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A protester sits in front of a banner outside the British consulate in Hong Kong on January 20, 2015 (AFP Photo/Philippe Lopez)20150日,英国驻港总领事馆外,一位抗议者坐在横幅下。(法新社图 Philippe Lopez)With Hong Kong increasingly polarised on political reforms and fears growing over the influence of Beijing, frustrated residents are pressing former colonial power Britain to offer them an escape route.随着香港政治改革逐渐两极化和对中央影响力日益增长的担忧,沮丧的香港居民敦促前殖民国家——英国给他们一条出路。Their push for a new status that would allow them right of abode in Britain reflects their anger over what they see as a lack of support from the UK in their time of need.新身份的争取一旦成功,他们就将取得在英居留权。但这也反映出他们对英国在必要时并未给予足够持的愤怒。It follows more than two months of pro-democracy protests, which failed to win concessions from the government on the way the citys next leader is elected, and ties in with concerns that civil liberties are being chipped away.(争取新身份的)行动发生时,香港的民主抗议活动已持续了两个多月,但未获得政府在特首选举问题上的让步,也让人开始担心公民自由正被逐步剥夺。Before Britain gave the city back to China in 1997 it offered Hong Kongers a special ;British National Overseas; (BNO) status to calm those worried about their future under Beijings rule.97年香港回归之前,为纾解民众对于重回中国治下的担忧,英国曾给予香港人一个特殊身份——“英国海外居民(BNO)”。Holders can enter the UK without a visa and get consular assistance abroad, but have no right to live in Britain.持英国国海外)护照可免签入境英国,在英国国外可享用英国的领事协助,但不具备在英居留权。Around 400,000 Hong Kong residents hold the BNO passport and some are now calling on Britain to allow them residency as they seek to escape rising tensions.0万香港居民持有英国国海外)护照。为避开香港社会愈发紧张的形势,他们中的部分人正呼吁英国给予他们在英居留权;It is an extra option for Hong Kong people -- its a right they deserve,; says Sampson Noble, a 30-year-old Hong Kong Chinese resident who runs the BritishHongKong campaign group.中国香港居民Sampson Noble说:“这是摆在香港人面前的一个额外选项,这是他们应得的权利。”现0岁的他是港英活动组织的负责人;I was born British,; he added. ;It should not relate to my ethnicity.;他还说:“我一生下来就是英国人。这和我的种族无关。”Pro-democracy protesters banners pictured outside the British consulate in Hong Kong on January 20, 2015 (AFP Photo/Philippe Lopez)20150日,民主抗议活动人士挂在英国驻港总领事馆外的横幅。(法新社图 Philippe Lopez)The groups forum has 3,000 members and has sent letters to British lawmakers, as well as a statement to a UK parliamentary inquiry into Hong Kongs post-handover relationship with Britain.该组织论坛现000名成员。除了致信英国立法委员外,它还向英国议会发出声明,质询回归后的港英关系。In that statement the group called Britains stance ;discriminative;.在声明中该组织称英国的立场带有“歧视性”;We were ruled for 156 years and we are being discriminated against,; said Humphrey Lau, a campaigner for the group.该组织的推动者Humphrey Lau说:“我们曾被统治了156年,现在又被歧视。;There is a feeling of being betrayed.;“这让人有一种被背叛的感觉。”Popular Facebook page ;BNO Concern;, which also calls for right of abode, has 6,000 likes with users dismissing their status as ;rubbish; and pushing for change.同样在争取在英居留权的热门Facebook主页“BNO Concern”,已被点赞000次,这些用户因为不满意他们“垃圾”一样的身份,正积极寻求变革。Twenty- and thirty-somethings are particularly frustrated, says political columnist Martin Oei.政治专栏作家黄世泽(Martin Oei)指出,年龄00岁左右的年轻人感到特别沮丧;Young people are disappointed to see how Hong Kong is greatly affected by the Chinese way,; he said.“年轻人对香港社会‘中国化的现状感到失望。”