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Does Facebook Lead To Loneliness?脸谱会导致孤独吗?Dear:A Moment of Science,亲爱的《科学一刻》栏目组:Im not a big Facebook user, but I have friends who are.我不是脸谱的忠实用户,但是我的一些朋友是。And Ive noticed that some of them are constantly updating their status.而我注意到,一些人总是很频繁在脸谱上更新个人状态,Where some people might post a message once a day, others seem to be posting something every few minutes.一些人一天会发布一条消息,另外一些人看上去没几分钟就会发布一次消息,Can science help explain this phenomenon?科学能对这种现象给予解释么?Interesting question.这是很有趣的问题,Of course, there are many reasons why people join and post stuff on Facebook.尽管每个人注册脸谱并发布信息的原因不尽相同,But researchers have begun to study the phenomenon you describe.但是科学家已经对你所提到的现象进行研究,And they found that copious posting on Facebook may have something to do with loneliness.而他们发现频繁的在脸谱上发布消息可能与孤独有关。Specifically, the researchers found that people who update their status more often report feeling less lonely than people who post less often.特别要一提的是,科学家发现经常更新状态的人比不经常更新状态的人要感觉更不孤独。Now, granted, the study looked at only 100 undergraduate students, around half of whom were instructed to update their status more frequently than they normally would.当然,这项研究只对100名大学生进行研究,其中半数被研究者受到研究的指导性影响而比平时更频繁地更新状态。And then they self reported on their levels of loneliness, happiness, depression, and so on.然后让这些同学自己报告各自的幸福感、孤独感、失落感等等。So this question requires more in depth research.因此这个问题需要更深入的研究。Still, its a noteworthy finding.但这仍是一个值得关注的发现。Interestingly, the students who posted more did not report feeling happier, or less or more depressed.有趣的是,经常发布消息的学生并没有感到更幸福或者或多或少的失落,So status updates seem to have something to do specifically with feeling less lonely and more socially connected.看上去,更新状态会减少个人的孤独感以及增强社会归属感。What I find even more interesting is that it did not seem to matter whether the students got any Likes or responses to their posts. Just the act of updating their status was enough to make them feel less lonely.我注意到另外一个有趣的地方是,学生发布的信息是否得到别人的赞或者回应都无所谓,更新自己状态这件事本身就可以让他们感到不那么孤独。 /201309/257670

America and South Asia美国和南亚Infernal triangle坏到底的三角关系A history of Americas tangled dealings with India and Pakistan美国应付印巴关系—乱如麻的历史A friendly wave from Mr Sharif谢里夫挥舞着手臂以示友好Avoiding Armageddon: America, India and Pakistan to the Brink and Back.By Bruce Riedel.书名:《逃离浩劫:美印巴三国又退到了悬崖边上》THE recent election of a new government in Pakistan led by Nawaz Sharif seems to bode well for an easing of tensions on the subcontinent. When Mr Sharif was last in office, in 1999, he achieved a breakthrough in relations with India. That, however, was soon followed by the most recent of the four wars the two countries have fought. Undaunted, he says again that he wants to make friends with India.目前由纳瓦兹谢里夫领导的巴基斯坦展开了新一轮政府大选,这次大选似乎很好地预示了南亚次大陆紧张局势有缓解的趋势。上一次担任总理一职还是在1999年,谢里夫当时在处理与印度关系上取得突破性进展;虽然成果很快就由印巴四次战争所取代。如今谢里夫毫不气馁的再一次表示要同印度做朋友。Five years ago, the last time a new Pakistani government took over, it too promised a new era in relations. That came to naught when a terrorist onslaught on the city of Mumbai was carried out by Pakistanis with, the evidence suggests, the help of Pakistans spy service.