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This sprawling complex hidden deep in the hills of northern Russia is Vladimir Putin#39;s secret holiday home, it is claimed.据悉,一栋隐藏在俄罗斯北部深山中的不规则建筑物,就是弗拉基米尔·普京的私人度假寓所。Furnished with affordable looking IKEA style furniture, the bolthole comes with a helipad and its roof is covered with grass to hide it from snooping Western spy satellites.这一寓所配备着价格实惠、看起来像是宜家家居风格的家具,有一个直升机场,其屋顶由草坪覆盖,目的是为了躲避西方间谍卫星的窥探。The property, in Karelia, Russia, is built on land belonging to longtime friends of the president from his days as vice-mayor of St Petersberg, it is claimed.有人声称,该寓所在普京担任圣彼得堡副市长的时候开始动工,修建在俄罗斯卡累利阿共和国一块属于他的老朋友的土地上。A source gave independent Russian television station Rain TV photos of the property, which were then broadcast to the country.消息来源还向俄罗斯独立电视台Rain TV提供了该寓所的照片,随后这些照片在全国传播开来。The station said in its report: #39;Our source confirms that the residence was built and designed for Putin. There is a helicopter pod there, two houses - one of them covered with grass and a lake dock.#39;该电视台在其报道中说道:“我们的资料实该住所是为普京修建和设计的。这里有一架直升机场,两栋房子--其中一栋用草坪和一个湖泊码头掩盖。”#39;The interior design is very laconic, Scandinavian style. Expensive fabrics are accompanied by furniture from IKEA,#39; the report claims.该报告称:“这所寓所的内部设计十分简单,是斯堪的纳维亚风格。有着昂贵的纤维织物和宜家家居制造的家具。”Gongeleva, former chief editor of local newspaper, Prizyv, added that there is widesp speculation locally that the property is Putin#39;s #39;dacha#39; - or country house.当地报纸Prizyv的前首席编辑冈格雷瓦补充称,当地有很多人推测这是普京的“别墅”--或者是乡间住宅。 /201610/470711

Dancing is undoubtedly great for the soul. 跳舞无疑是灵魂的绝佳养料。Sometimes, you just want to let your hair down and bust some moves to some great tunes, whether alone in your bedroom or with a group of friends in a club. 有时候,你只想散着头发,随着好听的曲子摆弄几个动作,不管是一个人在卧室还是和一群朋友在俱乐部。On other occasions though, you may be hoping to attract a mate, and if you do it right, your moves on the D-floor can help you lure them in. 在其他场合,你或许想吸引异性,如果你跳得合适,那么你在舞池里的表现就能奏效。In fact, a new study has discovered just exactly how a woman should dance if she hopes to appear sexy and attractive - the secret is to swing your hips and let the movement flow freely through your arms and legs. 事实上,一项最新的研究发现,女性应该怎样跳舞才显得性感又迷人呢--那就是摆动你的傲臀,同时让手臂和腿随心而动就行了。Researchers from the University of Northumbria used 3D motion-capture to record 39 women whilst they danced to a basic rhythm, then turned their movements into computer-generated avatars来自诺森布里亚大学的研究者们用3D捕捉仪记录了39名女性跳舞的基本节奏,然后把她们的动作转换成电脑生成的形象。Video clips of the 39 women#39;s dance styles were then watched and rated for #39;dance quality#39; by 57 men and 143 women. 剪辑后呈现的舞蹈风格受到了广泛关注,并被57名男性和143名女性评价为;高质量舞蹈;。The study concluded that there are three types of dancing that contribute to top female moves: ;greater hip swing, more asymmetric movements of the thighs, and intermediate levels of asymmetric movements of the arms.; 研究得出结论:;女性舞蹈动作排行榜里面前三名是,更大幅度的臀部摆动,更多不对称的大腿动作,和适当不对称的手臂动作。;The researchers suggested that the reasons these traits are so attractive is that hip swing is feminine and the ability to move limbs asymmetrically;may attest to well-developed motor control.; 研究人员称,这些动作特征之所以这么有吸引力,是因为摆臀这一动作非常具有女性魅力,而不对称的肢体活动;可能是发达的机体控制能力的明。;If you#39;re struggling to compute what all that actually means, here#39;s what a good female dancer should look like: 如果你依然云里雾里,这里就有关于优秀的女舞者是什么样的:You can almost tell she feels at home on the dance-floor. 几乎可以说舞池里的她就像是在自己家。She#39;s just not letting loose and going for it. 她只需让自己不要太散漫,然后随心起舞就行。If you#39;re wondering why the researchers only analysed women#39;s ability to bust a move, it#39;s because they did so for men back in 2014. 如果你好奇为什么研究人员只分析女性的运动能力,那是因为他们早在2014年的时候就对男性做过研究了。In the study - which was judged only by women - they discovered that large, variable movements of the head, neck and torso made a man more attractive, as well as bending and twisting of the right knee. So if you#39;re going out tonight, you know what to do.在那项只有女性参与的研究中,他们发现大量且多变的头部、颈部和躯干动作,以及右膝盖的弯曲翻转,会让男性更加有吸引力。所以,如果你今晚打算出去玩,你应该知道怎么做了。译文属 /201702/492536

