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猇亭区男科专家宜昌男健医院乳腺外科医生;You would need to get out of the Milky Way to really see what it looks like. We dont have a way to do that, but we can look at other galaxies and see what they look like.;;你需要走出系列才能看到它真正的样子。我们都没有办法做那件事,但我们可以看看其他的星系,看他们的样子。;Hubble can provide us with exquisitely detailed images of nearby galaxies, like Messiah 74. Its over 13 million light-years away. But that still makes it one of our nearest neighbors. Its structure is impressively clear. A beautiful spiral galaxy with its stars contained in large arms sweeping out from a bright core.哈伯太空望远镜可以给我们提供邻近星系精确详细的图像,如距离我们超过1300万光年的弥赛亚74。但是这仍然使它成为离我们最近的邻居。它的结构非常清晰。一个美丽的螺旋星系,恒星群从明亮核心中扫过。;This is an example of a galaxy that astronomers think looks a lot like our galaxy, the Milky Way. This is a great representation of our own star city. In the central region, we have the downtown. This is the bulge, this bright spot in the middle. And from that, we see spiraling out these arms, his beautiful spiral structures we see in this galaxy.;;这是一种典型的星系,天文学家们认为,看起来非常像我们的星系,系。这是一个很好的表达自己明星的城市。在中部地区,我们有了市中心。这个亮点在中间。从那里,我们看到这些螺旋, 我们看到在这个星系中美丽的螺旋结构。;注:听力文本来源于普特201203/173242宜昌哪里治疗湿疹最好 Its Monday, Jan.10th. Im Nateli Morris. And its time to get loaded. The 2011 Consumer Electronic Show has just wrapped here in Las Vegas. Our crew will be travelling back to New York on Monday, but we want to give you a peek at the best of this years show.今天是1月10日,周一。我是Nateli Morris。是时间接收最新资讯。2011电子产品展消会在召开。我们的采访小组周一从纽约回来带来了本年度最新最好的产品资讯。There were some new categories this year like the first ever best design award going to the Casio Tryx, which reinvents the point shoot camera. The Tryx can swivel, tilt, and hang on its own try pot.今年在许多领域涌现了新技术,最棒的就是卡西欧的Tryx,它改良了即可拍相机的技术。Tryx相机可以旋转,倾斜,自带架。In car tech, Toyotas Entune system brings apps to the car with Bing open table and more.汽车技术方面,丰田的Entune遥控车可用iPhone进行遥控。In digital imaging, the Sony handycam HDR-P J series takes an HD camcorder flipped about screen, and a projector in a single unit.电子图像方面,索尼数码摄像机HDR-PJ系列产品配有高清数码摄像头和精密微小投影仪。In vediogaming, the Nitendo 3DS was the clear winner, Nitendo add 3D to the worlds most popular handheld gaming system.方面,任天堂3DS成为,任天堂将3D技术添加到最受欢迎的手柄游戏中。For home theater, the Sumsung BD-D7000 blue ray player helps bring the best entertainment to your home. With built-in WiFi, streaming media, personalized recommendations, 3D capabilities and its also compact.家庭影院方面的消息,三星BD-D7000蓝光播放器给你的家人带来最棒的体验。这款播放器内置无线网络,串流媒体,个性化推荐,3D功能,同时外观小巧。And new Vizio Tv brings even more connected content with Google TV, onlive gaming, and passive 3D tech.新款Vizio电视加入谷歌电视,将推出Onlive游戏和3D电视。And for the venerable PC, and laptop category Intels Sandy Bridge series of chips takes the tops spot with faster integrated graphics, and more processing horsepower of course.PC电脑方面,笔记本电脑中,英特尔的Sandy Bridge系列芯片是速度最快的集成显卡,拥有更强的处理动力。In a new prototype category, we pick a technology that may or may not even ever make to your electronic store. But still nevertheless, its just too cool to ignore. And the inaugural winner is Toshibas 3D glasses-free laptop prototype bringing us one step closer to losing those bulky expensive glasses.在新的原型机范畴,我们挑选出一项我们在电器行很可能忽视的技术。它简直是太酷了,以至于它很容易被人忽视。这项技术就是东芝裸眼3D电视,这项技术的诞生未来将使我们不用再戴上笨重的3D眼镜。