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2019年08月23日 16:46:48 | 作者:58网 | 来源:新华社
艺术收藏家瑞文·阿格沃尔( Ravin Agrawal) 热情洋溢的介绍了印度最激动人心的十位年轻的当代艺术家。他们在不同的媒体行业工作,每一位都展现了他们从当地的文化中汲取的创作灵感。201303/228015Understanding why we age has been a major scientific mystery.弄明白我们衰老的原因成了一个科学之谜I think all of us kind of know what ageing is all about我想我们都知道什么是衰老because weve either experienced it, I mean even if were young,因为我们都经历过 即便我们还年轻weve seen our parents, our grandparents age,我们目睹我们的父母 祖父母变老but understanding the mechanism,只知道这是不可避免的this would be the mystery of the mysteries.这就成为了谜中迷Its a very young field and thats probably the reason why这是一块未成熟的领域 那可能是we dont know much about我们不了解它it and why there are so many competing models,所以才有五花八门的观点and I think the real key is probably in understanding我认为真正关键在于搞懂how these different pathways relate to each other.这些不同观点是怎样相互联系的If you were a Martian coming to this planet, and you saw someone假如你是火星人来到这个星球 你看到in her 90s and her granddaughter of sixteen,90多岁的人和她的16岁孙女then you would say ;Gee, theres not much difference.;你会说 咦 没什么区别啊On the other hand, if all of a sudden the house caught on fire另一方面 如果突然房子着火了and the people ran, you would immediately be able to say,人们跑了出来 你会立刻说;Oh, this one really didnt make it very far.;噢 这人跑不远We dont really have a我们真的不知道clue for exactly whats happening in ageing.在衰老时到底发生了什么201303/229051How To Make a Tissue-Box Cover on HowcastIf that box of tissues stands out like a sore thumb, this guide will help camouflage it with just a little scrap fabric and some sewing.You Will NeedTissue box Ruler Fabric Scissors Pins Th Sewing machine Electric iron (optional) Step 1: Measure sides(先量好一个普通的抽纸盒的各边的长度)Use a ruler to measure the five sides of your tissue box, excluding the bottom, and add 1/4 inch to each side for the seam.Step 2: Cut out sides from fabric(按照量出的长度剪裁,每条边留出0.25英寸)Cut out each side of your fabric with a pair of scissors and then measure and cut out a slot for the tissues in the top piece.The size slot you’ll need for the tissues will depend on the size of original tissue box — measure and cut appropriately.Step 3: Sew opening(用针线缝好开口)Cut a small slit in each corner of the opening, fold back the edges, and then sew them back for a nice clean look.Use pins to hold back the flaps as you sew to make things easier.Step 4: Sew the sleeve(将抽纸盒的各个边缝在一起)Sew all four sides of the perimeter together inside out to create the sleeve that fits around the box.Step 5: Notch top piece(剪掉每个边角)Cut out tiny 1/4-inch squares in each corner of the top piece to create flaps that wrap around each of the four sides of the sleeve.Step 6: Attach top piece(将顶部的开口处,缝上)Attach the top piece to the sleeve by pinning it upside down and then sewing the flaps to each side.You may want to use an electric iron to smooth the edges and make them as crisp as possible.Step 7: Turn right side out(将缝好的布翻过来)Turn the cover right side out and then slip over the tissue box. Pull a tissue through the top slot. Display in plain view for all to see without embarrassment.If every household in America used just one box of 100 percent recycled facial tissues instead of virgin fiber tissues, 163,000 trees would be saved.201006/105400

Today in History: Thursday, October 25, 2012历史上的今天:2012年10月25日On Oct. 25, 1962, U.S. ambassador Adlai E. Stevenson presented photographic evidence of Soviet missile bases in Cuba to the U.N. Security Council.1962年10月25日,美国大使阿德莱·史蒂文森向联合国安理会提供照片明苏联在古巴设有导弹基地。1400 Author Geoffrey Chaucer died in London.1400年,作家杰弗里·乔叟在伦敦去世。1760 Britains King George III succeeded his late grandfather, George II.1760年,英国国王乔治三世继承他祖父乔治二世。1854 The English suffered heavy losses against Russia in the Battle of Balaclava during the Crimean War. The battle inspired Alfred Lord Tennysons poem ;Charge of the Light Brigade.;1854年,在克里米亚战争对抗俄罗斯的巴拉克拉法帽之战中英国遭受了严重损失。这场战斗启发亚佛洛德丁尼生创作诗歌“轻骑兵的冲锋”。1881 Artist Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga, Spain..1881年,艺术家毕加索在西班牙马拉加出生。1962 Author John Steinbeck was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature.1962年,作家约翰·斯坦贝克被授予诺贝尔文学奖。1971 The U.N. General Assembly voted to admit mainland China and expel Taiwan.1971年,联合国大会投票承认中国大陆排除台湾。1983 A U.S.-led force invaded Grenada at the order of President Ronald Reagan, who said the action was needed to protect U.S. citizens there.1983年,总统罗纳德·里根下令美国军队入侵格林纳达,称这是保护美国公民的行为。1994 Susan Smith of Union, S.C., claimed that a black carjacker had driven off with her two sons. She later confessed to drowning the children and was convicted of murder.1994年,南卡罗来纳州苏珊史密斯联盟声称一个黑色的偷车大盗抓走她的两个儿子,随后她坦白自己淹死孩子被指控谋杀。2001 Microsoft released the Windows XP operating system.2001年,微软发布Windows XP操作系统。2002 Sen. Paul Wellstone, D-Minn., 58, was killed in a plane crash in northern Minnesota.2002年,明尼苏达州58岁的参议员保罗·威尔斯通在明尼苏达州北部,死于飞机坠毁。2003 Florida States Bobby Bowden became the winningest coach in major college football history with his 339th victory as the Seminoles beat Wake Forest 48-24.2003年,佛罗里达州的鲍比·鲍登作为塞米诺族印地安人以48-24击败维克森林获得第339场胜利,成为大学足球历史上最成功的教练。2005 U.S. military deaths in Iraq reached 2,000.2005年,美国军队在伊拉克的死亡人数达到2000人。 /201210/205781

