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One of my parents’ favourite ice-breakers is, “So, have you eaten?” It doesn’t matter what time of day it is or which meal, specifically. Rather than asking each other how we are, we’d end up spending most of the time describing our dinners over the phone.我父母最常用的破冰语就是“你吃了么?”并不特定局限于一天的什么时间段或者哪一顿饭。不是互相聊聊最近如何,我们只会在电话里花大把时间谈论下吃饭的话题。Like many Asian families, we’d become incredibly proficient at ing cryptic emotional signs. There may not be big hugs and open praise, but once in a while, mum would put an unexpected fried egg in our noodles or dad would try and make conversation by asking us to pronounce, then spell every street name he’s ever had trouble remembering. Those, as we’d try to explain to our friends, are their ‘affectionate’ sides.同许多亚洲家庭一样,我们能精妙的读懂含蓄的情感表达。也许没有热情的拥抱和赞扬,但间或你会在面条下意外的发现母亲特意准备的煎蛋,父亲也会尝试和你聊聊他记不住的街道名称让你为他发音与拼写一下。当我们和朋友们谈及时,这些场景便成为他们“深情”的表现。From time to time, my sister and I would wonder whether it’s time we started challenging the awkward PDE (public display of emotion) policy at home. But the sheer difficulty of trying to make our parents break character after years of polite reticence would end up holding us back.不时的我和我的(或)会想,我们是否应该在家挑战下这个奇怪的关于公开表达感情的规矩。但让父母改变多年儒雅含蓄的性格难上加难,总是让我们望而却步。A scene from the film #39;Eat Drink Man Woman#39;.“饮食男女”其中的一幕Plus, there’s always the possibility that too much affection could backfire. Earlier this year, Global Times reported that young people telling their parents ‘I love you’ over the phone have left many parents ‘bewildered’ and in shock.此外,太多的情感外放也可能会带来意料之外的结果。年初环球时报报道,一些年轻人在电话里对着父母说“我爱你”,导致了许多父母的“不知所措”和异常震惊。One viral from Anhui TV station showed what happened after a group of Chinese university students told their parents ‘I love you’ for the first time in their lives. Instead of a montage of hugs and teary faces set to a score of Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’, the declaration of love were mostly met with comments like, “What’s going on?” “Are you drunk?” or as one father put it, “I’m going to a meeting, so cut the crap.”一个广为流传的安徽电视台的视频,记录了当一群大学生在电话里第一次告诉父母“我爱你”后的反应。这段关于爱的表白并未引发类似于凯蒂-佩里的‘怒吼’乐谱里那些蒙太奇的拥抱或者流泪的表情,表白的大学生们得到的大部分回复是“发生了什么事?”“喝醉了吧?”,甚至有一位父亲在说完“我马上要开会了,废话少说”后就直接挂掉了。Peking University sociologist Xia Xueluan explained that the parents#39; responses reveal Chinese parents “are not good at expressing positive emotions” and “are used to educating children with negative language”. Meanwhile, writers at Business Insiders were quick to attribute the fear of the L word to “Confucian teaching, or the remnants of 20th Century Communism. “ 北京大学社会学系教授夏学銮解释道,视频中这些父母的回应表明了中国的父母“并不擅长积极的情感表达”,他们“习惯于用消极的语言来教导孩子”。Business Insiders的作者很快将对爱字的拘于表达归结于“儒学,或者是20世纪共产主义残留(的影响)”。From a sociological perspective, studies have also found that the phrase ‘I love you’ tends to be used less in a high context culture where “expectations are high and well documented”. While in the West (low context society), relationships are often managed with ‘I love you reminders’ to reassure someone of their importance, in high context culture, “intensely personal and intimate declarations can seem out of place and overly forceful.”从社会学角度分析,研究发现“我爱你”这种表述在高语境文化中运用得更少,因为“这些期望将会被更高更好的记录”。在西方(低语境社会)人际交往间的维护,往往会通过‘我爱你提醒’来向别人表达他们的重要性,对比于此,高语境文化中“频繁的个人及亲密表白会显得不合时宜与过于强硬”。But surely those theories alone can’t account for why so many Chinese parents – my own included – don’t find the phrase to be an adequate expression of familial love? An alternative (and more practical) reason could be the formal nature of ‘I love you’ in the Chinese language. For one thing, in English, we can bookend a conversation with a casual ‘love ya’. But the Chinese phrase ‘Wo ai ni’ is more of a blunt and powerful signifier of commitment, rather than affection.