五年前上一届巴基斯坦新政府刚刚掌权时,政府同样承诺开启印巴关系新纪元。随着孟买遭到恐怖分子的猛烈攻击,随着有关据显示袭击是巴基斯坦情报机关提供帮助,巴国人策划实施,一切都化为泡影。In his book, “Deadly Embrace”, Bruce Riedel, a former CIA analyst long at the centre of American decision-making about South Asia, told the unhappy story of Americas relations with Pakistan. From the Pakistani side, it was a tale of repeated betrayal by a fickle ally. For the Americans it was one of constant double-dealing from a partner that later could not be trusted with an advance warning of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden in 2011.布鲁斯里德尔之前一直在美国决策中心南亚分部任中央情报局分析员。年,里德尔出版《致命的拥抱》,书中讲述了关于美巴不尽如人意的关系。从巴国角度看,其实就是一个善变的盟友反复无常上演背叛的故事。从美国的角度看,则是一个伙伴不断的做一些背信弃义的事情;之后,2011年美国连刺杀本拉登的消息都没有提前向巴方通告。“Avoiding Armageddon”, his new book, adds the other two sides of the triangle: the India-Pakistan saga of wars, near- wars and uncertain peaces, and Americas scratchy relations with India. Of course, the main obstacle for India has been Americas close ties with Pakistan. These present American diplomacy with one of its trickiest balancing acts. Pakistan will remain an important ally as American troops pull out of Afghanistan in large numbers before 2015. Yet, in Mr Riedels blunt summary: “America and Pakistan are on opposite sides in the Afghan civil war.”里德尔的新书《逃离浩劫》将三角关系的另两边加了进来:印巴长期以来繁冗的战事、几次接近战争的边缘和不确定的和平;美印之间棘手的关系。诚然,印度眼里的“沙子”正是美巴之间密切的关系。这些恰恰展示了美国人技术含量颇高的外交平衡手段。2015年美军从阿富汗撤军之前,巴基斯坦人仍旧是美国重要的盟友。不过,里德尔毫不掩饰的指出:“美巴双方之于阿富汗内战的态度是完全对立的。”America has also invested heavily in building close ties with India, as a kindred democratic spirit and a counterweight to a rising China. As Mr Riedel points out, Barack Obama is not the first president to try to “have it both ways” in pursuing good relations with both India and Pakistan. Mr Riedel also recalls that American presidential efforts have “consistently failed”.因为印度与美国有相同的民主理念,可以作为制衡飞速发展中国的棋子,美国同样花了大力气建立密切的美印关系。里德尔指出,对于美印和美巴关系,奥巴马并不是美国历史上第一位试图“同时拉拢”的总统。同时他还回忆说美国总统的这些努力总是在“一如既往的失败”。So America is in a weak position to influence one of the worlds most dangerous potential conflicts. If nuclear war is ever to be fought, India and Pakistan are the most likely battlefields. India showed remarkable restraint after the 2008 Mumbai attack. It would find it hard to do so again. Pakistan would lose a conventional war with India, so it might be tempted to use its nuclear arsenal, which it is expanding fast.这样说来,美国即是在以一个弱势的角色,想去影响世界上最危险的潜在冲突。如果世界爆发核战争,印巴绝对是第一战场。印度在2008年孟买遭袭后显出了异乎寻常的自制力。但是,如果我们希望印度继续克己,当真难上加难。巴基斯坦和印度开战,绝对不会拥有打常规战争的机会,所以巴国也会动用自己的核武器储备,动用本国扩充迅猛的核武储备。Mr Riedel, like most analysts, is better at describing why it is so difficult to repair India-Pakistan relations, and why it would be so desirable to do so, than at charting how. But he has presented a cogent argument that America—and other outside powers—should be trying harder.与大多数分析家一样,里德尔也更擅长去形容一番为什么印巴关系难以修复,为什么两国冲突不可避免,而不是仔细观察,寻找解决之道。好在里德尔展示了一个令人信的论,即美国和其他外部势力应该再加把劲。 /201404/293868If you follow football, hockey, soccer, or boxing, then youknow that athletes in these and other contact sports are at constant risk for a concussion.如果你喜欢橄榄球、橄榄球、足球或是拳击运动,那么你就会很清楚这些以及其他接触性运动中的运动员常处于脑震荡的危险境地。Everyseason several football players miss a number of games after absorbing vicious blows to the head.每个赛季都有数名橄榄球运动员由于头部遭受剧烈冲击而缺席接下来的一系列赛事。A concussion is a blow to the head that can result in temporary confusion,amnesia, nausea,dizziness, blurred vision, and loss of consciousness.脑震荡是头部受到撞击而导致的,可能造成暂时性思维混乱,失忆,呕吐,眩晕,视觉模糊以及失去意识。Although a single concussion does not appear to result in structural brain damage or swelling ofthe brain, repeated concussions can cause both.尽管一次脑震荡不会导致大脑结构性损伤或导致脑水肿,但是数次脑震荡可能引起上述两种情况同时出现。Concussions are caused in one of two ways: either by the head hitting a hard surface, or by thehead spinning suddenly.造成脑震荡的原因不外乎是这两种中的一种:头部撞到硬物,或者头部突然旋转。Take, for example, a common incident during a football game.以橄榄球赛比较普遍的事件为例,Thequarterback is hit, falls backwards, and bangs his head on the turf.四分卫触地得分,朝后方倒下,其头部就会猛烈撞击到草坪上。Although his skull stops suddenly upon impact, his brain, floating in cerebral fluid, keeps movingand hits the skull.尽管他的头骨在受到冲击时瞬间会保持不动,但是他大脑内的脑脊液仍然在晃动并不断撞击头骨。Similarly, when a boxer gets hit in the head with a right hook, his head twistsviolently.同样的,当一名拳击手头部受到一记右勾拳时,他的脑袋瞬间剧烈扭转。The skull stops moving, but the brain keeps shaking for a few moments and may brushthe skull.头骨停止移动,但是脑浆却还会震动一会儿,并有可能擦到头骨。The result is a chemical imbalance in the brain.结果是脑部化学失衡。All the neurotransmitters in the damaged area firesimultaneously, causing an overload of chemicals that impair receptors involved in learning andmemory.所有受损区域的神经传递素同时作用,造成脑内化学物质超负荷运转,从而损坏学习与记忆的神经元。The flood of chemicals also constricts arteries, making it difficult for the damaged cells toget the nutrients they need to recover.化学物质过多也会引起动脉收缩,导致大脑受损细胞难以吸收到利于复原的营养物质。Because the brain can take as long as several weeks to recover from a concussion, its a good ideato take a break from contact sports if youve had one.由于脑部需要长达数周的时间来恢复脑震荡带来的损伤,如果你脑部受到撞击最好还是休息一段时间再继续参加此类接触性运动。 201402/277100

A Rose By Any Other Name玫瑰不叫玫瑰Just saying the word “rose” conjures up images of romance, secret admirers, Valentines gifts, and bridal bouquets.“玫瑰”很容易让人联想到浪漫的场景,神秘的爱慕者,情人节的礼物和结婚的花束。Romantics imagine soft, red petals and long, graceful stems, but practical gardeners know all about painful, pointy thorns.浪漫的人会想象出柔软的、红色的花瓣和修长的,优雅的花茎,但是实际上园丁们才知道那些尖锐的刺带来的痛楚。As the saying goes, every rose has its thorn.常言道,每朵玫瑰都有刺。But, what we call thorns are actually not thorns at all.但是,我们所说的这种刺其实根本就不是刺。Thorns, like those found on the Hawthorn tree, are modified branches that project from the stem and branches of a woody plant.刺,例如山楂树上的刺,实际上是一种改良的分枝,它会从木本植物的茎和分枝中生长出来。They are very sharp and quite strong because they are made of the same stuff as the stem of the tree or bush.它们非常锋利并且相当坚硬,因为它们的质地与灌木或树的茎是一样的。Thorns are deeply embedded in the woody structure of the plant and cant be broken off easily.