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So, I know this--that whether youre an actor, you offer your talent in the way that most inspires aret. If youre an anatomist, you look at your gift as knowlege and service to healing. Whether youve been called, as so many of you here today getting doctorates and other degrees, to the professions of business, law, engineering, humanities, science, medicine, if you choose to offer your skills and talent in service, when you choose the paradigm of service, looking at life through that paradigm, it turns everything you do from a job into a gift. And I know you havent spent all this time at Standford just to go out and get a job.因此,我知道,如果你是一名演员,你就应该把自己的才智贡献给能够激发艺术灵感的事业。如果你是一名解剖学家,你就应当把自己的智慧投入到医治他人当中。你们中的很多人在经济、法律、工程、人权、科学和医药方面获得了诸如士学位或其他学位,因此,无论你们是否被呼召,如果你们决定以自己的技能和智慧务他人,选择把务他人作为目标,你们所做的就不再仅仅是工作而已,而是成为了礼物。我知道你们在斯坦福学习这么长时间不仅仅是为了出去找份工作。So, youve been enriched in countless ways. Theres no better way to make your mark on the world and to share that abundance with others. My constant prayer for myself is to be used in service for the greater good.你们在很多方面都得到了提高。这对你们成就自己并与他人分享你的富足再好不过了。我永恒的祈祷就是让自己能够为他人提供更好的务。So, let me end with one of my favorite es from Martin Luther king. Dr. King said, ;Not everybody can be famous.; And I dont know, but everybody today seeems to want to be famous.就让我引用马丁·路德·金的话来作为结束语吧。他说:“不是所有人都会出名。”对此我不太确定,但似乎今天所有人都想出名。But fame is a trip. People follow you to the bathroom, listen to you pee. Its just--try to pee quietly. It doesnt matter, they come out and say, ;Oh my god, its you. You peed.; Thats the fame trip, so I dont know if you want that.但是成名也是一种羁绊。有些人会尾随你到卫生间,听你尿尿。你会尽量尿得轻一些。这没什么大不了的。然后他们会跳出来对你说:“噢,天啊,是你!你尿尿啦。”这就是成名的代价,我不知道你们是否喜欢。 /201311/266681。

And he thought about it quite a long time,他想了很久。and finally he said, ;Maam, I miss almost all of it.;最后说:;太太,我怀念那里所有的一切。;。And hes one of the most traumatized people Ive seen from that war.他是我见过的经历了战争的人中受创伤最为严重的人之一。;Maam, I miss almost all of it.;他说的这句;太太,我怀念那里所有的一切。;。What is he talking about?他是想表达什么呢?。Hes not a psychopath.他不是神经病。He doesnt miss killing people.也不喜欢杀人。Hes not crazy. He doesnt miss getting shot at and seeing his friends get killed.没有疯,也不喜欢被击中看到朋友牺牲。What is it that he misses? We have to answer that.那他怀念的是什么?这个问题我要来回答。If were going to stop war, we have to answer that question.如果想要阻止战争发生,我们就必须回答这个问题。I think what he missed is brotherhood. He missed, in some ways,the opposite of killing.我认为,他怀念的是兄弟情谊。从某种程度上说,他怀念的是杀戮的对立面。What he missed was connection to the other men he was with.是他与其它士兵之间的联系。Now, brotherhood is different from friendship.这里,兄弟情谊不同于友谊。Friendship happens in society, obviously.友谊多见于社会上。The more you like someone, the more youd be willing to do for them.你越喜欢一个人你越情愿为他付出。Brotherhood has nothing to do with how you feel about the other person.但是兄弟情谊却与对他人的感觉无关。Its a mutual agreement in a group that you will put the welfare of the group, you will put the safety of everyone in the group above your own.在一个群体中大家都会把整个群体的安危他人的安危置于自己的安危之上。In effect, youre saying, ;I love these other people more than I love myself.;实际上就相当于说:;我爱其他人胜过爱自己;。Brendan was a team leader in command of three men, and the worst day in Afghanistan.He was almost killed so many times.布伦丹是一名队长手下有三个士兵。他在阿富汗经历了最惨痛的一天。虽然他自己也几次险些丧生。It didnt bother him.但这些对他都不算什么。The worst thing that happened to him in Afghanistan was one of his men was hit in the head with a bullet in the helmet, knocked him over.对他来说最惨痛的是。他手下的一名士兵被子弹射中头部子弹打到了钢盔上,把他冲倒了。They thought he was dead.大家以为他死了。It was in the middle of a huge firefight.当时战事正酣。No one could deal with it, and a minute later, Kyle Steiner sat back up from the dead, as it were, because hed come back to consciousness.没人顾得上他,直到一分钟以后。这名叫凯尔·斯坦纳的士兵坐了起来。好像是复活了一样。因为他又恢复了知觉。The bullet had just knocked him out.It glanced off the helmet.子弹把他震晕了。钢盔替他挡住了子弹。201411/342351。


