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【视频文本】First impressions are everything, so get your phone ringing with these tips.You Will NeedA haircut A shower Deodorant Cologne A toothbrush Dental floss Mouthwash A job Manners Step 1: Practice good grooming(穿着得体)Look your best. Don’t dress sloppily, be conscious of the latest trends, and get a fashionable haircut.Step 2: Be hygienic(干净卫生)Maintain good hygiene. Shower daily, wear deodorant, and finish with a splash of cologne. Brush and floss regularly and rinse with mouthwash.Quit smoking. Now.Step 3: Take it slow(慢慢培养感情)Don’t be too aggressive. Show interest, but don’t call everyday, or at all hours. You don’t want to become obsessive or scare her away.Step 4: Establish common interests(培养共同爱好)Establish common interests. Unless you’re a magnet, opposites don’t really attract. Find shared interests and focus on them. You’ve got to talk about something.Step 5: Listen(学会聆听)Listen. Don’t yammer on about yourself. Take a sincere interest in what she has to say and show your interest by making frequent eye contact.Keep up with current affairs to engage in interesting conversation.Step 6: Hold a job(经常话时间在一起)Have a steady job, unless you’re a full-time student. Research indicates that women look for stability and security in a long-term relationship.Step 7(礼貌绅士)Be polite, courteous, and chivalrous. No one has ever been turned-off by too much respect. Article/201003/99581演讲简介:Diana Laufenberg 与大家分享了她从教学中学到的3个令人惊讶的事情,包括一个从错误中学习的关键认识。 Article/201212/211931

【视频欣赏】【听力文本】Overwhelming anxiety can indicate a serious mental-health disorder. Consult a doctor if anxiety is interfering with your daily life.Step 1: Play a game(玩电脑游戏)Play a game. Researchers have found that a Game Boy eased anxiety in young patients awaiting surgery better than a prescription tranquilizer. Goal-oriented play boosts dopamine in the brain, a chemical linked to positive feelings.Munch on Brazil nuts. They’re nature’s top source of selenium, a mineral that soothes the central nervous system during high-stress times.Step 2: Relinquish control(放弃自己无法控制的部分)Know your “no-control zone.” Most things we’re anxious about are completely out of our control, so it’s useless to worry about them.Look at something blue. Psychological studies show this color is so calming, it instantly soothes overstressed adrenal glands and slows down anxious brain waves!Step 3: Get perspective(最坏的打算)Think of the absolute worst-case, catastrophically bad scenario. This helps put things in better perspective.Doodle, especially circles and figure eights: they switch your brain from analytic to creative and help you calm down.Step 4: Take vitamin B(补充维生素B)Take a B-complex vitamin. These are the ones that are depleted first when you’re anxious or stressed.Step 5: Eat fish(多吃鱼)Eat more fish. Foods like tuna and salmon are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which quash anxiety.Step 6: Avoid low-fat dieting(不吃低脂肪的食品)Have the full-fat ice cream! British researchers found that people on low-fat diets are more depressed and anxious, and fat boosts levels of serotonin.Step 7: Talk it out(和别人交谈)Call a friend. Talking things out is proven to ease anxiety by triggering the release of oxytocin — a chemical which makes us feel safe and secure.Step 8: Use aromatherapy(用香料)Take a whiff of lavender or vanilla. Studies show these scents reduce anxiety more than prescription anti-anxiety drugs!Step 9: Repeat a mantra(默读颂歌)Give yourself a mantra to repeat when you’re anxious; this will alter your brain waves so you’ll feel in control.Step 10: Try herbal remedies(使用草本治疗)Try an herbal remedy: lemongrass, chamomile, and dandelion all calm the central nervous system.Step 11: See a doctor(看医生)If nothing helps, see a doctor. Over 21 million Americans have some form of anxiety disorder, including Drew Barrymore and David Beckham. Article/201003/99144

It#39;s easier than you#39;d imagine to make your own face cream. Save money and have fun, too, using a few simple ingredients and these easily followed instructions by an expert in organic skin care products.自制洗面奶,比你想的要简单得多。跟着脸部皮肤保养专家,只需要几种简单的材料和几个步骤,既省钱又有诸多乐趣。Hi. I#39;m Chris Beetham from Skin Blossom, and we#39;re an organic skin care company. All of our products are vegan, and they#39;re super affordable, too.大家好,我是克里斯·毕瑟姆。我们的产品制作起来都很简单,而且经济实惠。I#39;m going to show you how to make your own products, and all very easily, and all in the comfort of your own home. I#39;m going to show you how to make homemade face cream. Now, it won#39;t quite match what you#39;d expect to buy from a beauty brand, but it is really good for skin, and it#39;s great value, too.我将向你展示如何自己动手制作洗面奶。可能效果不如买来的大品牌,但是对皮肤绝对有好处,当然对钱包更有好处。And your face is subject to so much from wind, sun, stress, pollution. So it#39;s really important to moisturize it, put back hydration, give it some protection and some nutrients, too. And it#39;s a basic recipe made from easy to find organic and vegan ingredients, which you can get from a health store, or from Aromantic.我们的脸整天在太阳下晒,在风中吹,还有压力和污染之下,当然需要水分,需要保护,也需要营养。这是一种基本的护理。And all you need is one teaspoon of carnauba wax, a tablespoon of spring water, three tablespoons of jojoba oil, which is really lovely and moisturizing, and it has great antioxidant properties, too. It mixes well with the carnauba wax, to give a nice consistency. Add a teaspoon of aloe vera gel, and one drop of rose essential oil.所需要的只是一茶匙加诺巴醋,一茶匙的泉水,和三大勺的荷荷巴油—这种产品香味很浓保湿效果好,还有很强的抗氧化作用。将油和醋混合均匀,加上一汤匙的芦荟胶,再滴上一滴玫瑰精油。Now, let#39;s set up the double boiler and put the oil, water, and wax to heat, and leave it there until it#39;s fully melted. And once everything is fully mixed together and melted, then you can remove it from the heat. And then mix thoroughly, and continue mixing until it gets to room temperature and starts to thicken.现在将水醋油混装在水壶中,开火加热,直到完全融化。所有的成分已经完全混合的时候灭火。然后搅拌直至降到室温并凝固。And then when at room temperature, you can add in your aloe vera gel, and mix thoroughly, followed by your rose essential oil. And there you have your face cream. And just apply to the face and neck, as you would with most of your products.在室温条件下加入芦荟胶,并参和均匀,之后加入玫瑰精油。这就是你要的面霜了。使用时涂在脸和脖子上。And it#39;s important to remember that as this product contains water, but no preservative, it only lasts for about a week, so it#39;s best to make up in small amounts. .记住,这个产品汗含有水分,但是没有防腐剂,因此保质期只有一周左右,所以最好不要一次性制作很多。Thanks for watching How To Make Homemade Face Cream谢谢收看本期“自制面霜”节目。 Article/201208/194176

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