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British Army Team Ready To Scale EverestA team of British troops will set off to climb Mount Everest in April to raise awareness about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.There are a few places in Europe, more remote, in the cangons in winter, bleat, unpredictable, perfect conditions train for Everest. The team, all Afghan adventurers, want to raise the wareness for come back stress. The expedition also coincide with the some team ri of wooder 1, in 19 kinda of versary of maneries doomed attempt on the Everest. Coursed is the team doctor Tudato is hard to navigate. Mack ings skills are a central,everyone must be confident in each other. Suwner is her medcial skills but callden weption. Johner, the second commander, is falling through hold covered by the snow hit its arm hard on the boud.;Its all right, he felt free that becal on this basic ownerbretion all freeze,on that big contretion big breeze. I need just not some the reminds, but watching unless mute quite geniles, he is lotpa, so gonna give some pain killers and I will recess him later, and get him some cold ilserna,and try get breson down. Yeah, he is tafi.;;Weve just come through vally cold larick ecrak, and then up and over you coner should say its so misty now, but when now in something could show a mean gap which bow in the dewest, and chaps some ropes Ill pile up and down pilst rope work. Drills t Ive been doing two weeks time and time again,doing absolutely spot on when they get all rest, its perfect.;Crimer homeson honest get one, this is the triffic time feel the heads, parcle bearic spirits.;Wont you start get into the ocktion dead, you start to lose it right attach we dont so allien moved....;Tatakens is one member of the team who has successfully climbed the Everest before.;All the train preparation is really important, so I am the sky the guy, you know, carecly say, moving on the rock, moving on the snow and ice in the opposite whites land and pull, and for progration for in the mountain , there quite proud to, to locreate guasing.;;Wofeving savfree they are zibuck,so, so lets keep it.;On Everest, even the smallest tarf swarts will sakanergy like nothing, theyve ever experienced.;Clim stay hightlight look at free each other eight for a wolf ates chales.;This is the last time the team will train together. They fly in just over a month the Himlayas and Everest.Else Bongus, Sky News, the Cangon in Scotland /201403/278620Staying Motivated During a Job Search在求职过程保持积极A Monster Guide一份 Monster 指南When you set out on your job search, its rarely possible to guess how long it will go on for. As time passes, the rejections mount up and the budgets get tighter. Its easy to become disheartened. However, this is exactly the time when you need to dust yourself off and put in more hard work than ever. One of the main attributes of a successful job seeker is persistence.当你开始了你的求职路,不太可能猜到它会持续多久。随着时光流逝,拒绝信逐渐增加,手头越来越紧。很容易变得沮丧。然而,这正是你需要重新准备好自己、并比以往投入更多努力的时候。成功的求职者主要的特质之一就是坚持。Start as You Mean to Go On用坚持不懈的精神开始Instead of getting up late, set your alarm as if youre going to work. Have a shower and take a walk to get some fresh air in your lungs.与其睡到很晚才起床,不如将闹钟设成好像你要去上班的时段。洗个澡,并散个步来呼吸一些新鲜空气到你的肺部。Set Daily Goals设定每天的目标Goals will keep your mind focused on the things that are important, and keep you feeling positive about your future.目标会让你的心志集中在重要的事情上,并让你对未来感到正向积极。Set Up the Right Environment设置适当的环境Make an area in your home, where you can run your job search with a phone, computer, and everything else you might find in an office. It will help you stay focused on the target.在家里创造出一个区域,在那里你可以用电话、电脑、和其他你可能会在办公室里找到的东西来进行你的工作搜寻。它会帮助你持续聚焦在目标上。Eat Right吃对食物Make sure you eat lots of fruit and vegetables. Stay away from fatty foods and try to limit your alcohol intake. A healthy body generally leads to a healthy mind.确保你摄取许多水果和蔬菜。远离油腻食物并试着限制你的酒精摄取量。健康的身体通常会带来健康的心志。Create a Support Network建立持网络Forming an alliance with other job seekers will help you share experiences, get advice, and give you an outlet for your inner feelings.和其他求职者组成同盟会帮助你分享经验、得到建议、给你的内在情绪一个宣泄管道。Remember the Law of Averages记得平均法则The more applications you make, the greater your chances are of finding the job of your dreams. However, resist the urge to blanket bomb every recruiter out there. You need to tailor your CV for each job. Sooner or later, youll hit the right mark.你丢出越多申请,你找到梦想中工作的机会就越大。但是,要忍住大规模攻击那里每个招聘人员的衝动。你需要为了个别工作修改你的履历。迟早你会击中正确的目标。