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She just six years old. But Suri Cruise looks like her teenage years have aly begun.The youngster was pictured organising her own playdates on a day out with her mother Katie Holmes in New York on Sunday.她才6岁但苏瑞.克鲁斯看起来像她的青少年时期已经开始了小女孩被拍到上周日在纽约和她的母亲凯蒂#86;赫尔姆斯一起安排了她的童乐会一天约会As her mother sat patiently waiting, Suri slumped on a park bench making her calls. The youngster chatted away, a handbag slung over her body. But her bored expression was replaced by one of delight as the pair met up with another mother and child pair. Suri appeared thrilled with her friend, who could well be a new playmate from her school.The pair walked in front of their mothers, chatting animatedly.当她母亲坐那耐心等候时,苏芮坐在公园的长椅上打着电话小女孩聊着天,一个包包斜跨在她身上但当这对母女遇见另一对母子,她百无聊赖的表情很快被喜悦所代替苏瑞似乎很兴奋见到她的朋友,那可能是她学校里的一个新玩伴这对小孩走在他们母亲前面,热烈地聊着天Suri, dressed in pink, giggled shyly as her friend appeared to take down her number in his iPhone. Tom Cruise daughter was pictured looking worried and anxious as she started school earlier this month. But it seems the initial nerves have been replaced by a busy new social life. She recently started at the elite ,750-per-year Avenues school in New York as one of the first intake of 700 pupils.苏瑞穿着粉红色,当她的朋友好像要在他的iPhone上记下她电话号码时,她羞涩地咯咯笑着汤姆.克鲁斯的女儿被拍到这个月早些时候开始学校生活时她看起来很担心和焦虑,但似乎最初的紧张已被繁忙的新社交生活所代替作为首批招收的700名儿童之一,她最近在每年39750美元学费的纽约精英国际学校就读Aimed at the children of the jetsetting elite The World School enables pupils to follow their parents around the globe without being tied to school vacation schedules. It was initially reported that other parents were concerned Suri presence could be disruptive, but it appears the youngster has settled in well.针对那些有自家飞机的精英的孩子开办的“国际学校”能让孩子跟随父母去全球各地,而不局限于学校的假期安排最初显示其他家长担心苏瑞的存在可能会有干扰,但小女孩似乎安顿得很好Still, that didnt stop her from scowling as she headed into school on Monday morning, no doubt upset her weekend was over.不过,这并没有消除她周一早上去学校时的眉头紧皱,无疑烦恼她的周末已经结束了 197

Rules in China now make it easier to file lawsuits, leading to a 9-per-cent increase in cases compared to last year.中国法律使人们提起诉讼更加方便快捷,导致案件同比增长9%Chinese actress Zhao Wei: New rules enacted May 1 make it easier to file lawsuits in China.A Shanghai man is suing actress Zhao staring at him too intensely through his TV set. Reports say the suit involves the prime-time TV show Tiger Mom, which debuted in May and centers on a couple differing approach to raising their daughter. Zhao Wei plays the overbearing mom.中国女演员赵薇:5月1号颁布的新法规使人们在中国提起诉讼更加方便快捷一名上海男子起诉女演员赵薇,原因竟是他认为赵薇在电视中一直瞪他报告称,该诉讼涉及到黄金时段的电视剧《虎妈猫爸该剧于五月上映,主要讲述一对夫妻对女儿不同的教育方法赵薇在剧中饰演专横的妈妈BEIJING—Rules making it easier to file lawsuits in China have led to a new concern over frivolous claims, such as one in which a man claims actress Zhao Wei stared at him too intensely through his TV set.