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With the British pound taking a hit following the Brexit vote, Chinese travelers are making the best of the situation and snapping up tour packages to Britain.英国投票退欧后,英镑随之下跌,中国游客正充分利用这个机会、抢购赴英旅游套餐The Shanghai Spring Tour said many tourists booked tours to Britain after the vote result was announced, with many of them keen to buy pound as well.上海春秋旅行社称,许多游客在投票结果宣布后预定了赴英游,他们中的许多人都也热衷于购买英镑Almost all tour packages this summer to Britain have been sold out, it said.此外,该旅行社还表示,暑期前往英国的旅游套餐产品几乎已售罄;I was thinking of a holiday destination because my -year-old daughter will have her summer vacation soon. I had almost decided on Japan but now I think Britain may be a good idea because it may be cheaper,; said Cherry Xiao, a local white collar worker.上海当地一名名叫Cherry Xiao的白领工作者表示:“我一直在考虑度假的目的地,因为我岁的女儿很快就要开始她的暑假了我几乎已经决定了前往日本,但现在我认为去英国可能是一个好主意,因为可能会更便宜”Online travel operator Ctrip said it noticed a sharp jump in clicks on its website on tours to the UK.在线旅游务商携程表示,其网站上英国线路的点击量爆增The depreciation of pound will cut the expenditure of Chinese tourists traveling to Britain, a boon those who like shopping, said another online travel operator Tongcheng.另一家在线旅游务商同程表示,英镑贬值将降低中国游客赴英旅行的花销,对于喜欢购物的游客来说是一大利好Ctrip said the new two-year multiple entry visa policy implemented by Britain has also helped attract the Chinese travelers.携程表示,英国新近执行的两年多次入境签政策也有助于吸引中国游客 538535 736

  导购口语:I think you look wonderful in blue.我觉得你穿蓝色非常好看You look god in red shirt.你穿红色衬衫好看You look good in black.你穿黑色好看语句:You look good in + 颜色 表示“你穿……好看”当in后面加上一个表示颜色的形容词时,它表示穿某种颜色的衣,这种用法很普遍上文中的You look good in red shirt.也可说成You look good in red.情景再现:A: Maybe I should change into something else?B: No, you look great in red.A:我是不是该换件衣穿?B:不用了,你穿红色很好看 189987


  P: This is terrific. I cant believe we are in Hawaii, Yang Chen!Y: I cant believe it, either. 我们是不是要在沙滩上晒太阳? Patrick, did you bring your bikini?P: Yang Chen., could you be serious just one moment?Y: OK.P: Im going to teach you how to surf. Look at the wave. The waves are huge─and just perfect surfing!Y: 噢,你要教我冲浪Surfing in Hawaii!P: Let take our surfboards out into the water and ride some waves.Y: Yes. Captain. Here we go!P: Not yet, Yang Chen. First, you lie down on your stomach on your surfboard and paddle with your arms out to where the waves are. The waves right here are really small. We cant do anything.Y: Okay, lying down on my stomach, 趴在冲浪板上,paddle with my arms两手向前滑(Splashing sounds, like paddling)P: This is good. This is far enough, Yang Chen.Y: 我会冲浪了! Surfing is soooooooo easy.P: Youve got to be kidding me. Look, to really surf you have to stand up on the surf board, while riding a wave.Y: 趴着不行,还要站起来?P: That is what surfing is: Standing up on a surfboard and riding a wave.Y: Im going to stay here and wait.P Wait who? Michael Phelps?Y: Maybe.P: Look, there is nothing to be afraid of, Yang Chen.Y: Look, Im standing up! Patrick, see you later!P: Someone got have to go out and get her. 63

