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大理打胎价格大理永平县妇幼保健人民中心中医院体检收费标准戒热茶?世卫将热饮列入可致癌类别 -- ::57 来源:sohu 国际癌症研究机构表示,饮用温度太高的液体可能导致癌症,同时对大家关切的咖啡可能会致癌问题,表示目前还没有充足的据明小样本数据显示,饮用温度太高的饮料与患食道癌几率直接关系,世界卫生组织随即把它评为A级别(对人体可能致癌界别) The International Agency Research on Cancer (IARC) said drinking very hot liquids could cause cancer but added no conclusive evidence showed that coffee is probably carcinogenic. Based on limited data which have shown a positive links between oesophageal cancer and drinking very hot beverages, the World Health Organization agency rated very hot drinks as probably carcinogenic in its group A category. 国际癌症研究机构负责人克里斯托弗表示:饮用非常热的饮料很可能是导致患上食道癌的成因之一,而温度比饮料本身带来更直接的影响 ;These results suggest that drinking very hot beverages is one probable cause of oesophageal cancer and that it is the temperature, rather than the drinks themselves, that appears to be responsible,; said Christopher Wild. IARC's director. 国际癌症研究机构表示,他们曾在中国、伊朗、土耳其和南美进行研究, 这些国家普遍喜欢饮用高于七十摄氏度的茶或其他饮料 结果显示“食道癌的风险可能会随饮料温度的上升而增加” The IARC said studies conducted in China, Iran, Turkey and South America which consumed very hot tea and mate, an infusion, at above 70 Celsius, showed that ;the risk of oesophageal cancer may increase with the temperature of the drink.; English Source: China Daily Photo:Baidu 版权所有:CRI NEWSPlus 英语环球广播 转载请获得许可大理洱源县怀孕检测多少钱 公安部推中国版“安珀警戒” -- ::39 来源:chinadaily 近日,公安部儿童失踪信息紧急发布平台上线全国各地公安机关在接到儿童失踪报警后,通过这一平台及时上报信息,相关信息会在第一时间通过“公安部儿童失踪信息紧急发布平台”官方微等新媒体、高德地图等移动应用对公众发布,同时通过相应渠道自动推送到儿童失踪地周边的相关人群,收到推送的用户可拨打1或者信息中的打拐民警电话提供线索儿童失踪信息会在第一时间通过高德地图对公众发布(公安部刑事侦查局提供)#0;请看相关报道:A high-tech system to help find missing children was put into operation on Sunday as a result of joint efts by Chinese police and Internet companies.由中国警方和互联网公司合力推出的失踪儿童搜寻高科技平台周日(5月日)正式上线Chinese police working on cases of missing children first post messages, including photos and physical characteristics, on an internal system. The inmation can then be posted on Sina Weibo, China's Twitter-like service.负责失踪儿童案件的民警现在内部网络上发布失踪儿童的照片和体貌特征等信息,之后,这些信息就会被发布到新浪微【运行方式】打拐民警将失踪儿童信息、嫌疑人信息等录入公安系统内部使用的儿童失踪信息紧急发布平台(emergency response system),点击“发布”后,信息即实时精准地推送到社交网络以丢失地点为圆心,儿童失踪时间1小时内,推送半径0公里(the inmation on the missing child and the suspect is broadcast to areas 0 kilometers from the place a child went missing within one hour);失踪小时内,推送半径0公里;失踪3小时内,推送半径300公里;儿童失踪超过3小时,推送半径500公里(the range is extended to more than 500 kilometers if a child is missing more than three hours)目前,失踪儿童信息可以通过微和地图软件进行推送,在儿童失踪地附近的用户,能够在手机上接收到推送的消息,未来也会有其他移动应用的用户接收到儿童失踪信息的推送【热词注解】美国失踪儿童发布系统“安珀警戒”(AMBER Alert)1996年1月日,美国得克萨斯州阿灵顿市,9岁女孩安珀·哈格曼在家附近被一名男子强行带走四天后,安珀的尸体在几公里外的一条小溪边被发现许多民众提出疑问:孩子失踪后,警方为何不在第一时间与媒体联动,像发布飓风警报那样,发布失踪儿童警报呢?