To mess this complexity —to compare, if you will, simplicity of the telephone just wanted to work, wanted to be easy to use. But what many people forget is that the telephone was in being by Graham Bell in 1876, took 120 years to get to where we are today, and was largely one company or one company in each country that has responsibility for implementing this service and making the devices work together from your home or business all the way throughout the network. We got to move from the same point in networking to where the various devices high or low tech and the various applications have to be leveraged very tightly and seamlessly from a customers perspective where the networking really to explode and for us to open up the opportunities many companies represent in this room. To do that it requires a generation of partnerships. It is our view that those companies who dont understand how to partner, how to align, how to strategically a partner acquire, and do joint-venture would be left behind. And when you begin to think about the partnership that you are going to need that would be the network, but one side of the network would be the devices that you need, whether those devices, dated devices, , mast like the combination of those, PCs, telephones, etc. Network computers. And youve got to interface with those into the network and seen in the same way of customers perspective. Youre got to be able to get to the data ware where it is the network and you really dont care but you incorporate Internet in the World Wide Web in your suppliers of network. Youve got to be able to get there very quickly whether its on mainframes, mini-computers, PCs serves, or whatever on that side.更复杂的是——如果你将其和电话相比,你希望可以像打电话那样简单。但不要忘了电话由格雷厄姆·贝尔在1876年发明,至今已有120年了,才达到今天这种水平,并且在每个国家都有公司来负责电话务,并通过网络将你的家和公司接起来。我们从网络中的同一起点出发,使得各种高科技和低科技以及各种应用设备很紧密地连接在一起来满足用户对网络的要求。这种情况下,用户对网络的需求会大增,这给了今天出席会议的各公司提供了许多机会。为了实现这一目标,我们需要互相合作。从我们的角度看,不懂得如何合作、如何联合的公司、不懂合作伙伴的需求、不懂合作投资的公司必将落后。当你考虑你所需的合作者是什么样时,这个合作者其实就是网络,但网络的一端是你所需的设备,不论是什么样的设备,数据设备也好,视频设备也好,必须和电脑、电话线等连接起来。你必须通过接口把设备接入网络,当然,消费者也需要这么做。你得知道网络数据库在哪,虽然你并不关心,但你会把互联网接入到万维网中。不论是在主机、小型机上、个人电脑务器上、还是任何其他机器上,你都可以很快连接上。201408/323395。

In love, we want to have, we want to know the beloved.在爱情中,我们想要拥有,我们想要了解我们的爱人We want to minimize the distance. We want to contract that gap.我们想腻在一起,想跨越阻碍We want to neutralize the tensions. We want closeness.我们想调和不安的情绪,我们想亲密无间。But in desire, we tend to not really want to go back to the places weve aly gone.而在性欲方面,我们不想回到我们已经经历过的地方。Forgone conclusion does not keep our interest.过时的结论提不起我们的兴趣。In desire, we want an Other, somebody on the other side that we can go visit,在性欲方面,我们想找的是我们的另一半,一个在彼岸,一个我们想去探索的另一半。that we can go spend some time with,一个我们想呆在一起的另一半that we can go see what goes on in their red light district.和一个我们能探索其瘾秘的内心世界的另一半In desire, we want a bridge to cross.在性欲中,我们想找的是一座沟通的桥梁。Or in other words, I sometimes say, fire needs air.换言之,“一个巴掌拍不响啊”Desire needs space.性欲也需要空间。