Tents line a road at the main pro-democracy protest site in Hong Kongs Admiralty district on December 9, 2014 (AFP Photo/Isaac Lawrence)20142日,在民主抗议活动主阵地——香港金钟区,沿路搭建的帐篷。(法新社图 Philippe Lopez;People now want to think of a way out.;“人们现在想要找到一条出路。 Desperate measure -权宜之计Before the handover, 50,000 selected Hong Kongers -- mainly white-collar professionals and civil servants -- were given British passports, but more than three million had to make do with BNO status.回归前,5万被选中的港人(以职业白领和公务员为主)获颁英国护照,但还是有超00万的人只能将就着英国海外居民(BNO)这一身份。Signing up was optional and the status can be held alongside a Chinese passport.相关登记是自愿进行的,拥有该身份的人也可同时持有中国护照。Applying was only possible before the handover, but holders can renew their BNO every 10 years for around HK,000 (US0).对该身份的申请只在回归前有效,且0年更新一次,花费大约000港元30美金)左右。For 33-year-old Peter, a pilot, renewing his BNO passport is a desperate measure.3岁的飞行员Peter来说,更新英国国民(海外)护照只是个权宜之计;(It) is just like someone who is drowning would grasp whatever he can reach,; he told AFP, saying the recent democracy protests spurred him to renew the document.他告诉法新社记者,“这就好比一个人溺水时,会拼命抓住任何他能抓住的东西。”最近的民主抗议活动促使他将件进行了更新。People take photos of an installation of paper umbrellas -- symbols of Hong Kongs pro-democracy protests -- in Causeway Bay on December 14, 2014 (AFP Photo/Alex Ogle)201424日,人们在挂有香港民主抗议活动标志——纸伞前拍照。(法新社图 Alex Ogle)The rallies were sparked by Beijings insistence that candidates in the citys 2017 leadership vote must be vetted by a loyalist committee, which critics dismiss as ;fake democracy;.引发集会的原因是,中央坚017年特首选举的候选人必须经过提名委员会的审查,这被批评者认为是“假民主”。Attacks on outspoken media figures and the arrests of protest leaders have added to fears that Hong Kongs semi-autonomous status is eroding.对公开发声的媒体人进行攻击和抗议活动领袖的被捕,加剧了人们对于香港半自治地位被削弱的担忧。Peter told AFP the failed protests proved ;how we are ignored by our government and how helpless we Hong Kong people are;.Peter告诉法新社记者,这次抗议活动的失败明“我们是怎样被政府无视,以及港人是如何的无助”;The BNO passport may save me one day, when Hong Kong is no longer a place for us and we cannot call ourselves Hong Kong people any more,; he added.他还说:“如果有天香港再无我们容身之地,我们不能再称自己为香港人的时候,英国国民(海外)护照或许还能救救我。 Saving face -挽回颜面Despite the growing calls, there is no sign that Britain will budge.尽管呼声日益高涨,但至今未见英国有让步的迹象;There are currently no plans to amend British Nationality legislation to give holders of BNO status the Right of Abode in the UK, or to extend the right to apply for BNO status,; a consulate spokeswoman told AFP.英国领事馆发言人告诉法新社记者,目前并没有为拥有英国海外居民(BNO)身份公民取得在英居留权或是放宽英国海外居民(BNO)身份申请权限而修改《英国国籍法》的计划。Critics are sceptical that Britain would ever risk its relationship with China over Hong Kong. UK Foreign Office minister Hugo Swire suggested the strictly-controlled election offered by Beijing could be ;better than nothing at all;, as he gave evidence to the parliamentary inquiry on Hong Kong last week.在香港问题上,批评者对英国是否会冒着损害中英关系的风险表示怀疑。上周,英国外交大臣Hugo Swire在议会对香港问题进行质询时出席作,认为被中央严格管控的特首选举“有总比没有好”。The creation of BNO status was itself widely seen as a bid to keep China happy by not offering Hong Kongers alternative citizenship. It also prevented an influx into Britain.英国海外居民(BNO)身份的设立本身就被视为取中国欢心的一种手段,它并未给港人可供选择的国籍。