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宜昌男科比较好的是哪家宜昌市包皮手术多少钱Airbus is hoping to clinch one of its biggest Chinese orders by value next week as it enters the final stage of a two-year negotiation over the sale of up to 70 A330 wide-body jets.空中客车(Airbus)期待下周搞定其历史上金额最高的中国订单之一。目前,空客与中国围绕向中方销售至0架A330宽体客机展开的长达两年的谈判已进入最后阶段。If the contract is signed when Chinese Premier Li Keqiang stops off in Toulouse next week, Airbus would be close to securing the orders it needs to keep its production line running while it makes the transition from the existing A330 to a new re-engined version due to enter service in 2017. Bridging that gap is crucial to managing production costs and retaining skills.如果这份合同在中国总理李克强下周访问图卢兹期间签署,空客将接近于搞定保其生产线持续运转所需的订单。空客正在从现有的A330转向一款换装新引擎的A330,新款A330预计将于2017年役。填补订单缺口差距对管控生产成本和保有技能至关重要。The Chinese government is understood to be discussing an order of between 50 and 70 A330 aircraft, including the regional version of the twin aisle jet, worth up to .8bn at brochure prices.据悉,中国政府将商议订购500架A330客机,包括该双通道客机的区域版,按价目表的价格计算,这一订单价值最78亿美元。Airbus’s biggest Chinese order to date was last year’s booking by the government’s aviation procurement agency, CASCG, for 150 A320 narrow bodies at a list price of bn. The price actually paid is likely to be significantly lower than the list price, given the volume and importance of the deal.空客迄今金额最高的中国订单是去年与中国政府航空采购部门中国航空器材集团公司(CAS)签下的,后者以150亿美元的价目表价格订50架A320窄体客机。鉴于这笔交易的体量以及重要性,实际付的价格很可能远低于价目表价格。People close to the discussions were cautiously confident that a deal could come next week, though they stressed that there was still a chance that the Chinese government could fail to sign the contract.了解A330购机谈判的人士对下周达成交易表示审慎乐观,但他们强调,中国政府未能签署合同也是有可能的。Beijing has targeted significant airport investment, given rapidly rising demand for air travel and analysts estimate China will need some 6,000 new and replacement aircraft to fulfil carriersneeds. Airbus predicts that by 2025 China will be the largest market for domestic air travel in the world, overtaking the US, strengthening the case for the regional jet.由于航空旅行需求快速上升,中国政府已制定了大举投资建设机场的目标。分析人士估计,中国将需要大000架新机和替换机来满足航空公司的需求。空客预测,025年,中国将取代美国成为全球最大的国内航空旅行市场,这将加大对区域型客机的需求。For Airbus, this order is crucial to meeting its target of producing six A330s a month from next year, while it makes the delicate transition to the A330 neo. Earlier this year slower orders for the older version of the wide body forced it to cut the rate from the current 10 a month.空客将从明年起每月生架A330,对它来说,中国订单对于完成这个目标至关重要。空客目前正在谨慎地转向新版A330客机,即A330 neo。今年早些时候,旧版A330订单的放缓曾迫使空客将月产量从目前的10架下调为6架。Sash Tusa, analyst with Agency Partners estimates that the group needs roughly 80 A330 orders to meet that lower rate. However, he warned that even with the Chinese deal, there were risks that other existing orders could be amended.Agency Partners分析师萨什#8226;图萨(Sash Tusa)估计,空客需要大0架A330的订单才能实现下调后的生产目标。但他警告称,即便与中国达成交易,其他既有订单也仍有可能面临修改。来 /201506/383322五峰县有治疗前列腺炎吗 President Barack Obama will make the case for diplomacy and collective action highlighting U.S. - led efforts in the Middle East when he addresses the ed Nations General Assembly on Monday.