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Today in History:Tuesday, June19, 2013历史上的今天:2013年6月19日,星期三June 19th, 1953 Julius and Ethel Rosenberg are executed in the electric chair at Sing Sing Prison in Ossining, New York. They were convicted of conspiring to pass U.S. atomic secrets to the Soviet Union, a case that gripped America early in the Cold War.1910,Fathers Day is celebrated for the first time in the ed States in Spokane, Washington.1865,In Galveston, Texas, the event behind the celebration known as “Juneteenth”. Union troops arrive with news that Americas Civil War is over, and that all slaves in the defeated South are free.1947,“All the things that artist writers try to do is to push against frontiers. ” Salman Rushdie, author of the novel “The Satanic Verses”, is born in Mumbai, India. Rushdie spent a decade in hiding after Irans Ayatollah Khomeini ordered Muslims to kill him, because his book allegedly insulted Islam.1986,Len Bias, the University of Maryland basketball star, suffers a fatal cocaine induced seizure. It happens just days after the Boston Celtics choose him as their first pick in the NBAs draft.And 1962,Straight up now tell me Do you really want to love me forever oh, oh, ohSinger and dancer Paula Abdul, one of the judges on Fox TVs talent show “American Idol”, is born in San Fernando, California.Today in History, June 19th, Camille Bohannon, the Associated Press. /201306/244692Whether coloring your hair professionally or at home, choose the right haircolor to complement your skin tone. Be it all-over color, highlights, or lowlights, the right shade will make your look come to life.无论是专业沙龙染发还是自己在家染发,都要选择合适的颜色来搭配肤色。无论是全染,挑染还是局部染色,合适的颜色能够让你的生活更加充满生机。You Will Need你需要Hair stylist or packaged hair coloring发型师或袋装染发剂Shade selector颜色分离器Color wheel色轮Mirror镜子Selected items from your wardrobe从衣柜中选择衣物Steps步骤Step 1 Decide on professional salon, or do it yourself1.选择专业的沙龙还是自己染色Decide whether youre going to use a professional salon or an at-home coloring kit. Base your decision on whether you are covering gray, highlighting a natural hair color, or using hair color to completely change your image.决定去专业的沙龙染发还是使用家庭染发工具箱。这取决于使用灰色护发染膏,增强自然的发色,还是使用染色剂完全改变形象。Plan your commitment to hair coloring. Temporary hair colors wash out quickly, semi-permanent products typically last for a couple of months, and permanent dyes will need to be grown out or require frequent root touchups.对所选择的颜色做好计划。一次性的发色很容易冲洗掉,半永久性的产品一般可以持续几个月,永久性的染料需要新头发长出来或经常修剪发梢。Step 2 Use shade selector and color wheel2.使用颜色分离器和色轮Get out your color shade selector and color wheel. Use a mirror to decide if you have a cool or warm complexion based on your skin tone, eye color, and natural hair color. Remember, the results on the box or swatch are only an approximation of the color.拿出颜色分离器和色轮。照一下镜子,看看自己的形象比较酷还是比较温和,这取决于你的肤色,眼睛颜色和原本的头发颜色。记住,盒子或样本上的颜色只是大概的颜色。Cool complexions typically have deep brown or ash-colored hair, with dark brown or dark blue eye color and a medium to olive complexion. Warm complexions feature golden brown, green-blue to hazel eye color, with golden brown to strawberry blonde hair color and a fair to peachy complexion.比较酷的形象通常拥有棕色或灰色的头发,深棕色或深蓝色的眼睛,中等到椭圆的脸型。温和的形象通常有淡棕色,蓝绿色到浅褐色的眼睛,淡棕色到草莓金的头发和白皙或桃色的肤色。Step 3 Examine wardrobe3.检查衣柜Examine your wardrobe to get a feel of what hair color would suit you. Green, blue, and violet are cool shades. Warm hues are reds, oranges, and yellows.看一下衣柜来决定哪种头发颜色比较适合你。绿色,蓝色和紫色是比较冷酷的颜色。温暖的颜色包括红色,橙色和黄色。Step 4 try highlights or lowlights4.尝试调染或局部染色Try highlights or lowlights if youre not y to commit to all-over hair color. Add caramel highlights for a sunkissed look; copper highlights are great for warm complexions; and chunky lowlights add dimension and a modern flair.如果不想把所有头发染色,可以尝试挑染或局部染色。挑染焦糖色可以打造阳光照射般的感觉;铜色比较适合温暖的肤色;小片局部染色可以增加层次感和现代感。Step 5 Experiment5.试验Experiment with your look. Go for the black Goth look youve always craved or see if blondes really do have more fun. Opt for a fiery red hue to match your fiery personality. Temporary dyes make experimenting a cinch -- after all, its only color.先试验一下。看一下你一直渴望的黑发造型,或者看看金发是否更有趣。尝试火红色来搭配热情的性格。一次性染发让试验更加简单——毕竟,仅仅是颜色的改变而已。视频听力由。201310/258989

