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Six millimetres. It doesn’t sound much, but to Volvo engineers, it was crucial and they fought hard over those few millimetres.6毫米听起来不算什么,但对沃尔沃(Volvo)的工程师们来说却至关重要——他们为了这短短几毫米打了一场苦仗。That is how much less the front overhang – the distance between the front bumper and the wheel – is on the new Volvo XC90 compared with its rival SUV from Germany’s BMW, according to the Swedish carmaker.根据这家瑞典汽车制造商的说法,沃尔沃全新XC90车型的前悬,即前保险杠与前车轮的距离,就比宝马(BMW)的同类SUV短了足足6毫米。“We really wanted to beat BMW,” says Dennis Nobelius, head of the XC90 project at Volvo. It sounds silly but there is a huge difference. Those are the kind of things you never understand but make a huge difference [on what is] premium.沃尔沃XC90项目负责人丹尼斯#8226;诺贝利叶斯(Dennis Nobelius)表示:“我们真的想打败宝马。这听起来很愚蠢,但6毫米是很大的差异。这种事情你永远没法理解,但它对于产品的优越性却有很大影响。”The XC90 is Volvo’s most important product launch in many years. Not only is the SUV the first vehicle since Geely, the Chinese carmaker, acquired Volvo, it also follows bn of investment in new components and factories.新一代XC90将是沃尔沃多年来推出的最重要产品。这款SUV不仅是沃尔沃被中国汽车制造商吉利(Geely)收购以来推出的第一款车型,而且在该车推出之前,沃尔沃在新零部件及工厂设施方面投资了110亿美元。In a series of interviews with senior Volvo executives, an oft-repeated refrain was that the Swedish carmaker was not just launching a new model, but a new company as well.在沃尔沃高管接受的一系列采访中,一个反复出现的说法是,这家瑞典制造商不止是推出一款新车型,还是在打造一家全新的企业。Alain Visser, head of marketing, says: “This is more than just a new car. It’s almost like a relaunch of the brand.”市场营销主管阿兰#8226;维塞(Alain Visser)表示:“这不止是一款新车。这差不多像是重新推出了新的品牌。”Under Ford, the US carmaker that owned it from 1999 to 2010, Volvo shared platforms, engines and components with cars such as the Taurus and Focus.1999年至2010年在美国福特(Ford)旗下时,沃尔沃曾与金牛座(Taurus)、福克斯(Focus)等轿车共享过制造平台、发动机及各种零部件。Now it has spent bn developing its own platform – known as SPA, or scalable product architecture – for use in all its big cars as well as new four-cylinder engines and many new components.如今,沃尔沃投资110亿美元开发了自己的制造平台——“可扩展产品架构”(scalable product architecture)。这个SPA平台将被用于生产沃尔沃全部大型轿车、新的四缸发动机以及许多新的零部件。“We are breaking all the automotive golden rules: we are doing a new architecture with a new vehicle with a new powertrain, new electrification,” says Peter Mertens, head of research and development. “But we have to do it.”沃尔沃研发负责人彼得#8226;默滕斯(Peter Mertens)表示:“我们正在打破关于汽车的所有黄金法则:我们在采用新的架构,生产拥有新传动系统、新电汽化系统的全新车型。但是我们必须这么做。”Mr Nobelius calls it Volvo’s “all-in car – the one where we put everything in”.诺贝利叶斯将新一代XC90称为沃尔沃的“集大成车型(all-in car)——该车集中了沃尔沃的一切”。The size of the front overhang is indicative of Volvo’s desire to fight against the big luxury carmakers: the German triumvirate of Audi, BMW and Mercedes.新款XC90的前悬距离表明,沃尔沃想要对抗各大豪华车制造商,也就是德国的三巨头:奥迪(Audi)、宝马和梅赛德斯-奔驰(Mercedes-Benz)。Volvo has long been the nearly man of the premium carmakers, caught in price in the no-man’s-land between mass-market and luxury manufacturers and selling only about a quarter of the number of cars as the Germans.长期以来,沃尔沃在一众高端汽车制造商中间都不太出类拔萃,其价格处于大众车型与豪华车型之间的“无人地带”,销量则只有这些德国品牌的大约四分之一。The XC90 is designed to show Volvo’s new confidence under Chinese ownership.新款XC90意在展示沃尔沃在中国人控股下的新自信。The SUV has a new, bigger front grille and its logo has been subtly redesigned. The front headlights are in a distinctive shape known as “Thor’s Hammer”.这款SUV拥有新的、更大的前护栅,标识也有细微改动。前大灯被设计成一种与众不同的形状,这种形状被称为“雷神之锤(Thor#39;s Hammer)”。