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Heavy snow continues to hit most parts of northeast China, causing rail, road traffic disruptions and flights to be cancelled.中国东北大部分地区继续遭受大雪侵袭,道路交通被破坏,机场航班被取消。On Monday, ten expressways in Heilongjiang Province were closed, eight flights were cancelled, four airports were closed, and 16 trains were delayed. Roads in 36 cities and counties were covered with ankle-deep snow.周一,黑龙江有10条高速公路被封锁,八条航线航班被取消,四个机场被关闭,并有16趟火车被延误。36个城市及县区的公路积雪达及膝深度。In Qitaihe City, snow piled up to almost half a meter high in places. Jilin#39;s meteorological office issued an orange blizzard alert for the province Monday.在七台河市,部分地区积雪堆积达半米高度。吉林气象部门官员于周一已经发布暴雪橙色预警。The National Meteorological Center said parts of Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces will continue to see snowfall of up to 35 millimeters from Tuesday, accompanied by strong winds and blizzards. Temperatures in Jilin is forecast to drop to below 14 degrees Celsius.国家气象中心表示从周二开始,黑龙江与吉林部分地区将继续出现35毫米降雪天气,并伴有强风和暴风雪。而吉林气温预计将降至零下14摄氏度以下。 Article/201311/266305。

  • When Bruce Lee emerged in the early 1970s,he looked and acted like no one before A larger than life super hero who could never be beat.李小龙在70年代初期出现时就有前无来者的形象和表演方式,战无不胜的超级英雄。Stan Lee is the creative force behind Marvel Comics and is responsible for creating hundreds of super heros,including Spider-man, the Incredible Hulk, and the X-men.Stan Lee是惊奇漫画的幕后推手,创作了无数超级英雄,包括蜘蛛人 绿巨人浩克 X战警。He immediately saw the comic book potential in Bruce Lee.他立马看到了李小龙漫画的前景You might say he was a super hero without a costume,and his super power was really his agility and the fact that he fought in a way that we were not used to seeing.你也许会说他是没有变装的超级英雄,超能力就是他的灵活身手以及见所未见的格斗方式。A year aftert Enter The Dragonwas released,Marvel Comics created the character iron fist, based on Bruce Lee.;龙争虎斗;上映后一年,惊奇漫画以李小龙为原型创作了;铁拳;。Further Bruce Lee inspired characters followed,including Shang Chi and the Hands Of kungfu.李小龙影响了更多后来的角色,包括殇池和功夫之王。I#39;m quite sure we would not have done that book had their not been a Bruce Lee.我肯定 没有李小龙 那些漫画是无法完成的I think that any character who in any way was a martial artist,you#39;d have to say that they owed their origin in some way to Bruce Lee,because he was the first one to make westerners aware of that type of fighting and that type of a way of life.我认为 只要有点功夫的角色,都或多或少来源于李小龙,因为他是让西方人知道那种格斗术和生活方式的第一人。 Article/201403/280386。
  • These whales can weigh up to 40 tonnes这些鲸鱼有的重达四十吨and move surprisingly quickly.而且移动速度出奇地快As well as getting the camera to get the shots -所以摄影机 就位拍摄的速度也要快they have to be fairly close -而且又要蛮近的距离we have to be careful they don#39;t get bumped.我们必须非常小心 以免碰到或撞到它们If they get a knock from one of these guys,要是碰到或撞到了it could do some serious damage.它们随便反应动一下 都可能造成严重的伤害He#39;s right towards you.朝你的方向来了To avoid disturbing the whales#39; behaviour,为了不要打扰到鲸鱼the team need to free-dive, without scuba tanks,摄影师只好不使用装备潜水holding their breath as long as they can.尽可能长间时地憋住气On a good dive, I can hold my breath for maybe two minutes.潜下去如果顺利 我大概能憋到两分钟These guys, they can go for 20 minutes or more座头鲸能憋到二十分钟 甚至更久before they have to come up for air.才需要上来换一次气There#39;s no contest.我们可没得比More and more whales are gathering,越来越多鲸鱼聚集在一起了but it#39;s not turning into a heat run yet.但是还没有要求偶竞逐的样子 Article/201308/250951。
  • Shed body fat by incorporating exercise, weight training, and a well-balanced diet into your daily lifestyle.日常生活方式中融入锻炼,负重训练,平衡的饮食,轻松甩掉身体脂肪。You Will Need你需要Journal日志Balanced diet平衡的饮食Protein蛋白质Cardio exercises有氧运动Weight training负重训练Rest休息Steps步骤STEP 1 Count calories1.计算热量Count your calories and keep a journal of your intake. In order to lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you consume.计算并记录你摄入的热量。为了减肥,燃烧的热量必须超过摄入的热量。STEP 2 Eat a balanced diet2.饮食均衡Eat a balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, lean meats, beans, nuts, and whole grains.饮食要均衡,包括水果,蔬菜,瘦肉,豆类,坚果和全谷在内。Eat five to six small meals throughout the day.少食多餐,一天吃五至六餐。STEP 3 Add protein to diet3.添加蛋白质Increase your protein intake to increase metabolism and to build and repair muscle.增加蛋白质摄入量,促进新陈代谢,增强肌肉。STEP 4 Incorporate cardio4.有氧运动Incorporate cardio exercises into your program three to four times a week.每周进行三至四次有氧运动。Elevate your heart for 30 to 40 minutes without a break to burn fat.不间隔地提高心律30至40分钟可以燃烧脂肪。STEP 5 Include weight training5.进行负重训练Include weight training and core exercises to tone and increase muscle mass.进行负重训练和核心训练,调整和增强肌肉群。STEP 6 Repair and build6.修复和建设Repair and rebuild your muscles by giving your body a day to rest. Over-training can hinder your efforts.给身体一天的时间来休息,修复和重建肌肉。过度训练会适得其反。STEP 7 Forgive yourself7.宽恕自己Forgive yourself if you fall off track. Every day is a new beginning.如果落后于计划,宽恕自己吧。每一天都是新的开始。You must lose 3,500 excess calories to lose 1 pound of body fat.为了减轻一磅的体重,你必须燃烧掉3,500卡路里的热量。视频听力译文由。 /201405/293997。
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