美国总统奥巴马周一将在联合国大会上发言,届时他将阐述外交和集体行动,凸显美国主导的在中东的努力。A White House official said Obama will point to the recently completed nuclear deal between the P5+1 and Iran as an example of ;what can be accomplished by international cooperation when nations are held accountable for violating international rules, and principled diplomacy is pursued to achieve our objectives.;白宫官员表示,奥巴马将指出安理会五个常任理事国加德国与伊朗之间最近达成的核协议。协议表;在一些国家破坏国际规则而被追究责任时通过国际合作所能发挥的作用,同时也表明如何坚守有原则的外交来实现我们目标;The U.S. president also will address the conflict in Syria, calling for the need to couple military efforts against the Islamic State militant group ;with a commitment by all nations to seek and support a political resolution; in the war-torn country.奥巴马总统也将谈及叙利亚冲突,呼吁在这个饱受战争蹂躏的国家对伊斯兰国武装组织采取军事行动的同时,需要“所有国家承诺寻求并持一个政治解决办法”。Obama administration officials have repeatedly said that such a political transition cannot occur as long as Syrian President Bashar al-Assad remains in power. That issue is expected to be a focus of Obamas talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin later on Monday.奥巴马政府官员曾一再表示,只要叙利亚总统阿萨德依然掌权,这种政治过渡就不可能发生这个问题预计将成为奥巴马周一晚些时候与俄罗斯总统普京会谈的焦点。来 /201509/401142宜昌男科医院比较好

宜昌割包皮哪个医院好South Korean President Park Geun-hye on Monday visited hospitalized U.S. Ambassador Mark Lippert, who was slashed in a knife attack last week.韩国总统朴槿惠星期一探望了美国驻韩大使李柏特。上星期,李柏特被一名持刀凶手割伤。An activist and North Korean sympathizer slashed Lippert on the face and wrist Thursday as he prepared to give a speech at a lecture hall in Seoul.上星期四,李柏特在首尔一个会议厅准备发表演讲时,一名同情朝鲜的活动分子割伤了他的脸部和手腕。Ms. Park - shortly after returning home from a Middle East tour - told Lippert on Friday that her heart ached because he had suffered the same type of attack that she once had. Ms. Park was slashed in the face during an election campaign in Seoul in 2006. She was cared for at the same hospital where Lippert is being treated.朴槿惠刚刚结束中东之行返回韩囀?她上星期五对李柏特说,她曾遭到和李柏特同样的袭击,因此感到心痛006年,朴槿惠在首尔竞选时被袭击者用刀割伤脸部,为她治疗的医院正是李柏特目前所在的医院。Authorities said Sunday that the suspect, 55-year-old Kim Ki-jong, faces possible attempted murder charges.有关当局星期日说5岁的嫌疑人金基宗可能被控谋杀罪。来 /201503/363711荆州不孕不育预约 宜昌那家医院看男科

宜昌男健医院男科医院内科电话号码On May 29, the Chinese public was put on alert by a notice issued by the National Health and Family Planning Commission.59日,国家计生委的一条消息让中国民众警觉起来。It was about Chinas first case of Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). The unnamed 44-year-old man who contracted the infectious disease is South Korean. He flew from Seoul to Hong Kong on May 26 after his father was diagnosed with the MERS, and then traveled to Huizhou, Guangdong province, ignoring instructions from doctors to stay at home, Xinhua reported.这是关于中国首例(输入性)中东呼吸综合征(MERS)患者的消息。据新华社报道,这位韩国籍患者今4岁,在父亲确诊患MERS之后,不顾医嘱,6日从首尔飞抵香港,随后进入广东省惠州市。Currently hospitalized in Central Hospital in Huizhou, the mans condition was worsening, yet his vital signs were stable. A total of 67 people who had been in close contact with the man in China had been quarantined, but another 10 had remained out of contact by Tuesday.