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Make your own miniature greenhouse from recyclables and get a jump on spring by sowing winter seeds.利用可循环使用的物品,自己打造小型温室,冬季播种,让你穿越到春季好风光。You Will Need你需要Knife or scissors刀子或剪子Gal. milk jug牛奶罐Potting soil盆栽土壤Half-hardy annual and perennial seeds半耐寒性的一年生和多年生种子Clear packing tape清洁的包装带Liquid fertilizer液体肥料Garden花园Steps步骤Step 1 Cut the jug1.切割牛奶罐Cut the jug horizontally with the knife or scissors, leaving a small attached piece that acts as a hinge where the handle is connected. Poke several holes in the bottom for drainage, around the top for air, and one in each side.用刀剪将罐子水平剪开,在把手处留下一小片粘连在一起。在底部戳几个小孔用来排水,顶部戳几个孔用来通气,每一侧留一个孔。Step 2 Fill with soil2.装满土壤Fill the carton with 3 to 4 inches of potting soil. Add water until the soil is moist.向硬纸盒中装三四英寸盆栽土壤。加水,直到土壤比较湿润。Step 3 Plant seeds3.播种Plant half-hardy annual and perennial seeds according to package instructions and then tape the cut you made around the jug with the packing tape.按照包装上的说明,播种半耐寒性的一年生和多年生种子,然后用包装带把刚才的切口粘起来。Half-hardy perennials include dahlia, geranium, gerbera, and tuberous begonia.半耐寒性多年生种子包括大丽花,天竺葵,大丁草和球根秋海棠。Step 4 Place in sun4.放在阳光下Place the jug in a sunny area outside next to your house. Water it only when needed to maintain soil moisture.Poke extra holes in the top if there#39;s too much condensation build-up.将罐子放在户外阳光充沛的地方。只有需要的时候才浇水,保持土壤湿润。如果过多水汽凝结,在上方多戳几个孔。Step 5 Fertilize5.施肥Fertilize with a very diluted liquid fertilizer if sprouts turn yellow or light green, which indicates a lack of nutrients.如果叶芽变成黄色或淡绿色,说明缺乏营养,用浓度非常低的液体肥料施肥。Step 6 Plant after frost6.霜冻后移栽Separate the individual plants and plant them in your garden after the last frost of the year.最后一次霜冻后,将单独的植株分开,移栽到花园中。Gardeners spent .5 billion on seeds, plants, fertilizer, tools, and other gardening supplies to grow their own food in 2008.2008年,园艺工作者花费了25亿美元购买种子,植株,肥料,工具和其他园艺用品,自己种植食物。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201303/232013There must have been a whole lot of discussion of mathematics and how to solve the problems of managing huge building projects like the pyramids and the temples, and managing the huge work-forces that went with it, and feeding them all.当时一定有许多 关于如何管理金字塔和庙宇这样大型的建筑工程,管理数量庞大的建筑工人,并保工人饮食等问题的数学讨论。How that more sophisticated discussion of mathematics was conducted, or transmitted, we can only guess.如此复杂的数学讨论是如何进行和表达的,我们只能想象。The evidence that has come down to us is maddeningly fragmentary, because papyrus is so fragile, because it rots in the damp, and it burns so easily.传到我们手里的据都离破碎,因为莎草纸太易碎,不耐潮,又易燃。We don#39;t know where the Rhind Mathematical Papyrus came from, but we presume that it must have been a tomb.我们甚至不知道莱因德纸草书是如何保存下来的,只能推测它来自某座古墓。There are some examples of private libraries being buried with their owners-presumably to establish their educational and administrative credentials in the afterlife.历史上曾有不少私人藏书与主人一起埋葬的例子,大概是为了保他们来生仍有学识,有成为管理人员的资格。 This loss of evidence makes it very hard to form a view of how Egypt stood in comparison to its neighbours. Eleanor Robson again:由于据的缺失,很难了解埃及的数学水平在当时邻国中所处的位置,也无法确知公元前一五五〇年左右埃及数学的真实水平。埃莉诺罗伯森说:It#39;s quite difficult to tell exactly how representative Egyptian mathematics is in the early second millennium .The only evidence we#39;ve got to compare it with at the same time is from Babylonia, southern Iraq.目前唯一能与之比较的物件来自与它同时代的巴比伦,位于今伊拉克南部。Because they were the only two civilisations at that point that actually used writing.它们是当时仅有的两个使用文字的文明。So I#39;m sure that lots of cultures were counting and managing with numbers, but they all did it-as far as we know-without ever writing things down.我肯定当时还有别的民族也会计数运算,但从目前的发现来看,他们都没有书写下来。The Babylonians we know a lot more about, because they wrote on clay tablets and, unlike papyrus, clay survives very well in the ground over thousands of years.我们对巴比伦人的情况更为了解,因为他们的书写载体是黏土板,不像莎草纸,黏土板可以在地下保存数千年。So for Egyptian mathematics we have perhaps six, maximum ten, pieces of writing about mathematics, and the biggest of course is the Rhind Papyrus.至于埃及, 我们则仅有大概六份,顶多十份数学记录,其中最完整的就是莱因德纸草书。 Article/201407/309937