虽然中国颁布的新法规使人们提起诉讼更加方便快捷,然而各种各样琐碎的诉讼引起了人们的关注,例如,一名男子起诉女演员赵薇,理由是认为赵薇一直在电视中瞪他The regulations making it more difficult courts to reject lawsuits took effect May 1, leading to an increase in cases nationwide last month of 9 percent compared with the same period last year, to just over one million cases, according to the Supreme People Court.根据最高人民法院,于5月1号生效的新法规扩大了法院的受案范围,导致上月全国性案件超过百万,同比增长9%The registration system requires courts to accept legitimate lawsuits when they are filed or clearly state the reasons rejecting them, and citizens have the right to appeal the decisions.立案登记制要求法院接受符合法定条件的起诉,如果驳回起诉,须明确陈述理由公民有权对判决提起上诉“Previously, it was difficult administrative cases, such as people suing governments, to be accepted,” said Li Heping, a Beijing lawyer.李和平是一名北京律师,他说,“以前,行政案件,比如人民群众控诉政府,很难立案”In announcing the registration system, the official Xinhua News Agency said: “Authorities are determined to put an end to obstructive behavior by courts and officials meddling in cases.”通过推行立案登记制度,新华社官方消息称:“当局旨在防止法院从中阻挠和政府官员干涉案件”The change has led to Shanghai Pudong New District Court receiving a case against Zhao, the court litigation service hotline confirmed. The court official, who declined to identify himself, refused to say whether the court had accepted the case.立案改革后,上海浦东新区法院接到一宗起诉赵薇的案件,这一点得到该法院诉讼务热线实该书记官不愿透露姓名,也拒绝表示是否已立案Zhao is one of China biggest and richest movie stars, and starred in director John Woo Red Cliff.赵薇是中国著名影星,富可敌国,曾在吴宇森导演的《赤壁中担任女主角Reports say the lawsuit filed by a Shanghai man involves the prime-time TV show Tiger Mom, which debuted in May and centers on a couple differing approach to raising their daughter. Zhao plays the big-eyed mother who relentlessly pushes her daughter development, while the father wants his child to have more freedom.报告称,这起案件牵涉到黄金时段的电视剧《虎妈猫爸该剧于五月上映,主要讲述一对夫妻对女儿不同的教育方法赵薇在剧中饰演大眼睛的妈妈不断逼迫女儿发展,而爸爸却希望孩子自由成长The Legal Daily said the plaintiff was alleging Zhao stare caused him “spiritual damage.”法制日报报道,原告声称,赵薇在剧中瞪他对他造成了“精神伤害”Gan Wen, deputy head of a case-filing chamber under the Supreme Court, said at a news conference Tuesday that the Zhao case was an example of citizens abusing their right to file lawsuits.最高法院立案庭副庭长干文(谐音)在周二的记者招待会中说,赵薇案件就是公民滥用诉讼权利的一个示例“It not necessary to waste our judicial resources on cases like these,” Gan said.他说,“我们没有必要把司法资源浪费在类似的案件中”译文属未经授权! 3838Anna Wintour Vogue   With more media mentions and the highest year-over-year increase in circulation, there’s no denying Anna Wintour has been at the efront of the retail and fashion industry over the last year. Her weakness? Online presence. While Style.com is a popular site within the fashion industry, it’s failed thus far to reach a mass audience.   1. 安娜·温图尔《时尚   随着越来越多的媒体关注,加上创下最高发行年增长率,不可否认安娜·温图尔在过去一年已经成为零售业和时装业的龙头老大她的弱点?网站浏览量虽然网站Style.com 在时尚界很受欢迎,但它迄今都没有成为点击量大的网站 9

