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Japan#39;s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Wednesday appeared to try to ease tension with neighboring countries by repeating Japan#39;s admission of and apology for the suffering it caused its former colonial subjects.日本首相安倍晋三(Shinzo Abe)周三重申,日本承认该国殖民时期给当地人民带来痛苦并为此道歉。此举似乎是在努力缓解日本与邻国的紧张关系。Abe#39;s remarks came amid growing concern in China and South Korea over what could be considered historical revisionism among Japan#39;s top officials.安倍晋三发表这番言论的背景是,中国和韩国就日本高官的历史修正主义态度越来越感到担心。#39;We have caused tremendous damage and suffering to the people of many countries, particularly to other Asian nations,#39; Mr. Abe said in a parliamentary budget committee session. #39;We share the same recognition as previous cabinets,#39; Mr. Abe added.安倍晋三在日本国会预算委员会会议上说,我们曾给很多国家特别是亚洲国家的人民造成了极大的伤害和痛苦。他还说,我们对此事的认识与历届内阁相同。The premier#39;s remarks were a line-by-line restatement of a landmark 1995 apology issued by then-Prime Minister Tomiichi Murayama, marking the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II. Mr. Abe last off the Murayama statement in a February committee meeting in the Diet, in response to opposition lawmakers questioning whether he intends to reassess the government#39;s apology for its wartime aggression.1995年即二战结束50周年时,时任日本首相村山富市(Tomiichi Murayama)发表了具有里程碑意义的致歉讲话。安倍晋三周三其实是逐字逐句地重复了村山富市当年的讲话。他上一次读村山富市讲话是在今年2月日本国会某委员会会议上,当时是为了回应反对派议员的质疑。那些议员想知道他是否打算重新评估日本政府对侵略战争的道歉。Mr. Abe#39;s fresh acknowledgment of Japan#39;s actions comes after weeks of escalating diplomatic tension with neighbors. Anger in South Korea and China was fueled by visits to a controversial war shrine by cabinet members in April and then by comment Mr. Abe made on Japan#39;s wartime role.在安倍晋三这次承认日本当年行径之前,日本与邻国不断升级的外交紧张关系已持续了数周之久。日本内阁成员4月参拜了一座有争议性的战争神社,后来安倍晋三又就日本战时角色发表了,这些都加剧了韩国与中国民众的愤怒情绪。Three top ministers, including vice prime minister Taro Aso, visited the Yasukuni shrine last month, where convicted war criminals, along with over 2 million of Japan#39;s war dead are enshrined.包括副首相麻生太郎(Taro Aso)在内的三位日本高官上月参拜了靖国神社(Yasukuni shrine),那里供奉着日本战犯以及该国逾200万的阵亡将士。Mr. Abe added fuel to the fire by questioning in parliament on April 23 the definition of the word #39;invasion,#39; saying: #39;Things that happened between nations will look different depending on which side you view them from.#39; Likely in response, South Korea#39;s foreign minister canceled a planned trip to Tokyo.4月23日,安倍晋三在日本国会发言时质疑“侵略”一词的定义。他说,对国家之间发生的事情可以有不同看法,具体取决于你看的角度。他的这番话可谓是火上浇油。或许是受此影响,韩国外长取消了原定对东京的访问。Japan#39;s territorial dispute with China has also escalated on a broader front, with China recently sending its largest fleet of paramilitary patrol ships near to disputed islets that Japan controls.日本与中国的领土争端已在更广泛领域升级。中国近日派遣了一最大的准军事巡逻舰队前往中日争议岛屿附近。该岛目前由日本控制。Mr. Abe#39;s remarks on Wednesday came after the Japanese press reported that concerns over his interpretation of history were expressed in a meeting between U.S. President Barack Obama and his South Korean counterpart Park Geun-hye in Washington.安倍晋三周三发表这番讲话之前,日本媒体曾报道说,美国总统奥巴马(Barack Obama)和韩国总统朴槿惠(Park Geun-hye)于华盛顿举行会谈时,双方谈到了安倍晋三对历史解释所引发的担忧。