据悉,该男子已进入惠州市中心人民医院接受治疗,虽然病情尚未好转,但各项生命体征稳定。在中国,与该男子密切接触的人中已有67人已被隔离,截止上周四仍0名接触者“失联”。The infected mans insistence on traveling to China despite the opposition of his doctor has sparked criticism in South Korea and China, with lots of legal experts and members of the public asking to punish him.该男子不顾医生反对执意前往中国也引起了中韩双方的谴责,很多法律专家和公众都呼吁应严惩。“Deliberately sping infectious diseases and endangering public security is subject to civil and criminal laws in China,Han Xiao, a lawyer with the Beijing-based Jingrun Law Firm, told The Beijing News.在接受《新京报》采访时,北京京润律师事务所律师韩骁表示:“故意传播传染性疾病,危害公共安全已经违反了中国的民法与刑法。”What is it?MERS是什么?The MERS is a respiratory tract illness caused by the MERS coronavirus that was first discovered in Saudi Arabia in 2012, according to China Daily.据《中国日报》报道,MERS是由一种新型冠状病MERS-CoV)引起的病毒性呼吸道疾病,这种病毒于2012年在沙特阿拉伯首次被发现。The virus can lead to fevers, coughing, difficulty in breathing, pneumonia, kidney failure and death.该病毒可能引起发热、咳嗀?呼吸困难等症状,导致肺炎、肾衰竭、甚至死亡。The MERS is transmitted through close contact and respiratory droplets. Patients with diabetes, kidney failure, chronic lung and immune problems are the highest at-risk groups. The source of the virus remains unclear, but some suspect it comes from camels.MERS可通过密切接触以及飞沫传播。糖尿病、肾衰、慢性肺炎以及免疫系统疾病患者都是该疾病的高危人群。虽然MERS病毒的来源尚不完全清楚,但是,一些研究怀疑骆驼是来源之一。By May, 1,150 MERS cases had been reported in over 20 countries, including Saudi Arabia, the UK, France, Malaysia and the US, The Beijing News reported.据《新京报》报道,截至今年5月(16日),全球共0多个国家报告总计1150例MERS病例,包括沙特阿拉伯、英囀?法囀?马来西亚以及美囀?MERS is considered deadlier than SARS, which killed hundreds of people in Asia in 2003, and there is currently no vaccine or treatment plan for the virus. Of the infected, 431 people have died, which means the fatality rate stands at 37.5 percent, three times that of SARS, said Wang Linghang, an expert with Beijing Ditan Hospital.2003年SARS在亚洲夺去了成百上千人的生命,而MERS的致死率比SARS还要高,而且目前还没有可用的疫苗和药物治疗方法。北京地坛医院的专家王凌航表示:在被感染者中,目前已31人死亡,由此可见MERS的致死率7.5%,是SARS的三倍。No need to panic无需恐慌There is good news, though, which is that the MERS is less infectious than SARS. “The MERS has been around for three years, but there has been no massive outbreak, and only sporadic cases were reported,Wang said.庆幸的是,MERS的传染性要低于SARS。王凌航同时表示:“MERS出现已有3年之久,但是并没有大面积爆发过,只有零星的病例确诊。”“As lots of cases were reported in regions with poor medical resources, the current fatality rate does not represent the whole picture,he said.“加之很多病例出现在医疗条件较差的地区,因此当前的致死率也不能代表全部情况。”He cited SARS as an example. “At the early stages of the SARS outbreak, the fatality rate was high, but after research and treatment, it dropped.”王凌航还以SARS为例,他说:“(就像)SARS,爆发初期致死率居高不下,但是随着研究和治疗,死亡率逐渐降低。”Better news is also on the way. China has developed some experimental drugs to fight the virus, which, however, are not y to be put into clinical use, The Beijing News reported.好消息接踵而至,据《新京报》报道:中国已研制出一些(治疗性抗体和多肽)实验药物,但目前还无法应用于临床。来 /201506/379013 宜昌市区中医院男科宜昌市切包皮多少钱



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