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吉林省中妇保医院官网双阳区看妇科多少钱But theres no guarantee rescue will come,and with such little water here,是否有人救援还是未知之数 此地淡水贫乏your health will start to decline rapidly.人的健康状况会迅速恶化Given that choice, Id build a raft and set sail.有鉴于此 我最好还是做个木筏出海Driftwood from the beach is ideal.海滩上的浮木是最好不过的材料And then for all of the lashing,Im just gonna use the shipping rope.至于捆绑加固的任务 就要交给这条船缆了The key element to sea survival is staying dry.保持身体干燥是海上求生的关键I want to make sure this raft keeps me up out of the water.我要确保这木筏能让我身体不接触海面Use these as cross struts one there and another here.用这个做纵向框架 一根在这 另一根在那 It means I can then build another layer on top of this,but with a bit of a gap,这样我就可以此之上再铺一层 而且中间留有空隙and into that gap I can force all of the polystyrene and the bottles thats been washed up in this gully.之后 我在空隙中填入那些 被冲上海滩的泡沫塑料和瓶子Fill the gap as tightly as possible with polystyrene.用泡沫塑料把中间一层空隙尽量填满Then cover it with another layered of driftwood,and tie it all down as tight as you can.然后在其上再铺一层浮木 使出吃奶的劲把它绑紧And then all I need is a good a-frame at the back to put a tiller through.接下来 要在尾部 做个结实的A型框架 以放置船桨A really good, long length of tiller pole here这根就不错 长短正好gonna make paddling much more efficient I can really put my weight into it then.划起船来能事半功倍 我能把浑身的劲都使上All I need is to attach this bit to the end.Okay, that will do.只要把这玩意绑在其中一头就成了 好了 这就好了Before I launch, I want to collect the water from my still.起航前 我要先收集蒸馏过的淡水Its not much,but together with my other water traps,Ive got six liters.不是很多 但加上另外一个聚水器里的水 我总共有6升了Now to set sail east towards Panama.现在是时候向东面起航 前往巴拿马了201607/452582公主岭妇幼保健医院靠谱吗 When Cocos GPS collar is first turned on,当蔻蔻的GPS项圈最初开启时shes in this house,她在这栋房子里and its not hers.可那并不是她的家On Tuesday, heres Chip.周二 这是奇普Again, he enters a neighbouring house.他再次入侵了邻近的房子And a day later,一天后heres Claude doing the same.克劳德在做同样的事情Its only when we install surveillance cameras只有在猫洞旁安装监控摄像机后by the cat flaps that we see exactly what is happening here.我们才看清这里到底发生了什么Rosie has her evening meal.罗西正在享用晚餐And then half an hour later, her neighbour, Claude,然而半小时过后 她的邻居克劳德boldly enters her home大摇大摆走进她家and helps himself to the leftovers when she is out of the way.趁她外出时肆意享用了剩下的晚餐At 3pm the next day, hes at it again.第二天下午3点 他又来拜访了And it wont be the last time.而且这不会是最后一次Its a bit of a surprise to Claudes owner.对克劳德的主人来说这有点意外重点解释:1.turn on 打开例句:He asked me to turn on the radio for him.他让我替他打开收音机。2.help to 帮助例句:The music will help to relax you.音乐会使你感到轻松。3.a bit of 一点儿的例句:It was a bit of a bore, wasnt it?这有点叫人厌烦,不是吗?201608/463581Conventional wisdom about diets, including government health recommendations, seems to change all the time.人们对饮食的普遍看法,包括政府的健康推荐,似乎永远都在发生变化。And yet, ads routinely come about claiming to have the answer about what we should eat.然而广告却一如既往地声称,他们能够回答我们应该吃什么这个问题。So how do we distinguish whats actually healthy from what advertisers just want us to believe is good for us?所以我们如何才能从广告商们想让我们相信对我们有好处的东西中,辨别出真正健康的食物呢?Marketing takes advantage of the desire to drop weight fast, and be stronger, slimmer, and brighter.营销人员利用了我们想要快速减重,变得更强壮、更纤细、气色更好的心愿。And in the big picture, diet plans promising dramatic results, known as fad diets,大体来看,那些承诺会有显著效果的饮食计划,即流行饮食法,are just what they seem: too good to be true.