The 18th edition of the Shanghai International Film Festival has received a record ,6 entries from 1 countries and regions, organizers said, and this year event will have a strong Asian focus.第18届上海国际电影节日前隆重召开,据主办方成,本届电影节共收到1个国家和地区的报名影片6部,将更加凸显亚洲文化Among the films nominated the Golden Goblet Award are Sunstroke, from Russian director Nikita Mikhalkov, Kang Je-kyu Salut Damour, Cake by Daniel Barnz from the U.S. and Taiwan director Wang Tung Where the Wind Settles.金爵奖公布的九部入围作品中,有俄罗斯大师尼基塔·米哈尔科夫新作《中暑、美国导演丹尼尔·巴恩兹的作品《蛋糕,也有中国台湾地区导演王童新作《对风说爱你The nominations also include Polish director Jacek Lusiński Carte Blanche, The Duchess of Warsaw by France Joseph Morder (France), Jameh Daran by Iran Hamid Ghotbe, The Midwife by Antti Jokinen (FinlandLithuania) and The Night Watchman, directed by Pierre Jolivet (FranceBelgium).其他获得提名的作品还有波兰导演Jacek Lusiński的作品《全权委托,法国导演 Joseph Morder 的作品《华沙公爵夫人,伊朗导演Hamid Ghotbe的作品《贾玛·德兰,导演Antti Jokinen的作品《产婆(芬兰立陶宛),导演Pierre Jolivet的作品《守夜人(法国比利时)The festival is to be held from June to 1, and ticket sales will begin about one week ahead of the festival.本届电影节将于6月日至1日举行,在节前一周左右的时间开始预售门票The red carpet event will welcome nearly 00 stars from home and abroad to the openingceremony, including Gong Li, Zhang Ziyi, Fan Bingbing, Yao Chen, Jackie Chan, Aaron Kwok, Leon Lai, Liu Ye, and Eddie Peng.巩俐、章子怡、范冰冰、姚晨、成龙、郭富城、黎明、刘烨、彭于晏等国内明星和多位重量级国际明星将参加首映式,在红毯上亮相 films were nominated the Asian New Talent Award, including a crop of wave-making Asian films, such as Teenage Babylon, End of Winter, River, Wolf Warrior and .亚洲新人奖今年共有部影片获提名,包括 《少年巴比伦、《铁原纪行、《等优秀作品This year festival will include 5 screening locations, up from last year’s 35, covering districts in Shanghai with 1,0 film screens. Two special events, the Internet Film Carnival and Jackie Chan Action Movie Week, will also take place this year.本届电影节的影片将在上海市5家影院展映,比去年的35家影院有所增长,幅及上海市个地区,00个影厅今年还有两场特殊的电影盛宴即将举行,一是国际电影嘉年华,而是成龙动作片电影周 378586

Donald Trump, making his first appearance on “Saturday Night Live” as a presidential candidate, was satirized by two well-coiffed doppelgangers, who attempted (admirably) to outboast him in matching red ties.唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)第一次以总统候选人身份出现在“周六夜现场” (Saturday Night Live,简称SNL),被两名顶着满头秀发的模仿者挖苦,他们(令人钦佩地)企图用同样的红领带来跟他抢镜“Now that Im here, this is actually the best monologue in `SNL history,” one of them declared.“此刻我站在这里,事实上今天的独白就是 ‘SNL史上’最棒的,”其中一个模仿者宣称Trump was loudly and provocatively heckled by actor Larry David, who repeatedly called him a “racist” from offstage.演员拉里·戴维(Larry David)在台下大声挑衅特朗普,一再称他为“种族主义者”And he was lavished with praise by a fictional White House aide, who told him that “everyone loves the new laws you tweeted.”他还得到一位虚构的白宫助手的极力吹捧,对他说“大家都很喜欢你在推特上发布的那些新法律”Trump, a man famed his self-aggrandizing ways, seemed to relish the chance to show that he could take a joke — a point that he made explicitly in his opening monologue as host on the N show.因其自我夸大的手法而闻名的特朗普,似乎很乐意展现自己开得起玩笑的一面——这一点在他主持这个N节目的开场白里有明确的表示But his was a stilted and sometimes unfunny permance, suggesting Trump is most at ease when hosting his own, seemingly never-ending TV show, rather than appearing as a guest host on somebody else.