Inside much work has been spent on a touchscreen iPad-like device that now controls the music, air-conditioning and telephone functions. The old XC90 had 60 buttons; the new one has just eight.在内饰方面,沃尔沃精心打造了一个类似iPad的触摸屏设备,用其控制音乐、空调及电话等功能。旧款XC90内部有60个按钮,而新XC90只有8个按钮。H#229;kan Samuelsson, Volvo’s chief executive, says the touchscreen solution is part of the way the Gothenburg-based carmaker is trying to find its own particular segment of the luxury market.沃尔沃首席执行官霍坎#8226;萨穆埃尔松(H#229;kan Samuelsson)表示,触屏方案是沃尔沃寻找自身在豪车市场独特定位的一种方式。A focus on technology is taken by Audi, BMW concentrates on performance, while Mercedes has gone for luxury.奥迪关注技术,宝马重视性能,梅赛德斯则追求奢豪。He says Volvo wants to stand for environmental performance, safety and design – with the latter perhaps most surprising for a carmaker known decades ago for its boxy finish.他说沃尔沃希望成为环保、安全和时尚的代名词——其中最让人意外的或许是时尚,要知道几十年前沃尔沃还以盒子般的外观而著称。“Everybody knows Volvo is a good car, a safe car.”“每个人都知道沃尔沃车好、安全。但它为何不能变得诱人、引人注目,并且好看?” /201408/322279An ingenious but slightly ominous #39;laser death test#39; has been developed by scientists that can tell you how long you have left to live.这是一个了不起的发明,但对很多人来说却也很避讳——测试你什么时候去世。是的,科学家发明了激光测试死亡日期的方法,可以算出你能活多久。A simple and painless laser pulse applied to the skin analyses endothelial cell that lines the capillaries, reports the Sunday Times.《星期日时报》报道,一种简单无痛的激光脉冲发可以通过皮肤的毛细血管去分析内皮细胞。Oscillations in these cells are used to determine the a person#39;s time of imminent death as well as testing for diseases such as cancer and dementia.通过细胞的震荡周律推测出人的寿命,同时,也能测试出是否有风险患癌症和痴呆等疾病。The research has been conducted by Aneta Stefanovska and Peter McClintock, physics professors from Lancaster University and is funded by government grants.这个科研项目由政府出资,其执行人是英国兰卡斯特大学的教授Aneta Stefanovska 和 Peter McClintock,The laser is applied through a wristwatch-style device and a working version is expected to be in use within three years.这种激光设备像手表,这项设备希望在两年内投入使用。There have been a number of advances in predicting ageing in recent years.近年来,关于人类老龄化的研究已经取得了许多的成果。A blood test has aly been developed that can determine how quickly you will age and help stave off diseases associated with older life.血液测验已经达到了可以测验出你什么时候开始衰老,从而可以预防和解决很多进入老龄后会患的疾病。Professor Tim Spector, from King#39;s College London, told the Daily Mail: ;Scientists have known for a long time that a person#39;s weight at the time of birth is an important determinant of health in middle and old age, and that people with low birth weight are more susceptible to age related diseases.英国伦敦国王学院的教授Tim Spector告诉报社记者“科学家们都知道,一个人出生时的体重是中年和老年健康评估的一个重要参数。出生体重过低的人会更容易在年老的时候患病。;So far the molecular mechanisms that link low birth weight to health or disease in old age had remained elusive, but this discovery has revealed one of the molecular pathways involved.;“到目前为止,出生体重过低和年老健康问题的分子机理任然不是很清晰,但这个研究揭示了分子的路径参对未来健康是有影响的 /201308/251963aWindows 8 hasn#39;t delivered any ;pop; to US consumer sales of PCs in its first month, with sales falling by 21% compred to the same period in 2011, according to NPD Group, which monitors US retail sales.Windows 8在它第一个月并没有给美国的个人电脑销售带来任何“卖点”,与2011年同期相比销售额下降了21%,根据监测美国零售业的NPD集团。Laptop sales fell by 24%, while desktop sales fell by 9%, said NPD, continuing a trend in the US where PC sales have been dropping through the year compared to 2011.笔记本电脑的销量下降了24%,而台式电脑的销量下降了9%,相比2011年延续了在美国个人电脑销量下降的趋势,NPD说。The report comes days after the chief financial officer of Asus, one of the world#39;s five biggest PC makers, said that ;demand for Windows 8 is not that good right now;, after its executives had expressed doubts about how the new OS might be received by consumers.