Japanese national broadcaster NHK, citing South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se, who attended the summit, reported that Ms. Park told Mr. Obama that Japan needs to #39;properly recognize history for the sake of peace in the Northeast Asian region.#39; The issue, however, remained unmentioned in the joint news conference held by the two leaders.日本广播公司(NHK)援引出席美韩总统会见的韩国外长尹炳世(Yun Byung-se)的话说,朴槿惠对奥巴马讲,为了东北亚地区的和平,日本应正确认识历史。不过,美韩总统召开联合新闻发布会时并没有提及这个问题。Meanwhile, Tom Schieffer, the former top U.S. envoy to Japan, expressed his country#39;s concern over Mr. Abe#39;s stance on the so-called #39;comfort women#39; issue at a symposium last week, calling it a big loss to Japan#39;s national interests in the U.S. and Asia. Mr. Abe in the past has questioned the largely accepted historical fact that the women, many from colonial Korea, were forced to serve as prostitutes by the Japanese military.美国驻日本前高级特使西弗(Tom Schieffer)上周在某论坛上表示,美国对安倍晋三就所谓“慰安妇”问题的立场感到担忧。他说,这是日本在美国和亚洲的国家利益的重大损失。安倍晋三以前一直质疑为大多数人所接受的史实,即那些妇女(其中很多来自当时处于日本殖民统治下的韩国)是被迫充当日本军妓的。Japan#39;s top government spokesman Yoshihide Suga assured Japan#39;s neighbors and allies by saying on Tuesday that the government has never considered reassessing its 1993 apology over the issue.日本政府首席发言人菅义伟(Yoshihide Suga)周二安慰邻邦和盟友说,该国政府从未考虑过重估对“慰安妇”问题的道歉。 /201305/239264

Shotgun-themed weddings continue to boom in the US – despite the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school that saw a gunman pick off 26 people.尽管刚刚发生了桑迪霍克小学击悲剧事件,26人被持者杀害,但以为主题的婚礼在美国还是很盛行。The Las Vegas ceremonies are still a hit and organisers The Gun Store insist no weddings have been cancelled in the wake of the incident and bookings are still flooding in.“婚礼”依然很受欢迎,组织者“商店”坚称没有因该事件而取消任何一场婚礼,而且现在还源源不断地接到这种婚礼的订单。Couples travel from all over the world, including the UK, to tie the knot at the Gun Store in full bridal wear before firing semi-automatics as well as pistols, UZIs and AK47s.来“商店”举行婚礼的新人来自世界各地,也包括英国。新娘穿上婚纱举行仪式后,用手、乌兹冲锋、AK47式突击步和半自动步进行射击。The pound;300 package includes an ordained minister, access to a private VIP shooting range and five shots on a shotgun for the bride and groom.定价300英镑的婚礼套系包括由一名正式任命的牧师来主持婚礼,然后新郎和新娘前往私人贵宾射击场一同发射5发子弹。Another deal, called the Mr amp; Mrs Smith amp; Wesson, offers even more guns, ammunition and targets.另一个名为“史密斯和维森夫妇”的套系能让新人尝试更多、用更多子弹、射击更多目标。Emily Miller, an ordained minister at the Gun Store, said: “We’re here because people love each other and guns.“商店”的一位名叫艾米丽#8226;米勒的受命牧师说:“我们举行这种婚礼是因为人们彼此相爱,又都很喜欢。“Guns don’t have to be about anger and hate. This is a fun and energetic way to get out their aggressions and emotions.”“不一定与怒火和仇恨相关。射击是发泄攻击性和情绪的一种好玩又充满活力的方式。”Since February last year, ten Shotgun Weddings have been conducted each month.自从去年二月份以来,每个月都会举行10场“婚礼”。One couple travelled from their home in Ottawa, Canada, where gun laws are much stricter than Nevada.一对新人专程从加拿大渥太华的家乡来到举行婚礼,因为家乡那里的法律比美国内华达州要严格得多。The chapel room, normally used for cleaning guns, had been scattered with red rose petals.平日里用于清洁的小礼拜堂如今已经撒上了红色的玫瑰花瓣。And an UZI and Tommy gun had been mounted on a flowered trellis on the stage.舞台中央的花门上悬挂着一把乌兹冲锋和一把汤米冲锋。