这些刺都深深地嵌在植物的木纹状组织结构内,不会被轻易破坏。Those nasty points on the stem of the rose are not true thorns: they are what scientists call “prickles.”这些令人讨厌的长在玫瑰茎上的刺其实并不是真正的刺,科学家们称它们为“皮刺”。Prickles are smaller than thorns: they are sharp outgrowths of the plants outer layers, the skin-like epidermis, and the sub-epidermal layer just beneath it.皮刺比刺要小了许多:它们是这些植物外层的附属物,看上去像皮肤的表皮,其下还有亚表皮层。Unlike a thorn, a prickle can be easily broken off the plant because it is really a feature of the outer layers rather than part of the wood, like a thorn.不像刺,皮刺能够被轻易地从植物茎上剥落,因为它仅仅是植物外层的一种特征,而不像刺那样是茎的一部分。Both prickles and thorns protect the plant from predators, and, maybe, from lovers looking for a free bouquet.不管是刺抑或荆棘,都可以保护这些植物不被捕食者所猎食,同样,或许也能免于被那些寻找免费花束的情人所折断。But perhaps we call the rose prickles “thorns” because saying “every rose has its prickle” doesnt seem to do justice to the pain of unrequited love.但是或许,我们应该叫这些皮刺为“刺”,因为“每一朵玫瑰都有它的刺”的说法似乎对那些暗恋者所感受的痛苦来说不太公平。 /201309/257220All this month, our friends at JC Penney这个月 JC Penny的朋友们are helping us raise money for breast cancer research.都在帮助我们为乳腺癌研究基金会筹款And we thought we would help既然我们能帮上忙you would help us out in this,你也可以出一份力its a game were calling Aim for The cure.你要玩一个叫爱心射击的游戏The object to the game is to use the bow and arrow to pop游戏规则是在60秒的时间内使用弓箭as many ballons as you can in 60 seconds.射中尽可能多的气球The more ballons you pop, the more money you raise.射中的气球越多 筹集的资金也越多Some ballons are worth a 100 dollars.有些气球价值100美元Some are worth more.还有的价值更高Theres one worth 5000 dollars in there.其中一个值5000美元And if you hit one with a ribbon on it,如果有带的气球被射中someone is gonna get splashed玻璃缸里的人将被狂喷一身冷水and that would be an automatic 10000 dollars.同时累加10000美元的筹款金额But first,we need a volunteer to get in our splash tank.首先 我们要请一位勇士坐进玻璃缸里So please welcome jessicas husband Cash.现在有请jessica的丈夫cashSo Im sorry to say hello to you and then goodbye.真不好意思 刚和你打完招呼就要说拜拜了Youve gonna go sit in that chair.游戏期间 你都要坐在里面And water is gonna splash on you most likely.并且很有可能享受一次疯狂淋浴But maybe not, well see what you hit.I...也可能不会啦 取决于有带的气球能不能被刺中 我Im gonna try. we could shoot here.我会加把劲的 可以开始了注:EllenShow中英字幕来源于:艾伦秀字幕组 /201311/265983

Books and arts文艺John Kennedys final days肯尼迪最后的日子When America wept整个美国为之哭泣JFKs Last Hundred Days: The Transformation of a Man and the Emergence of a Great President.肯尼迪的最后百天:一个男人的转变,一位伟大总统的诞生FOR Americans of a certain age, memories of November 22nd 1963 remain painful.对于那个年代的美国人来说,1963年11月22日的记忆是沉痛的。Their dashing young president, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, was assassinated in Dallas.他们年轻而又风度翩翩的总统,约翰杰茨弗拉德?肯尼迪在达拉斯市遭到暗杀。Shock and mourning ensued.这个消息让人为之一震,人们纷纷悲恸哀悼。The loss may have been all the harder because Kennedy had been growing steadily on the job.肯尼迪在工作上的表现蒸蒸日上,因此他的逝去让人们感到惋惜。His first year in office was marked by the ignominious Bay of Pigs, his failed effort to eject Fidel Castro from Cuba.他执政的第一年因“猪湾事件”将菲德尔?卡斯特罗驱逐出古巴的失败尝试而蒙羞。A year and a half later, the Cuban missile crisis brought America and the Soviet Union to the terrifying brink of nuclear war.