Facials面部美容Despite popular belief, getting facials while you’re on your period is a very bad idea. “Many women make the mistake of thinking they should come in for a facial during their period, since it’s the time of the month they see the most breakouts,” comments Cerpa. “However, during that time, your skin is more sensitive and prone to flare ups.”虽然人们的普遍看法却有道理,但在大姨妈期间做面部美容着实是个糟糕的想法。“很多女性都会错误的认为大姨妈期间应该去做面部美容,因为每月的这段时期最容易长痘,”塞帕(Cerpa)道。“然而,这段期间的皮肤更为敏感,易受刺激。”Instead, book a monthly facial 10 to 14 days before your period to help prevent acne from forming altogether. During the first two weeks of your cycle, estrogen is the most dominant hormone, whereas during the second half (around the day 14-day mark), the amount of progesterone exceeds the amount of estrogen. This rise in the progesterone triggers the production of sebum, the oil within your pores, while shrinking your pore size.其实,你可在大姨妈到来前的10到14天预订月度美容,以防止青春痘一起出现。在周期的前两周,雌激素是最主要的荷尔蒙,而后两周(约以14天为分界岭),激素的分泌量会超过雌激素。激素的上升会刺激皮脂(毛孔内的油)的产生,同时会缩小毛孔。Laser hair removal激光脱毛“Because your sebum production is in overdrive, if you do not clear the pores at this time of the month, each pore that is filled with oil and bacteria is more likely to become trapped causing breakouts and inflammation,” Cerpa explains.“因为你的皮脂分泌过度,所以每月的这段时间如果不清洁毛孔,那么每个毛孔就会被油堵满,更容易滋生细菌,导致青春痘和炎症,”塞帕解释道。Since your skin is most sensitive during menstruation, it’s best to schedule laser hair removal (or any laser treatment) the week after your period. However, the efficacy of the treatment doesn’t fluctuate from week to week. The most important factor is the stage of hair growth, which has to be in the anagen phase, when the pigment in the follicle is the darkest.由于皮肤在经期内最为敏感,因此最好将激光脱毛(或任何激光治疗)安排在经期一周后。别担心,激光脱毛的效果每周都是一样的。最重要的因素是毛发生长的阶段,必须要处于毛囊生长阶段,因为毛囊内的色素在这时候是最黑的。Exfoliation去角质Whether you exfoliate your face twice per week or twice per month, avoid it altogether right before and during your period. “Because the skin is more sensitive, exfoliating during this time will also cause redness and irritation,” Cerpa explains.不管你是每周去两次角质,还是每月去两次,经期前和经期中都不要去角质。“因为皮肤更为敏感,这段时间去除角质会引起红肿和刺激,”塞帕解释道。There are however, two times during your cycle where sloughing off dead skin is imperative — the day after your period and then again on the 14-day mark. Incorporating these days into your beauty regimen will keep your skin bright and act as a preventative measure so that your pores don’t clog due to the rise in progesterone midway through your cycle. Try using a gentle granular exfoliant, like Bioré Pore Unclogging Scrub, in an upward, circular motion on damp skin after cleansing.然而,周期内有必要去除两次死皮——一次是经期结束的第二天,再一次就是两周后。将这些日期归入到你的美容计划中,那么你的皮肤一定透亮有光泽,同时这也是一种预防措施,这样你的毛孔就不会因为周期中激素的上升而堵塞。试着使用比较温和的颗粒状去角质产品,比如碧柔牌毛孔去除产品(Bioré Pore Unclogging Scrub),清洁完皮肤后,在潮湿的肌肤上向上划圆去角质。译文属 /201612/486201