和它们的外表一模一样:太过美好而不真实。So where do diet fads even come from?那么,膳食风尚究竟来自何处?While the Ancient Greeks and Romans rallied behind large-scale health regimens centuries earlier,几个世纪之前,在古希腊人和古罗马人一致持大规模的健康养生法时,this phenomenon began in earnest in the Victorian Era with crazes like the vinegar diet and the Banting Diet.这种现象在维多利亚时期正式形成,这期间出现了像喝醋减肥和节食减肥这样的热潮。Since then, diets have advised us all sorts of things: to excessively chew, to not chew at all,自那以后,饮食规定给我们提供了各种建议,比如要多咀嚼,不要咀嚼,to swallow a grapefruit per meal, non-stop cabbage soup, even consumption of arsenic, or tapeworms.每顿饭吃一个葡萄柚,不停地喝卷心菜汤,甚至食用砒霜或者绦虫。If the idea of diet crazes has withstood history, could this mean that they work?如果这些饮食热潮中提出的想法经受住了历史的检验,那这是不是就说明它们是有效的?In the short term, the answer is often yes.短期来看,往往是肯定的。Low-carbohydrate plans, like the popular Atkins or South Beach Diets, have an initial diuretic effect.碳水化合物含量低的植物,比如流行的阿金饮食法或迈阿密饮食法,都有初步的利尿效果。Sodium is lost until the body can balance itself out, and temporary fluid weight loss may occur.在身体能够补充之前,我们流失了钠元素,而且还会出现体液流失造成的暂时体重下降。With other high-protein diets, you might lose weight at first since by restricting your food choices,使用其他高蛋白的饮食法时,也许早期由于控制了食物选择,你的体重会有所下降,you are dropping your overall calorie intake.你在减少你的整体卡路里摄入。But your body then lowers its metabolic rate to adjust to the shift,但是稍后你的身体会降低代谢速率以适应这种转变,lessening the diets effect over time and resulting in a quick reversal if the diet is abandoned.节食的效果也会就此渐渐减轻,并且放弃这种饮食法后会导致快速反弹。So while these diets may be alluring early on, they dont guarantee long-term benefits for your health and weight.所以,虽然这些饮食法早期也许非常诱人,但它们不能保对你的健康和体重有长期的好处。A few simple guidelines, though, can help differentiate between a diet that is beneficial in maintaining long-term health,不过,有一些简单的准则可以帮你将有利于保持长期健康的饮食法and one that only offers temporary weight changes.和只能带来暂时体重变化的区别开来。Heres the first tip-off: if a diet focuses on intensely cutting back calories or on cutting out entire food groups,第一条提示:如果一个饮食法密切关注减少卡路里或者排除整个食物群,like fat, sugar, or carbohydrates, chances are its a fad diet.像脂肪、糖或碳水化合物,那它很有可能就是一个流行饮食法而已。And another red flag is ritual, when the diet in question instructs you to only eat specific foods,另一个危险信号是惯例,也就是存疑的这个饮食法指导你只食用特定的食物,prescribed combinations, or to opt for particular food substitutes, like drinks, bars, or powders.规定的搭配,或者选择特定的食物替代品,比如饮品、能量棒或粉末。The truth is shedding pounds in the long run simply doesnt have a quick-fix solution.真相是,长期减重并没有捷径可走。Not all diet crazes tout weight loss.并不是所有的饮食法都标榜减重。What about claims of super foods, cleanses, and other body-boosting solutions?那些号称超级食物、身体净化剂和其他强身健体的方案怎么样呢?Marketing emphasizes the allure of products associated with ancient and remote cultures营销人员强调这些和远古文化有关的产品的吸引力,to create a sense of mysticism for consumers.来给消费者带来一种神秘的感觉。While so-called super foods, like blueberries or acai, do add a powerful punch of nutrients,虽然所谓的超级食物,比如蓝莓和巴西莓确实能大量增加营养,their super transformative qualities are largely exaggeration.但它们带来超级蜕变的能力被过度夸大了。They are healthy additions to a balanced diet, yet often, theyre marketed as part of sugary drinks or cereals,它们确实是一个均衡膳食中健康的补充物,但是它们往往被作为一种含糖饮料或麦片兜售,in which case the negative properties outweigh the benefits.而这种情况下,它们的负面效果远远超过了好处。