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There are several ways to recycle old clothes and many reasons you might want to. Closet overflowing? Piles of stuff that no longer fit? Things you simply don’t like any more? If the answer is yes to any or all of these questions, you need to know some ways to recycle old clothes. We’re not talking about upcycling so you can wear them but about the best way to make the most of clothing that still has wear left in it that can be put to good use. There is great benefit to the environment when we recycle old clothes and there’s the philanthropic aspect too – helping others. Let’s take a look at some great ways to recycle old clothes.有许多种方法回收那些旧衣,也有很多你想要回收旧衣的理由。衣塞满了衣橱?不合身的衣都叠成好几堆了?有一些衣你再也不想要穿了?如果对以上其中一个或全部问题的回答是肯定的话,那你就需要知道一些回收衣的方法了。我们不是说要“升级循环”,这样你就可以再穿它们了,而是说要以最好的方式做到最大的利用,投入到更好的用途中去。我们回收旧衣,对环境也是一大贡献,此外也会是一种仁爱的表现—帮助他人。让我们看一看回收旧衣的好方法。1. Give to friends1. 送给朋友An easy way to recycle old clothes that you consider past their wear date, but are still in good condition, is to pass them on to friends. For them, they could be exciting ‘new additions’ for their wardrobe, especially if the clothing suits their style of dressing. They will appreciate your gesture and the fact that you will be saving them money. Don’t forget that item you found lurking at the back of your closet may well be considered on trend again now.如果你认为旧衣过了穿着时段,但它们仍保养得很好,那么重复利用旧衣的一个简单方法就是把它们送给你的朋友。对朋友来说,这“额外的赠予”会让他们兴奋起来,尤其是当衣符合他们的穿衣风格。他们会感激你的举动,同时也谢谢你让他们省了一笔钱。别忘了隐藏在你衣柜里的那些物品,它们可能会再度盛行。2. Give to good causes2. 捐赠给慈善事业Recycle clothes by donating them to your local thrift shops or charity organizations. These places aren’t a dumping ground for rubbish – the clothing should still be of use, but also remember that even if an item is stained, torn or lightly damaged, it can be given a new lease of life at a textile recovery facility.还有一种做法是把它们捐赠给当地的旧货店或慈善机构。这些地方不是垃圾处理厂——你应该保捐赠的衣依旧还能穿着,但也请记住,即使有件衣弄脏了、撕破了或有一点点的磨损,经纺织品返修设备一修补,就能成为一件新的。3. Give to clothes recycling centers3. 送到装回收处理中心Textile recycling recovery facilities sort out items of clothing according to their condition, fabric, type and also refurbish handbags, belts, shoes and hats. They separate the recycled clothing into useful items for distribution to countries worldwide. Some are used again in innovative ways – even tennis balls are made out of recycled clothing.根据衣的质地、面料和类型,纺织品循环利用处理中心会将衣进行分类,此外他们还可以分类翻新过的手袋、腰带、鞋子和帽子。他们从可回收的衣中分拣出有用的物品,并将这些物品分配到世界各国。有些会经过创新后再度投入使用——连网球都是由回收的衣制成的。4. Reuse around the house4. 家居用品再利用One of the simplest and cost-saving ways to recycle clothes is to use articles of soft clothing as polishing cloths, dusters, car and window cleaning materials, drying-up towels and for many other and varied purposes. Recycling is a great way to help the planet’s environment problems.一个最简单又节约成本的方法是把那些软的布料用作擦拭布、抹布、用在汽车和窗户上的清洁布、擦干布以及许多其它各种不同的用途。回收是解决地球环境问题的一个重要方法。5. Get crafty5. 