Firefighters Go On Strike In Row Over Pensions Firefighters stage the first national stoppage in more than 10 years in protest at plans to make them work until they are 60.It#39;s been a decade since the firefighters last walked out. The Fire Brigade Union wants to propose changes will mean firefighters will have to work longer and pay more into their pensions, yet receive less in retirement. Eighty percent of Union members walked out. Here in the Midlands two generations of firefighters stood side by side.David Pitt and his son David Junior believe they are loosing out into the changes which they say could see them having to work into their sixties.We are here striking in response to that situation to give a big message out to the public that this is a site for firefighters and this is a site for members of the public.I#39;ve been giving the job for over two decades and it takes each time all upon your joints. And it#39;s harder and harder, harder to do all the job.In Leeds, firefighters blamed their senior management, claiming they were looking after themselves and leaving the crews to suffer.This maybe a short strike induration but it has aly caused its fair share of disruption. The Fire Brigage Union is threatening more industrial action if it doesn#39;t get what it wants. The government will be perhaps quite worried that it will not want to return to the prolonged industrial action which we saw more than a decade ago.Back then, the army drove the aging green goddesses, the Union wanted a 40% pay rise, eventually the strike ended when they settled for less than half that.We do think the strike is totally unnecessary. The age issue is the certain thing that the FB did not even list in their points when they made the strike action went forward with it, so that#39;s not part of the strike action. This time they are training the strike breakers. Some brigades including London and Siri hired private contractors to stand in.The public bill be warned that none emergency calls may not be answered.This four-hour strike has taken place in the middle of the day, away from the rush hour when the fire service is busiest, more disruption is likely.The Union described that it was a warning shot. I think very clearly is that the least thing they can do in terms of strike action, this will be fairly quite of the war.The strike passed off without major incident. The two sides will now resume negotiations.If no one backs down, the firefighters say they will walk out for longer next time. /201310/259569As recently as the 1980s, scientists believed直到80年代 科学家们还相信the answer to why only some of us put on weight lay in the genes只有一部分人会发胖的原因来自that control the body#39;s metabolism,人体里控制新陈代谢的基因the rate at which food is broken down and turned into energy.即食物消化并转化成能量的速度They reasoned that if the body didn#39;t burn他们详尽论述说 如果人体不能足够快地food fast enough, you put on weight.将食物转化成能量 人就会发胖A view shared by members of the water ballet troupe,水上芭蕾队;丰满百合花;的队员the Padded Lilies.有一个共识I would say that probably the reason we#39;re fat我觉得我们发胖的原因可能是is because our metabolism is slow.因为我们的新陈代谢速度缓慢To suddenly be 32 pounds at a year old,我一岁时就突然长到32磅I don#39;t see any other reason除了新陈代谢之外 for that than metabolism.