另外此举也阻止了大量港人涌入英囀?;The key was to save face on the diplomatic arrangements,; says Chung Kim-wah, assistant professor of social science at Hong Kongs Polytechnic University.香港理工大学社会科学助教Chung Kim-wah称:“关键是他们要在外交部署上挽回颜面。;The benefits for Hong Kong were not a primary concern.;“香港的利益并不是他们主要关心的事。”Chung said young peoples current discontent was ;embarrassing; for China.Chung还说年轻人的不满让中国感到“难堪”。The older generation are demanding change, too -- Hong Kong residents who served Britain as soldiers have taken their call for right of abode to the UK parliament.老一辈的港人也在要求变革,曾在英军中过兵役的香港居民已经向英国议会呼吁给予他们在英居留权。Unless large numbers of BNO-holders can ;create noise internationally; there is little chance of change, says Chung.Chung表示,只有让拥有英国海外居民(BNO)身份的人把事情在国际上闹大,否则现状就没法改观。But for campaigners like Lau, there is no choice but to keep up the pressure.但对像Lau这样的推动者来说,已经没有其他选择,只能继续施压;If we stop it, well get nothing,; he said.Lau这样说道:“一旦放弃施压,我们就将一无所有。”来 /201502/358807

Former US president Jimmy Carter, 90, appears relaxed and smiling at a press conference in Atlanta yesterday to announce that cancer he revealed earlier this month had sp to his brain.现年90岁的美国前总统吉米愠祓(Jimmy Carter)昨日在亚特兰大举行的一个新闻发布会上宣布,他本月早些时候透露的癌症病情已经扩散至大脑。他看起来自在放松,面带笑容。Despite initial hopes that liver surgery had removed the cancer, tests revealed four cancerous spots on his brain for which he would immediately begin radiation treatment, he told reporters.卡特告诉记者,尽管最初希望肝脏手术能够去除癌症,但检查结果显示他的大脑中个癌病灶,为此他将立即开始接受放射性治疗。“I’ve had a wonderful life,he said. “It’s in God’s hands. I’ll be prepared for anything that comes.He added he was cutting back his work for the humanitarian Carter Center, for which he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002. But he was set to teach Sunday school at his local church this weekend as usual.“我已经过了美好的一生,”他称,“现在一切在上帝掌握之中。我将为接下来的无论什么事情做好准备。”他补充称,将减少在人道主义组织——卡特中Carter Center)的工作,他曾因为这项工作而在2002年获得诺贝尔和平Nobel Peace Prize)。但是,本周末他将像往常一样去当地教堂的主日学校授课。来 /201508/394365

At 9.47pm on Friday November 13, French striker Olivier Giroud scored the first goal in a friendly football match against Germany. The supporters of Les Bleus in the Stade de France roared with delight all except for Hollande.113日周五晚上九点四十七分,法国中锋奥利维耶吉Olivier Giroud)在法德足球友谊赛中踢进了第一个球。法兰西体育Stade de France)内的“蓝衣军团”持者们高兴地欢呼起来,除了法国总统弗朗索瓦攠朗 Hollande)以外。The French president, who had gone to the game with Frank-Walter Steinmeier, German foreign minister, had just been told two terrorists had detonated explosive belts outside the stadium the first suicide bombers to hit France. Early reports of shootings in central Paris suggested co-ordinated attacks of a scale greater than those on satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish supermarket in January.与德国外长弗兰克-瓦尔特施泰因迈尔(Frank-Walter Steinmeier)一起前往法兰西体育场看球的奥朗德刚刚被告知,两名恐怖分子在球场外引爆炸弹——这是针对法国的首起自杀性炸弹袭击。早些时候巴黎中部击事件的报道表明,这是一起协同袭击事件,规模超过今年1月份针对讽刺漫画杂志《查理周刊Charlie Hebdo)和犹太人超市的袭击事件。Mr Hollande decided to keep crowd and players unaware of the unfolding atrocities, according to a person who was with him. The gates would be discreetly locked and fans herded on to the pitch after the game. The decision prevented further carnage: a third terrorist was waiting outside to blow himself up. In the end he killed no one but himself.据当时和奥朗德在一起的人士透露,奥朗德决定不要让观众和球员知道正在发生的恐怖袭击。