巧手制作Soft cuddly toys like rag dolls and soft teddy bears can be produced out of recycled clothing. Children outgrow their clothes quickly but so many items are in perfect condition that is ideal for further usage. Old clothes can be reused for the bodies of toys or for the stuffing. If you’re feeling crafty, cut material from old clothing into equal strips and reuse them by weaving into shapes to make purses, or even turn them into shopping bags. Bibs, feeders, patchwork quilts and even wall hangings are other methods of recycling old clothes.柔软又可爱的玩具,像布娃娃和柔软的泰迪熊,就可以用回收的装来制作。孩子们的衣很快就不能穿了,但是衣上有很多地方却仍保持完好,它们是可以进一步循环利用的理想之选。旧衣可以重复使用作为玩具的身体部位或是填充物。如果你有奇思妙想,从旧衣上剪下同等大小的条形布条,再把它们缝成各种形状,进而做成钱包,甚至是购物袋。围嘴、奶瓶、小块布缝缀的被罩,甚至是墙壁上的帘布,这些都是重复利用旧衣的方法。6. Sell them6. 出售Selling your unwanted items to shops that specialize in selling fashionable recycled clothes can earn you some extra money. They sell on a consignment basis and take a reasonable commission on sale. You might also find something that you want there, so it becomes a worthwhile exchange and a benefit for your wardrobe.有一些商店专门出售回收的时尚装。你把不需要的东西卖给这些商店可以赚取一些外快。他们采用代销方式,收取合理的销售佣金。也许你在那里也能找到你想要的东西,所以在那里你可以交换到一些有价值的东西,对你的衣柜来说也是一大福音。7. Swap them7. 互相交换One of the most fun ways of recycling unwanted clothes is to get the girls together for a swap meet. Get your BFFs to sort out their unwanted stuff and all gather in one place for a mega swap session. Get in some wine and nibbles and make it a fun girls night in.最有趣的其中一种方法是把女孩们聚在一起来个交换联谊会。让你的死党们将她们不想要的东西分类好,然后聚在一个地方来次盛大的交换会。带些酒和小点心,办一个女孩欢乐夜!If you want easy ways to help save the planet, just recycle old clothes. It is so simple and practical. It takes little effort but has big benefits. What do you do with your old clothes?如果你想寻求一些拯救地球的简单方法,就回收旧衣吧。它是如此简单又实用。花的力气少,带来的好处却很多。现在你打算怎么处理你的旧衣呢? /201302/225079。

IT’S time to count your lucky stars — if you are a Gemini.如果你是双子座,那么你现在可以去计算自己的幸运指数了!A study of the 1,000 richest people in Britain has found that those born under the sign of the twins have the best chance of making a fortune.英国开展的一项研究调查了最有钱的1000名富人后发现,双子黄道出生的人更有机会赚大钱。They represent nearly one in ten of our wealthiest and include Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Tom Jones and Jamie Oliver.双子座出生的这些人几乎占富人群体的十分之一,其中有著名歌手保罗·麦卡特尼、爵士歌手汤姆·琼斯和名厨杰米·奥利弗。Our analysis, based on a sneak preview of the 25th Sunday Times Rich List, shows which star signs are best represented by our wealthiest citizens.根据《星期日泰晤士报》第25届年度英国富人榜,我们分析得出最富有的英国人体现出的鲜明星座特征。Geminis, born May 22 to June 21, topped the horoscope league for the third year in a row with 9.9 per cent of our richest.出生于5月22日到6月21日的双子座占了富人群体的9.9%,这是双子座星人第三年问鼎星座富人排行榜。But bottom of the pile were Scorpios, with only 6.5 per cent.而排在末尾的是天蝎座,只占6.5%。They include Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich and Macca’s third wife Nancy Shevell who has a lucrative stake in her family’s US transport business.这一群体包括切尔西州长罗曼·阿布拉莫维奇和麦卡的第三任妻子南茜·谢维尔。南茜·谢维尔拥有其家族在美国的物流产业的股份。Capricorn was the second richest sign, with 9.6 per cent. Third with 9.4 per cent was Aries, then Taurus (8.9%), Leo (8.6%), Sagittarius (8.2%), Cancer (8%), Pisces (7.9%), Libra (7.8%), Aquarius (7.7%) and Virgo (7.5%).羯座是第二有钱的星座,占富人群体的9.6%。白羊座占9.4%,排第三。接着是金牛座8.9%;狮子座8.6%;射手座8.2%;巨蟹座8%;双鱼座7.9%;天平座7.8%;水瓶座7.7%;处女座7.5%。 /201307/246850。

