/329253福州做人授去那比较好

龙岩市第二医院检查染色体多少钱Whether you sport geeky chic opticals or oversized aviators, you’re advocating eyewear trends – perhaps unknowingly. True, glasses help us to see, and protect our precious eyes from the sun’s glare. But most importantly, they are everyone’s favorite accessory.无论你戴的是时尚别致的光学眼镜还是超大尺寸的飞行员太阳镜,你都在引领眼镜的流行趋势——也许你还毫无察觉。的确,眼镜有助于我们看得更清楚,保护我们珍贵的双眼免受太阳光的刺激。然而更重要的是,眼镜是每个人都喜欢的配饰。This week, fashion forecaster Stylesight hosted its annual Eyewear Product amp; Trend Review for spring/summer 2014. The event featured a wide range of imaginative new optical and sunglass products from designers across the globe. There are four major trends to watch for in the coming months. Here’s the rundown:本周,时尚趋势预测机构 Stylesight进行了一年一度的2014春夏眼镜产品及流行趋势展望。在本次活动中,来自世界各地的设计师呈现了各种富有想象力的新款光学眼镜和太阳镜。在未来几个月,我们将看到四个主要流行趋势。请看下面的简介:The Instagram Look1.Instagram风格This style, inspired by the latest craze in social media, has a 1970s appeal. For sunwear, rosy tinted lenses from O’Neill (Driftwood), SPY (Bleeker) and Ferragamo (SF691SL) give wearers a filtered view of the world. Similarly, Carerra (82S), Maui Jim (H287), and Lanvin (SLN586) offer products with gold-tinted lenses, which make for a sepia-like effect.这种风格的设计灵感来自社交媒体的最新热潮,具有20世纪70年代的韵味。在太阳镜方面,眼镜品牌 Superdry 的“浮木”(Driftwood)、 SPY的“布莱克尔”(Bleeker)和菲格拉慕(Ferragamo)的SF691SL都使用了玫瑰色渐变镜片,为佩戴者提供了良好的透光效果。同样,Carerra 的82S, 毛伊吉姆(Maui Jim)的H287和朗万( Lanvin)的SLN586都使用了金色渐变的镜片,为佩戴者打造了棕褐色的视觉效果。In both optical and sunwear, materials and silhouettes are reminiscent of yesteryear too. O’Neill offers shades with understated wooden frames, while tortoise print makes a comeback with designs from Original Penguin (The Pinner), Robert Graham (Princeton), Max Studio (122) and Karl Lagerfeld (KL809S). Soft, bubbly shapes from Judith Leiber (JL1674) and Icon Eyewear (30310) round out these throwback designs.在光学眼镜和太阳镜领域,材质和轮廓的设计都让人回想起昔日的复古风格。O’Neill 品牌推出了低调的木质框架,而柏林企鹅(Original Penguin) 的“扣针”(The Pinner)、罗伯特?格雷厄姆(Robert Graham)的“普林斯顿”(Princeton)、麦克斯公司(Max Studio )的122款和卡尔?拉格菲尔德(Karl Lagerfeld )的KL809S都再次推出了玳瑁镜架。朱迪思?雷伯(Judith Leiber )的JL1674和 Icon Eyewear 的30310款采用了柔和的泡沫型轮廓,全面回归复古设计风格。The Mathematical Look2.数学风格This trend is most concerned with angular cuts and neutral colors. Marni’s triangular lenses and Chloe’s (CE638SL) hexagonal ones emphasize geometric shapes. Prada (PR09QS), Optic Nerve (Kincaid) and Emporio Armani (EA4021) place high emphasis on the brow bar. Designs by Balmain (BL1018) have an industrial appeal, with simplistic contours.这种流行风格更侧重棱角分明的轮廓和中性色调。玛尼(Marni)的三角形镜片和克罗伊(Chloe)CE638SL的六角形镜片都强调几何形状的特点。普拉达(Prada)的PR 09Qs、Optic Nerve 的“金凯德”(Kincaid)和安普里奥?阿玛尼( Emporio Armani )的EA4021都特别强调眉框的设计。巴尔曼(Balmain)BL1018的设计师用简单的轮廓体现出工业魅力。XOXO (Aspire), Frost (Fizzy) and Roberto Cavalli (RC797S) use arithmetical frame prints to make statements. Black and white patterns bring stunning sophistication to designs from Face A Face (Artie2), Jimmy Crystal (JCS601) and Randy Jackson (RJ3016) – yes, that Randy Jackson. Matte finishes from Lotho and Dsquared2 (DQ0134) drive home the point that a lack of shine does not mean a lack of elegance.XOXO的“渴望”(Aspire)、弗罗斯特(Frost)的“泡沫”( Fizzy)和罗伯特?