Seven of the 14 Chinese activists illegally detained by Japanese police for landing on one of the Diaoyu islands have arrived in Hong Kong. The other seven have boarded the vessel Kai Fung No 2, and are expected to arrive in Hong Kong Saturday morning.继日前14名中国保钓人士成功登上钓鱼岛并被日方非法扣留后,其中7名已经安全抵达香港。其余7名也已登上启丰2号舰船并有望于周六上午抵达香港。At around 8pm local time Friday, seven detained Chinese activists arrived at Hong Kong International Airport after an hour’s flight from Naha airport in southwest Japan.当地时间周五下午约8点,7名被扣中国保钓人士在日本西南部那霸市乘坐飞机并于一小时后抵达香港国际机场。Meanwhile, the trip back for the other seven detained Chinese began on Kai Fung No. 2, after they fixed the damage caused by Japanese water cannons. They are due to arrive in Hong Kong Saturday morning.同时,其余7名被扣人员在整修好被日方水炮毁坏的启丰2号后乘坐该舰船返航。预计,将于周六上午抵达香港。On August 12th, the boat carrying activists from Hong Kong, Macao and Shenzhen, set off from Hong Kong, arriving at the Diaoyu Islands on Wednesday.8月12日,启丰2号载乘来自香港,以及深圳的保钓人士由香港出发并于周三抵达钓鱼岛。Several Japanese warships were waiting for them in the area and one used water cannons against the vessel.7艘日本战舰已等候在那里,其中一艘使用水炮对我船舰进行阻挠。Undeterred, the activists landed and planted Chinese national flags on the island.坚强不屈的保钓人士冲破阻挠成功登上钓鱼岛并在岛上插下中国国旗。Soon after, all 14 activists were arrested by Japanese police.不久,14名保钓人士全部被日方逮捕。China lodged solemn representations to the Japanese side, demanding the unconditional and immediate release of the Chinese nationals.中国已经严正向日方表明我方态度,要求日方立即无条件释放我国公民。201208/196910

With the help of Dirty Blonde Cocktails, VideoJug hits the streets to find out how women get over a boyfriend and get on with life.在Dirty Blonde Cocktails的帮助下,VideoJug走上街头,了解女性怎样走出前男友的阴影,重新开始生活。Step 1: Experience Your Feelings1.表达自己的感受Take the time to evaluate the upside of the break up. Think of all the things you wont have to put up with anymore. See the splendor in being single again!花费一点时间,想一下分手后好的方面。想一下你不用再忍受任何人。想一下恢复单身的精!Step 2: Rid The Reminders2.清除引起回忆的物品Now is the time to clean house. Get rid of pictures, mementos and anything else that may bring back unhealthy thoughts of the ex. Out of sight is out of mind.现在应该清理一下房间。扔掉照片,备忘录和一切能够引起你关于前男友不愉快的回忆的物品。眼不见心不烦。Step 3: Enjoy Your Freedom3.享受自由Youll probably find that you have a lot more free time in your schedule. Use it to learn something new, meet new people or reconnect with long time friends and family.你会发现自己有了很多空闲时间。利用这些时间来学一些新知识,结识新的人群,或者重新与老朋友和家人联系。Step 4: Get Your Flirt On4.重新开始约会Dont be afraid to jump back in the dating game. Meeting new guys can be the quickest fix to many break ups.不要害怕开始一段新恋情。重新约会是治疗分手最好的良药。Step 5: Live And Learn5.生活和学习Get on with your life and make sure that a year from now you can look back and feel good about how things turned out. We can all learn something from everyone (yes, even the slob you call your ex), so be certain to take something valuable and use it in future relationships.继续你的生活,确保一年之后回首往事的时候,自己能够感到一切都好。我们能从任何人学到经验教训,甚至你的前男友。所以,一定要总结有价值的经验,在未来的恋情中学以致用。Thanks for watching How To Celebrate A Break Up感谢收看“怎样庆祝分手”视频节目。201210/202909

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