Enjoy the Process享受过程Job hunting is a time of transition and change, and it can also be a very important time for self-development. Use this period to reassess your goals.找工作是转型和改变的时机,它同样也是自我成长非常重要的时机。使用这段时间来重新评估你的目标。At every stage of your job search, you should look to get feedback. If youre not getting asked for interviews, then get someone to have a look through your CV. If youre getting into the interview but being rejected there, you should find out what youre doing wrong. Fix these, and youll find yourself in a job in no time.在你找工作的每个阶段,你应该要期待得到回应。如果你没有被邀请参加面试,那么就找某人来看过你的履历。如果你进入面试阶段,但在那被拒绝了,你应要找出你做错什么事。调整这些,你很快就会发现自己找到工作了。This guide was brought to you by Monster. For more advice, jobs, and career tools, visit monster.co.uk.这份指南由 Monster 带给您。想要更多建议、工作机会、还有职场工具,请上monster.co.uk。201411/343938West Virginia Chemical Spill Threatens Health of ResidentsNumerous people have reported symptoms of illness, as officials issue warning on tap water.Meanwhile significant new developments this morning in a chemical spill that has forced 300,000 people to stop drinking water out of the taps in their homes overnight, we learnt that more than 700 people have reported symptoms of illness and 70 have gone to the hospital. A’s Susie Sony is on the scene in western Virginia, Susie.Good morning, Dan, a federal investigation is now underway into the chemical spill into the water here which has put life on hold for so many people.This morning, thousands in West Virginia feeling the effects of Thursday morning’s chemical spill, more than 700 people in the Charleston area have called poison control centers, complaining of nausea, vomiting, headaches and rashes, 70 people went to local hospitals. For the 300,000 area residents, it’s been a frustrating day and a half. Overnight, FEMA trucks bring in more than a million liters of clean water for people to drink, bathe, cook and clean.I guess it really upsets, because we’re basically just trying to find water, just so we can be able to you know, take a shower, have something to drink.The crisis began when a toxic chemical used to process coal leaked out of a 48,000 gallon storage tank. The chemical overflowed into the Elk River, just north of a water treatment plant that provides drinking water for the region.Do not drink it, do not cook with it, do not wash clothes in it, do not take a bath in it.The advisory set off a run on stores, people emptying shelves of water bottles across the region. But some people still concerned after using the water before the warning.I brushed my teeth and washed my face with it, so that kind of scares me.This incident is extremely unfortunate, unanticipated, and we’re very, very sorry for the disruption to everybody’s daily life that this incident has caused.While the tainted water is not considered deadly some people have had stronger symptoms or reactions to it than others. Residents are still advised to stay away from the water and there’s no word yet on when it will be safe for drinking. Breonna,It was such a frightening situation, Susanna, thanks to you. /201401/273089

The victory over famine has a downside, however.然而战胜饥荒也带来了负面影响。In many parts of the country, the drill has to sink ever deeper to hit water.在印度为了找到水源 水井越钻越深。In western India,30% of wells have been abandoned.在印度西部30%的水井已被遗弃。The underground aquifers are drying out.地下含水层开始干涸。Vast reservoirs will catch the monsoon rains to replenish the aquifers.巨大的蓄水池可以收集雨水补充含水层。In dry season, women from local villages dig them with their bare hands.在干旱季节当地村中妇女以双手挖掘水库。Thousands of kilometers away,800 to 1,000 liters of water are consumed per person per day.远在数千公里之外每人每天用水达一千公升。Las Vegas was built out of the desert.建在沙漠中。Millions of people live there.有数百万居民。Thousands more arrive every month.每月有成千上万游客。The inhabitants of Las Vegas are among the biggest consumers of water in the world.居民是世界上用水最多的人口。Palm Springs is another desert city with tropical vegetation and lush golf courses.棕榈泉是另一座沙漠城市,布满热带植物和葱绿的高尔夫球场。How long can this mirage continue to prosper?这幻影还可以繁荣多久?The Earth cannot keep up.地球已无法跟上。The Colorado River, which brings water to these cities,is one of those rivers that no longer reaches the sea.为这些城市提供水源的科罗拉多河是那些无法出海的众多河流之一。Even more alarmingly,its flow is diminishing at source.更令人担忧的是它的源头水流正在逐渐减小。Water levels in the catchment lakes along its course are plummeting.流域中的蓄水湖泊水位也在骤降。Lake Powell took 17 years to reach high-water mark.鲍威尔湖用了17年才达到高水位。Its level is now half of that.现在水位已经下降了一半。Water shortages could affect nearly two billion people before 2025.2025年前水荒问题会影响二十亿人。201410/337523


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