受这一理念启发,一个接驳美国紧急警报系统(Emergency Alert System, EAS),通过电台、电视台、电子邮件、交通提示、短信等多种渠道,向全国发布失踪儿童信息的庞大系统——“安珀警戒”(America's Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response, AMBER)上线一旦有儿童失踪,经过警方认定,就可利用EAS,通过广播(radio)、电视(TV station)、电子路牌( electronic traffic-condition signs)、手机推送( SMS text messages)、社交网站等途径,发布信息一条标准的安珀警戒通知,一般包括嫌疑人及失踪儿童的体貌特征、汽车型号与车牌号、执法部门联系电话等三大要素安珀警戒发出后,接收到警报的民众就都成为警方眼线,这让搜寻的范围与力度大大加强自1996年投入使用以来,安珀警戒已经至少解救了670名失踪儿童,美国的失踪儿童寻回率从1990年的6%,增长到今天的95%以上 (中国日报网英语点津 Helen)使用私人邮箱,希拉里被联邦调查局审问 -- ::5 来源: 美国总统候选人Hillary Clinton被联邦调查局审问,是有关她在担任国务卿期间使用邮件的问题 US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been questioned by the FBI over her use of emails while she was secretary of state, her campaign says.美国总统候选人Hillary Clinton被联邦调查局审问,她的竞选团队说是有关她在担任国务卿期间使用邮件的问题A spokesperson said it was a voluntary interview.一位发言人说这是一次自愿性质的会谈The FBI is investigating Mrs Clinton and her aides over whether they mishandled classified inmation on a private email server she used while serving as secretary of state.联邦调查局在调查Clinton女士和她的助手是否在她担任国务卿期间存在不当行为——通过私人邮件发送国家机密信息Mrs Clinton denies handling classified inmation in her private emails.Clinton女士否认自己使用私人邮箱处理机密信息She said she set up the email address reasons of convenience, because it was easier to do everything from her Blackberry than to have several phones or tablets.她说她是为了方便才注册的这个邮箱,这样她可以通过黑莓手机处理所有事情,而不是用好几个手机和平板电脑However, a state department inquiry accused her and other mer US secretaries of state of poorly managing email security.但是,一项国务院调查指控她和前几任国务卿在邮件安全问题上处理不当The justice department is now seeking to establish whether this constitutes a criminal offence.司法部目前正在确认这是否构成刑事罪名Let’s face it - this is not really how you want to start a presidential campaign.让我们面对现实吧——你可不想这样开始你的总统竞选Hillary Clinton is trying to pitch herself as a sensible, qualified, experienced candidate who’s facing an outlandish controversial opponent in Donald Trump.Hillary Clinton竞选的卖点可是明智、合格、有经验,是她古怪的竞争对手Donald Trump的翻版Being questioned by the FBI three and a half hours is not going to help her case.被联邦调查局审问三个半小时,可对她毫无利处It gives her Republican opponents ammion to describe her as untrustworthy. Mr Trump has aly nicknamed her "crooked Hillary" and uses it with glee at every campaign stump speech.这可是把子弹送到对手共和党手中,让他们把她形容为不可靠Trump先生已经给她取了绰号“骗子希拉里”欢快地把它用于每次竞选演讲The timing of this long-awaited interview is also interesting. This is a holiday weekend filled with Independence Day barbeques and parades. The Clinton campaign will hope that voters are more interested in where to watch the fireworks than the rolling network news coverage.这个一直在拖的审问,掐了一个好时机——在满是独立日烧烤和游行的周末假期克林顿竞选团队是希望选民能对观看烟火更有兴趣,而不是滚动的网络新闻报道In just a few weeks Hillary Clinton will stand on the Democratic convention stage and be mally announced as the party nominee. During that same time, the FBI will decide whether or not to bring mal charges. Legal experts say it is unlikely. In that case she may have time to put this controversy behind her personally.短短几周后,Hillary Clinton就要站在民主大会上,被正式地宣布为该党提名人在那个时候,联邦调查局将决定是否正式控告她法律专家说不太可能如果是那样,她就有时间把这项争议抛在身后But there’s no doubt that, politically, her opponents are never going to let her get it.但毋庸置疑的是,政治角度上,她的对手可永远不会让她忘了这事儿On Friday, the US Attorney General Loretta Lynch said she would accept the findings of the FBI and prosecutors, when deciding whether to charge Mrs Clinton.