卡沃利(Roberto Cavalli)的RC797S都使用数学主题的框架来表达设计思想。有些品牌使用黑色和白色的样式,把令人惊叹的巧妙创意融入设计中,比如Face A Face的“阿蒂2”( Artie2)、吉米?克里斯特尔(Jimmy Crystal)的 JCS601和兰迪?杰克逊(Randy Jackson)的RJ3016——没错,就是那个兰迪?杰克逊。法国品牌Lotho和Dsquared2的DQ0134采用了磨砂表面的框架,旨在强调一点:不闪耀并不意味着缺少优雅的风格。The Aquatic Look3.海洋风格Inspired by the ocean, this trend features vibrant blues, turquoises and teals. Frames from Vera Wang (Asuka), Icon Eyewear (75364), Kaenon (602) and Michael Stars (Iconic Stylist) draw upon these watery hues. Designers such as Scott Harris (V-25) and Prodesign (4134) pioneer the floating lens effect, using partially clear frames and minimalism. Cloudy sea glass-textured frames from Superdry (Comets), Vera Wang (Chrysanthe), and Corrine McCormack (Zooey) bring the oceanic look home.这种流行风格的设计灵感来自海洋,设计元素包括充满活力的深浅不一的蓝、绿松石和水鸭。从王薇薇(Vera Wang)的“飞鸟”(Asuka)、Icon Eyewear 的75364款、 Kaenon 的602款到迈克尔明星(Michael Stars )的“标志设计师”(Iconic Stylist),这些产品都采用了清新的海洋色调。Scott Harris (V-25) 、 Prodesign(4134)等眼镜品牌的设计师率先打造了浮动镜片效果,采用了半透明的框架和极简主义风格的设计。Superdry的“彗星”(Comets)、王薇薇的“菊花”(Chrysanthe)和科瑞恩?麦科马克(Corrine McCormack)的“佐伊”(Zooey)都使用了云海玻璃质感的眼镜框架,让人感受到海洋的清新气息。The Garden Look4.花园风格In the fourth and final look for the upcoming season, earthy greens and vibrant pinks, demonstrated by Valentino (V681S) and Mui Mui (VMU07M), are evocative of spring foliage. Dolce amp; Gabbana (DG4190), Jonathan Paul (Ikara) and Lafont (Naiade) offer new floral prints too. House of Holland and Robert Graham (Calvin) push the fantasy look to an extreme with saturated, mirrored lenses.花园风格是下一季第四个也是最后一个流行趋势,华伦天奴(Valentino)的 V681S 和Mui Mui的VMU07M 采用质朴的绿色和充满活力的粉红色框架,唤起人们对春日树叶的美好回忆。杜嘉班纳(Dolce amp;Gabbana)的DG4190、乔纳森?保罗(Jonathan Paul)的“伊卡拉”(Ikara)和拉芳特(Lafont)的“娜雅”(Naiade)都设计了全新的花卉图案。荷兰屋(House of Holland)和罗伯特?格雷厄姆(Robert Graham)的“卡尔文”(Calvin)都用色饱和的反射式镜片将梦幻色的效果推向了极致。Products by Frost (Papillon) and Lafont (Nec Plus Ultra) feature whimsical butterfly-shaped silhouettes. Floral embellishments from designers like Caviar (5594) make this look dazzlingly exotic. In the spirit of modernism, Cinzia Designs (Twinkle), Alexander McQueen, (AMQ4239S) Kate Spade and others, adorn their frames with sparkles and studs.弗罗斯特的“蝴蝶”(Papillon)和拉芳特的Nec Plus Ultra都采用造型奇特的蝴蝶型轮廓。设计师为Caviar 的5594款装饰了花卉图案,让这款眼镜看起来具有令人炫目的异国情调。Cinzia Designs的“闪烁”( Twinkle)、亚历山大?麦昆(Alexander McQueen)的AMQ4239S、Kate Spade和其他品牌都遵循了现代主义的设计理念,在眼镜框架上装饰了亮片和饰钉。 /201311/265696福州做卵巢囊肿手术那家最好 Is clutter weighing you down at home and the office?家里和办公室的杂乱无章是不是正让你感到不堪负重?Not sure where to start when it comes to clearing things out?一提起清扫整理,都不知道该怎么开始?Here are 10 clutter-clearing ideas to help you simplify and streamline your life.下面10招就能教你如何精简生活!1. Tidy up your desk整理办公桌Do you find it difficult to work on your desk or find office supplies when you need them? Remove old sticky notes, outdated papers and notes, junk mail, magazines, as well as any obvious trash and wrappers from your work space. Corral office supplies such as pens, paper clips and pushpins in small decorative containers, or store items in flat storage bins or trays in your desk drawers. Don’t forget to chuck any broken office supplies or dead plants that are on your desk or sitting in your office.是不是觉得桌上乱得无法做事?是不是在需要时怎么也翻不到某个物品?那就赶紧清理掉办公室里的过期便利贴、纸头便条、垃圾邮件、杂志,还有各种碍眼的杂物和包装纸吧。把铅笔、回形针、图钉等文具用品放到一个小盒子里,或者将物品归类到抽屉里的收纳盒中。别忘了扔掉办公桌或办公室里坏掉的文具和枯死的植物! /201402/275969福州做输卵管通水去那比较好

