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DETROIT — Last April, Ford Motor announced with fanfare that it would reintroduce its storied Lincoln Continental luxury sedan, with an eye on sales in the expanding Chinese market.底特律——去年4月,福特汽车公司(Ford Motor)高调宣布,将重新推出林肯大陆(Lincoln Continental)豪华轿车,瞄准不断扩张的中国市场。But now, as Ford prepares to put the Continental on the market, it faces a far different economic landscape.但现在,就在福特准备将大陆轿车投放市场之际,它面对的是一个完全不同的经济格局。While the car is expected to bolster Ford’s efforts to reinvigorate the Lincoln brand in the ed States, its prospects in China are clouded by an upheaval in the stock market there and a general slowdown in auto sales.虽然这款轿车将推动福特在美国重振林肯品牌,但它在中国的销售前景因为该国股市的动荡及汽车销售的总体放缓而变得暗淡。At the unveiling of the production version of the Continental on Tuesday at the North American International Auto Show, Ford executives said they were undaunted by the economic troubles in China and were pressing ahead with their plans.周二,在北美国际车展(North American International Auto Show)公布林肯大陆的量产车型时,福特高管们表示,他们,他们不畏惧中国的经济问题,依然在推进相关计划。“We are in China for the long term,” said Kumar Galhotra, the Ford executive in charge of the Lincoln division. “It’s a very vibrant economy that’s going to have short-term ups and downs.”“我们是要长期在中国发展的,”负责林肯品牌的高管库马尔·格赫特拉(Kumar Galhotra)说。“这是一个充满活力的经济体,会出现短期起伏。”He said Lincoln sales in China had grown steadily since the brand entered the market in November 2014. Last year, sales topped 11,000 vehicles, but Lincoln had limited recognition among most Chinese consumers.他表示,自林肯品牌于2014年11年进入中国市场以来,其销售量稳步增长。去年的销售量超过了1.1万辆,但林肯品牌在大多数中国消费者中的认知度有限。And despite the fluctuations in the Chinese stock market over the last six months and the ripple effect on wealthy car buyers, Mr. Galhotra said he had not seen any effect on the pace of sales.尽管中国股市在过去六个月出现波动,在富有的购车者中激起了连锁反应,格赫特拉表示,他没有看到这对销售步伐造成什么影响。“We are ahead both in our volume targets and our dealership targets,” he said.他说,“在自己的销售目标和经销商目标上,我们已经超出预期。”In the ed States, where it will also go on sale this year, the sedan has a long history, having epitomized elegance in the 1960s before it faded into obscurity and went out of production in 2002.在美国,大陆轿车有着悠久的历史,在20世纪60年代曾是优雅典范,后来渐渐变得默默无闻,最终在2002年停产。福特今年将在美国继续出售这款轿车。Ford sold 101,000 Lincolns in the ed States last year, an increase of 7 percent from 2014.去年,福特林肯汽车在美国的销售量达到10.1万辆,同比增长7%。The model will be a notable addition to the brand’s American lineup, but it is meant to be a linchpin in Ford’s broader ambitions for the Lincoln in China.这款汽车将会大大加强该品牌在美国的产品阵容,而它也注定成为福特实现在中国扩大林肯市场的雄心的关键。So far, the company has 33 Lincoln dealers in China, with a goal of 60 by the end of the year. With the addition of the Continental, Lincoln will have five models available in China, which Ford’s chief executive, Mark Fields, called “meaningful progress” for a fledgling brand.到目前为止,该公司在中国有33家林肯经销商,福特计划在今年年底前扩展至60家。加上大陆轿车,福特在中国销售的林肯汽车将达到五款。福特首席执行官马克·菲尔茨(Mark Fields)称这对于一个新品牌来说是“颇有意义的进展”。Because Ford dropped Continental from the Lincoln portfolio more than a decade ago, the company’s designers had unusual freedom to update the vehicle’s styling and image.