  Feng Shuyuan, a retired worker living in Hengyang, Hunan province, recently completed a three-dimensional wooden sculpture of ;Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival,; a renowned ancient Chinese painting that depicts scenery along the Bianhe River in the capital of the Northern Song Dynasty (960–1127).最近,湖南省衡阳市的退休工人冯树元完成了《清明上河图》的三维木制雕刻。《清明上河图》是一幅著名的中国古代绘画,描绘了北宋(960-1127)都城汴河沿岸的风貌。The separate components of the sculpture were assembled on the morning of Oct. 15.这一雕刻的单独组件在10月15日的早晨组装完成。On the sculpture#39;s wooden base are hundreds of figures wearing various expressions, life-like camels and horses, and structures that show off the traditional architecture of the era.在雕刻的木基上有数百个表情各异的人,栩栩如生的骆驼和马,以及显示时代传统建筑的结构。Feng#39;s inspiration came from a conversation that he had with a fellow passenger on a train in 2004. The passenger expressed his desire to see a 3-D version of ;Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival; some day.冯树元的灵感来源于他2004年在火车上与一位同乘者的谈话。这名乘客表示他想在未来的某一天看到《清明上河图》的3D版本。To make this masterpiece, Feng went specially to Guangzhou to take reference pictures. He also traveled to various cities to obtain his raw materials.为了做出这一杰作,冯树元专门前往广州参考画作。此外,他还前往各个城市寻找他的原材料。The tools Feng used for his sculpture include abandoned graters and saws from the factory where he used to work, as well as needles from around his house.他用于雕刻的工具包括工厂废弃的锉刀和锯条,以及他家的缝衣针。Before he retired, Feng used to work at a factory for tractor manufacturing. In early 2012 Feng suddenly experienced a cerebral hemorrhage. After that, he had no choice but to reduce his workload.退休前,冯树元在拖拉机制造厂工作。 2012年初冯树元突发脑溢血。在此之后,他别无选择,只能减少他的工作量。Feng basically completed the sculpture by October 2013. However, at that time he came across an expected problem.2013年10月,冯树元基本完成了雕刻。但是,当时他遇到了一个始料未及的问题。The lacquer Feng had previously used was no longer available, and the sculpture wouldn#39;t be finished in all the same color if he used another lacquer. Feng was therefore forced to refinish the parts he had aly lacquered in order to achieve unity in his sculpture#39;s overall aesthetic.冯树元之前使用过的漆已经买不到了,如果他使用另一种漆,完成的雕刻就会有不同的颜色。因此,冯树元只得返工已经上漆的部分,以实现雕刻整体审美的统一。For his next project, Feng plans to sculpt a three-dimensional version of Yuanmingyuan, a resort for the imperial families of the Qing Dynasty, which was pillaged and burned by British and French troops in 1860. He hopes that his works will remind future generations of the importance of history.至于他的下一个项目,冯树元计划雕刻一个3D版的圆明园。圆明园是清朝皇室的度假胜地,却在1860年被英国和法国军队掠夺和烧毁。他希望他的作品能警示后人历史的重要性。 /201611/476172。


  About 30 million men in China can#39;t find wives in China due to the country#39;s gender imbalance issue. That#39;s nearly half of the population of Britain.由于男女性别比例失衡问题,中国将有约3000万男性找不到老婆,这一数字差不多是英国人口的一半。And a renowned scholar seemed to have found a shortcut to deal with the looming #39;bachelor crisis#39;: foreign women.而中国一位著名学者似乎找到了一条解决即将到来“光棍危机”的捷径:外国女性。Mao Shoulong, a dean from the Renmin University, wrote in a newspaper column that more female immigrants should be encouraged to live and work in China, so that they would perhaps marry Chinese #39;leftover men#39;.中国人民大学一名名叫毛寿龙的院长最近在一篇新闻专栏文章中表示,应该鼓励更多的外国女性移民到中国来工作和生活,如此一来她们就可能会嫁给中国的“剩男”。He wrote: #39;It could be an advisable tactic to aptly improve the reformation of the immigration policy and let more foreign women to come to live and work in China so as to relieve the ;bachelor crisis;.#39;他写道:“适当改革移民政策、让更多外国女性来华生活和工作从而缓解#39;光棍危机#39;是一个明智的策略。”The article was published today on The Beijing News, a publication affiliated to the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee of Beijing.这篇文章被刊载在《新京报》上,该报纸是北京市市委宣传部的一份刊物。Mao claimed in the article that the recently launched two-child policy will not fully resolve the gender gap issue.毛寿龙在文章中表示,近期推出的二孩政策不会完全解决性别差距的问题。To conclude his column, the man pitched some possible methods the government could use to deal with the #39;bachelor crisis#39;, such as to encourage more companies to offer marital service and to reduce marital cost.在文章结尾处,毛寿龙提出了一些政府可以用来应对“光棍危机”的可行办法,例如鼓励更多企业提供婚姻务、降低婚姻成本等。 /201703/496436