一年半之后,古巴导弹危机将美国和苏联推向核战争的边缘。But by the autumn of 1963, Thurston Clarke argues in this study of the presidents final days, Kennedy had begun to “realise his potential as a man and a president;.瑟斯顿克拉克在他《肯尼迪最后的时光》这本书里谈论道,1963年的秋天,肯尼迪已经开始“意识到他作为一个男人和一位总统的责任”。His confidence was rising.他的自信心倍增。Having narrowly avoided nuclear war, he was determined to have peace.微妙地避开了核战争的爆发,他希望和平。Finding like-mindedness in Nikita Khrushchev, the Soviet leader, he secured a treaty that banned nuclear tests in the atmosphere, in space and underwater.在这一点上他和苏联领导人尼基塔?赫鲁晓夫的观点并无二致。他确立了一项“部分禁止核试验条约”,条约中禁止在太空和水下进行核试验。It was, Kennedy told the nation, “a step away from war”.肯尼迪向美国民众宣称,这个条约的签署“离战争又远了一步”。Vietnam also dominated his final months.在最后的几个月里,越南也是他的心头之忧。Even while half-heartedly encouraging a coup that toppled and killed Ngo Dinh Diem, the South Vietnamese leader, Kennedy seemed determined to draw down the American presence and avoid a future quagmire there.尽管他并无决心持发动一场政变,颠覆南越政权并杀死领导人吴廷琰,但是肯尼迪似乎意在减少美国在越南投入的兵力,避免泥足深陷。He spent time, too, on civil rights and the space race.另外,他在公民权利和太空竞赛方面也投入了精力。He began planning his re-election and even laid the groundwork for secret talks with Mr Castro.他开始筹划连任,甚至为与卡斯特罗的密谈做了准备工作。His relationship with his glamorous wife, Jacqueline, also improved.他同他漂亮迷人的妻子,杰奎琳的关系也有所改善。In August 1963 their second son, Patrick, was born prematurely and died within days.1963年8月他们的第二个儿子,帕特里克早产并在几天后夭折。After that, Mr Clarke shows, Kennedy was more solicitous towards his wife.克拉克觉得从那以后,肯尼迪对妻子多了些关怀。Evidently he cut back on his reckless womanising, though whether this would have lasted will never be known.很明显的是他没有再流连于女色,虽然这个做法有没有持久下去我们不得而知。“I think were going to make it.“我觉得我们都在努力。I think were going to be a couple,” the first lady told a friend not long before the fateful trip to Dallas.使我们逐渐回到原来那种亲密的关系,”这是那次命运攸关的达拉斯之行前,第一夫人这样对她朋友说道。Kennedys lifelong health problems also diminished.困扰肯尼迪终生的健康问题也有所好转。Mr Clarke is a good storyteller, and his account—one of many JFK books timed for the 50th anniversary of the assassination—offers an enjoyable snapshot of the day-to-day workings of the presidency.克拉克是一位优秀的作者,他的著作—众多纪念肯尼迪遇刺50周年书籍中的一本——生动地介绍了总统的日常工作。One moment sees Kennedy holding a meeting on poverty in Kentucky; the next finds him romping with his children, Caroline and John.在某个时刻,肯尼迪在肯塔基州召开关于贫困问题的会议,下一幕你会发现他同女儿凯若琳,儿子小约翰在一起玩耍。The format also affords passing glimpses into Kennedys views on issues such as the space race and getting out of South-East Asia.书中还有肯尼迪对诸如太空竞赛此类问题的看法。并且逐渐撤出东南亚。The books core argument—that Kennedy came into his own during his final 100 days—is not entirely persuasive.这本书的核心内容是—在他最后的100天里,肯尼迪活出了自我—这一点并不完全具有说力。His biggest triumph had come when he averted a nuclear war during the Cuban missile crisis.他最大的功绩是在处理古巴导弹危机时,避免了核战争的爆发。The nuclear test-ban treaty was significant, and it gave hope to cold war-weary Americans.“禁止核试验条约”意义重大,它给冷战时期厌战的美国人带来了希望。