由于福特在10多年前将大陆轿车从林肯系列中去除,该公司的设计师拥有非同寻常的自由,可以修改这款轿车的款式和外观。To that end, Ford chose to create a car designed as a quiet sanctuary from the outside world. Its designers went to great lengths to include creature comforts that distinguish the Continental from others in the crowded luxury sedan market, like seats that have individual leg adjustments and can provide a massage with the touch of a button.为了实现目标,福特选择打造一款能够隔离外部世界以享受安宁的轿车。其设计师不遗余力地突显物质享受,使其有别于丰富多样的豪车市场中的其他轿车,比如大陆轿车的座位设有腿部调节器,按下按钮就可以享受。Mr. Fields said the car would find its own niche among more established models sold by BMW and Volkswagen’s Audi brand. “We are not trying to out-German the Germans,” he said.菲尔茨表示,相对于宝马(BMW)和大众奥迪(Audi)旗下更受市场认可的车型,这款轿车将会找到自己的细分市场。他说,“我们不会去比德国人做得更德国。One analyst said Lincoln could benefit from carving out a new identity in the luxury market.一名分析人士表示,林肯品牌可以通过在豪车市场中开创新形象而获益。“There is absolutely a place in the market for a vehicle that promises quiet luxury,” said the analyst, Eric Lyman of the research firm TrueCar. “The challenge for Continental will be awareness and perception of the Lincoln brand.”“能够让人安享奢华的汽车在市场中绝对会占有一席之地,”研究公司TrueCar的分析人员埃里克·莱曼(Eric Lyman)说。“对于大陆轿车来说,挑战在于人们对林肯品牌的了解和认知。” /201601/422975Shaban Khema, an IT manager from Kosovo, wants just one thing this festive season: to be able to stay in Germany. But his chances are slim, and getting slimmer.沙班科玛(Shaban Khema)是一名来自科索沃的IT经理,这个节日季他只想要一样东西——可以留在德国。但他的机会十分微小,而且还在不断变小。“If I have to go back it’s death for me,” the 32-year-old says. “My future is here, not in Kosovo.”32岁的沙班说:“如果我必须回去,就等于被判了死刑。我的未来在这儿,不在科索沃。”Mr Khema is a casualty of Germany’s tough new approach to migrants from the Balkans. While the country has thrown open its doors to refugees from the war in Syria, it is closing them for people from countries such as Albania and Kosovo. Thousands of immigrants, many of whom have lived here for months, now face deportation.沙班是德国对巴尔干地区移民最新采取的强硬政策的牺牲品。德国在向叙利亚内战难民敞开国门的同时,对阿尔巴尼亚和科索沃等国的人关上了这道大门。成千上万名移民现在面临着驱逐出境,其中许多人已经在德国居住了好几个月。The approach is the flipside of Berlin’s “Willkommenskultur”, or “welcome culture”, that was embodied in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision last September to bypass Europe’s asylum rules and allow thousands of refugees stuck on the Hungarian border to make their way to Germany. It was a move that split Europe and earned her stinging criticism from domestic opponents, who feared it would only encourage more uncontrolled immigration.这一举措是柏林方面“欢迎文化”(Willkommenskultur)的另一面;“欢迎文化”体现于德国总理安格拉默克尔(Angela Merkel)今年9月作出的一个决定。当时默克尔决定绕过欧洲的庇护规则,允许滞留在匈牙利边境的成千上万难民进入德国。这一作法不但导致欧洲意见分歧,还为她招致了国内对手的严厉批评,他们担心这会鼓励更多不受控制的移民。The Balkan strategy is in part a response to those critics. The idea is to reduce the influx by weeding out economic migrants and sending them home. Indeed, the number of repatriations has steadily risen: by the end of November, more than 18,000 people had been deported this year, compared with around 11,000 people in the whole of 2014.遣返巴尔干移民的决策在一定程度上是对这些批评的回应,其意图是通过清查并遣返经济移民来减少移民总数。