  1. We want to plan a tight schedule of travel. 我们想安排一个紧凑的旅游日程. I'm afraid the business trip to New York went up in smoke. 恐怕我去纽约出差的计划泡汤了3. I like taking occasional business trip a change of pace. 我喜欢偶尔出趟差来调剂一下心情. It was a favorite time our trip, since business was light. 生意清淡,正是我们出游的好时候5. This is meant to be both a business and pleasure trip you. 也就是说,你既要处理生意又会四处游玩6. A business trip? Great! I will not have to cook at least three days. 出差?太棒了!我至少三天不用做饭了7. It is a great treat to have a jovial, easy-going fellow on a business trip. 出差时,有个风趣随和的人做伴真是一种享受啊8. We must every penny we will spend during a business trip. 我们得把我们出差时所花的每一分钱交代清楚9. We can help to work out a travel plan tailored to your needs and budget. 我们可以帮您设计一个适合您的要求和预算的旅行方案. Seldom did much time pass bee I had to leave on another business trip. 每隔不久,我就得出趟差重点讲解:a tight schedule: 没留多少余地的时间表;排得很紧的时间表;难以遵守的时间表这是一个比较地道的短语,还可以表达为 a crowded schedule例如:Don’t arrange such a tight schedule. Leave some time to spare. (不要把日程安排得满满的,要留些机动时间)go up in smoke: 化为乌有;被烧光例如:When he crashed his car, all his travel plans went up in smoke. (他把汽车撞坏了,他的整个旅行计划都吹了)a change of pace: 改变习惯、活动方式以调剂一下;换换口味jovial: 热情快活的,善良愉快的(尤指天生快乐的人)tailor to: 根据……改变或调整同义的表达还有accord with; to; adapt; be favourable 等 65Scheduling a Delivery 预约送货时间A: Thank you purchasing your new mattress with us.感谢您从我们店里购买床垫B: No, thank you.也谢谢你A: Would you like us to deliver the mattress you?您希望我们把床垫寄给您吗?B: That would be great.那样很好A: When do you want it delivered?你希望什么时候寄给您呢?B: I need it delivered tomorrow. Will that be possible?我希望能在明天寄给我这样可以吗?A: What time exactly?具体的时间是什么呢?B: I need it delivered at :00.在点的时候寄给我A: We can have it to you at that time.我们可以在那个时间送到B: That not a problem?没有问题吧?A: We will deliver your mattress tomorrow at oclock.我们会在明天点的时候把床垫寄送给您B: That great! Thank you very much.太好了!非常感谢 98A Tokyo bathhouse is offering classes on topics ranging from comedy to gaming in hopes of luring younger bathers and reversing Japan dying tradition of communal baths.为了吸引年轻顾客、重振日本垂死的公共浴室传统,东京一家澡堂决定提供主题从喜剧到游戏的课程During one recent session of the ;Naked School; at the Hinodeyu bath house, nine men sat around the bath, listening to an expert on the game Go.在Hinodeyu澡堂最近一期的“裸体学校”中,9名男子围坐在浴池里,听一名专家讲解围棋Yuichi Tamura, manager of the Hinodeyu, operated by his family since 1939, said many young people had never been to a communal bath because most homes have modern bathrooms.田村佑一是Hinodeyu澡堂的经理,他的家族自从1939年以来就一直经营着这家澡堂据他表示,由于大多数家庭都配备有现代化浴室,所以许多年轻人都从未去过公共浴室In its heyday, more than 500 people bathed daily at Hinodeyu. Today that number is around 0, he said.在鼎盛时期,每天在Hinodeyu沐浴的人数超过了500人而据田村佑一表示,现在这个数字只有0左右There were more than ,600 bathhouses, known as sento, in Tokyo in the late 1960s, but since then have seen a decline and prompted some to lure customers with novel ideas.上世纪60年代后期,东京有超过600个澡堂,但是自那之后就开始下滑,许多澡堂都不得不想出一些新点子来吸引顾客 5336

  At the time of writing this , there are currently 71 Pokemon, about 1 of which are actually any good depending on how much of a tool the person you ask is. With nearly a thousand different Pokemon out there it understandable that not all of them are going to be winners. As it turns out though, some of the stupidest and laziest looking Pokemon in the series have actually had some of the most thought put into their design. example, just consider…到撰写这篇文章之前,神奇宝贝游戏里总共有71种神奇宝贝,其中1种技能强大,就看你所问之人手法多强悍了游戏中出现的神奇宝贝近千,因而并非所有神奇宝贝都能成为赢家也就不奇怪了尽管如此,游戏里那些看起来蠢萌蠢萌的怪兽好像一无是处,然而在设计游戏时,开发者们可是对它们的设计挖空了心思啊例如…….Magikarp.