福州做输卵管造影最好三甲医院Move over, emerald. The color watchers at Pantone say the #39;It#39; color of 2014 is a pinky purple known as #39;radiant orchid.#39;绿,请让开。通(Pantone)的色观察员称,2014年的“流行”色将是一种名为“璀璨兰花紫”(radiant orchid)的粉紫色。Expect to see the peppy shade on everything from cardigans to coffee makers next year. Vibrant and inviting, it has enough warm tones to look good on most skin types, which makes it a natural for nail polish and lipstick. Pantone executives say that because it is nuanced and bold, the color suggests creativity and ingenuity, which may appeal to fashion-minded, tech-savvy customers in their 20s and 30s. The hue also offers a sharp contrast with emerald, Pantone#39;s color of 2013.拭目以待吧,明年这种明亮活泼的色调会出现在从羊毛开衫到咖啡机的各类物品上。它活力四射、吸人眼球,它的色调也足够温暖,适合大多数皮肤类型,所以它天生适合用于指甲油和唇。通的高管称,这种色细腻又奔放,会让人想起创造力与独创性,可能会吸引年龄在20多岁和30多岁的注重时尚、精通科技的客户。该色还与通提出的2013年度流行色绿形成鲜明对比。At a time when anything goes in fashion, Pantone#39;s heavily marketed #39;Color of the Year#39; announcement can raise eyebrows. These days, there is no #39;It#39; hem length or cut or wash of jeans. So is there still any such thing as the color?在一个什么事情都融入时尚的时代,通大力推广的“年度色”一说可能会引发质疑。现如今,褶边长度、裁剪或牛仔水洗方式都没有主打一说,那么还会有像主打色这样的事物吗?#39;Absolutely, there#39;s an #39;It#39; color for spring, #39; says Ken Downing, fashion director for Neiman Marcus, firmly. #39;It#39;s pink.#39;精品百货店内曼·马库斯(Neiman Marcus)的时装总监肯·唐宁(Ken Downing)说:“当然有,春季就有‘主打’色,它就是粉色。”Mr. Downing hasn#39;t been working with Pantone on its color-of-the-year selection. But violet and purple clothes and accessories have been moving briskly at Neiman Marcus, making these shades the stores#39; top sellers, Mr. Downing says. As resort and spring fashion collections trickle in, hues are getting pinker. #39;Women who follow fashion want to be wearing the color of the moment, #39; he says. #39;Truly, pink is the color.#39;唐宁并未与通合作挑选年度色。但他表示紫罗兰与紫色的时装和配饰在内曼·马库斯一直卖得很快,使这些色调成为各门店的畅销品。由于度假系列和春季系列开始上市,时装的色变得更粉嫩。他说:“紧跟时尚的女性希望穿上流行色,确实粉色就是流行色。”Spring 2014 fashion collections featured a preponderance of pinks and purples on the runways at Prada, Chanel and Dior, all labels that tend to influence other fashion designers. Pantone -- which is in the business of selling color swatches and advice to industries from autos to home decor -- closely watches these runways.普拉达(Prada)、香奈儿(Chanel)和迪奥(Dior)的2014春季时装系列T台秀展示了大量粉色和紫色时装,而所有这些品牌往往都会影响其他时装设计师。从事销售色卡业务并为从汽车到家装的各行各业提供建议的通会密切关注这些T台秀。Pantone, owned by Washington, D.C.