周五,美国司法部长Loretta Lynch说她会接受联邦调查局和检举人的结果,并决定是否起诉Clinton女士The day bee, it was revealed that Ms Lynch had met the mer president, Mrs Clinton’s husband Bill, in what she described as a "social" meeting but which she admitted would "cast a shadow" over the way her role in the case would be perceived.据透露,Lynch女士前天与前总统,也就是Clinton女士的丈夫Bill见面,她说那是一次“社交的”会面,但她也承认这会为大家看待她在这件案子中的角色时“笼上阴影”Mrs Clinton is the presumptive nominee the Democratic Party and party members are expected to confirm the nomination at a convention at the end of July.Clinton女士是民主党的提名候选人,该党将于七月底在大会确认提名Shortly bee being sworn in as secretary of state in , Hillary Clinton set up an email server at her home. She relied on it all her electronic correspondence during her four years in office.年,Hillary Clinton女士在宣任国务卿不久后,便在家注册了该邮箱她在位四年都使用该邮箱处理来往电子邮件Why is this controversial?这为什么有争议?It was probably not against the law.这可能不违法But sceptics say she did it to have total control over her correspondence, becoming the sole arbiter of what should and shouldn’t be provided to the government, made public via freedom of inmation requests or turned over to interested parties, such as the congressional committee investigating an attack on the US consulate in Benghazi.怀疑论者说她是为了控制自己通信往来,自己决定该提供什么给政府,什么信息可以示众,什么可以交给有兴趣的人士,例如国会委员会调查美国驻Benghazi领事馆袭击Critics have also expressed concern that the system made her emails more vulnerable to being hacked.批评者也对她邮件被黑客攻击的容易性表示关注Have other politicians done this?其他政客干过这事么?Yes. Mrs Clinton is far from alone. Others have sometimes relied on personal email official business.是的,Clinton女士远不是一个人其他人也有时通过私人邮箱处理公事But unlike them, Mrs Clinton used her personal email address exclusively.但与他们不同的是,Clinton女士只用她的个人电子邮箱鹤庆县妇幼保健医院能做人流吗

大理东方妇科医院专家啃老族out啦!新名词“尼特族”你造么? -- 19:: 来源:chinadaily 很多年轻人一毕业后也就步入了“啃老族”的行列,他们不升学也不就业,就在父母的庇佑下得过且过他们有一个名字叫“尼特族”,和“啃老族”是一个意思今天,小天带大家来看看“尼特族”的英文是怎么来的 NEET 尼特族 A NEET or neet is a young person who is ;Not in Education, Employment, or Training;. 尼特族是指不升学、不就业、不进修或参加就业辅导的年轻人 【度娘说】 尼特族是NEET在台湾的译音,NEET的全称是(Not currently engaged in Employment, Education or Training),最早使用于英国,之后渐渐的使用在其他国家;它是指一些不升学、不就业、不进修或参加就业辅导,终日无所事事的族群 尼特族是世界性的社会问题主要在发达国家和经济高增长、生活素质高的国家和地区的青年阶层中产生在中国大陆称为家里蹲或靠老族,在美国称为归巢族(Boomerang Kids),在香港则称之为双失青年(失学兼失业的青年) 【尼特族的社会危害】 Increase the family burden 加重家庭负担 Hinder the social development 阻碍社会发展 Increase social crime rate 增加社会犯罪率 【小天有话说】 所谓“尼特族”,类似于我们常说的“啃老族”,这部分青年有些仗着家底殷实,有些则是不敢面对社会压力,拒绝独立这部分劳动力没有得到完全地利用,必然是不利于社会发展的而且这批青年容易误入歧途,影响社会治安所以,请勇敢地跳出舒适圈,正视自己,不要让自己成为父母亲的拖累!永平县体检多少钱 众多公司推新品庆祝全美同性婚姻合法(双语) --01 3:: 来源:   Companies have thrown their support behind the SupremeCourt's decision to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide byannouncing a host of commemorative products andgimmicks. Several businesses marked the landmark decision toallow gay marriage in all 50 states across America with tweets ofsupport, snazzy marketing gimmicks and new products.  