鲤鱼王In the Pokemon games, Magikarp is about as useful as a butthole flavoured lollipop and is about half as embarrassing to be caught using. Its singular redeeming feature is that at level it evolves into a hulking dragon monster that can level cities by twerking. However, bee that happens youre ced to use a constantly screaming, flailing, fairground prize with a ridiculous moustache.在神奇宝贝里,鲤鱼王简直就跟一根菊花口味的棒棒糖一样没用,真是被人看到用它对战都要羞羞的不要不要的唯一能够弥补这种先天蠢萌特质的技能是,在练到级时,它能进化成暴鲤龙,一个甩尾就能扫平一整座城市然而在此之前,你就只能被迫用着这只会不停尖叫和胡乱拍打的游乐场奖品——鲤鱼王了还有那两撇胡须,真是滑稽透了As it turns out, Magikarp changing from a flopping, two foot wide fish with a Fu Manchu to a half ton sea snake with that can fire Decepticon obliterating lasers from its mouth is because it based on an old school Chinese legend about fish backflipping over a waterfall. More specifically, the legend states that any carp that can jump high enough to clear a waterfall that known only as the ;Dragon Gate; would turn into a kick-ass dragon. This is why Magikarp turns into a gargantuan death snake if you persevere and train it long enough. Basically, it based on a legend with the moral that trying hard enough leads to achieving anything, and it just so happens that Magikarp wants to become death, the destroyer of worlds.然而这两英尺宽,只会摔跤乱跳、还长着傅满楚式胡须的鲤鱼王也有逆袭之日进化之后,鲤鱼王的外形大变,变成了足有半吨位重的大海蛇,嘴里能喷出相当于霸天虎威力的激光,足以毁灭一切这种大翻身的灵感来源于中国古代的一个传说——鲤鱼跃龙门故事中讲的是任何鲤鱼,只要跳得够高,能跃过被称为;龙门;的瀑布,即可成龙这就是为什么在游戏中只要你训练得够久,鲤鱼王就能进化成拥有毁灭性力量的暴鲤龙的原因蠢萌孱弱的鲤鱼王可以进化成毁灭世界的暴鲤龙,其中暗含哲理:只要坚持不懈地努力,任何成就都可以实现9.Mareep9.咩利羊In a game filled with Pokemon that can shoot fire from their eyes and launch mountain ranges into orbit with their minds, Mareep seems a little tame. Sure it cute, as far as sheep coated in paralysing wool go, but it not exactly an inspired design, is it? It a sheep, that electric. We mean, how deep could that possible be?在一个怪兽动不动就两眼喷火,随心所欲搬动大山的彪悍世界里,咩利羊算得上是温顺的了外形也相当可爱,只要刨去它身上那层能使人瘫痪的羊毛就好然而,这似乎也并非特别新颖吧?不过是一只带静电的绵羊我是说,这其中能有多少深意?Pretty damn deep, as it turns out. You see, Mareep is based on the short story (which would later inspire Blade Runner) by Philip K. Dick, ;Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?;. Along with this, the name Mareep is an anagram of the word ;ampere,; which is a of electric current as well as badass band name. As if that wasnt enough layers, Mareep is also a portmanteau of ;Mary; and ;Sheep,; so the name is also an allusion towards the nursery rhyme, Mary had a Little Lamb. Plus, its alternate color is pink, which is just adorable.嗨,简直不要太深啦!看看咩利羊的英文名Mareep,这和菲利普·迪克的小说《仿生人会梦见电子羊吗?(电影《银翼杀手即改编于此故事)大有渊源还有,;Mareep;这个名字其实是电流单位;ampere;的变位词,也是一超棒的乐队的名字还嫌意义不够深远似的,;Mareep;还是;Mary;和;sheep;的混合词,所以这个名字里也暗藏一首儿歌——《玛丽有只小绵羊更何况,粉红色的咩利羊也是超级惹人爱哒~8.Trubbish8.破袋怪The Pokemon Trubbish is often pointed to as the point at which Pokemon kind of stopped caring because it is, all intents and purposes, literally just a festering, overfilled sack of garbage with goofy looking eyes drawn on it.