And when its said like that, its often quite abstract.这样说或许有点抽象吧。But then I took a question with me.带着一个问题And Ive gone to more than 20 countries in the last few years几年间我带着;Mating in Captivity; 这本书走访了20多个国家with ;Mating in Captivity,; and I asked people,每到一处,我都会问人们:when do you find yourself most drawn to your partner?;你什么时候最喜欢和爱人呆在一起?;Not attracted sexually, per se, but most drawn.我说的是呆在一起而不是一起性爱And across culture, across religion, and across gender --来自不同文化、不同地区、不同性别的人except for one -- there are a few answers that just keep coming back.除一个有点例外,其它人给我的回答不外如是So the first group is: I am most drawn to my partner第一组:最想和爱人在一起的时候when she is away, when we are apart, when we reunite.是爱人不在身边的时候、是分开的时候或是小别重逢时。Basically, when I get back in touch也就是,当我能用我的想象力with my ability to imagine myself with my partner,想像我和爱人在一起的时候,when my imagination comes back in the picture,当我的想像力能回到这方面来的时候,and when I can root it in absence and in longing,当爱人不在而我又想要的时候which is a major component of desire.这就是性欲的主要组成部分But then the second group is even more interesting:然而,另一组回答更有趣。I am most drawn to my partner我最想和爱人在一起的时候when I see him in the studio, when she is onstage,是当我看到他在录影棚工作、在舞台上表演的时候、when he is in his element, when shes doing something shes passionate about,当他在做正经事的时候、当他在做她感兴趣的事情的时候,when I see him at a party and other people are really drawn to him,当我看到他在party上谜倒一大堆人的时候when I see her hold court.当她开庭的时候。Basically, when I look at my partner radiant and confident,一般而言,当我看到我的爱人光芒四射而又自信的时候probably the biggest turn-on across the board.这就是最大的刺激物了。Radiant, as in self-sustaining.光芒四射,在自我维系中也如此。I look at this person -- by the way, in desire在欲望中,我看这个人people rarely talk about it, when we are blended into one,人们很少谈论这些, 当我们粘在一起的时候five centimeters from each other. I dont know in inches how much that is.也就是相隔5厘米左右的时候---说实在的我不知道是几厘米But its also not when the other person is that far apart但是,这种分别并不是说相隔太远that you no longer see them.以至于以后都不能相见。Its when Im looking at my partner from a comfortable distance,而是我能在一个比较合适的距离看着我爱的人where this person that is aly so familiar, so known,那个我熟悉和相知的,is momentarily once again somewhat mysterious, somewhat elusive.还带有点神秘,有点难以捉摸的人。And in this space between me and the other lies the erotic elan,我和爱人之间的距离成了一条性欲的纽带lies that movement toward the other.也造成了我们的相互走动Because sometimes, as Proust says,因为有时候,正如Proust说的那样mystery is not about traveling to new places,发现奥秘不一定要到一个新的地方去,but its about looking with new eyes.而只要我们有新视角就行。And so, when I see my partner on his own or her own,所以,当我们看到我们的另一半独自doing something in which they are enveloped,在忙自己的事的时候。I look at this person and I momentarily get a shift in perception,看着他我会对他有一种新的了解和认识,and I stay open to the mysteries that are living right next to me.而我对我身过的一些奥秘是常怀着关注之情的。And then, more importantly, in this description about the other更重要的是,对别人的了解or myself -- its the same -- what is most interesting或者对自己的了解, 都一样.is that there is no neediness in desire.最有趣的是,这不需要性欲。Nobody needs anybody.没有谁需要谁。There is no caretaking in desire.性欲不存在谁照顾谁的问题。Caretaking is mightily loving. Its a powerful anti-aphrodisiac.照顾是一种了不起的大爱,是一种强大的崔情药I have yet to see somebody who is so turned on我还看到一些人的性欲by somebody who needs them.是被那些需要他们的人唤起的Wanting them is one thing. Needing them is a shutdown,想要是一回事,但需要会令人性趣索然and women have known that forever,这点女人最清楚了,because anything that will bring up parenthood因为任何母性有关的东西will usually decrease the erotic charge.都会降低性欲。