我看不到还有其他原因Thin people can eat a tremendous amount and still be thin.瘦人大吃大喝也不会发胖Fat people can eat next to nothing and still be fat.而胖人几乎什么都不吃却仍旧很胖The amount I#39;m eating isn#39;t what#39;s making me fat.我的食量根本不至于让我发胖My metabolism, my genetics,我的新陈代谢水平 我的基因this combination of things is what made me fat.这些结合起来才让我变这么胖The question of metabolism was a key issue for my own research.新陈代谢问题是我研究的关键I myself was involved in a Horizon programme in the #39;90s我本人90年代参与了地平线的一个项目to examine if this really was the case.以验这个观点 Article/201306/244686Bruce made the first two pictures with independent producer Raymond Chow for ,000 each.布鲁斯同独立制片人邹文怀制作了头两部电影,每部一万五千美元。That was... It was made in Thailand. In a small village in Thailand.Bruce Lee plays a working-class hero.He#39;s from the land. He#39;s one of the folk.But at the same time as that, he#39;s never one of the guys.它在泰国拍摄而成,确切说是泰国的一个小乡村里。李小龙饰演一位工薪阶层的英雄,他是名来自大陆的普通人,但同时他也与众不同。And this is why it was so successful as well as the brilliant choreograghy.Bruce Lee completely changed the way action scenes look today in cinema.这也是该片出色的动作编排之外取得巨大成功的又一个原因。李小龙完全颠覆了动作场面的观影体验。It#39;s about making violence look beautiful which may sound like a paradox, it probably is but a director like John Woo he shoots a gunfight like martial arts.他将暴力冲突转换为美学,听起来可能很荒唐。但他是一名像吴宇森一样的导演能把战也演成武术It#39;s a ballet. In terms of the craft of filmmaking, that#39;s a huge change.跟芭蕾一样,而且根据电影制作的标准。那确实是翻天覆地的变化。But the Western movies really piss me off.They chop #39;em up so much.Most of the scenes oversumed so you can#39;t see what#39;s going on.但西方电影着实令我作呕,简直是一团糟,许多场面太过混乱,你都看不清在发生什么。Those guys have to go back and watch Bruce Lee movies.You can see these awesome moves.He#39;s doing in their entirety, you know.那些人应该回家看李小龙的电影,看看这些精动作。他在全然诠释它们。You can have a shot that doesn#39;t last only a haf second long.I never even thought about it until I did in this movie Haywire.Now every time I see a movie, I#39;m like,“Stop cutting away.”;Oh,that#39;s a stunt double.;They were wonderful to watch.你会看到一些打斗动作,快得不到半秒一切就结束了。在拍电影《制胜一击》之前,我从没想过能这样。现在我每看一部电影都会想,不要切镜头。这不过是替身演的,而他的电影都十分精。No wires, no gimmicks, no quick cuts.You get an actor to portray that you know, you#39;re gonna have to do quick cuts.没有绳索,假戏,镜头速切。你要是找其他演员来演,就需要镜头速切。Bruce Lee set a new baseline.Every piece of film fight choreography has been influenced by Bruce Lee whether the people involved know it or not.李小龙划明了一条全新的底线,之后每一部电影的动作场面,都或多或少受到李小龙的影响,不论人们有没有意识到。-A motion picture is motion. - Yeah.I mean, you gotta keep the dialogue down.动作片就是要用动作说话 -没错。我是说,不要那么多对白。 Article/201312/267891

Smokers are less healthy, more likely to be absent from work, and use more medical services than nonsmokers. Support your significant other to live smoke-free.相对于不吸烟的人,吸烟者的身体更不健康,更有可能缺勤,使用的医疗务也更多。持对你很重要的另一半,帮助他们戒烟。You Will Need你需要Determination决心Doctor医生Anti-smoking products戒烟产品Exercise运动Incentives奖励Steps步骤Step 1 Support them1.持他们Support your significant other in their choice to quit smoking. Quit together if you smoke.持对方做出的戒烟的选择。如果你也吸烟的话,一起行动。Step 2 Clean the house2.打扫房间Clean the house and get rid of any smoking-related materials.打扫房间,扔掉任何与吸烟有关的物品。Step 3 Talk with a doctor3.与医生谈话Talk to a doctor about products that have been successful in helping smokers quit.与医生谈话,了解已经成功帮助吸烟者戒烟的产品。Step 4 Talk to your partner4.与伴侣谈话Talk to your significant other about the benefits of quitting smoking. Focus on good health, your family, and the money that will be saved.跟伴侣谈话,讨论戒烟的好处。集中在健康,家庭和省钱方面。Step 5 Avoid temptations5.避免诱惑Avoid places or activities that they associate with smoking.避免让他们和吸烟联系起来的场所或活动。It usually takes more than one attempt to quit smoking. If they slip up, help them refocus on their goal.要戒烟通常需要多次尝试。如果他们失败了,帮助他们重新树立目标。Step 6 Start working out6.开始锻炼Join a gym and start working out together.加入健身馆,一起开始锻炼。Step 7 Give incentives7.给予奖励Offer them an incentive to quit smoking. Use the money you save to enjoy a vacation or a smoke-free night on the town.采取激励措施,鼓励他们戒烟。用省下来的钱度假或在小镇上度过一个无烟的夜晚。Smokers die approximately 13 to 14 years earlier than nonsmokers do.吸烟者比非吸烟者的寿命短大约13至14年。视频听力栏目译文属。 /201304/233138