在高管表达了对新操作系统如何将被消费者接受的怀疑之后,世界五大个人电脑制造商之一的华硕首席财务官说:“对Windows 8的需求现在不那么乐观”,不久该报告出来了。Of further concern for Microsoft, NPD found that consumer sales of Windows 8 tablets were ;almost nonexistent;, representing less than 1% of Windows 8 device sales through the channels it monitors. But Stephen Baker, NPD#39;s vice president of industry analysis, said there was one bright spot: sales of Windows 8 laptops with touchscreens made up 6% of sales.进一步关注微软,NPD发现Windows 8平板电脑的销售“几乎不存在”,代表了不到1%的Windows 8设备销售通过它监视的渠道。但斯蒂芬#8226;贝克,NPD行业分析的副总裁,说有一个亮点:Windows 8带触摸屏的笔记本销售占了6%的销售额。NPD#39;s report comes just after sources among component makers say that Microsoft has halved orders for its Surface RT device, which uses an ARM rather than Intel chip and runs a special version of Windows 8.在组件制造商中的来源说微软已经减半了表面RT装置的订单,用的是ARM而不是英特尔的芯片并用来运行特殊版本的Windows 8之后,NPD的报告出来了。A comparison with the same period in 2009, when Windows 7 was also just four weeks old, showed far greater penetration of the new OS: then, 83% of Windows devices sold had the newest version. This year, the figure is 58%.与2009年同期相比,当Windows 7还只是四个礼拜大的时候就显示了新操作系统更大的渗透力:然后,售出的Windows装置中有83%有了最新的版本。今年,这个数字是58%。That implies that PC vendors and retailers this year still had substantial amounts of inventory with Windows 7 even when Windows 8 was launched – and that this backlog has to be cleared before Windows 8 sales could start in earnest.这意味着即使当Windows 8推出时个人电脑供应商和零售商今年仍有大量Windows 7库存,在Windows 8销售正经开始时积压必须清除。That would tally with separate findings from Net Applications, which said that a month after Windows 8#39;s release it constituted about 1% of PC use, compared to 3.6% for Windows 7 after the same period in 2009.这将符合网络应用程序的独立调查结果,说明Windows 8发布之后的一个月它构成了个人电脑使用的大约1%,相比在2009年同期之后Windows 7的3.6%。Consumers buy about half of all PC sales in the US, but demand has flattened with the rise of tablets such as Apple#39;s iPad; that has had the effect of diverting consumer spending to other products, and lengthening the life cycle for PCs. Windows 7 came out before the iPad#39;s announcement in January 2010.在美国消费者购买占了个人电脑销售的约一半之多,但随着苹果的iPad等平板电脑的兴起需求已经饱和,这已经影响着消费者转移出到其他产品,并延长了个人电脑的生命周期。2010年1月在iPad声明之前Windows 7面世。The weakness in PC sales was amplified by a slow ;back to school; period in September and October, said Baker. That#39;s usually a period of strong sales of Windows PCs as secondary students and schools prepare for a fresh academic year, and first-time university students choose computers - very frequently laptops.个人电脑销售疲软被9月和10月缓慢的“返校期”加重,贝克说。随着中学生和学校为新学年做准备以及大学生首次选择电脑——通常是笔记本电脑,这通常是微软个人电脑销售的一段强劲期。But that went slowly, leaving Windows 7 devices with wholesalers and retailers: ;The bad back to school period left a lot of inventory in the channel, which had a real impact on the initial sell-through rates for Windows 8,; said Baker.但那进展缓慢,将Windows 7设备留给了批发商和零售商:“糟糕的返校期在渠道中留下了大量库存,这将真正影响到Windows 8最初的零售利率,”贝克说。Microsoft#39;s new head of its Windows division, Tami Reller, told analysts earlier this week that 40 million Windows 8 licences had been sold in its first month. That compared to an estimated 60m in the first two months of Windows 7, as calculated by Reuters.微软Windows部门的新领导Tami Reller本周早些时候告诉分析师,4000万Windows 8牌照第一个月已经售出。相比Windows 7在前两个月估计的6000万,据路透社计算。Baker noted that Windows 8 touchscreen laptops with an average price of 7 (#163;540), accounting for 6% of Windows 8 laptop sales, had helped ;re-establish a premium segment to the Windows consumer notebook market.;贝克指出Windows 8的触摸屏笔记本电脑平均售价867美元(540英镑),占了Windows 8笔记本电脑销售额的6%,已经帮助“Windows笔记本电脑消费市场重建了一个溢价段。” /201212/211844