Next time you get your debit card out, you might want to use it to buy some hand wash.下次你把自己的提款卡拿出来时,也许你会想用它去买些洗手液。A study has found that nearly one in 10 bank cards contains faecal matter. Cash is little better with one in seven bank notes containing high levels of bacteria similar to that found in a dirty toilet bowl.一项研究发现,近十分之一的卡都携带粪便物质。现金还稍微好点,七分之一的钞票上所含的大量细菌相当于肮脏的抽水马桶的细菌含量。The research, carried out at Queen Mary, University of London and the London School of Hygiene amp; Tropical Medicine, showed our hands are therefore dirtier than we might think.伦敦大学玛丽皇后学院与伦敦卫生学和热带医学院开展的这一研究显示,我们的手比我们想的还要脏。More than a quarter (26 percent) of hands sampled showed traces of faecal contamination including bacteria such as E.coli, the study found.研究人员对人的手进行取样,在超过四分之一(26%)的小样上发现了粪便污染物的痕迹,其中包括大肠杆菌这样的细菌。And we may be making ourselves ill as a result. A further survey of the 272 participants revealed only 39 percent washed their hands before eating.我们还可能因此而染上病。对272名参与者的进一步调查揭示,只有39%的人在吃饭前洗手。The vast majority (91 percent) of respondents also stated that they washed their hands after using the toilet, although the levels of faecal organisms contaminating the cards and currency suggested otherwise, researchers said.此外,绝大多数(91%)的被调查者称自己在上完厕所后会洗手,然而研究人员称,卡和钞票上携带的粪便污染物含量反映出的却不是这么一回事。Washing hands with soap can reduce diarrhoeal infections by up to 42 percent but only 69 percent of people reported doing this whenever possible.用肥皂洗手可以将腹泻感染几率降低42%以上,但只有69%的人报告说自己只要可能都会用肥皂洗手。Dr Ron Cutler, who led the research at Queen Mary, said: #39;Our analysis revealed that by handling cards and money each day we are coming into contact with some potential pathogens revealing faecal contamination including E. coli and Staphylococci.玛丽皇后学院带头开展这一研究的罗恩#8226;卡特勒士说:“我们的分析揭示,每天接触卡和钞票之时,我们都在和数种潜在病原体打交道,包括大肠杆菌和葡萄球菌这样的粪便污染物。#39;People may tell us they wash their hands but the research shows us different, and highlights just how easily transferable these pathogens are, surviving on our money and cards.#39;“人们也许告诉我们他们洗了手,但是研究显示出的结果却不是这样,这突出表明这些存活在我们的钞票和卡上的病原体是多么容易被传播。Dr Val Curtis, from London School of Hygiene amp; Tropical Medicine, said: #39;Our research shows just how important handwashing is - the surprising levels of contamination that we found on everyday objects is a sign that people are forgetting to wash their hands after the toilet, one of the key moments for infection prevention.#39;来自伦敦卫生学和热带医学院的瓦尔#8226;柯第斯士说:“我们的研究显示出洗手有多么重要——我们在日常物品上发现的污染物含量高得惊人,这表示人们在如厕后忘记洗手,而如厕后洗手对于预防传染病十分重要。”Nick Wilcher, marketing manager of Radox, who funded the study to raise awareness of Global Handwashing Day, said: #39;Our research highlights just how much bacteria we are exposed to in our everyday lives, on objects such as money and cards.该研究由乐多适公司出资赞助,目的是为了提高公众对世界洗手日的意识。乐多适公司的营销经理尼克#8226;威尔彻说:“我们的研究突出显示了我们在日常生活中接触的细菌有多少,像钞票和卡这样每日经手的物品上就含有这么多细菌。#39;We hope this study makes people think twice and encourages people to wash their hands after going to the toilet and before eating.#39;“我们希望这一研究能让人们好好想一想,鼓励人们在如厕后和吃饭前都洗洗手。” /201210/204106。