众多公司推出各种纪念产品及小创意,以持美国联邦最高法院裁定同性婚姻在全美50州合法多家公司通过推文点赞、营销新策略及新产品纪念这一历史性裁决  Among the most creative ideas was Ben and Jerry's ice cream, which announced it wouldtemporarily rename its chocolate chip cookie dough to 'I Dough, I Dough.' The ice cream flavor willbe available in a commemorative pint sleeve at participate ice cream shops a limited time.  最具有创意的点子当属本和杰里甜品店的冰淇淋(Ben and Jerry's)该品牌宣布会暂时将其巧克力曲奇饼命名为“I Dough, I Dough.”(“I do, I do”的谐音)部分门店将限时推出纪念版包装的冰激凌  Another high profile firm - Google - changed the logo on its building in the Chelsea neighborhood ofManhattan to one that featured a rainbow flag. The company's office is the second-largest afterthe company's headquarters in Mountain View.  谷歌的庆祝活动也引人注目谷歌将其位于曼哈顿切尔西地区的办公楼上的标志改为虹色这座办公大楼的规模仅次于位于山景城的谷歌总部  Meanwhile, Facebook commemorated the big day by allowing its social media users to put arainbow overlay on their profile picture by clicking on a link, according to A News. CEO MarkZukerberg led the way by changing his profile page to one that featured the bright colors.  美国广播公司新闻网称,为了庆祝这一重大日子,脸谱为其社交媒体用户提供虹头像,其用户仅需点击链接便可获得以透明虹色为前景的头像脸谱首席执行官马克·扎克伯格首先发起行动,将其自己个人主页变成虹色  Passengers who used car-service Uber took screen shots of the moving icons of vehicles in theapp as they had rainbow flags trailing behind them.  优步用户将应用程序中汽车的移动图标进行截屏,因为图标都拖着虹旗尾   The Maytag Man's official Twitter displayed two Maytag men as matching washer anddryer appliances. The slogan 'perfect together' was splashed across the image. And the tweet : 'Here's to finding the one who completes you. #SCOTUSMarriage.'  美泰克的官方推特账户推出新的宣传图片,图中两名美泰克工作人员分别手持洗衣机和烘干机,图片上的标语则为“天生一对”推文是:“找寻那个令你完整的人#美国联邦最高法院婚姻”  American Airlines tweeted an image of a plane's television screens decked out in the colors of therainbow. It tweeted the message: 'We're on board. Diversity strengthens us all today wecelebrate #Marriage equality the landmark #SCOTUSMarriage decision.  美国航空公司则在推特上推送了一张满是虹座椅屏幕的照片推文为:“我们也加入了 多样性使我们更强大今天我们庆祝#婚姻平等具有历史意义的#美国联邦最高法院婚姻裁决”  Twitter users like Airbnb used the hashtag '#LoveWins' and tweeted 'Dear Supreme Court, Wehope it's not too soon to ask, but will you marry us? Love Airbnb.'  爱本卜等公司的推特账号都发推文参与了“爱的胜利”这一话题,并写道:“亲爱的最高法院,希望这不是太冒失,但是你愿意嫁给我们吗?爱你的爱本卜”  Hoards of official Twitter s including American Airlines, The White House and Hillary Clintonchanged their profile images to include rainbow colors.  包括美国航空、白宫及希拉里·克林顿在内的许多官方推特账户也将头像变更为虹色  The Supreme Court ruled on Friday that the U.S. Constitution provides same-sex couples the rightto marry, handing a historic triumph to the American gay rights movement. The court ruled 5-that the Constitution's guarantees of due process and equal protection under the law mean thatstates cannot ban same-sex marriages.  美国联邦最高法院周五裁定,将同性婚姻合法化载入宪法,这是美国同性恋者权力运动一次历史性的胜利最高法院最终以5比通过法案由于宪法保了正当法律程序以及平等法律保护,美国各州不得禁止同性婚姻大理哪家医院做人工流产比较好