And in the software services in app category is unified by real networks. This is a service that brings together all of your digital media files into the cloud. And speaking of Cloud, in the storage and networking category, the alter rugged and bullet proof, IO safe Rogged Portable is the winner.应用软件方面,出品者统一了应用软件。这意味着你所有的数字媒体文件都可以应用云技术存储。说到云技术,存储和网络方面还有很多技术难关要攻克,IO safe Rogged Portable是。For the peoples choice of word, where you get a vote the Razer Swithblade with its configurable key board for the best portable gaming wins the votes.通过选举,带有可配置键盘的Razer Swithblade被选为最棒掌上游戏机。And finally beating all others the brand new tablets category, and the coveted best of CES award this year was the Motorala Xoom that spilt with the next, this tablet stood out in the tsunami of tablets here with the new Android 3.0 honeycomb software, a slicker 10 inch design and 2 cameras.最后是平板电脑方面的消息,托拉Xoom平板电脑赢得了年度CMS大奖,这款电脑引发了平板电脑界的大海啸,它配备安卓3.0 honeycomb软件,长10英寸,配有两个摄像头。Thank you for watching our coverage of the 2011 Consumer Electronic Show. If you want to catch up on anything that you might have missed make sure you visit CES. cnet.com for coverage of the show. Well be back in New York on Teusday to cover what we think is the announcement of the Verizon iPhone that long last. Cnet will of course have up to the minute coverage, s and analysis on the entire event. Im Nateli Morris for Cnet.com and youve just been loaded.感谢收看2011电子产品展消会的有关信息。如果你想了解这些产品的详细信息,欢迎关注CMS.cnet.com。我们周二将探索大家对iPhone的看法。Cnet将邀请嘉宾做客,届时将会有精视频和专家点评。我是Nateli Morris,感谢您的收看。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201210/202917Dear Annie:亲爱的安妮:My son, Quentin, has always had a problem telling the truth. It started in kindergarten and became worse over time. Hes a grown man now and will lie about anything from what he was doing an hour ago to whether he lost his job.我的儿子昆汀一直有个毛病,就是总是撒谎。幼儿园的时候他就开始撒谎,随着时间的推移,这个毛病越来越严重了。他现在是一个成年人了。但是,从他一个小时前在做什么到他是否失去了工作如此种种,他都要撒谎。Quentins wife lies just as much as he does. Neither of them can keep a job and now they have a child together and another on the way.昆汀的妻子和他一样喜欢撒谎。他们两个都没有稳定的工作,现在他们有了一个孩子,另一个孩子也即将出生。How can I help Quentin see what he is doing to himself and his family? How do I get him to stop lying? I took him to counseling when he was a child, but the therapist simply said Quentin had an active imagination and would grow out of it.我怎样才能帮助昆廷,让他看看他对自己和家人都做了什么?我如何让他停止说谎?他还是个孩子的时候,我带他去做心理咨询,但治疗师只是简单地说昆汀想象力很活跃,等长大了就不会这样了。I cant afford therapy and am uncomfortable discussing this with my pastor. What is a worried mother to do? - Worried Mom我没钱给昆汀做治疗,我也不想和我的牧师谈论这个令人不悦的事。我这个忧心忡忡的母亲该怎么做呢? ——一个忧心的妈妈Dear Mom:亲爱的妈妈:Quentin must recognize the negative impact of his lies and want to stop. Unfortunately, that doesnt seem to be the case, which means nothing you do is likely to make a difference in his behavior, especially since his wife will undercut your efforts. Right now, the only person who will benefit from counseling is you. You could try contacting the American Association of Pastoral Counselors or the American Counseling Association.昆廷必须意识到他这种行为的负面影响,并停止说谎。不幸的是,情况并不如此,这意味着你所做的一切并没有对他产生任何作用,特别是他妻子的所作所为也削弱你的努力。眼下,唯一需要做心理咨询的人就是你了。你可以尝试联系一下美国教牧咨询专家协会或美国辅导学会。201204/176916宜昌人民医院割包皮