-based Danaher Corp., each year polls graphic, industrial, fashion and other designers around the world, as well as manufacturers and retailers, asking what colors they plan to use in coming seasons. A color committee made up of Pantone executives and clients makes a pick based on the surveys, sales of color swatches and its experts#39; opinions.通是总部位于华盛顿的丹纳赫公司(Danaher Corp.)的子公司,每一年它都会调查世界各地的平面设计师、工业设计师、时装设计师及其他设计师以及制造商和零售商,询问他们计划在未来几季采用什么色。随后,一个由通高管和客户组成的色委员会会根据调查结果、色卡的销售情况及其专家的意见来进行挑选。By the time Pantone unveils its color of the year, designs for the year ahead are aly in the works. But given the company#39;s insider access -- which amounts to a cheat sheet from style leaders -- its choice tends to show insight. Emerald really did turn out to be a big color last year, and so did the red-orange #39;tangerine tango#39; the year before.到通公布其年度色之时,针对未来一年的设计已在准备当中。不过,考虑到该公司可接触到内幕——这相当于来自时尚引领者的备忘单——它的选择往往都是眼光很准的。比如说,事实明绿确实是去年的大热色,前年名为“探戈橘”的橘红色也是如此。This year, Pantone felt the best match for the warm hue it was seeing was #39;radiant orchid, #39; a color appearing in its color guide between #39;iris orchid#39; and #39;spring crocus.#39; Deeper shades of purple have been on the upswing as well; Sherwin-Williams recently announced its 2014 Color of the Year is a murky violet called #39;exclusive plum.#39;在今年,通觉得与它看好的暖色调最相配的是“璀璨兰花紫”,该色在其色指南上介于“鸢尾蓝”与“春季番红花紫”之间。此外,色调更深的紫色也呈现出上行趋势,美国涂料公司宣伟(Sherwin-Williams)就宣布其年度色为被称为“独特紫红”(exclusive plum)的浓郁紫罗兰色。Housewares, cosmetics and packaging are aly showing up in radiant orchid. Keurig, the Burlington, Vt.-based coffee-machine maker, is using the color on its #39;mini plus#39; single-serving machine--its smallest--which is coming out in early February.家居用品、化妆品与包装产品已经开始以璀璨兰花紫示人。佛蒙特州伯灵顿(Burlington)的咖啡机制造商Keurig在即将于2月初上市的99美元“超迷你”咖啡机上采用了该色。这款咖啡机是该公司体型最小的产品,每次可以制作一杯咖啡。Before committing to the colorful machines, Keurig tried out prototypes on consumers and buyers from major retailers. Testers asked people how they felt about the color on a beverage-brewing machine -- and if they could live with it for three years or more, a viable time frame for kitchen appliances, says David Sachs, Keurig#39;s senior vice president of hot beverage systems.在投入生产这些色缤纷的咖啡机之前,Keurig先测试了大型零售商的顾客与买家对样品的反应。该公司负责热饮系统的高级副总裁戴维·萨克斯(David Sachs)称,测试人员会询问他们对冲煮饮料的机器采用这种色有何感受——以及他们是否能使用它三年或更长时间,这也是比较切合实际的厨房电器的使用期限。The color leans feminine, and it may find more fans with two X chromosomes. Urban Outfitters used the color in a bedsp, and Anna Weatherley dinnerware comes in the shade as well. It#39;s a daring color for men. Bold men might try it in a shirt -- solid or print -- while more timid types might just use it as an accent color in neckties and socks.璀璨兰花紫偏女性化,因此它或许会更受到女性的青睐。Urban Outfitters在一款床单中采用了该色,Anna Weatherley的餐具也采用了这一色调。对于男性而言,它是一种大胆的色。敢于冒险的人或许会尝试这一色调的T恤——纯色或印花图案的——而较为胆怯的人可能只会在领带和袜子上用到这种色调。Still, Keurig expects the color to sell well among men and women in their 20s and 30s, because they tend to be open-minded about style issues, from pedicures to pink percolators. It will also appeal to people interested in fashion and interior decoration, says Mr. Sachs. These happen to be the consumers to whom Keurig markets. #39;We have very high hopes for radiant orchid based on what consumers have told us, #39; he notes.