For good reasons, right?很有道理,是不是?And then the third group of answers usually would be第三类回答是:when Im surprised, when we laugh together,当我感到惊喜时,当我们一起大笑时会性趣大发,as somebody said to me in the office today,比如说,今天有人在我的办公室告诉我,when hes in his tux, so I said, you know,当他穿着无尾半正式晚礼时最有感觉了its either the tux or the cowboy boots.其实性欲与晚礼或牛仔靴无关But basically its when there is novelty.而是与猎奇有关。But novelty isnt about new positions. It isnt a repertoire of techniques.但新奇并不只意味着新的体位,也不是五花八门的性爱技巧Novelty is, what parts of you do you bring out?新奇是,你将自已的哪一面展现出来?What parts of you are just being seen?你的哪一面你的爱人熟悉?Because in some way one could say因为在某种程度上,我们会说sex isnt something you do, eh?性交并不专指性交活动,对吧?Sex is a place you go. Its a space you enter性交过程其实像你在去一个地方inside yourself and with another, or others.是一个进入自己或对方体内的过程。So where do you go in sex?因此,性交时何去何从?What parts of you do you connect to?你们身体的哪一部分有接触?What do you seek to express there?你们想在那里表达些什么?Is it a place for transcendence and spiritual union?那是一个表现性爱技巧和精神合一的地方吗?Is it a place for naughtiness and is it a place to be safely aggressive?那是一个俏皮掏蛋的地方呢还是一个略带点侵略性质的地方呢?Is it a place where you can finally surrender还是一个你最后放弃and not have to take responsibility for everything?不想负责任的地方呢?Is it a place where you can express your infantile wishes?它是不是一个你可以表达你孩子气的地方呢?What comes out there? Its a language.性爱到底是什么?其实性交是一种语言。It isnt just a behavior.不是一种行为。And its the poetic of that language that Im interested in,而我,正是对这一充满诗意的性交语言感兴趣which is why I began to explore this concept of erotic intelligence.这就是为什么我要探讨;性商;这一概念。You know, animals have sex.要知道,动物也性交。Its the pivot, its biology, its the natural instinct.而动物的性交是传宗接代的,是生物的,是一种自然的天性。201505/374261。

One of our graduate students then says, well,我们的一个毕业生说,好吧how does a driverless car communicate with pedestrians?这个无人驾驶的车,怎样提防行人呢?You have nobody to make eye contact with.没有司机看着它啊You dont know if its going to run you over.也不知道它是不是会把你碾过去So hes developing strategies so the vehicle can所以他在研究怎样让这辆车communicate with pedestrians, so --留心我们的行人,所以——So the headlights are eyeballs, the pupils can dilate,所以车头灯成了眼球,它的瞳孔会扩大的we have directional audio, we can throw sound我们有指导声频,所以可以在人们面前directly at people.直接发声What I love about this project is he solved a problem我之所以钟情这个项目,是因为他解决了一个问题that hasnt, that doesnt exist yet, so --而这个问题,甚至还未存在,所以——We also think that we can democratize access to bike lanes.我们同时也觉得我们可以扩大范围到自行车道You know, bike lanes are mostly used by young guys自行车道大多是都是穿着弹性裤的年轻人在用in stretchy pants, you know. So -- 所以,你懂的,所以——We think we can develop a vehicle that operates我们觉得我们可以发明一种能在自行车道行驶on bike lanes, accessible to elderly and disabled,的交通工具,老年人和残疾人women in skirts, businesspeople, and address the issues穿裙妇女,商业人士都可以用of energy congestion, mobility, aging and obesity同时针对能源消耗,流动性,老年化和肥胖症这些问题simultaneously. Thats our challenge.那就是我们的挑战This is an early design for this little three-wheel,这是我们早期设计的小三轮车its an electronic bike. You have to pedal它是电动自行车,你得踩踏板to operate it in a bike lane, but if youre an older person,它才会在自行车道上行驶,但如果你是个上了年纪的人thats a switch. If youre a healthy person,那儿有个开关。如果你是个身体健康的人,you might have to work really hard to go fast.你可能得踩得很费劲它才会很快You can dial in 40 calories going into work骑着它去上班你可以消耗40卡路里and 500 going home, when you can take a shower.然后回家时消耗500卡路里,然后再洗个澡We hope to have that built this fall.我们期待它在今年秋天可以面世Housing is another area where we can really improve.