  In a survey published by the China Youth Daily last Tuesday, 71.8% of the 2,004 respondents said they change cellphones at least once every two years.在《中国青年报》上周二发布的一项调查中,2004名受访者中的71.8%表示,他们每两年至少更换一次手机。A total of 16.8% said they buy new mobile phones every year.共有16.8%的受访者表示自己会每年购买新手机。About 63% of the respondents said they would consider buying a new mobile phone if their old one has problems, while 42% said they might swap the old for new even though their old phone still works well.约63%的受访者表示会在旧手机出现故障时考虑购买新手机,42%的受访者则表示,即使旧手机的运行状态仍然良好,也可能为手机更新换代。While choosing a mobile phone, brand is the first element for most consumers, with other considerations being price, processor and camera performance, the survey said.调查称,大多数消费者选择手机时考虑的首要因素是品牌,其他考虑因素有价位、处理器和摄像头性能。More than 60% of them said brand is a major element when choosing a cellphone.有超过60%的受访者表示,选择手机时考虑的主要因素是品牌。Also, more than 32% said they would buy the latest model from their favorite brand.此外,有超过32%的受访者表示,自己会购买最喜欢的品牌的最新机型。A total of 59.9% of survey respondents said smartphones and other digital products have made their lives more convenient, but 30.6% of the people also blamed them for the negative effects of their heavy reliance on such devices.对于手机等数码产品,共有59.9%的受访者认为它们让生活变得方便快捷;但也有30.6%的受访者谴责了对数码产品过度依赖的负面影响。 /201704/506373

  China’s food safety system will soon cover almost all kinds of food and major hazard factors, according to a report released Friday.据周五发布的报告,中国的食品安全体系将马上覆盖几乎所有的食品种类和主要的有害因素。The report, on feedback to China’s top legislature, said the health authority, the food and drug regulator, and the agricultural authority had jointly issued 926 national food safety standards, and another 130 items will follow.卫生当局称,该报告是对中国最高立法当局的回应,食品和药物管理机构以及农业部门联合颁布了926项国家食品安全标准,随后还将颁布130项。The national food safety standard system will have almost 1,100 items with about 20,000 criteria, covering almost all kinds of food and major hazard factors, said Bi Jingquan, head of the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA), when delivering the report to the National People’ s Congress Standing Committee at its week-long bimonthly session.中国食品药物(CFDA)负责人毕井泉在为期一周的两会期间递交了该报告,国家食品安全标准体系将覆盖近1100个条目和近20000条标准规范,覆盖几乎所有种类的食品和主要的有害因素。The report was delivered at a plenary meeting of the NPC Standing Committee session. Zhang Dejiang, the top legislator, attended the meeting.报告是在全国人大常委会全体会议上被递交。 最高层立法委员张德江出席了会议。The report came after the NPC Standing Committee investigated enforcement of the Food Safety Law in the first half of this year, finding that despite the overall improvement, major problems still exist.报告是在今年上半年全国人大常委会调查“食品安全法”执行情况后出现的,尽管总体情况改善,但(食品安全)仍存在重大问题。Bi added that the office of the State Council’ s food safety commission is coordinating with other agencies on a medium to long-term strategy to improve food safety in five to 15 years.毕补充道,国务院食品安全委员会办公室正在与其他机构协调,制定中长期战略,在5至15年内改善食品安全。Also on Friday, Zhang Dejiang presided over a meeting of the chairpersons of the NPC Standing Committee, hearing a series of reports.同样是在周五,张德江主持全国人大常委会委员长会议,听取了一系列报告。 /201612/485838




  The Use and Future of Chinese Embroidery中国刺绣的使用和未来Today Chinese embroidery handicraft has not only come into the ordinary people#39;s but also entered the world stage. Embroidery can be found on anything from garments,shoes,hats,tobacco pouches,bedsheet and pillowcases ,embroidered portraits of gods, stage costumes, to household screens, hangings, calligraphy and paintings. With the constant emergence of new technology, Chinese embroidery as a traditional handiwork is displaying its boundless vitality in the present-day world.今天,中国的刺绣工艺品,不仅进入了寻常百姓家,同时也进入了世界舞台。刺绣可以从东西上发现,例如装,鞋,帽,烟草袋,床单和枕套,神像,舞台装,家用纱窗,挂饰,书法和绘画。随着新技术的不断涌现,中国刺绣作为一种传统的手工艺品正在当今世界中显示出其无限的生命力。 /201609/465675

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