As part of an experiment by Audi, Lindsay Rule made it from Boston to San Francisco relying only on the kindness of strangers and the electronic networks that now tie us all together.作为奥迪公司的一项实验,Lindsay Rule仅仅依靠陌生人的帮助、和将我们连在一起的网络,成功得从波士顿抵达旧金山。Hitchhiking, especially as a woman, has never been the safest activity. But the rise of smartphones and social networks has made the prospect of sharing a car-or a house-with a stranger much more palatable. Add that to the fact that young adults are buying fewer cars than ever, and there#39;s a strong case for car companies to start digging into carsharing and other alternative revenue streams.搭车旅行从来都不是一项安全的活动,尤其对女性来说。但是随着智能手机与社交网络的发展,与陌生人搭车甚至共享一所房子都成为了可能。加上越来越多的年轻人都不再买车,是时候让汽车公司开始发展共享租车业务和其他的赚钱渠道了。As part of a partnership between Architizer and Audi#39;s Urban Future Initiative, which examines the convergence of mobility, architecture, and urban development, Rule was sent on an ambitious assignment: traveling from Boston to San Francisco in two weeks without spending any money (there was a 0 emergency fund). She succeeded.Architizer与奥迪合作构建的城市未来倡议能够检验城市发展、机动性及城市架构是否全面。而作为倡议中的一部分,Rule得到了一项高难度的任务:在两周内,从波士顿出发前往旧金山,途中不得有任何金钱出(有100美元的紧急基金)。她成功了。I met up with Rule at her final destination: Audi#39;s Powell Street Promenade in downtown San Francisco. She was surprisingly exuberant for someone who spent the last 14 days coordinating free journeys Westward. How did she do it?我在终点遇见了Rule:站在位于旧金山市中心的鲍威尔步行街上,她对于自己在过去的14天里做了一次免费的西部旅行感到异常兴奋。而她是如何做到的呢?There were a handful of services that made the trip possible: Facebook, Craigslist, Ridejoy (a ridesharing service), and CouchSurfing. When Rule began her journey in Boston, she didn#39;t know what to do-how could she start organizing the trip without WiFi? So she spent a little bit of her emergency cash on a cheap bus ticket to New York City that came with WiFi and a power outlet. Rule ended up hitching a ride with a photographer that she found on Craigslist all the way to Chicago, where she used Facebook to find a friend#39;s couch on which to crash. Soon Rule discovered a woman on Craigslist who was giving away a free bus ticket to Madison, Wisconsin-Rule accepted it and continued her journey, staying in Wisconsin with a couchsurfer who later drove her to Minneapolis.一系列的务设施让这次旅行成为可能:Facebook, Craigslist(资讯黄页网站), Ridejoy(自行车共享务网站)以及CouchSurfing(沙发客网站)。当Rule在波士顿准备出发时,她完全不知道自己该做什么——她该如何在没有WiFi的情况下组织行程?所以她用了紧急基金里的一点钱买了一张到纽约市的车票。车上有WiFi,还有插座。在去芝加哥的路上,她在Craigslist克雷格列表网上找到了一位愿意让她搭车的摄影师。在那里,她还通过Facebook找到了愿意让她睡一晚的朋友。之后Rule又在Craigslist上遇到一位想要免费出让一张去威斯康星州麦迪逊市的车票,Rule得到了这张车票并继续她的旅程。在威斯康星州里,她遇到了一位沙发客,最终载着她抵达明尼阿波里斯市。