的确,遣返人数一直在稳步上升,截至11月底,今年已有1.8万人被递解出境,而2014年全年为1.1万人左右。Yet in the grand scheme of things, it provides little relief. Germany is expected to have registered 1m asylum seekers by the end of the year, and new arrivals keep coming.但在宏观层面上,该策略起不到什么缓解作用。至今年底,德国预计将登记100万寻求庇护者,新难民还在不断涌入。Mr Khema, however, will not be among those allowed to stay. He and his wife and daughter were recently transported to a former US army barracks in the picturesque Bavarian town of Bamberg that has been turned into a camp for Balkan immigrants awaiting deportation.但是在获准留下的移民群体中,将不会出现沙班的名字。他和妻女最近被送往班贝格(Bamberg)一座专为巴尔干移民准备的营地,等待被递解出境。这座移民营位于风景如画的巴伐利亚小镇,是由原美军军营改造的。Visibly anxious, he has been in Germany for 10 months and ds returning home. “It’s a catastrophe there,” he says. “You can only get a job or medical treatment if you pay a bribe.”沙班的焦急显露无遗,他在德国已经待了10个月,惧怕回国。他说:“那儿现在一片衰败。你只有行贿才能得到一份工作或是获得治疗。”The Bamberg camp was set up as Germany’s parliament toughened up the country’s asylum law by placing Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro on the list of “safe” countries of origin: asylum applications from these countries would henceforth be considered “patently unfounded”. Further changes replaced the cash payments migrants receive with benefits in kind, such as vouchers for consumer goods or bus tickets.班贝格移民营的设立,是因为德国议会通过了更为严格的难民法案,将科索沃、阿尔巴尼亚和黑山共和国列入“安全的”原籍国名单,今后来自这些国家的庇护申请将被认为“显然毫无根据”。更多的改变包括将发放给移民的现金换成实物福利,比如购物代金券或车票。Bamberg houses 850 refugees, most brought here from temporary hostels dotted across Bavaria or picked up by local police. It is a Spartan place: residents complain about the food and the meagre allowance of ㈠   a month.班贝格现在容纳了850名难民,大多数人要么是从巴伐利亚州各地的临时旅馆带到这儿,要么是由当地警察送来的。这里条件艰苦,居民们对这里的食物和每月200欧元的微薄津贴都抱怨不已。“A lot of people are leaving of their own free will because the conditions are so bad,” says Nazmi, an Albanian man in his twenties. “They give us salami three times a day, every day. You feel like an animal.”20来岁的阿尔巴尼亚青年纳兹米(Nazmi)说:“许多人都自动离开了,因为这里的条件真是太差了。他们给我们每天的三顿饭都是萨拉米香肠,让人觉得自己像头动物。”Local officials say things are not so bad. There is a school, playroom and medical centre while the Red Cross provides second-hand clothes. The accommodation may be crowded but at least it is warm and dry.当地官员则表示情况并没有那么糟糕。这里有学校、游戏室和医疗中心,红十字会还提供旧衣。居住环境可能有些拥挤,但至少温暖而干燥。The camp is also, on one level, a propaganda tool.在某种层面上,班贝格移民营也是个宣传工具。“People come to Germany thinking they’ll get hundreds of euros, a plot of land, work,” says Stefan Krug, of the government of Upper Franconia, who is responsible for the site. “This facility should help to convey to the Balkan countries a realistic image of Germany.”上弗兰肯区政府的斯特凡克鲁格(Stefan Krug)是这里的负责人,他说:“来德国的人以为会获得几百欧元,一块土地,还有工作。这个营地应该有助于向巴尔干国家传递德国的现实形象。”Critics say that image is deliberately distorted. “It’s a system of deterrence, segregation, ghettoisation, which I thought wasn’t possible any more in Germany,” says Sylvia Schaible, who works in a local refugee charity.批评者则表示这是一个被故意歪曲的形象。当地一家难民慈善组织的工作人员西尔维亚餠伊布勒(Sylvia Schaible)说:“这是一种吓阻、隔离、贫民窟话的体制,而我曾经以为这种体制不再可能在德国出现。”