大门将被小心翼翼地锁上,球迷们在比赛结束后被聚集到球场上。该决定阻止了进一步的杀戮:第三名恐怖分子正等在外面准备引爆自己身上的炸弹。最终他除了自己以外没有杀死任何人。The president rushed back to the centre of Paris. By the time he entered the situation room in the basement of the interior ministry, he had decided to impose a state of emergency. “It’s an act of war perpetrated by a terrorist army,he said in a televised address, using rhetoric reminiscent of US president George W Bush’s term, the “war on terror which he first used in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.奥朗德匆忙返回巴黎市中心。到进入内政部地下战情室的时候,他决定宣布法国进入紧急状态。他在电视讲话中表示:“这是一场由恐怖主义军队实施的战争行为。”他的措辞令人想起美国前总统小布什(George W Bush)的“反恐战争”——小布什在入侵伊拉克和阿富汗前夕首次使用了“反恐战争”一词。The Paris terrorist attacks the deadliest in France’s history have tested Mr Hollande’s leadership skills for the second time this year. Unpopular at home, struggling to rekindle growth in the eurozone’s second-largest economy and unable to bring unemployment down from record highs, he has risen to the challenge. With the fight against terrorism, he has found a way to show his resolve as commander-in-chief.巴黎恐怖袭击事件是法国历史上伤亡人数最多的袭击事件,它是今年对奥朗德领导能力的第二次考验。奥朗德在国内的持率欠佳,他难以让欧元区第二大经济体恢复增长,也无法将创历史新高的失业率降下来,现在他奋力面对新的挑战。在针对恐怖主义的打击中,他设法展示了作为三军统帅的果断。“There’s the man who is indecisive on the economic front, whose rebellious MPs hinder his reform programme, and who is forced into political compromises; and there is the man who acts with determination on security and foreign policy issues,says Dominique , adviser to the Institut des Relations Internationales.法国国际关系研究所(Institut des Relations Internationales)顾问多米尼克莫伊Dominique )表示:“这个人在经济战线上优柔寡断,改革计划遭到桀骜不驯的议员们阻扰,还被迫在政治上妥协。同时这个人果断地在安全和外交政策事宜上采取行动。”Two days after at least nine extremists killed 129 concertgoers, passers-by and bar customers (the toll has risen to 130), Mr Hollande sent 10 jets to bomb the Syrian city of Raqqa, stronghold of Isis, the militant Islamist group that has claimed responsibility for the assaults. He vowed to “crushthe organisation.在至名极端分子杀29名音乐会观众、路人和酒吧顾客(遇难人数现在已升至130人)的两天后,奥朗德派遣10架战机轰炸了叙利亚的拉卡(Raqqa),后者是宣称对此次袭击事件负责的激进伊斯兰组织“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)的据点。他誓言要“摧毁”ISIS。“It’s the true Hollande that has been revealed,says Jack Lang, a former Socialist culture minister and a longtime friend. “You can’t change the economy by pressing a button, whereas a foreign policy is decided by a small group of people.”法国国会社会党(Socialist)议员、前文化部部长、奥朗德的长期密友贾克朗(Jack Lang)表示:“这揭示出一个真正的弗朗索瓦攠朗德。你不能按下一个按钮就改变经济,然而外交政策由一小群人决定。”Mr Hollande makes an unlikely war leader. The 61-year-old started life in the quiet Normandy city of Rouen his father a doctor with far-right leanings, his mother a social worker before the family moved to Paris. After graduating from business school, like many career politicians he studied at Nationale d’Administration. There he met Ségolène Royal, now energy minister, with whom he has four children. In office, his complicated private life has provided much fodder for the tabloids.奥朗德看上去并不像一位战争领导人。这位现1岁的总统出生在宁静的诺曼底鲁昂市,他的父亲是一位有着极右翼倾向的医生,他的母亲是一位社会工作者,后来他们家搬到了巴黎。在从商学院毕业后,与许多职业政客一样,他前往国家行政学院( Nationale d’Administration)求学。他在那里遇到了现任能源部长塞戈莱纳圠驿Ségolène Royal),两人育个孩子。在担任总统期间,奥朗德复杂的私生活为小报提供了大量素材。