但仅仅这些理论并不能解释为什么大部分中国父母(包括我的父亲母亲)认为这并不是一个恰当的亲情表达语句?另一种(更加适用的)解释则为“我爱你”在中文语境中非常正式。一个小例子,在英文中我们可以用一个轻松的“爱你~”来开始一段对话,但在中文语句中“我爱你(拼音)”更像是一个坦率有力的承诺的表达,而非仅仅是感情(的表达)。In this sense, the nuance of parental love is often better expressed through action. In a markedly more uplifting titled ‘Asian Parents and the Awkward ‘I Love You’”, interviewees reveal the various ways their parents attempt to show their love: from the way a father tirelessly provides to the fact that one parent gives her the “good cuts of meat when they go out and eat”.基于上述意义,父母的爱的精妙之处能通过行动更好的表达。在一个更加笑料十足的视频“亚洲父母与别扭的‘我爱你’”中,受访者讲述了很多他们父母试图表达关爱的方式:其中一位父亲乐此不疲的坚持通过 “在外出就餐时父母中的一方要为她准备健康的肉食”这样的方式表现他的爱。In all their awkwardness, Chinese parents have a knack of showing their affection with irony. They will scream at you for spending too much money on them. And will fight to their deaths in the middle of a restaurant for the right to get the bill.在所有的这些别扭中,中国父母非常擅长用一种讽刺的意味来表达爱。他们会责备你在他们身上花了太多钱。会在餐厅中间跟拼了老命似的同你争夺账单的付款权。As blogger Cindy writes, “Chinese families know how to love fiercely. They do it through immense generosity, unwavering loyalty, and a lot of food. We love differently, not better, not worse, but definitely different.”正如主辛迪写道,“中国家庭知道如何热情的去爱,他们的爱是无私的慷慨、坚定的忠诚与大桌的食物。我们赋予爱不同的表达方式,非关更好,亦不会更坏,只是与别不同。” /201403/279694Fertility rates in the ed States are continuing their decades-long decline, due in large part to a steep slide in teenage pregnancies down to historic lows, according to a new government report released Thursday.11月5日发布的政府工作报告指出,美国的怀率几十年来持续走低,很大程度上是由于青少年怀率大幅下滑至历史新低的缘故。The National Center for Health Statistics said the pregnancy rate of 102 pregnancies out of every 1,000 women is 12 percent below the 1990 peak of about 116 per 1,000. Only once in the past 30 years, 1997, has it been lower, and only marginally, the center said.国家健康统计中心表示,与1990年的高峰时期——每千名妇女中116名怀相比,怀率下降了12%,至每千人102名。在过去30年间,只有1997年的怀率比现在略低。Since 1990, the report said, pregnancy rates are down in almost every category. The only exception is among women over 30, whose pregnancy rate has increased steadily with every passing year. But the rate is declining among women in their 20s, who form the single largest group of pregnant women, and among teenagers of all races and ethnicities. The abortion rate also has dropped, reflecting a continuous slide since peaking in 1990.工作报告还指出,从1990年起,各个年龄段的怀率都呈下降趋势。只有30岁以上的妇女例外,她们的怀率每年都在稳步上升。但是,对所有种族而言,20多岁的妇女作为怀女性的主力军,其怀率却持续下降。流产率自1990年达到最高值后持续走低。The report only examined the trajectory of pregnancy rates through 2009, stopping there because more recent data on abortions is not available yet. But newer statistics on birth rates suggest thedecline is continuing, though not as quickly as it did in recent years when the recession accelerated trends well underway.这一报告只总结到2009年的怀率变化轨迹,之后关于流产率的数据现在还没有统计。然而,从最新的出生率可以看出,怀率仍在降低,速度却在减缓,不像近几年经济萧条时期下幅那样明显。Women aly were having fewer children than women of their parents’ and grandparents’ generations, so those under 30 could postpone childbirth until the economy improved without affecting their longstanding goals of having a first or second child.现在的妇女普遍比她们的父辈与祖父辈生的孩子少。所以,不到30岁的夫妻,可以等到经济条件比较好时再生孩子,这并不影响他们要1个、2个孩子的计划。“What happened was a postponement of births among younger women with a longer time horizon,” said Andrew Cherlin, a Johns Hopkins University sociologist specializing in family issues. “Women over 30 couldn’t wait that much longer.”美国约翰霍普金斯大学的安德鲁·切尔林是一位专门研究家庭方面的问题社会学家,他表示:“现在的年轻妇女推迟生育的时间更长。而30岁以后的妇女们则会选择尽早生育。”