Every new arrival at the facility is registered and interviewed by an official from Germany’s federal agency for migration, known as a “decider”. Those who have their asylum request rejected can appeal. If that fails, their case is handed to a government agency that arranges their return home. It used to take months to process asylum applications: Bamberg aims to get that down to around 10 working days. So far, no one at the camp has been allowed to stay in Germany.每一个新进入这座移民营的人都要去登记,并接受德国联邦移民署一名官员——所谓的“裁决者”——的面试。避难申请被拒的人可以提出上诉,如上诉失败,他们的案子会被移交给一个政府机构,由其安排他们的遣返事宜。过去处理避难申请需要几个月时间,班贝格移民营的目标是将这一时长缩短至10个工作日左右。到目前为止,班贝格移民营还没有一人获准留在德国。Mr Krug acknowledges that the mood in the camp is “pretty glum”.负责人克鲁格承认班贝格移民营的气氛“相当阴沉”。“People know why they’ve been sent here, and that it is highly likely they will get a negative decision,” he says.他说:“人们知道自己为什么被送到这里,而且他们极有可能得到一个负面的决定。”Since the camp was opened in September, 463 residents have voluntarily returned home and 170 have been deported. The plan is to expand capacity to 1,500 by the end of the year and to 4,500 by next March. Germany will ultimately have as many as five such camps.班贝格移民营自9月成立以来,已有463人自愿回国,170人被递解出境。该移民营计划至今年底将容量扩到1500人,明年3月扩大至4500人。德国最终将设立5个这样的移民营。Raif Zelenkovic, a 20-something Bosnian from Tuzla, is bracing himself for bad news. Unlike most residents of the Bamberg camp he speaks fluent German — he spent six years here as a child in the 1990s, but his family then moved back to the Balkans. He returned to Germany last January — a country he considers home.20多岁的波斯尼亚人拉伊夫泽伦科威克(Raif Zelenkovic)来自图兹拉(Tuzla),他已经为坏消息做好了准备。与班贝格移民营里大多数人不同,他会说一口流利的德语,上世纪90年代他还是孩子时曾在德国生活过6年,后来他们一家又搬回巴尔干地区。今年1月他又回到德国,他认为这里才是自己的故乡。“All I want is to be able to work here, I don’t want benefits,” he says. “I just want to be like other people. I need a future.”他说:“我唯一想要的就是能在这儿工作,我并不想要福利。我只想像其他人一样,我需要一个未来。” /201601/419730

As the globe frets over Brexit, China worries have been superseded — for now, at least. On Friday, the National Bureau of Statistics released a slew of second-quarter economic data. Headlining the figures, the country’s gross domestic product grew 10 basis points faster than forecast, up 6.7 per cent. The quality (not to mention reliability) of that growth is questionable.在全球为英国退欧而烦恼之际,中国引发的担忧已“退居二线”——至少目前是这样。上周五,中国国家统计局公布了一系列今年第二季度的经济数据。在这些数据中,最为重要的是中国国内生产总值(GDP)。今年第二季度,中国的GDP同比增长了6.7%,增幅比预期高了10个基点。这一增长的品质是值得怀疑的——更不用提其可靠性了。China is quieter these days regarding its desire to address economic imbalances. And Friday’s data show more clearly that the government has rowed back from reform in favour of stimulus measures, pumping money into the system to stabilise growth. Figures from the People’s Bank of China the same day showed that money supply growth was faster than expected, reaching levels last seen post 2008. New loans also rose by over 0bn, more than bn higher than economists’ estimates.近来,中国已不再像之前那样频繁地提及渴望解决经济失衡问题了。上周五的数据更为清晰地表明,中国政府已从改革的道路上回撤,转而力挺刺激性措施,将资金注入经济体系以稳定增长。同一天来自中国央行的数据显示,货币供应增速高于预期,达到了2008年后那段时期才有的水平。新增贷款也增长逾2000亿美元,比经济学家的估计高了逾500亿美元。