As the couple said their vows, the loud sound of an assault weapon being fired could be heard from the nearby shooting range.在这对新人宣读结婚誓言时,可以听到发射的巨响从附近的射击场传来。They later moved to the special marble-floored VIP shooting range to seal their vows by blowing away their Nazi zombie targets.稍后他们前往铺有大理石地板的贵宾射击场,向画着纳粹僵尸图案的靶子射击,以此来给他们的婚姻誓约盖上印记。Aaron Dickson, also an ordained minister at the Gun Store, said: “One thing I like to do is to have you guys share a lane together so you can enjoy watching each other shoot.亚伦#8226;迪克森也是“商店”的一名受命牧师,他说:“我喜欢做的一件事就是让新郎和新娘共用一条射击靶道,这样他们就可以看见彼此射击时的模样。“To start off the marriage appropriately you guys get to start sharing right away - that’s the whole idea.”“开始一段婚姻的最恰当方式,就是让夫妇双方立即开始分享做同一件事,这也是整个婚礼的主旨。” /201301/219664

The Internet is becoming our main source of memory instead of our own brains, a study has concluded.一项研究得出结论称,网络正取代人脑成为记忆的主要存储库。In the age of Google, our minds are adapting so that we are experts at knowing where to find information even though we don#39;t recall what it is.我们的大脑正逐渐适应谷歌时代,就算我们记不起某一信息,我们却善于从网络中找出这一信息。The researchers found that when we want to know something we use the Internet as an ;external memory; just as computers use an external hard drive.研究人员发现,当我们想知道某一事物时,我们就会将网络作为一种;外存;,就像电脑使用外部硬盘驱动器一样。Nowadays we are so reliant on our smart phones and laptops that we go into ;withdrawal when we can#39;t find out something immediately;.如今我们是如此依赖于我们的智能手机和笔记本电脑,当我们;无法立刻找出某一信息时,我们的生活甚至会停摆;。And such is our dependence that having our Internet connection severed is growing ;more and more like losing a friend;.我们也非常依赖于网络,如果我们的网络连接中断了,我们会;越来越觉得像失去了一个朋友;。Researchers from Harvard University, the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Columbia University in the US carried out four tests to check their theory.来自美国哈佛大学、威斯康星大学麦迪逊分校和哥伦比亚大学的研究人员为了验他们的理论,开展了四项测试。They involved giving test participants a trivia quiz and then seeing whether they recognised computer-related words more quickly than other words.这些测试包括让参与者做琐碎记忆测试,看他们是否能更快识别和电脑相关的词汇。The other tests involved seeing if people remembered 40 pieces information they would typically later have normally looked up.其他的测试包括观察人们是否能记住40条他们一般稍后会查阅的信息。The third and fourth parts of the study involved checking how well people remember where to look up information on-line and whether or not they remembered the location more than the actual data.研究的第三和第四部分包括查看人们是否能很好地记住查阅信息的网站,以及他们是否对网站比对信息本身记得更清楚。The results showed that when people don#39;t believe they will need information for a later test, they do not recall it at the same rate as when they do believe they will need it.结果显示,当人们认为自己在稍后的测试中不需要该信息时,他们能回忆起来的信息比认为自己稍后将需要该信息时要少。In fact, some of those in the study ;actively did not make the effort to remember when they thought they could later look up the trivia statements they had ;, the paper says.该研究报告称,事实上,部分参与研究的人;没有积极努力地去记住他们所看到的信息,因为他们认为稍后可以查阅到这些琐碎信息;。The other results showed that when continuous Internet access is expected, people are better at remembering where they can find it than the details.其他研究结果显示,当人们期待可以持续地连接到互联网时,人们更善于记住找到信息的地方而非信息的细节。 /201201/169517

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