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China flu reaches to peak in next two months China is now facing increasing pressure to control the sp of A/H1N1 flu over the next two months. The Ministry of Health says that, with the New Year and Spring Festival drawing near, the country is anticipating a huge domestic travel volume.In the meantime, A/H1N1 continues to cast a wide net. The number of incidences, especially serious cases, is still rising. Seasonal flu reaches a peak in December and January. A/H1N1 could follow the same pattern. The Health Ministry plans to speed up the pace of vaccinations. Currently, about one million people are vaccinated per day. The number is expected to reach 1.5 million daily shots before the Spring Festival. The total number of confirmed A/H1N1 cases on the mainland has topped 100-thousand, and more than 300 people have died.Liang Wannian, Deputy Director of Health Ministry Emer. Reaction Office, said, "We are expecting mass migrations in the three months of December, January, and February, as it is the time for New Year and Spring Festival celebrations. During mass migrations, the virus can easily be sp to unaffected places, just like a fire." Article/200912/91747It#39;s going to take 223 miles of steel pipe and concrete waterway,整个工程需要,223英里长的钢管与混凝土水渠120 miles of railroad track,218 miles of power lines,500 miles of road.120英里铁轨,218英里电力线和500英里公路If Mulholland can pull it off,he#39;ll completely transform not just LA,but the entire state.若穆赫兰能够成就此举,他将彻底改变洛杉矶乃至整个加州The first giant step in creating the largest agricultural economy in the country.这是在美国建立最发达农业经济过程中 所跨出的第一步But it will come at a cost.但这一步也将付出代价The Los Angeles Aqueduct.5 years, 5,000 men.洛杉矶引水渠的建设,耗时5年,5000劳力223 miles of steel and concrete that change the face of the West.223英里钢筋混凝土改变了整个西部的面貌At the time, the largest water project in the world.这是当时世界上最大的水利工程It cost the lives of 43 men.43人为此献出了生命Finally, in 1913...it#39;s finished.终于,在1913年工程竣工了This is yours!胜利是属于你们的It is your own fidelity and unfaltering courage that made the work possible.是你们的兢兢业业,你们的坚韧不拔,让这一切变为可能The aqueduct is completed, and it is good.引水渠已经完工 非常不错The aqueduct saves Los Angeles.引水渠拯救了洛杉矶The city grows from 250,000 in 1900 to 2 million in 1930.让这座城市的人口从1900年的25万激增到1930年的200万The federal government#39;s investment in projects that move water in the West is more deeply formative of the character of the Western region than all the cowboys and sodbusters and wagon trains and pioneers there ever were.联邦政府投资兴修水利的这项举措对于西部地区的影响是所有牛仔、农夫、马车队 此前的拓荒者远不能及的But for Owens Valley,the source of the water, it#39;s a disaster.但对欧文斯谷,这个水源地而言 这简直是灭顶之灾The lake is sucked dry, creating a giant wasteland.湖泊被彻底抽干 造成了大面积的荒漠Local farmers attempt to blow the aqueduct up,over 10 times.当地的农民曾试图炸毁引水渠不下10次But it#39;s an unwinnable contest.但这无异于螳臂当车This was controversial stuff.这是一个倍受争议的工程There was a lot of backroom politicking,a lot of buying people off.期间有很多政治上的暗箱操作,花了很多钱才摆平This made a lot people unhappy.这触怒了很多人This devastated a region of California,the source of that water,并给水源地区以毁灭性的打击but it was enormously beneficial,但它的巨大收益却不容小觑and in fact, one could argue Los Angeles could not have grown in the way it did,without Mulholland architecting that aqueduct of water being brought to that area.事实上,甚至可以说洛杉矶能有今日的繁荣离不开穆赫兰所兴建的这条引水渠所引来的淡水 /201212/217010

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