Still, the data also show that China’s economic focus continues to shift. Retail sales grew faster than expected, with year on year growth accelerating from the first quarter. Consumption accounted for nearly three quarters of the first half’s GDP growth, according to the NBS. Meanwhile, fixed asset investment growth slowed. Yet the investment that did occur was largely state sponsored; private enterprises barely increased their spending.不过,数据也表明中国的经济重心在继续转移。社会消费品零售总额增长速度超过预期,同比增速高于今年一季度。中国国家统计局数据显示,上半年GDP增长近四分之三由消费贡献。与此同时,固定资产投资增长则已放缓。不过,真正发生的投资,资金大多来自国家;民营企业的开几乎没有增长。The reversion to state-led growth is unsustainable. Should China continue to shun reforms in favour of a quick fix, the short-term benefits of stabilised growth will be outweighed by the cost of persistent imbalances.这种向国家主导型增长的回归是不可持续的。如果中国回避改革而偏好快速解决方案,持续性失衡造成的损失将超过企稳的增长带来的短期好处。 /201607/455030

The Arbitral Tribunal, appointed by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague, announced on Tuesday that China has no ;historic title; over the South China Sea.由海牙常设仲裁法庭主导的仲裁庭在周二宣布中国并不具备对中国南海的“历史性权利”。Beijing issued two statements immediately after the arbitration ruling was announced.Noting thatChinese activities in the South China Sea date backmore than 2,000 years, one statement pointed out that China is the first to have discovered, named, explored and exploited the South China Sea Islands and surrounding waters.仲裁案的决议公布后,北京立即发出两条声明,强调中国在南海的活动可追述到2000多年前。其中一条声明指出:中国是第一个发现、命名、探索以及开发南海诸岛与周边水域的国家。The Foreign Ministry Wang Yi said in a statement that the ruling ;is null and void and has no binding force;.外交部长王毅指出:此仲裁庭的决议案“是无效并且没有约束力的”。China has always respected international laws and justice and kept toa path of peaceful development, Xi said. Maritime disputes should be resolved though direct negotiations on the basis of respecting historical facts andin line withinternational laws, he added.习近平指出:中国素来尊重国际法与国际正义,并且坚持走和平发展路线。他还指出:海上争端应该经由以尊重历史事实和遵守国际法为前提的直接协商来解决。Premier Li Keqiang, while meeting with Tusk (President of European Council) and Juncker (President of European Commission), called on Europeans to insist on justice andremain neutralon the issue.总理李克强在与欧洲理事会主席图斯克以及欧洲委员会主席容克会晤时,号召欧洲坚守正义立场并在南海问题上保持中立。What Is the Permanent Court of Arbitration这个仲裁庭是什么鬼The Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) is an intergovernmental organization located at The Hague in the Netherlands. The PCA is not a court, but rather an organizer of arbitral tribunals to resolve conflicts between member states. It should not be confused with the International Court of Justice, a separate institution.此常设仲裁法庭(PCA)是一个位于荷兰海牙的政府间组织。PCA并不是个法院,而是一个通过设立仲裁庭来解决成员国间争端的组织。This Arbitral Tribunal was conducted by 5 judges. (One from Germany, one from France, one from Netherlands, one from Poland, one from Ghana)此次仲裁案有5为仲裁员,一位来自德国,一位来自法国,一位来自荷兰,一位来自波兰,一位来自加纳。China noted that: the composition of an international court must represent all the major cultures and every major genealogy of law in order to ensure its authority. None of the 5 judges comes from Asia, let alone from China. So this Arbitral Tribunal is not justified.中国指出:国际法院的组成必须代表世界各大文化和主要法系,其目的是确保法庭有权威性;而此次的五位法官没有一位来自亚洲,更没有一位来自中国,因此这次的决议不具备公正性。 /201607/454324