宜昌治疗阳痿多少钱长阳县人民中妇幼保健医院看前列腺炎好吗 Deep-sea exploration深海探索The age of Aquarius 1“宝瓶”时代1Inner space is almost as hard to explore as outer space探太空难,察深海亦不易Have you seen Cameron’s latest?卡梅隆的“新作”你看了吗?JAMES CAMERON knows how to make a splash. Literally. On March 25th the director of “The Terminator”, “Titanic” and “Avatar” plunged into the Challenger Deep2 of the Mariana Trench, 500km (300 miles) from Guam. When he reached the bottom, he sent a self-congratulatory tweet, and then tootled about for a couple of hours before taking Deepsea Challenger, his lime-green one-man submarine, back up the 11km to the surface.詹姆斯#8226;卡梅隆知道怎么制造轰动。确实是这样。3月25日,这位执导过“终结者”、“泰坦尼克”和“阿凡达”的导演来到了距关岛500千米(300英里)的马里亚纳海沟,一头扎进了挑战者深渊2 。当他到达海底的时候,他发了一条庆祝自己的推特,接着又唠叨了大概两个小时,才上浮11千米将他石灰青色的单人潜艇-深海挑战者号带出海面。This venture certainly scores high in the jaw-dropping department. The only other people to plumb the Challenger Deep—as its name suggests, the most profound point in the ocean—were Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh, who did so in 1960, in a vessel called Trieste. The latest dive, however, was not very successful on the scientific front. It brought back no specimens.这次冒险在劲爆度这方面当然是拿下高分。此外只有雅克#8226;皮卡和唐纳德#8226;沃尔什探索过挑战者深渊——正如其名,它是海洋的最深点——他俩于1960年驾驶里雅斯特号深海潜艇下潜至此处。然而,这新近一潜在科学层面却并不那么成功,因为它没有带回任何标本。This was in sharp contrast to a less publicised mission, to the paltry depth of 2.5km, where the pressure is a mere 250 times that of the atmosphere (the Challenger Deep’s pressure is four times that). This was organised by Ifremer, France’s oceanographic institute. Its three-man craft, Nautile (named after the submarine in Jules Verne’s novel, “20,000 Leagues under the Sea”), not only brought back samples, but brought them back alive.这与一项不太为人所知的行动形成了鲜明对比,后者只下潜到区区2.5千米,承受了250个大气压(挑战者深渊那里的压强四倍于此)。这次行动是由法国海洋开发研究院(Ifremer)组织实施,派出三人潜艇鹦鹉螺号(以儒勒#8226;凡尔纳科幻小说《海底两万里》中的潜艇命名),不仅带回了标本,而且个个活蹦乱跳。That is no mean feat. Because creatures of the deep ocean have evolved to tolerate so much pressure, their cell membranes tend to liquefy when that pressure is released. To stop this happening Nautile’s samples were transported in a special chamber called PERISCOP. This chamber, designed by Bruce Shillito and Gerard Hamel, of Pierre and Marie Curie University, in Paris, is a tank with a capacity of 2.7 litres which is capable of containing a pressure of more than 200 atmospheres.那可真不简单。因为深海生物已经进化得能够耐受如此高压,一旦压力消失,它们的细胞膜就会溶解。为了不让这种情况发生,鹦鹉螺号上的标本被置于一个叫做“潜望镜”的特殊腔体中进行运输。这个腔体由巴黎居里大学的布鲁斯#8226;希利托和杰拉德#8226;哈默设计,就是一个容量2.7升的水罐,能够承受200个大气压的压强。In 2008 PERISCOP was used to reel in a live fish from a then-record depth of 2.3km. The fish had been living near an underwater hot spring, known as a hydrothermal vent, in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. This time, Nautile’s mother ship, L’Atalante, had spent three weeks trawling around a similar vent in the East Pacific Ridge as part of the MESCAL project, a collaboration between a dozen American and European oceanographic research institutions. On March 26th she sailed into Manzanillo, in Mexico, bearing a trove of specimens including a dozen or so Pompeii worms. These polychaetes (relatives of the common ragworm) are the most heat-tolerant animals known. They are able to live at 60°C. Biologists would like to understand how they do it.2008年,“潜望镜”曾被用来从深海打回一条活鱼,2.8千米的深度在当时创了记录。那条鱼生活在中大西洋海脊的一个水下热泉附近,也就是所谓的深海热液喷口。这一次,鹦鹉螺号的母船亚特兰大号在东太平洋海脊一处相似的热泉附近网了三个星期鱼,这也是欧美十几个海洋研究所合作项目“龙舌兰”的一部分。