Cleanses, too, may be great in moderation since they can assist with jump-starting weight loss身体净化剂也是如此,由于它们在减重方面能起到助力作用,and can increase the number of fresh fruits and vegetables consumed daily.而且可以增加每日摄入的新鲜水果和蔬菜数量,它们在调理方面也许作用强大。Scientifically speaking, though, theyve not yet been shown to have either a long-term benefit但是,从科学的角度来说,它们尚未被明有长期好处,or to detox the body any better than the natural mechanisms aly in place.而且在给身体排毒方面也不见得就比已经存在的天然机制要好。Everywhere we look, were offered solutions to how we can look better, feel fitter, and generally get ahead. Food is no exception,在我们目光所及之处都能找到告诉我们怎样才能看起来更好、感觉更健康、总体领先的方案。食物也不例外,but advice on what we should eat is best left to the doctors and nutritionists who are aware of our individual circumstances.但是饮食方面的建议最好还是交给了解我们个人状况的医生和营养师吧。Diets and food fads arent inherently wrong.饮食法和膳食风尚不一定都是错的。Circumstantially, they might even be right, just not for everyone all of the time.在特定情况下,它们甚至也许是正确的,只不过并不是一直适用于我们所有人。201707/516022长春哪个人流医院好

长春二院可靠吗Its still early days in Argentina这些只是阿根廷的最初发现and Olivers work may yet yield many new and different avenues of research,Oliver的工作可能还会衍生出许多新的不同的研究内容but aly it is giving us a glimpse of what might have been happening in this mysterious, dark age of the dinosaurs.但它已经使我们窥见了神秘的恐龙黑暗年代中可能发生的事The transformation of the dinosaurs began when the world was ripped apart in the mid-Jurassic.当世界在中侏罗世崩解之时,恐龙也随即发生了剧变As the sea flooded in, dinosaurs became cut off from each other allowing them to evolve separately.由于海洋的入侵,恐龙们被彼此分隔,使得它们开始独自进化。The newly formed continents began to develop new climates.新生大陆发展出了新的气候系统This more varied world offered the dinosaurs a host of new opportunities.这个多变的世界为恐龙提供了许多新的机遇There were habitats to suit dinosaurs of every shape and size各种各样的栖息地适合各种模样和体型的恐龙and it was a world they would go on to rule for almost 100 million years.它们将在这个世界称霸将近1亿年。201707/516148南关区妇女儿童医院预约挂号系统 栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201607/453445松原妇幼保健妇保医院妇产

吉林省中心医院护理TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/463944 Archbishop of Canterbury Simon Sudbury was captured while at his prayers in the Chapel of St John.坎特伯雷大主教西蒙·萨德伯里被捕于 施洗约翰礼拜堂众祷告者面前The rampaging rebels hacked his head off,stuck it on a spike and paraded it triumphantly through the streets.愤怒的叛军砍下了他的头颅 钉在钉子上 耀武扬威的游街示众On the evening of Thursday 13th June,the teenage king climbed one of the turrets in the tower,6月13日这一周四的晚上 年少的国王登上了伦敦塔的一座炮塔and what he saw ought to have broken him in terror.所见之景 触目惊心the sky red with flames,London crumbling into smoking ruins.天际血红似火 伦敦一片硝烟狼藉But hostage to a nightmare,Richard doesnt seem to have panicked.尽管事态严重 理查并未表现惊慌When counsellors asked him to negotiate with the rebels,he evidently showed no hesitation.当顾问官建议与叛军进行谈判时 他未显犹豫之态It was the boy who was the man of the hour.这个少年可是十分非凡It was a brave front. For Richard must have thought there was a chance he might not survive.这是富有勇气的一步 理查肯定想过 他很有可能无法活着回来Before the meeting with the rebels,he prayed at the shrine of Edward the Confessor,与叛军会晤前 他祈祷于金雀花王朝历任国王的守护圣人the patron saint of all the Plantagenet kings.忏悔者爱德华的圣坛前Then he rode through the jostling crowds to meet Wat Tyler and the rest of the leaders at Smithfield.然后骑马穿过熙攘的人流 在史密斯菲尔德接见了瓦特·泰勒 和其它领导人 /201611/480492辽源人民医院门诊怎么样双辽中医院是国家医院吗



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