Google has chosen a former White House economist to lead its global lobbying operation as it pursues a less confrontational stance in its dealings with governments around the world.谷歌(Google)选择前白宫经济学家负责其全球游说活动,该公司正寻求以一种不那么对抗的姿态同世界各地的政府打交道。Caroline Atkinson has been appointed as head of global policy at a time when the world’s biggest internet company is seeking to douse political fires caused by its growing business clout, its impact on personal privacy and other issues.卡洛琳阿特金森(Caroline Atkinson)被任命为全球政策主管,这家全球最大互联网公司正寻求扑灭其不断增长的商业影响力、对个人隐私的影响及其他问题所引起的政治火情。Ms Atkinson, a former International Monetary Fund official who is both a UK and US national, is known as a backroom negotiator and conciliator with decades of experience on the international economic stage.阿特金森曾担任国际货币基金组织(IMF)官员,拥有美国和英国双重国籍,以幕后谈判和调解工作著称,在国际经济舞台上有着几十年经验。The choice marks a change of tack for Google and a departure from the path chosen by other big internet companies. It follows a backlash against US tech companies in Europe and new tensions in Washington over their refusal to weaken encryption standards that critics claim aid terrorist networks such as Isis.这一选择标志着谷歌转变策略,告别了其他大型互联网企业所选择的道路。此前美国高科技公司在欧洲遇到强烈反弹,华盛顿也出现新的紧张局面,因为这些公司拒绝弱化加密标准,批评者认为加密技术帮助了“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国”(ISIS)等恐怖分子网络。Google suffered a severe setback in Brussels last year after the collapse of a tentative agreement to head off a competition complaint. The hard bargain it drove with the European Commission angered rivals and eventually proved politically unpalatable, leading Brussels to backtrack and hit it with an antitrust indictment last year.去年,随着与欧盟就避免竞争申诉达成的初步协议破裂,谷歌在布鲁塞尔遭遇严重挫折。谷歌对欧盟委员会(European Commission)的讨价还价激怒了竞争对手,最终被明在政治上过不了关,导致布鲁塞尔撤回协议,并在去年对谷歌提出反垄断起诉。Since then it has sought to overhaul its approach to international diplomacy, burying its confrontational stance in favour of a more conciliatory style. The change echoes Microsoft more than a decade ago, after it was hit by a competition complaint in Brussels.从那以后谷歌开始寻求整改其国际外交方式,舍弃对抗姿态,放软身段。十几年前微软(Microsoft)遭遇布鲁塞尔的竞争申诉后也作出了同样的改变。A similar switch in Google’s dealings with Wall Street, involving the hiring of Morgan Stanley executive Ruth Porat as chief financial officer last year, has paid dividends, contributing to a strong rally in the stock price of its holding company, Alphabet.谷歌在应对华尔街的方式上也作出了相同的转变,包括去年聘请根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)高管露丝波拉特(Ruth Porat)担任其首席财务官。这一转变已带来回报,推动谷歌控股公司Alphabet的股票价格强劲上涨。Ms Atkinson was President Barack Obama’s representative at the G7 and G20 summits and has co-ordinated US policy on issues from global economics and trade to energy and climate change.阿特金森曾是美国总统巴拉克攠巴马(Barack Obama)在G7和G20峰会上的代表,并曾负责协调美国在全球经济以及贸易、能源和气候变化等问题上的政策。“Whether she’s negotiating the Treasury or foreign governments, she is calm and determined and gets what she needs,” said Lawrence Summers, former US Treasury secretary.美国前财长劳伦斯萨默斯(Lawrence Summers)表示:“她无论是与财政部还是外国政府进行谈判时,都非常冷静,而且志在必得。” /201601/423007

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