破袋怪经常被当作Pokemon株式会社似乎开始不再关心神奇宝贝质量的分水岭总的看来的确如此,它看起来只是一个腐臭破烂,装的快要溢出来的垃圾袋,唯一不同的是它多了一对呆呆的眼睛Due to the fact its body looks almost identical to a bulging garbage bag, many people fail to notice that Trubbish has what appear to be a pair of bunny ears on its head. This is because Trubbish is based on the concept of ;dust bunny,; also known as those clumps of hair and dirt that live in the place under your couch you cant reach. On top of this, Trubbish is also supposed to stand alongside the Pokemon Grimer and Koffing as the third and final member of the pollution trifecta. Whereas Grimer and Koffing represent sea and air pollution, Trubbish is supposed to represent land pollution, something that was, up until it inclusion in the series, never touched upon. As why they decided to make this Pokemon look like a bag of trash, considering they made Grimer look like a pile of purple slime and Koffing look like a floating, poison spewing testicle, were going to give Trubbish a break since they clearly put more eft into it than they did its spiritual cousins.的确,它看起来完全就是一个膨胀的垃圾袋,以致于很多人都未注意到破袋怪头上其实还有一对兔耳朵其实破袋怪是根据;尘兔;这一概念设计出来的另外,破袋怪也是神奇宝贝中;污染三巨头;中继臭臭泥和瓦斯弹之后的第三大污染神奇宝贝臭臭泥和瓦斯弹分别代表了海洋污染和空气污染,破袋怪则代表了土壤污染,在破袋怪被囊括进污染系列以前没有人曾想到这点考虑到他们将臭臭泥设计成了一滩紫色烂泥,瓦斯弹也是一个漂浮在空中不断喷射毒气的蛋蛋,我们就不要对破袋怪太苛刻了,因为比起臭臭泥和瓦斯弹这两个精神上的;表兄弟;来,他们对破袋怪显然还是比较用心的7.Girafarig7.麒麟奇Girafarig looks like a cross between a giraffe and child drawing of a horse-shaped lizard that also happens to have a Chain Chomp a tail. It such a weird hodge podge of design elements we honestly cant tell what it was originally intended to be. The only thing we can discern with any clarity is that whoever came up with this design should have been slapped across the face thinking it looked anything like a giraffe.麒麟奇看起来就像是长颈鹿和小儿画的以链球怪作尾巴的马形蜥蜴的杂交这是一个奇葩设计元素的大杂烩,老实说我们真不懂它设计的初衷但唯一能肯定的是,无论是谁想出了这个设计,他都应该被打脸,因为不管横看竖看麒麟奇都不像一只长颈鹿啊!Then again, maybe that a little hasty because Girafarig isnt really based on a giraffe, it based on a now extinct, rather kick-ass ancestor of the giraffe called a Giraffokeryx. A giraffe like creature that looked like it was always wearing a pair of zebra stripe parachute pants. Along with this, Girafarig seemingly sentient tail and spinal ridges are inspired by the now disproven theory that the stegosaurus had a secondary brain hidden somewhere in its ass. Be honest, when you started ing this, did you honestly think a Pokemon game would contain a subtle allusion to a defunct theory about dinosaurs having brains in their butts?不过,这么说未免有点草率,因为麒麟奇并不是真以长颈鹿的外形为基础设计的,而是基于始长颈鹿,它们现今已遭灭绝,却是长颈鹿非常了不起的的祖先始长颈鹿外表看起来就像穿了一条斑马条纹的降落伞裤除此之外,麒麟奇看似有意识的尾巴和腰脊的设计灵感来自于剑龙,据传剑龙的臀部隐藏着第二个大脑,但这一说法已被明不实老实说,当你读到这里,你真的相信神奇宝贝这么一个游戏中竟会这么微妙地暗示关于恐龙屁股上有脑袋的虚假理论吗?6.Jynx6.迷唇Just one look at Jynx original design bee it was hastily changed by GameFreak amidst a storm of criticism and poorly researched 90s era newspaper s should tell you everything you need to know about why Jynx sucks. In a nutshell, people were kind of pissed about Jynx design because it appeared to be a rather tactless and spectacularly offensive combination of blackface stereotypes.Game Freak在批评的浪潮和不靠谱的90年代报刊文章的影响下匆忙修改了迷唇的设计图,因为单是看一眼那最初的设计图你就知道为何迷唇这么遭人嫌弃了简而言之,人们或多或少被迷唇的初始设计图给激怒了,因为它像是在笨拙地公开攻击黑人的形象While were absolutely not going to defend blackface, because we have more sense than that, there never really been any proof that this was the inspiration behind Jynx design beside the fact white people cant look at the original sprite without first looking over their shoulder. In truth, there are about four different proposed theories about what inspired Jynx design, including