But whether Kennedy could have sustained improvements to his marriage and his health, and got a strong civil-rights bill past Southern segregationists in Congress, is less clear-cut.但肯尼迪的婚姻和健康状况是否有了持久的改善,是否在国会通过了反对南方种族隔离的民权法案,就不得而知了。Ultimately, finishing the job fell to a man Kennedy despised.最后,重任落在了为肯尼迪所不齿的一个身上。Vice-President Lyndon Johnson, a former majority leader of the Senate, was disparaged by the Kennedy White House as “Old Lyin Down” and “Uncle Cornpone”.副总统林登?约翰逊,曾经的参议院多数党领袖,肯尼迪政府戏称他为“Old Lyin Down”,和“玉米饼大叔”。But after Kennedy was shot, the ambitious and often ruthless Texan took the reins and pushed through a host of Kennedy initiatives, including an important bill that banned discrimination in schools and other public places.但在肯尼迪遇刺后,这个胸怀大志,并且冷酷无情的德州人执掌大权,推动了肯尼迪定下的议程,包括一项在学校及其他公共场合反对种族歧视的法案,约翰逊还将美国势力更加深入越南。Johnson also led the nation further into Vietnam. Had Kennedy lived—had his last 100 days in office come in 1968-69, not 1963—things would have been different.如果肯尼迪还活着,他在任的最后100天是在1968和1969年间,不是在1963年,事情将会变得大相径庭。 /201404/284368Todays program is about an effect that not only have we all witnessed, but have participated in. Havent we all been on an elevator and noticed that just about everyone stops talking when they get on? Why do we do that? You can be having a perfectly pleasant conversation with someone, and as soon as you get on an elevator, you just feel like youd better shut up. Then, as soon as the doors open, everyone resumes conversation.今天的节目是关于一个我们不仅曾经目睹过,而且亲身体验过的现象。当我们都在电梯上的时候,你有没有注意过电梯上升时所有人都停止了说话?为什么我们会这么做?你或许正在和某人进行非常愉快的交谈,而当你走上电梯的时候,你立刻感觉到你最好闭上嘴。随后,当电梯门打开的时候,大家又恢复了交谈。Primatologists, or people who study primate behavior, have a term for this. Its called the “elevator effect,” though it doesnt occur only on elevators. It happens whenever a group of primates, like humans, is brought into a situation where escape is temporarily impossible.研究灵长类行为的灵长类动物学家有一个术语来描述这个现象。它被称之为“电梯效应”,尽管它不仅仅发生在电梯上。它常常发生在一群灵长类动物身上,比如人类,当他们被带入一个暂时不可能逃脱的位置时。Its thought to be a kind of safety mechanism: as long as nobody talks, nobody is going to risk getting in a fight when theres no way to sp out. The elevator effect keeps a lid on potential problems before they start.这被认为是一种安全机制:只要没有人说话,就不会有人在无处可逃时试图冒险卷入一场战斗。电梯效应使得潜在的问题在爆发之前得到抑制。Even though they rarely if ever ride elevators, chimpanzees demonstrate the elevator effect as well. When chimps are temporarily crowded together into small areas, they will minimize their vocalizations–that is, nobody speaks–and avoid eye contact. The amount of scratching the chimps do, however, goes up.尽管黑猩猩几乎从来不乘坐电梯,它们也同样验了电梯效应。当黑猩猩们暂时拥挤在一个很小的空间时,它们会使它们的声音最小化--也就是说,没人说话--并且避免眼神的接触。然而,黑猩猩抓挠的次数却增多。Since scratching is a sign of stress in chimps, we can imagine what they are feeling: something like what we feel in a crowded elevator, with everybody carefully staring at the lighted numbers and no one saying a thing. I havent noticed if we scratch more.因为抓挠是黑猩猩感受到压力的标志,我们可以想象它们的感受:就像我们在拥挤的电梯中的感受一样,每个人都小心的盯着亮灯的数字,没有人说话。我从未注意过我们是否也挠来挠去的。 /201305/240660

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