Tech geeks, rejoice! After the widesp disappointment last fall when we learned that the new iPhone would only be the 4S (what, we couldn#39;t make the jump all the way to 5?), Apple has finally announced the release of the iPhone 5. As promised, it boasts a new design and can do some new things. And it#39;s shiny. Which is all I really need to know to decide that I want one now. Anyone with me?科技迷们,欢呼吧!在失望情绪不断蔓延的去年秋天当我们得知新的iPhone将只是4S的时候(什么,我们不能一下子跳到iphone5?),苹果公司终于宣布iPhone5的发布。如所承诺的,它拥有全新的设计,可以做一些新的东西。同时它很闪亮。这就是我真正需要知道的全部并以此决定我现在就想要一部。有人跟我一起吗?According to CNN, Apple Vice President Philip Schiller introduced the iPhone 5 at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco on Wednesday afternoon. ;It#39;s an absolute jewel,; he said.据CNN报道,苹果公司副总裁菲利普#8226;席勒星期三下午在旧金山Yerba Buena中心介绍iPhone 5时, “这是一个绝对的宝石,”他说。Let#39;s get down to the nitty gritty. What makes the new iPhone bigger (literally) and better than before?让我们来看看细节。是什么让新的iPhone更强大(字面上),比以前更好了呢?- The iPhone 5 is taller and slimmer (it#39;s 7.6 mm thick) than previous models. It is also 20 percent lighter than the iPhone 4S.iPhone 5比以前的型号更高,更薄(厚度为7.6毫米)。这是比iPhone4S还轻20%。- It has a four-inch, 136 x 640 pixel display that will allow you to view five rows of icons at once.它有一个4英寸,136×640像素的显示屏,将允许您一次查看五行图标。- It will be compatible with 4G LTE wireless networks on carriers including Verizon, ATamp;T, and Sprint (as well as a number of oversea networks).它将兼容4G LTE无线网络的运营商包括Verizon,AT&T和Sprint(以及一些海外网络)。- It is powered by the A6 chip, a new, smaller, and more potent chip.- 它配备A6芯片,一个新的,更小,更强大的芯片。- Major changes have been made to the camera and iSight. For those of you who know about technology (unlike me — I like shiny things), here#39;s what CNN says, ;The camera now has an 8 megapixel sensor, 3,264 x 2,448 pixel resolution with backside illumination, hybrid IR filter, five-element lens, f2.4 aperture, is 25 percent smaller and can take panoramic photos.; In layman#39;s terms, the camera can take better pictures.摄像头和iSight已做出了重大改变。对于你们这些了解技术的人(不像我 - 我喜欢闪亮的东西),这里CNN说道,“该相机现在有一个8万像素的传感器,3,264 x2,448像素的分辨率,背面照明,混合IR过滤器,五行镜头,F2.4光圈,小25%,可以拍摄全景照片。“通俗的说,相机可以拍到更好的图片。- The camera can now shoot in 1080p HD, and FaceTime works over 3G with iOS 6.现在的摄像机可以拍摄1080P高清,搭载iOS6的FaceTime超过了3G。- The iPhone 5 will also have a new dock connector, which is being called ;Lightning.; To use your old cord (which will from here on out be referred to as ;Thunderbolt;) Apple will release an adaptor.iPhone5也将有一个新的基座连接器,被称为“闪电”。为了使用旧线(它将会从此被称之为“霹雳”)苹果将推出一个适配器。- Apple claims the battery will last eight hours during 3G talk time and browsing, 10 hrs for Wi-Fi browsing and watching, 40 hrs playing music, and 225 hrs on standby.苹果公司声称,该电池将持续8个小时的3G通话和浏览,10个小时的Wi-Fi浏览和视频观看,40小时音乐播放和225小时待机时间。- Apple also confirmed that they will be replacing Google Maps with its own Maps app — which will be able to provide turn-by-turn navigation.苹果公司也实了他们将用自己的地图应用程序取代谷歌地图,这将能够提供轮流导航。- Siri has learned how to post on Facebook.Siri已经学会了如何在Facebook上发表。- It will come in black and white.它将会以黑白色面世。- The release date is September 21, so mark your calendars!发布日期是9月21日,在您的日历上做好标注吧!And did I mention that it#39;s shiny?我提到过它很闪亮吗? /201209/199539

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