He wanted a one-stop digital music store.他希望有一站式的数码音乐商店What Steve needed to do to launch iTunes,乔布斯推出iTuneswas convince the record companies要做的是说各大唱片公司and the music publishers,和音乐发行商not an easy lot,他们并不是普通的人物to license their music要将他们的音乐to his online store授权给乔布斯的音乐商店so that be could then sell it.然后再向大众销售And one of the great ironies of Steve Jobs因为乔布斯,我们又要付费being the person who got us to actually pay for music again才可以听音乐is that Steve Jobs had been a pirate himself当中最讽刺的是乔布斯在少年时when he was a teenager.也作过盗版的事Jobs and Woz hacked the phone system他和沃兹尼瓦克曾入侵电话系统so they could get long distance phone calls for free.使他们可以免费打长途电话He was one of the few people他是真正取得突破的少数人之一that really broke through他打破了唱片行业高层what ended up being sort of a lot of fear end stubbornness最常见的畏首畏尾on the part of record industry executives.和墨守绳规的做事方式And be was determined to get他还决心要使到披头四乐队the Beatles to agree to put同意将他们的音乐their music on his catalog.加到苹果的音乐目录中And they had some. .乐队的管理层their management had some crazy idea well,还有很疯狂的想法let Steve Jcbs give us就是叫乔布斯将苹果10% of Apple百分之十的股权给我们and we#39;ll do it,那么我们便会答应because we are going to make this company successful.因我们会让乔布斯他们更成功I remember calling Steve我记得我打电话给乔布斯and reporting in what failed meeting it was.告诉他这个结论时And he just said you know,那次真的谈不拢的just great music,他只回答我披头四的音乐很好but they are just wrong但是你们弄错了like don#39;t worry about it.还说之前谈过的问题算了They#39;re just wrong.总之就弄错了And I thought you know probably我心想只有乔布斯才这么有信心only Steve Jobs would have the confidence to be so certain相信他懂得的东西that be knew better than the Beatles.比披头四乐队还要多 /201310/262127You#39;ll want to wear these cool duct-tape boots whenever you#39;re mucking around in the mud.无论何时,当你在泥泞的道路上蹒跚前行时,你肯定想穿一双这种炫酷的靴子。You Will Need你需要Scissors剪刀Cardboard硬纸板Insoles鞋垫Socks袜子Newspaper报纸Duct tape胶带Shoe insoles (optional)鞋垫(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Cut sole1.切割鞋底Cut two soles from the cardboard, using the insoles from your shoes as guides. Then slip your cut-out soles into an old pair of socks.用鞋垫做模板,从硬纸板上切下两块做鞋底。然后把切下的鞋底放入一双旧袜子。You can also insert an old pair of insoles into the socks.也可以直接把一双旧鞋垫塞到袜子里。Step 2 Stuff with newspaper2.填充报纸Stuff the socks with newspaper to create a form for the boots. Add extra stuffing to the tops of the foot and ankle areas to make sure you#39;ll be able to easily slip them on and off.向袜子中塞满报纸,打造靴子的形状。脚掌顶部和脚踝部位多加一些填充物,确保可以顺利地穿上和脱下。Step 3 Add duct tape3.添加胶带Apply duct taping horizontally across the middle of the foot areas. Overlap pieces of tape by about 1/2-inch. Tape the socks until they#39;re completely covered.脚掌部位水平添加胶带,胶带之间重叠大约0.5英寸,直到袜子被完全覆盖。Step 4 Remove stuffing4.取出填充物Remove the stuffing and try the boots on for comfort. Carefully cut areas that are too large or too small, and re-tape as necessary.取掉填充物,试穿一下是否舒适。认真修剪太大或太小的地方,如果需要的话重新添加胶带。Step 5 Pray for rain5.等待下雨天Pray for rain so you can go outside and play in the mud with your cool duct-tape boots.期待雨天的来临,这样就可以穿着这双简约的泥地靴在泥泞中玩耍了。In 2008, at least 540 mudslides set off by rain were reported around the world, killing more than 2,100 people.2008年,全世界共报道至少540起泥石流,造成超过2,100人死亡。视频听力由。 Article/201310/262854

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