但从他生硬且时而无趣的表现可见,特朗普还是在主持自己那个永无止境的电视节目时才最自在,而作为嘉宾主持出现在别人的节目里就差远了Trump appeared in a variety of skits, amid protests from Latino activists who had demanded that the network bar him from the show because of his controversial remarks about immigrants and his stated position that he would deport millions of undocumented residents.由于针对移民发表的争议性言论,再加上曾表示自己会驱逐数百万无居民,在特朗普此次登台参演多个小品之时,拉丁裔活动人士发起了抗议活动,要求N禁止他上节目Outside the show studio in midtown Manhattan, at least 0 demonstrators marched with signs in English and Spanish. Carrying placards declaring “We are the people” and “Shut it down” to the beat of drums, they also brandished large papier-m masks depicting Trump and held aloft such other messages as “Trump: La Cara del Racismo” and “SNL: This is how you fix your diversity problem?”位于曼哈顿中城的节目摄影棚外,有至少0名持英文和西班牙文标语的示威者在游行他们伴随鼓声节奏,手拿写着“我们是人民”和“停止节目”的牌子,还有人挥舞着特朗普的巨大纸面具,高举“Trump: La Cara del Racismo”(特朗普:种族主义的面孔)和“SNL:就这样解决你的多样性问题吗?”这样的标语“Saturday Night Live” seemed sensitive to the critique: David prominent, defiant cameo during the opening monologue seemed designed to both acknowledge and answer the protesters.“周六夜现场”似乎感受到了这些批评:戴维这个刺眼、挑衅的客串角色,似乎既是表示知悉抗议者的存在,也是对他们的一种回应But overall, Trump was his usual, colorful and playful self: When David explained that he had heard he would be paid ,000 to shout that Trump was a racist, Trump said he understood.但总体来说,特朗普还是他一贯的样子,活分而生动:戴维解释说,他听说只要喊一声特朗普是种族主义者,就能得到5000美元,特朗普说他能理解“As a businessman,” he said, “I can respect that.”“作为商人,”他说“我尊重你的做法”Trump trotted out plenty of bravado. After reciting a list of his attributes — rich, funny, handsome — he answered the question on everyone mind:特朗普不断抛出虚张声势的话一一讲诉完了他一系列的特点──富有、好笑、英俊──他还回答了每个人心中的问题:“So why are you hosting `SNL? Why? And the answer is I really have nothing better to do.”“那为什么你还在主持‘SNL’呢?为什么?是,我真的没有更好的事情可以做了As the show dragged on, that seemed apparent. Trump sketches seemed to become increasingly less compelling. In one, he appeared as a profoundly unwelcome guest — a musician crashing a family dinner and offering a wide, somewhat menacing grin as he thrust a microphone into the hand of the man at the head of the table.随着节目拖拖拉拉地进行,这一点变得愈发明确特朗普的小品似乎越来越没意思在其中一个小品中,他作为一个极度不受欢迎的客人出场──一个到别人家蹭饭的音乐家,一边做出有点恐吓性的夸张笑容,一边把麦克风塞到坐在餐桌主人位的男人手里Trump also appeared aware of the perils of live sketch comedy. Referring to episodes of “Saturday Night Live” past, he said: “This show has been a disaster me.”特朗普似乎也清楚现场喜剧小品的风险提到过去的几集“周六夜现场”,他说:“对我来说这个节目是场灾难”The show concluded with a tawdry touch. Two women said to be mer prostitutes stood on the stage, promoting “clown-themed political pornos.”节目以带有一丝俗气的手法结束两位据称曾是的女士站在台上宣传 “以小丑为主题的政治色情片”Trump appeared at the end of the skit, vowing that he did not in any way endorse the message.特朗普在小品结尾登场,发誓自己完全不会为刚才那段言论背书Then he turned knowingly to one of the women.然后他故意转向其中一个女人“Didnt you used to be a brunette?”“你原来不是深色头发的吗?”“Yeah,” she replied.“是啊,”她回应“That what I thought,” Trump said.“我就说嘛,” 特朗普说 1837

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