While the decelerating decline in birth rates since 2009 reflects the easing of the recession’s impact, the striking drop in teenage pregnancies shows little sign of abating. The teen pregnancy rate in 2009, of about 38 per thousand girls, was 39 percent lower than the 1991 peak of 62. Just four years later, in 2012, it reached a record low of about 29.2009年后出生率下降速度减缓,这表明经济衰退带来的影响在逐渐减轻,但青少年怀的数量仍在大幅降低,丝毫没有缓解的迹象。2009年青少年怀率大概为每千人38人,比1991年时的最高值(每千人中62人怀)下降39%。而在2012年,这一比率达到历史新低:每千人有29人怀。Sally Curtin, one of the report’s authors, said the historic drop is being driven by a long, downward trend of fewer teenagers having sex, and among those who do, a sharp increase in their use of contraceptives.其中一位报告编写者萨利·科廷表示,越来越少的青少年进行性行为已成为一个长期趋势,而那些进行性行为的青少年,越来越多的采取避药等避措施,这推动了怀率的持续下跌。“It’s as if both sides in the debate over teen pregnancy were right,” said Cherlin, noting that concerns over the AIDS epidemic may have played a role in the growing use of condoms among teenage boys.科廷还表示,似乎持与反对青少年怀都有其正确之处。他还指出,因为担心感染艾滋病,越来越多的男青年选择使用避套。“AIDS has forced many school districts to talk about contraception, even if they didn’t want to,” he said.他说:“艾滋病的蔓延使得许多学校开设关于避的教育课程,即使学校不想如此。”The national trends are evident in the Washington area.在华盛顿地区,这一趋势非常明显。Teenage pregnancy rates have plummeted in the District, down to less than a quarter of where they were two decades ago, said Brenda Rhodes Miller, director of the DC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. In 1993, the pregnancy rate for teenagers aged 15 to 19 was about 239 per 1,000. By 2011, it was under 55.华盛顿地区防止青少年怀活动的主管布伦达·罗兹表示,在这一地区,青少年怀率骤降,降至不到20年前比率的1/4。1993年,15-19岁的青少年怀率约为每千人中239人怀,到2011年时,这一数据已降至每千人中不到55人怀。“The decline has been amazing,” she said, adding that the reasons for it are not clear.她还说:“这一下降幅度实在是太大了。”并表示,导致这一现象的原因还不清楚。Teen pregnancy rates are declining in every ward, she said, though more slowly in wards 7 and 8, which have the city’s lowest income levels. More than 500 of the 879 births to District teens in 2011 were to residents of those two wards.她说,青少年怀率在每个区都呈下降趋势,而在7区和8区这两个收入水平最低的地区,怀率降低速度较慢。2011年,华盛顿地区的879名新生儿中,500名来自这两个区。The one-year drop was relatively small. In more affluent wards, the teen pregnancy rate dropped by double digit percentages.本年度的降幅相比前几年不算大。但较富裕区的青少年怀率仍以2位数的比率下跌。Even with declining pregnancy rates, the ed States still has one of the highest overall birth rates among industrialized countries. The 10 nations with the highest birth rates in the world are all in Africa.尽管国内怀率持续走低,美国依旧是发达国家中出生率最高的国家之一。全世界出生率最高的10个国家都在非洲。 /201312/269048

Lam Kok, the Chinese businessmen who is believed to have died in a helicopter crash in the French wine region of Bordeaux, had a resume that is typical of many of China#39;s wealthy tycoons today: He was politically connected, made his fortune primarily in real estate and kept a low profile.中国商人郝琳(Lam Kok)据信已在法国葡萄酒产区波尔多的直升飞机失事中死亡。他的履历代表了中国当今众多富豪的特点:有政治人脉,主要靠房地产发家,为人低调。Mr. Kok was last seen boarding a helicopter, along with the pilot and two others, to tour a vineyard that his company just bought. The helicopter crashed in the Dordogne River. While Mr. Kok#39;s body hasn#39;t been recovered, the body of his 12-year-old son was discovered in the river over the weekend.人们最后看到郝琳的场景是他登上一架直升飞机去游览他的公司刚刚买下的葡萄园,同行的还有驾驶员和另外两人。他乘坐的直升飞机在多尔多涅河坠毁。郝琳的遗体尚未被发现,但他12岁儿子的遗体周末已在河中被找到。The background of Mr. Kok, who is also known by his Mandarin name of Hao Lin, is unclear since he rarely spoke to the media. His wife, Liu Xiangyun, was the public face of Brilliant Group, the company that the couple built and whose holdings span hotels, spas, retail and tea in western China. Mr. Kok was the company#39;s chief executive; Ms. Liu holds the chairman title.