大理人流医院那个好中国鼓励物馆商业化 -- :56:5 来源: 北京故宫物院生活的几十只流浪猫激发了设计者的创作灵感,设计师制作了一系列以猫为特色的皇宫侍卫护身符,不料却成为物馆最畅销的纪念品之一 The dozens of stray cats living in the bidden City in Beijing inspired designers to create a feline imperial bodyguard figure that ended up becoming one of the best-selling souvenirs sold at the Palace Museum.北京故宫物院生活的几十只流浪猫激发了设计者的创作灵感,设计师制作了一系列以猫为特色的皇宫侍卫护身符,不料却成为物馆最畅销的纪念品之一Other items inspired by the bidden City have also become hits, such as earphones and umbrellas that look like the necklaces and hats worn by the minsters of the Qing Dynasty (-19).其他的一些饰品也成为了热销品,例如耳机、雨伞以及清朝(-19年)官员们穿戴的项链和帽子At a press conference in Beijing on May 19, Palace Museum Curator Shan Jixiang told media that the museum possesses more than 8,700 cultural and creative products, the sales of which reached nearly 1 billion yuan ($ million) last year.5月19日,北京召开了新闻发布会,故宫物馆馆长单霁翔跟媒体透露说,物馆共有8700件文化和创新产品,去年这些商品销售额达到亿元(1.5亿美元)These successes have set a promising example other museums in China to follow. However, while many museums may want to design their own cultural and creative products, most still lack the know-how.故宫物馆的成功为中国其他物馆树立了榜样然而,很多物馆如果想设计出自己独特的文化艺术品还缺乏技能Lack of development缺乏发展While many museums in other countries have developed cultural products to the point that sales of these souvenirs actually bring in more revenue than ticket sales, museums in China have only recently discovered their power.许多国外物馆开发了文化艺术品并大获丰收,他们纪念品的销售额甚至超过门票,而中国的物馆近期才发现这一发展力The lagging development of cultural products is the result of a number of factors. Guan Qiang, vice director of the National Relics Bureau, said that government policy used to be one major obstacle.中国文化产品发展滞后是由一系列因素造成的国家文物局副局长关强说道,政府政策是制约文化产品发展落后的一大障碍"State-owned museums are classified as public institutions, and theree are not allowed to carry out commercial operations according to regulations. This limits their ability to develop cultural and creative products," he told the media at the press.“国有物馆被划为公共机构,所以照条例规定不得进行商业活动,这就限制了文化产品的发展,”关局长告诉媒体说Guan also pointed out issues when it comes to financial support, favorable policies and income distribution. Guan said that although the government supports the development of the cultural industry, investment in developing cultural products is not covered by government funding.关局长就文化产品这一话题也说到了经济持、优惠政策和收入分配的因素关局长说,尽管政府持文化产业的发展,但是政府资金持并没有包括投资文化产品的发展He also added that museums do not include this development as part of their operating budgets.关局长同时说道,物馆也没有把发展文化产品作为运营预算的一部分In addition to these external factors, Guan pointed out that museums are also responsible cultural products’ lack of development, since many museums have no clue how to find the attractive cultural elements from their collections and combine those with elements from modern society.除了这些外部因素,关局长还指出,物馆同样也指出,文化产品发展滞后也有物馆自身责任,因为很多物馆无法从物馆陈列的展品中找到有吸引力的文化要素,也不知如何把这些文化要素和现代社会相结合Support国家持To solve these issues, the State Council has issued guidelines to departments, including the Ministry of Culture, recently about how to support organizations in the development of cultural products.