As he rose through the Socialist party he joined at 25, he developed an interest in the economy and social-democrat leanings. As first secretary for more than a decade, his job was to reconcile a fractious party. He is not without personal charm, cordial in public, with a y quip even in the midst of the crisis, when awarding the Légion d’honneur to a friend, recounts Mr Lang.奥朗德在25岁加入社会党,随着在党内地位的上升,他逐渐对经济产生兴趣并发展出社会民主倾向。他担任了十多年的第一书记,工作是在难以驾驭的社会党内协调事务。贾克朗表示,他并非没有个人魅力,在公众面前热情友好,妙语连出,即便在危机期间也是如此——他将荣誉军团勋章授予一位朋友,给他造成了危机。When elected in 2012, he lacked foreign experience. “He hasn’t travelled much, international affairs never interested him,says Professor Laurent Bouvet of Versailles university. “But... hasn’t hesitated to use the outsized powers granted by the French constitution to the head of state. For instance, he can launch air strikes in Syria without parliamentary approval.”在2012年当选法国总统的时候,奥朗德缺乏外交经验。凡尔赛大学(Versailles university)教授劳伦特布Laurent Bouvet)表示:“他没有去过很多地方,也从来不对国际事务感兴趣。但……他在动用法国宪法授予国家元首的巨大权力时不曾犹豫。比如,他可以在不需取得议会批准的情况下对叙利亚发动空袭。”He is often regarded as a soft, uncharismatic leader with an aversion to drastic decisions, yet he has launched more military operations than any other French president . In January 2013, he sent 2,500 troops to Mali to eradicate Islamists in the north. He is now spearheading a rapprochement with Russian president Vladimir Putin with a view to building a grand coalition to intensify the fight against Isis in the Middle East.他通常被视为一个温和、缺乏魅力的领导人,不愿做出激烈的决定,然而他发起的军事行动比其他任何一位法国总统都多。在2013月,他向马里派遣500名士兵以消灭马里北部的伊斯兰极端分子。他现在带头与俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔渠Vladimir Putin)恢复友好关系,目的是建立一个大联盟以加强对中东ISIS的打击。The operations have so far been successful, although also risky. Special forces are still operating in northern Mali; on Friday they were deployed when Islamist gunmen stormed a Bamako hotel full of expatriates.这些军事行动迄今取得了成功,尽管它们的风险也很大。特种部队仍在马里北部行动,上周五,当伊斯兰手向巴马科一家住满外籍人士的酒店发动袭击的时候,特种部队被调往那里。Mr Hollande, eyeing a second term in 2017, may benefit from the crisis politically. Regional elections next month in which Marine Le Pen, the anti-immigration politician, had been expected to make gains will provide the first test of his popularity after the tragedy.奥朗德有意在2017年连任总统,他可能在政治上受益于此次危机。下月举行的大区选举将在此次悲剧发生后第一次测试他的持率——此前预计反对移民的政客马琳勒庞(Marine Le Pen)会在选举中获得优势。As in January, after the Charlie Hebdo assault, there are signs the French back their leader: three-quarters approve of his handling of the crisis, according to a poll in Le Parisien. There are also signs his advisers seek to milk this renewed popularity: Gaspard Gantzer, the Elysée’s communications chief, tweeted the poll results as police were mounting an assault on Islamists in an apartment in the Paris suburb of Saint Denis.正如今年1月《查理周刊》遇袭事件发生之后一样,有迹象表明法国人持他们的领导人:《报Le Parisien)的民调显示,四分之三的民众认可他对危机的处理方式。还有迹象表明,他的顾问们寻求利用他新获得的人气:在警方向躲在巴黎市郊圣-德尼(Saint-Denis)的一间公寓里的伊斯兰分子发起攻击的时候,爱丽舍宫的新闻主管加斯帕尔甘Gaspard Gantzer)在Twitter上公布了此次民调结果。“This resolve allows him to reassert his presidential stature,Mr Bouvet says. “As always with Hollande, the politics is never far away.”布维表示:“这种果断让他可以再次角逐总统宝座。弗朗索瓦攠朗德总是这样,政治无处不在。”来 /201511/412270

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