尽管如此,Keurig还是期望该色的咖啡机能在20多岁和30多岁的男性与女性顾客中热卖,因为此类人群往往对从脚趾甲油到粉色过滤壶的各类时尚问题都比较开明。萨克斯说,它还会吸引对时尚和室内装饰感兴趣的人。这些顾客恰好是Keurig营销的目标对象。他指出:“根据顾客提供给我们的反馈,我们对璀璨兰花紫抱有很高期望。”French cosmetics giant Sephora considered using radiant orchid as a hair color, but backed off, deciding instead to focus on lips, cheeks, nails and eyes. Margarita Arriagata, Sephora#39;s chief merchant, says the color speaks to a romantic trend that#39;s currently on the upswing. #39;It#39;s a perfect nail color, #39; she notes. #39;And we tried the lipstick on every single skin tone. It#39;s killer.#39;法国化妆品巨头丝芙兰(Sephora)曾考虑采用璀璨兰花紫用作一款染发剂的颜色,但最终还是放弃,转而决定只将其用于唇、腮红、指甲油和眼影产品。该公司首席商务长玛加丽塔·阿里亚加塔(Margarita Arriagata)称,该色与当前逐渐高涨的浪漫潮流相吻合。她说:“它是完美的甲油色。而且我们在每一种肤色上都尝试了该色的唇膏,它简直无所不配。”Come next June and July, Old Navy will be shipping radiant orchid tops and dresses into its stores. The color hit a fashion sweet spot, appearing in high-fashion collections while not being so challenging that it would appeal only to fashionistas. #39;With our customers, we#39;re always looking for broadly appealing trends, #39; says Jill Stanton, Old Navy#39;s executive vice president of product and design.Old Navy将于明年6月和7月将璀璨兰花紫的上衣与裙装运往各大门店。该色击中了时尚甜蜜点,出现在一众高级时装系列中,而且不会因为太具挑战而只吸引时尚达人。Old Navy负责产品与设计的执行副总裁吉尔·斯坦顿(Jill Stanton)说:“连同我们的顾客一起,我们总是在寻找具有广泛吸引力的潮流。”Pantone often chooses stop-you-in-your-tracks colors with hues of red or blue. Hot colors are eye-catching, which is what marketers are looking for; one might walk past a beige bathroom rug without a thought, but a radiant orchid rug will turn your head. But Pantone varies its color choices from year to year, because it wants them to feel fresh. Radiant orchid is at the opposite side of the color wheel from last year#39;s emerald.通常常选择红色调或蓝色调中引人驻足的色。暖色调能吸人眼球,这正是营销人员所期望的。人们也许会不假思索地从一张米黄色的浴室地毯旁走过,而一张璀璨兰花紫的地毯会让人回眸。通每年都会选择不同的色,因为它想让它们具有新鲜感。璀璨兰花紫与去年的绿在色轮中处于相反的位置。#39;In the marketplace, this is a good thing, #39; says Leatrice Eiseman, a color consultant to brands and to Pantone, where she heads up the annual search for the Color of the Year. Emerald and radiant orchid actually look good together, Ms. Eiseman argues, but the one is such an about-face from the other that it#39;s likely to encourage consumers to get out and shop in order to stay up to date.多家品牌的色顾问莱亚特丽斯·艾斯曼(Leatrice Eiseman)说:“对于市场来说这是一件好事。”艾斯曼同时也是通的色顾问,并主持该公司一年一度的年度色搜寻工作。她认为绿与璀璨兰花紫搭配在一起其实很好看,但后者与前者截然不同,所以它可能会促使消费者出门购置该色的行头以便跟上潮流。Ms. Eiseman hastens to note that odd color pairings are popular today. She declares this a new era in color, where people#39;s clothes and even kitchen appliances are no longer matchy-matchy, and radiant orchid can share space on the counter with 2010#39;s turquoise and other shades.艾斯曼赶忙又指出,现如今奇特的色搭配非常流行。她说现在是一个新的色时代,人们的衣着甚至是厨房电器都不再是搭配一致的,璀璨兰花紫可与2010年的绿松石色及其他色调一同出现在台面上。 /201401/274232 宁德哪家医院检查阳痿福州市做复通手术最好的三甲医院



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