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No matter how sharp you are, a new computer program will always win at this type of poker.在纸牌游戏中不管你是个多么厉害的角色,新电脑程序总是会赢过你。The best poker player in the world doesn#39;t have a poker face. In fact - it has no face at all.世界上最好的纸牌玩家没有扑克脸(面无表情),甚至连有没有脸都谈不上。The new poker expert is an algorithm (AL-go-RITH-em), or problem-solving program. Called Cepheus, it has solved one form of this card game. ;Solved,; in this case, means the program knows the game well enough to win against any human.最新纸牌专家是一种演算法,一种叫做Cepheus能解决问题的程序,它已经solved(搞定)了这种纸牌游戏中一种玩法。;solved;在这里指该程序对这个游戏了如指掌,无论和谁比,它都会赢。And this new algorithm may be useful beyond the card table. It can win at poker even without knowing what cards the other players are hiding. That skill may be useful elsewhere. For instance, it might help guide business decisions or predict terrorist attacks. In those circumstances, a decision-maker will seldom have all of the information he or she feels are needed.这种新的改进算法可用于牌桌上。使用这种方法无需知道其他玩家手里的藏牌你就能轻而易举夺冠。此外这项技能也会在应用到其他方面。比如说引导商业决策,预测恐怖袭击等。在这些情况下,一个决策者几乎没有他或她感觉应该所需要的信息。The algorithm is ;a big step toward understanding games that are closer to real-world problems,; says Murray Campbell. This computer scientist works at IBM#39;s Thomas J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, N.Y. Campbell did not work on the new study. He did, however, help develop a computer called Deep Blue. In 1997, it defeated world champion Garry Kasparov at chess.就职于美国约克敦海茨国际商用机器公司托马斯·沃森研究中心的计算机科学家Murray Campbell称能够透彻的了解一个如此接近现实世界问题的游戏,algorithm可谓是个很大的进步。N.Y. Campbell没有参与此次新研究,但他助力开发了一款叫做深蓝的计算机,并于1997年战胜了国际象棋冠军Garry Kasparov。For decades, scientists have been designing computers that can win games. There#39;s even a branch of mathematics - game theory - that focuses on finding the best strategies in competitive situations. And using such strategies, some computers have performed quite well.几十年来,科学家一直致力于开发一款能在游戏方面所向披靡的电脑,甚至还涉及到一大堆数学公式,即弈论,这是一种专注于在竞争情况下找到最好对策的方法,并且很多电脑对于这一策略的运行已经相当出色。But poker is a harder game. Unlike in checkers, poker players cannot see everyone#39;s pieces (or here, cards). Another difference: In checkers, every turn has a best move. But for poker, champs don#39;t always play the same way. To win, a good player might choose to fool his or her opponents, known as bluffing.但纸牌属于更难的游戏。它不像跳棋那么明显,纸牌玩家看不到任何人的牌。另一个不同之处在于:在西洋跳棋中,每一步都会有最好的选择。但对于纸牌玩家来说,厉害角色不总是按套路出牌。如果你想赢,那么你就要学会怎样迷惑对手,学会怎样去唬人。译文属 /201506/383382

They may be called smartphones but the handsets could be damaging some students’ grades。他们被称为“智能”手机,然而这些电子设备也许正在影响学生们的功课成绩。In an experiment, pupils who were given a free iPhone used it for social networking and listening to music rather than helping with their studies, and they admitted being distracted from their work。在一项实验中,研究人员向学生们发放了免费的苹果手机,学生们却没有将手机用作学习工具,而是用手机刷社交网络、听音乐,并且他们承认自己无法集中精神完成学习任务。Psychologists at Rice University wanted to see if the latest mobile technology would be used by the students to improve their learning。赖斯大学的心理学家们想要了解最新的移动技术能否帮助学生们提高他们的学业成绩。When given their new handsets, the students overwhelmingly said that the devices would help them do better in tests and get better grades without being a distraction。当参加实验的学生们刚获得新手机的时候,他们信心满满的声称,新手机不会干扰他们学习,还会让他们学得更好,取得更好的成绩。When asked at the beginning if they thought the phones would get them higher grades, the average response was a positive score of 3.71 on the scale。在实验开始之初,当学生们被问及,是否认为手机能帮助自己取得更好的学业成绩的时候,学生们给出的答复评分的平均分数为3.71分,这是一个表示肯定的分值。But a year later, when asked if it had helped perform better in tests, the average score had more than halved to 1.54 on the same scale, indicating disillusionment with the technology。然而一年之后,当学生们被问及手机是否确实帮助他们获得了更好的考试成绩时,学生们给出的平均分值还不到之前的一半,在同一个分值表上,只有1.54分,这意味着学生们对高科技的梦幻破灭了。The researchers concluded that it’s not enough to give students the right technology, but said they need constant guidance about how to use it。研究者们得出结论,即——仅向学生们提供前沿的电子技术是不够的,他们还需要长时间的引导,需要我们告诉他们如何正确运用移动设备。 /201509/397261

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