Rule#39;s trip across the country continued like that-completely unplanned, made possible entirely by the kindness of strangers, including an entire CouchSurfing community in Missoula, Montana called Orange Acres. ;This would have been impossible without social media,; she explains. And yet, she never realized before the trip how vast this digital sharing network really was. ;I had confidence in it. I#39;d do it again,; she says.Rule的全国旅行完全没有任何计划,全部通过陌生人友善的帮助完成,其中还有在蒙塔纳州米苏拉市的一整个沙发客社团。;如果没有社交网络,这一切都是不可能的。;她解释道。而在此之前,她还没有意识到数字网络究竟有多广大。;我对此很有信心,我会再来一次。; 她说。Audi, for its part, realizes the significant of how easy it#39;s becoming to travel in the U.S. without owning a car. ;Mobility in cities is getting more and more relevant to us,; says Dominik Stampfl of the Audi Urban Future Initiative. ;In the future, we#39;ll need more than cars.;而对于奥迪来说,他们意识到了做一次环美旅游是多么容易,即使自己没有车。;城市中的交通设施对于我们来说越来越重要了,;奥迪城市未来倡议的Dominik Stampfl说。;在未来,我们需要的不仅仅是车辆。; /201208/195378。

Men feel other men look better with a beard, but women prefer men sporting nothing more than heavy stubble, according to Australian researchers.男人们觉得留胡子都会显得更帅气,然而澳大利亚的研究人员指出,女人其实更喜欢留着浓密短胡茬的男人。Researchers from The University of New South Wales, Australia, quantified men and women#39;s judgments of attractiveness, health, masculinity and parenting abilities for photographs of men who were clean-shaven, lightly or heavily stubbled and fully bearded.来自澳大利亚新南威尔士大学的研究人员给出几种男人的照片:胡子刮得很干净的、留着淡淡胡茬的、留着浓密胡茬的和满脸大胡子的,让男人和女人从吸引力、健康水平、男子气概和育儿能力几个方面给照片中的男人作出评价,并对此进行量化研究。They also tested the effect of the menstrual cycle and hormonal contraceptive use on women#39;s ratings.他们还测试了月经周期和避药的使用对女性评分的影响。The results, reported in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, showed that women judged faces with heavy stubble as most attractive and heavy beards, light stubble and clean-shaven faces as similarly less attractive.这一发表在《进化与人类行为》期刊上的研究结果显示,女人认为脸上留着浓密胡茬的男人最有魅力,大胡子、淡淡胡茬和脸刮得很干净的男人都没那么有吸引力。In contrast, men rated full beards and heavy stubble as most attractive, followed closely by clean-shaven and light stubble as least attractive.相比之下,男人认为大胡子和浓密胡茬最有魅力,其次是刮得很干净的脸,淡淡胡茬最缺少魅力。Men and women rated full beards highest for parenting ability and healthiness. Masculinity ratings increased linearly as facial hair increased, and this effect was more pronounced in women in the fertile phase of the menstrual cycle, although attractiveness ratings did not differ according to fertility.男人和女人都认为大胡子男人的育儿能力和健康水平是最高的。男人脸上毛发越多,对其男子气概的评价也随之直线上升。处于排卵期的女性受这一影响最为显著,不过她们对男人魅力的评价并没有因为自己处于排卵期而有所变化。The findings confirm that beardedness affects judgments of male socio-sexual attributes and suggest that an intermediate level of beardedness is most attractive while full-bearded men may be perceived as better fathers who could protect and invest in offspring, the researchers concluded.研究人员得出结论说,这些研究结果实,胡子多少会影响人们对男性的社会属性和性特征的判断,研究也指出,胡子不多不少是最有魅力的,而大胡子男人被认为是更好的父亲,有能力保护小孩,会为小孩投入更多。 /201304/235299。