郝琳的背景不为人知,因为他很少与媒体打交道。他的妻子刘湘云负责柏联集团(Brilliant Group)的对外交流。柏联集团是由这对夫妇创建的一家在中国西部投资酒店、SPA温泉、零售和茶叶等多个行业的企业。郝琳任公司总裁,刘湘云任董事长。Wealth-X, a Singapore company that tracks the net worth of the rich, estimates Mr. Kok to be worth approximately US0 million. The bulk of that wealth is his stake in the privately held Brilliant Group.跟踪富豪财富 值的新加坡公司Wealth-X估计,郝琳的身家接近7.6亿美元,其中一大部分是他在私人持股的柏联集团中的股份。Mr. Kok#39;s past before Brilliant Group is unknown, though Hong Kong Daily News reported he studied engineering in Yunnan, a province in southwestern China, and spent seven years in the military, from 1985 to 1992. Mr. Kok was also member of the Communist Party and served on provincial political committees.郝琳在柏联集团之前的经历不为人知,但据香港《新报》报道,他曾在中国云南省读过工程学,在1985年至1992年期间曾从军七年。郝琳还是共产党员,并担任省政协委员。His wife founded Brilliant Group in 1995; he joined later. The company rose to local prominence in 2001 when it opened Brilliant Plaza, a large shopping mall in Kunming, the provincial capital of Yunnan with a population of more than six million.他的妻子在1995年创立了柏联集团,他随后也加入进来。该集团2001年在昆明开设了大型购物中心百联广场(Brilliant Plaza),并由此成为地方龙头企业。昆明是云南省省会,有超过600万人口。More recently, the company focused on developing tourist properties, constructing a string of high-end hotels and spas, including the Brilliant Resort and Spa Jingmai, a hotel situated among tea plantations in Yunnan that is listed in the luxury French guide Relais et Chateaux.柏联集团近期开始专注于开发旅游地产,建设了一系列高端酒店和水疗项目,包括位于云南茶园内的柏联景迈精品酒店(Brilliant Resort and Spa Jingmai),这家酒店已被列入法国罗莱夏朵(Relais et Chateaux)豪华酒店指南。In 2003, Brilliant Group took control of the historic town of Heshun in Yunnan and developed it into a tourist destination, restoring architecture and adding hotels and cafes.2003年,柏联集团接管了云南和顺古镇的投资开发项目,将这座古镇打造了一个旅游景区,该公司对那里的古建筑进行修复,并增设了酒店和咖啡馆。The company also dealt in fine and rare Pu#39;er teas. In recent years, bricks of the special black, fermented tea from Yunnan have sold for prices comparable to the most expensive bottles of Bordeaux wine.该公司还经营顶级普洱茶业务。最近几年,产自云南的普洱茶茶砖价格堪比最贵的波尔多葡萄酒。Ms. Liu and Mr. Kok divided their roles at the company. In a rare media interview with magazine New Weekly in 2010, Ms. Liu said: #39;He is in charge of managing the money. I know how to make the money.#39; Mr. Kok took care of the operation and finances while Ms. Liu ran the marketing.刘湘云和郝琳在柏联集团承担不同的角色。刘湘云2010年在一次罕见的媒体采访中对《新周刊》说:郝琳负责管钱,我知道如何赚钱。郝琳负责公司的运营和财务,刘湘云负责营销。The purchase of the Chateau de la Rivière vineyard in France#39;s Bordeaux region last week signaled a shift for the company, marking Brilliant Group#39;s first foray outside of China. The company planned to build a hotel and tasting center for both tea and wine, with the intention to turn the vineyard into a tourist destination for Chinese travelers, the vineyard#39;s management said.柏联集团上周收购法国波尔多地区的大河酒庄(Chateau de la Riviere)意味着公司发生转变,标志着其首次进军海外。该葡萄园的管理层说,柏联集团计划建设一家酒店以及茶叶和葡萄酒品尝中心,旨在将这个葡萄园变为针对中国游客的旅游景点。The French venture was also a shift for Mr. Kok#39;s role at Brilliant Group. For the first time, he stepped into the spotlight, posed for pictures and spoke to the media--a job typically performed by his wife.进军法国也显示出郝琳在柏联集团的角色发生转变。他首次走到聚光灯下,拍照并对媒体发表讲话,这些事情过去通常都由他妻子来做。#39;Our project is a cultural one as well as an economic one. We will combine great wines and the best teas, with a spa and all the well-being that is associated with it,#39; he told members of the French media at a news conference a few hours before the helicopter he was riding went missing.在郝琳搭乘的直升机发生坠机几个小时前,他在一个新闻发布会上对法国媒体表示:我们的项目既是一个文化项目,也是一个经济项目,我们将把高档葡萄酒和最好的茶叶结合在一起,并建立一个水疗项目和所有与之相关的养生项目。 /201312/270217

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