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长春儿童医院咨询电话吉大一院地址在哪最新流行时尚- :: A:Are you y to go shopping?你准备好要去血拼了吗?B:Not yet. I'm not finished with my research yet.还没我的研究还没做完A:What research?什么研究?B:Reading my fashion magazines! How do you think I know so much about all the latest trends?看我的流行杂志!你以为我是怎么知道这么多最新流行信息的?A:But they're just ads...它们不过都是些广告……B:Duh...That's the point. The people in the ads are wearing what's in. Plus, there are s on new trends...蠢……这就是重点广告里的人穿的都是最流行的此外还有报导最新流行的文章……吉林长春人民医院院长 Wall Street edges down after recent rally; retailers weigh 受零售销售数据打压,华尔街股市小幅下降 [1] Wall Street slipped on Monday, pulling back from last week gains, as retailers fell on concerns about heavy discounts at the start of the U.S. holiday shopping season and the overhang of the ;fiscal cliff; kept investors wary of making big bets.[1] 周一,华尔街股市小幅走低,没有延续上周的涨势,掉头向下,因为零售销售数据不佳,人们担忧美国假日购物季会出现大幅折扣倾销,另外,人们一想到悬在头上的“财政悬崖”,总要谨小慎微,不敢在股市上下赌注[] The Nasdaq outpermed to close higher, led by gains in eBay and as Apple continued its bounce back.[] 纳斯达克市场表现尚好,走高报收,上涨的eBay(易趣)和苹果(Apple)两只股票表现抢眼,纷纷强劲反弹[3] The Standard amp; Poor 500 cut most of its losses during the session and managed to stay above the psychologically important 1,00 level. It also remained above the 0-day moving average, maintaining its long-term uptrend.[3]近几个交易期间,标准普尔500收回了大部分失地,依然站在重要的心理点位1,00之上而且该指数依然保住了0天的移动平均数,保持长期的上涨态势[] The Samp;P 500 consumer discretionary index fell 0.5 percent after the start of the holiday shopping season over the four-day Thanksgiving weekend.[]四天感恩节周末的疯狂购物季启动后,标准普尔非必需消费股指数(Samp;P 500 Consumer Discretionary Index)走低了0.5个百分点[5] ;The concern is big retailers are discounting so much, sales look better, but at what cost?; said Angel Mata, managing director of listed equity trading at Stifel Nicolaus Capital Markets in Baltimore.[5] 巴尔的的Stifel Nicolaus 资本市场上市股权交易部总经理安吉尔-马塔表示:“人们普遍担心大型零售商要大幅度削价倾销,销售是很火爆,但是利润几何呀?”[6] Bucking the retail trend, shares of eBay closed at their highest in almost eight years, rising .9 percent to .0, as the online marketplace notched strong sales on ;Cyber Monday.; Amazon gained 1.6 percent to .6.[6] 零售旺盛的势头大振,易趣(eBay)股价以8年来最高点报收,上涨了.9%,收于.0,网路星期一(Cyber Monday)当天在线市场销售火爆,取得不俗的销售业绩亚马逊股价上涨了1.6%,以.6的价位报收[7] The White House threw cold water on a proposal of avoiding the looming ;fiscal cliff; of spending cuts and tax highs by limiting tax deductions and loopholes, instead of allowing tax rates to rise the richest Americans.[7] 有人提议要避免迫在眉睫的 “债务悬崖”,因为限制税收减免和避免出现漏洞而不是提高美国富人的纳税比率会导致削减开和增加税收,但这个提议没有得到白宫的持[8] Investors are hoping advances in talks over the 0 billion in spending cuts and tax hikes scheduled to begin next year, which threaten to drag the U.S. economy back into recession.[8] 投资者希望安排在明年启动的高达亿美元的削减开和增加税收的谈判取得进展,这会关乎美国经济,处理不好会将美国经济再次拖入衰退状况[9] Indications of progress in talks, or just political willingness to negotiate, contributed to the market recent rally. Major indexes last week gained 3 to percent, with the Dow above ,000 and the Samp;P above 1,00 the first time since November 6.[] 谈判进展的种种迹象,或者说各党派有政治意愿参与谈判,这有助于市场近期的反弹上周,各主要指数纷纷上周了3-%,而且从月6日以来,道指和标普都分别站上,000点位和1,00 点[] Those gains represented a turnaround from recent losses founded on worries about Washington ability to solve budgetary problems.[] 由于近期市场人士对华盛顿是否有足够的能力解决预算问题表示担忧,从而导致近期市场的下跌趋势,但本周的上涨态势则反映出对下跌趋势的大逆转 7吉林省人民医院门诊部

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