住房是我们能改善的另一个方面Mayor Menino in Boston says lack of affordable housing波士顿的市长Menino说这个城市面临最大的问题的之一for young people is one of the biggest problems就是缺乏可以让年轻人the city faces.负担得起的住房Developers say, okay, well build little teeny apartments.开发商说,好吧,那我们就来建造小型的公寓People say, we dont really want to live in a little teeny但人们说,我们其实不想住进这些狭小的conventional apartment.传统型公寓So were saying lets build a standardized chassis,所以我们说,得建造标准的“底盘”much like our car. Lets bring advanced technology就像我们的车一样,让我们把高科技into the apartment, technology-enabled infill,引进公寓,比如那些科技辅助的填充料give people the tools within this open-loft chassis在这个宽敞的阁楼“底架”内,让人们拿起工具to go through a process of defining what their needs自己动手去创造,去诠释他们的需求and values and activities are, and then价值观和行为,然后a matching algorithm will match a unique assembly会有一个对应的算法,对应整套独特的of integrated infill components, furniture, and cabinetry,填充物组件,家具,还有橱柜that are personalized to that individual, and they give them而且是为个人量身定做的,让他们有机会the tools to go through the process and to refine it,拿起工具完成整个过程并完善它and its something like working with an architect,这就像和建筑师一起合作where the dialogue starts when you give an alternative而对话的内容往往是关于to a person to react to.这里我想选择这么做Now, the most interesting implementation of that for us现在,住进去最好玩的事情is when you can begin to have robotic walls, so就是当你拥有了机器墙your space can convert from exercise to a workplace,这样就就能调整空间,不管是变成运动室还是工作室if you run a virtual company.只要你开了公司(一切就都有可能)You have guests over, you have two guestrooms有客人拜访时,你就可以that are developed.扩展两间客房You have a conventional one-bedroom arrangement当你需要的时候,你可以变出一间传统卧室when you need it. Maybe thats most of the time.可能大部分时间都是这样You have a dinner party. The table folds out当你有宴会时,桌子会翻折开来to fit 16 people in otherwise a conventional one-bedroom,在其他时间都是传统卧室里的空间里容纳下16个人or maybe you want a dance studio.或者你想改造成舞蹈室也行I mean, architects have been thinking about these ideas我想,建筑师很长时间一直在思考这个问题for a long time. What we need to do now,我们现在需要去做的develop things that can scale to those 300 million Chinese是开发一些东西,使得3亿中国人people that would like to live in the city,能容纳进城市里and very comfortably.并且生活得安逸We think we can make a very small apartment我觉得我们能造出一套公寓出来that functions as if its twice as big利用以上的那些策略,令房子的实际用途by utilizing these strategies. I dont believe in smart homes.可以达到它两倍大小的作用。我不信智能家居Thats sort of a bogus concept.那是虚假的概念I think you have to build dumb homes我觉得应该建造愚笨家居and put smart stuff in it.然后放些智能的东西进去。And so weve been working on a chassis of the wall itself.我们现在已经在研发机器墙的底架You know, standardized platform with the motors还有带着发动机和电池and the battery when it operates, little solenoids的标准平台,还有可以固定在一个地方that will lock it in place and get low-voltage power.收集低压电力的小螺丝管201504/370917。

Dobriy Viecher Sochi!I am Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the ed Nations.My warmest greetings to IOC President Honorable Thomas Bach and all those gathered for the 22nd Winter Olympic Games!The Olympics and Paralympics bring out the best in athletic achievement.The Olympic Flame also illuminates hope for our common humanity.Even in the cold winter weather, barriers between people melt away.The Olympic spirit prevails: Fair play. Mutual respect. Friendly competition.Let us take that spirit and sp it around the world.For peace – and a truce between all warring parties around the world. For human rights and an end to discrimination. For a life of dignity for all.Together, let us celebrate sports and solidarity.Spasiba. Thank you.201501/355239。