为了解决这一问题,近日,国务院给包括文化局在内的相关部门下发指令说,指令如何帮助相关部门促进文化产品的发展These guidelines encourage national-level and provincial-level cultural organizations (museums, galleries, libraries) to experiment with cultural products, allow them to set the prices of these products, as well as allow them to own intellectual property and establish commercial enterprises to manage cultural products.这些指导方针鼓励国家级和省级文化组织(物馆、展览馆和图书馆)增加文化产品体验,容许他们标注产品价格,以及允许他们拥有自己的文化知识产权,建立工商企业管理文化产品In addition to these guidelines, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage is currently working on policy that will regulate museums’ commercial businesses.除了这些指导方针,国家文物局目前正在起草如何管理物馆的商业运营方针Besides the Palace Museum, the National Museum of China is another success story.除了故宫物馆,国家物馆也是运行成功模范之一With the support of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, the National Museum of China was able to hold design competitions cultural products in and .在国家文物局的持下,国家物馆在年和年组织了文化产品大赛By the end of , the National Museum of China has been involved in the development of more than 3,000 products, with the IP rights to more than half these belonging solely to the museum.到年年底,国家物馆已经设计了3000多个文化产品,其中超过一半产品的知识产权只属于物馆At the May 19 press conference, vice director of the National Museum of China, said that the museum is moving into the e-commerce arena. In addition to an official store on e-commerce platm Tmall, it is also cooperating with Alibaba to establish a platm focused on design and investment issues.在5月19日新闻发布会上,国家物馆副馆长说,物馆正在走向电子商业平台除了在天猫平台开放了官方商店之外,物馆也和阿里巴巴合作设立专注于文化产品设计和投资的平台Practical art实用艺术An increasing number of museums in China are putting more energy into developing their own cultural products.中国越来越多的物馆开始将精力投入到开发自己的文化产品The Sanxingdui Museum in Sichuan Province kicked off a design competition on May 18 to attract the public and organizations to submit their designs based on the Bronze age Sanxingdui Culture.5月18日,四川省三星堆物馆开展了一次设计大赛,大赛吸引了公众和组织设计铜器时代三星堆文化的产品设计热情Offering his advice, Guan said that the first thing museums should focus on is making products that have practical uses. Cellphone cases, USB drives, duct tape, batteries phones, and even soap have all been big hits the Palace Museum.关局长在提说这些建议的同时还说道,物馆在设计文化产品时最重要的一点是考虑产品的实用性耳机、USB接口、胶带、手机电池甚至是肥皂都可以成为物馆的畅销品By the end of , a total of ,69 museums were registered nationwide in China.到年年底,中国全国共有69家注册物馆 嘘!已婚男女互相隐瞒的秘密~ -- 19:01: 来源:chinadaily Everyone knows that open, honest communication is the cornerstone of a happy marriage. But that doesn’t stop people from lying to their spouses, whether it’s a harmless fib or a lie about something more substantial. 人人都知道公开坦诚的交流是幸福婚姻的基石,但这不能防止人们对配偶撒谎,不管是没有坏处的小谎还是涉及到实质问题的大谎 Below, people on the secret-sharing app Whisper reveal the biggest thing they’re keeping from their spouses: 下面是秘密分享应用Whisper上,人们写下的对配偶撒的最大的谎: 1. I drop at least a grand every month betting on sports. My wife has no idea. 我每月在体育赛事下注上要花最少一千美元,我媳妇都不知道这事儿 . My husband doesn't know I names our son after the first guy I loved. 我瞒着丈夫,给我们的儿子取了初恋的名字 3. 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