Dont let any more opportunities to meet that sexy stranger slip away!主动一点,不要再让结识有魅力的异性的机会轻易溜走!You Will Need你需要Courage勇气Confidence信心Some conversation starters一些聊天话题Steps步骤Step 1 Introduce yourself1.自我介绍Approach the person and introduce yourself. Dont bother with cheesy pickup lines—studies show a simple ;Hi; works best.接近此人,自我介绍。不要烦恼怎么去搭讪——研究表明,一句简单的“你好”就可以产生最好的效果。If the other person doesnt immediately offer his or her name, chances are the interest level is low.如果对方没有立即说出自己的名字,他们可能对你不太感兴趣。Step 2 Use name immediately2.使用名字After you get the persons name, use it almost immediately. For example, ;So, Jen, are you a coffee addict, too?; People love the sound of their own name.获悉对方的名字之后,在谈话中马上用到。例如,“那么,珍,你也很喜欢咖啡吗?”人们喜欢听到别人叫他们的名字。Try to slip in a little flattery. Compliment her name, an article of his clothing—just dont go overboard.适当抓住时机奉承一下。赞扬一下他们的名字,他们的饰——但是不要太过火了。Step 3 Ask questions3.问问题Once a conversation is underway, ask questions so you can do more listening than talking. When allowed to dominate a conversation, a person is more likely to rate the listener as highly interesting.一旦开始谈话,问一些可以让你更多地倾听,而不是滔滔不绝地自言自语的问题。如果对方让你谈论不休,说明他们只想当听众,而对你不感兴趣。Try to make the other person laugh. A good sense of humor is always high on the list of traits that singles seek.试着让对方笑。良好的幽默感通常是单身人士追寻的非常重要的性格特点。Step 4 Dont linger4.不要逗留Dont linger. After a few minutes, say that you have to rejoin your friends, get back to work, whatever. End the flirting before you run out of things to say.不要逗留。几分钟之后,告诉他们你要重新加入朋友们的行列,回去工作,或者找其他任何理由。在无话可说之前就结束对话。Step 5 Say youd love to see them again5.下次见面Before walking away, tell the person youve enjoyed chatting and would love to see them again. Hopefully theyll offer their number.走开之前,告诉对方这次对话非常愉快,希望下次再见到他们。他们有可能会告诉你电话号码。If you have business cards, pull one out and suggest that you trade.如果你有名片,可以递给对方一张,并建议交换名片。Step 6 Ask for phone number6.索要电话号码If the other person doesnt get the hint, ask straight-up for their phone number. Now go think of what to say when you call!如果对方没有领会,直接索要他们的电话号码。现在可以考虑一下打电话的时候说什么了!Research shows that men decide within the first 15 minutes of a date if they want to see the person again, while women take up to an hour.研究表明,男性通常在开始约会的15分钟内就会决定是否想再见到对方,而女性则需要长达一个小时。视频听力由。201310/262858

Are you leaving?Yeah. I have to go.你要走啊?是啊 我得走了You want a hit?Yes.Yes, I do.来点吗?好的。好的 来一点Can I take a couple?Sure. For my friends.我能多拿点吗?当然 给我朋友Well, my friend, and my girlfriend.呃 我朋友...还有我女朋友Its so beautiful.Like a window to the world.好美。好像一扇通往整个世界的窗户What do you think its like in space?你觉得太空是什么样子?Its...beyond understanding.Yeah.一定...美到无以言表。是的Who has a baby,and then just throws it away like its nothing?...谁会做那种事 生了一个孩子,之后 就那样无情地抛弃掉?You talking about your birth parents?你又在想你亲生父母的事?Oh, no, no, no, no, no.哦 别说了 别说了Thats bad. Yeah. Thats making me really sad. I...好伤感 真的 太令我伤感了 我...Sorry that my life is ruining your high.Its okay.不好意思 我的过去让你High不起来了。没关系I miss you when youre not around.当你不在的时候 我会想你的I love you, Steve.I love you.我爱你 史蒂夫。我爱你Space. The endless black deep.What was it that that guru used to tell us?宇宙啊 无边无垠的黑暗王国。到底过去的哲人告诉了我们什么?There is no time to waste.Do you hear that?What?There he goes again.别蹉跎岁月。你听见了吗?什么?他又去了远方 /201404/283698

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