that it based on a Nordic legend about a princess whose skin was turned black by the cold, and one about it being inspired by a brief Japanese fad in the 90s where girls would tan their faces and dye their hair blonde as a protest against the limited Japanese concept of what constituted ;attractiveness.; Since there will probably never be a satisfactory answer to Jynx origin, these theories will presumably remain just that. However, it a little comting to think that maybe, just maybe, the people who designed the original 1 Pokemon werent huge, lazy racists.当然,我们绝不打算为黑人扮演这一歧视性行为辩护,因为我们不认为存在任何据表明迷唇的设计来源于此,除非你到现在还认为白人看到黑人时的第一反应是首先越过他的肩膀往后看其实,关于迷唇设计的灵感来源有四种说法,其中有北欧神话中被冻得皮肤发黑的公主,还有90年代时一度成为日本时尚的褐肤金发,那时女孩们通过这种方式来对日本社会中;魅力;一词的狭隘含义表示不满因为可能我们永远也不会得到对迷唇初始设计来源的满意答复,所以这些说法也就仅仅是说法了不管怎样,也许,只是也许,创造了这1个初始神奇宝贝的设计师不是一些又壮又懒的种族主义者,这样想会让我们觉得舒一些吧审校:敖有没 来源:前十网 50

  A: Hi, I just moved in next door and have a few questions.你好,我刚搬到隔壁,我有些问题B: Hello, and welcome to our building. I would be happy to help you with your questions.你好,欢迎来到我们楼,我愿意回答你的问题A: You all seem like a very pleasant group of tenants.你们看上去都很友好B: We all try and help each other out when we can.我们都竭尽所能彼此帮助A: When did you first move here?你什么时候搬到这儿的?B: I have lived here quite a while. Ten years!我住在这儿已经很长时间了,年了A: I am not from around here, and I donrsquo;t know where basic services are.我对附近不熟悉,我不知道哪里提供日常生活所需B: I could help you find everything you need. Would you be interested in going to the local farmerrsquo;s market with me?我能帮你找到你需要的东西你有兴趣和我去当地的农贸市场吗?A: What a great opporty to get oriented to the neighborhood!一个和邻居接触的好机会B: It starts around ten. Just meet me in the parking lot around 9:5, and Irsquo;ll take you there.市场点开始,9:5左右在停车场见我,我会带你到那儿




  Indian court officials confiscated a passenger train after the railway department failed to pay compensation to a farmer acquiring his land.由于铁路局长期拖欠一位农民占地补偿款,印度一列客运列车在路上被法庭没收了The train had more than 0 passengers on board when the officials confiscated it at the Harihar station in southern Karnataka state last Monday.这起事情发生在上周一,该列车在经过印度南部卡纳塔克邦赫里赫尔车站时被没收,当时车上还有0多名乘客The train was only released after railway officials gave an assurance that the compensation would be paid.最终该列车在铁道部官员承诺还款之后才被放行The railway acquired his land in , but have still not paid him it.铁道部在年占用了这位农民的土地,却迟迟没有给补偿款The farmer, Shivakumar, agreed to let the railway department acquire his one-acre plot of land the express train line, after he was assured compensation of 3.6m rupees.该农民名叫西瓦库马尔,当年印度铁道部为了修高速公路,从他那里以360万卢比的成交价格购买了一英亩地He approached a local court after the railways ignored several requests payment.在几次三番要求铁道部还钱不成的情况下,他只好请当地法庭为自己主持公道了The court in , ordered the railway department to pay Mr Shivakumar his compensation along with interest.直到年,铁道部才被判连本带息赔偿西瓦库马尔But after the railways did not heed the order three years, the court ordered its officials to confiscate the train.可接下来的三年中,铁道部根本就没有理睬判决结果,于是法庭这才决定没收该列车;The railway officials gave an undertaking to the court that the amount will be given in one week time and the train was allowed to leave after about 0 minutes,; KGS Patil, Mr Shivakumar lawyer, told B Hindi.西瓦库马尔的律师帕蒂尔向驻印度英国广播公司透露:“铁道部官员向法庭承诺下周肯定会还款之后,该火车才被放行,至此,这辆列车已经被扣留了0分钟” 791

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