3月26日,亚特兰大号满载着所获——包括大约十几只庞贝虫在内的众多标本,驶入了墨西哥的曼萨尼略港。这些多毛类环虫(和普通的沙虫是近亲)是已知最耐热的动物。它们能在60摄氏度的环境中生存。生物学家想要了解它们如何做到这点的。To help them find out L’Atalante has been fitted with a second chamber, BALIST, into which PERISCOP’s catch can be transferred. Researchers on board ship were thus able to study the worms alive for several weeks. For the unfortunate worms, however, Manzanillo was the end of the line. They were killed, frozen and transported back to France.为了帮助生物学家找出所以然,亚特兰大号安装了一个附加的腔体“十字弓”,“潜望镜”捕获的生物可以转移进去。这样,载驳船上的研究人员就能够在数周时间中研究活体虫子。但是,对于这些不幸的虫儿来说,曼萨尼略就是它们生命的终点。它们被杀死,冷冻后运回到法国。Future trophies may be luckier. Ifremer’s researchers are searching for a way to keep deep-sea animals alive indefinitely, so that their entire life cycles can be studied. This means building high-pressure, onshore fish tanks. On April 7th the Océanopolis, a big aquarium in Brest, will unveil two such chambers. Each Abyss Box3 , as the contraptions are known, costs 201204/176691宜昌男健泌尿专科男科电话

宜昌男健医院泌尿科较好的门诊医生有几个He still applies for jobs, at colleges , high schools always getting rejected. 他还在大学,高中申请工作,但总是被拒绝。We call it Einsteins miracle year . 我们称这为爱因斯坦的奇迹年。It is certainly not a time that he would describe himself as a miracle year.这当然不是他描述自己为奇迹年的时刻。Miracles convey a sense of something happening easily.奇迹会传达一种事情轻松发生的感觉。I dont think that Plank knew that Einsteins patent cleric of the third class. 我不认为普兰克知晓爱因斯坦三级专利师的事情。So he must have then become curious about who this unknown Albert Einstein in Bern was.所以他一定对在伯尔尼这位未知的阿尔伯特;爱因斯坦很好奇。This unknown Einstein is in fact a father of one-year-old son and husband to a quiet and serious fellow student from Swiss Polytechnics - Mileva Mari这位未知的爱因斯坦实际上是一位一岁儿子的父亲及曾经同在瑞士理工学院同学米列娃;马丽奇的丈夫。When he was at the polytechnics in Zurich , He was quite a ladys man. 当他在苏黎世理工学院的时候,他就是一个喜欢向女人献殷勤的男人。He would play his violin at ladies luncheons and cocktail parties so he too quite a few young wemen in this day.他会在女士们的酒会及鸡尾酒会上弹奏他的小提琴,因此他相当手年轻女士们的青睐。But Mileva was kind of besides. 但米列娃却从来不买他的账。注:听力文本来源于普特 201203/175432 Despite all this scientific effort, we still dont know what triggered Venus diabolical transformation.尽管科学已经进行了不懈努力,但我们依然不知道是什么引发了金星如此的转变。People debated over whether Venus ever had a moon.人们讨论金星是否曾经有过月亮。If Venus had a satellite at one point, could that satellite eventually impacted onto the surface and caused some catastrophe to happen? We dont know.如果金星在某个地方存在有卫星, 卫星会影响到表面最终造成这些灾难的发生吗?我们不得而知。It couldve been possibly a factor.这是可能的一种因素。Perhaps such an impact explains both the strange calendar and climate on Venus.这种影响也许说明了金星奇怪的日历和气候。Was it hit hard enough to flip upside down?沉重的打击足以翻转颠倒过来吗?And for its day to be slowed to a crawl?一天被放慢得好像要爬一样?Was this the moment Venusclimate was thrown into chaos?还是金星的气候现在陷入了一片混乱?Whatever the cause of Venus climate calamity, could life have ever survived such an ordeal?无论什么原因引发金星气候灾难,生命能通过这样的一个考验幸存下来吗?If I had to guess or I had to bet, I would say,Yeah, the Venus did have life.如果让我猜或不得不打赌的话,我会说,是的,金星也有生命。And I say that because what we do understand about life on Earth is that it started early and doesnt seem to have required any extraordinary conditions.我会说,因为我们了解地球上的生命很早就开始,而且似乎不需要任何什么特殊条件。注:听力文本来源于普特201203/176339宜昌治疗睾丸炎哪家医院最好宜昌哪家医院治疗尖锐湿疣好



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