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  Chinese Airbnb rival Xiaozhu was valued by investors at 0m in a fundraising round last year, reflecting high hopes for the country’s home-sharing sector and prompting takeover interest from the Silicon Valley company.在去年一轮募资中,投资者对小猪短租(Xiaozhu)的估值在3亿美元,可见他们对中国住宿分享行业抱着多大的希望,同时也激起了硅谷同行公司Airbnb对小猪短租的收购兴趣。But Kelvin Chen, the Chinese tech veteran who is Xiaozhu’s co-founder and chief executive, has bad memories of excessive overseas management after a previous US buyout.但在中国科技行业浸淫多年的陈驰(Kelvin Chen)对于中国公司被美资收购后外方的过度管理却有着不好的回忆,他是小猪短租的联合创始人及首席执行官。“If we wanted to hire a single person, we would need approval from HR three months in advance but, in the same time, our competitors could grow from a staff of 200 to 1,000,” Mr Chen says of his time at travel site Kuxun, owned by TripAdvisor from 2009-15.谈到他在旅游网站酷讯(Kuxun)呆过的时光,陈驰说道:“在那里如果我们想招一个人,我们需要提前3个月获得人事部门批准,而这个时候我们的竞争对手可能已经把员工数量从200名增加到了1000名。”酷讯在2009年至2015年期间由TripAdvisor所有。Xiaozhu boasts 100,000 listings in China, making it the second biggest home-sharing service in a country where travellers make 4bn trips each year. Tujia, a Chinese company that links property developers with short-term renters, was valued at bn and has 400,000 listings.小猪短租声称在中国拥有10万套房源,在每年旅游人次有40个亿的中国,它算是规模第二大的住宿分享务公司。将房地产开发商与短租客联系起来的途家(Tujia)估值为10亿美元,拥有40万套房源。Airbnb currently lists around 75,000 properties in China, and has partnered with internet giant Alibaba to make mobile payments easier for Chinese users. It plans to double its listings, investment and spending over the next year.Airbnb目前在中国约有7.5万套房源,并通过与互联网巨头阿里巴巴(Alibaba)合作,让其中国用户能够更方便地使用移动付。Airbnb计划未来一年将其房源数量、投资和出均翻一番。Investors are betting that the Chinese government will back the “sharing economy” as a source of growth as old drivers such as heavy manufacturing and property slow.投资者相信,随着重工业、房地产行业等旧经济引擎放缓,中国政府将持“分享经济”,把它作为一个增长来源。Participation in the sharing economy — renting out belongings once thought of as personal — is now within the reach of China’s middle class. “Thirty years ago, we had nothing to share. Now Chinese people have extra cars, extra space,” says Mr Chen.中国中产阶层已具备参与分享经济(将曾经被视为私人财产的东西出租给别人)的能力。陈驰表示:“30年前,我们没有东西可以分享。如今,中国人有了多余的汽车、多余的空间。”Li Keqiang, China’s premier, told a Davos forum last year that “the sharing economy means entrepreneurship for the masses”. Beijing has tolerated the rapid growth of car-booking apps to a greater degree than many western countries, despite fierce resistance from the country’s state-linked taxi providers. China’s flexibility towards the disruptive sector is “greater than what we see in foreign countries”, Mr Chen says.中国国务院总理李克强在去年一次达沃斯(Davos)论坛上表示,“分享经济意味着大众创业”。中国对叫车应用的快速发展采取了比许多西方国家更为宽容的态度,尽管与政府有关联的出租车公司强烈抵制。陈驰指出,中国对颠覆性行业的灵活性“超过我们在外国看到的程度”。Mr Chen predicts pushback from hotels should be less fierce, as the sector is used to competition. But he admits that Chinese officials — who insist that travellers have their identity cards scanned and sent to local police every time they check into a hotel — might be wary about loss of control. “China is a little special in this regard,” he says.陈驰预计来自酒店的阻力应该不会那么大,因为这个行业习惯了竞争。但他承认,中国官员可能会比较担心失去控制。(官方规定在游客入住酒店时必须扫描身份并上传至当地公安系统。)他表示:“在这方面,中国有点特殊。”In an attempt to ease concerns, Xiaozhu hosts are encouraged to use the company’s mobile app to scan a guest’s identity card upon arrival. Although the information is not automatically sent to local authorities, they can access it in the event of security incidents. The company wants to start supplying hosts with “smart locks” that can the cards without the host being present.为了缓解这些担忧,小猪短租鼓励房东使用该公司的手机应用在客人入住时扫描身份。尽管扫描信息不会自动上传至当地公安机关,但一旦发生安全事件,警方可以获取这些信息。小猪短租正要开始向房东供应“智能锁”,可以在房东不在场的情况下读取房卡。On Wednesday, Airbnb started storing bookings and listings data on Chinese servers, to comply with a restrictive cyber security law that requires operators of “critical information infrastructure” to store data in China and assist government security agencies.上周三,Airbnb开始在中国务器上存储订房信息和房源数据,以遵守网络安全法的有关规定,即“关键信息基础设施”的经营者必须在中国存储数据并协助政府安全部门的工作。For now, Xiaozhu exists in a grey zone marked out by its semi-formal arrangements with the government. “There has not been any clear law supervising [house-sharing]. For now, the way we do it is more of a result of negotiation,” says Tarry Wang, Xiaozhu’s chief operating officer.与政府的非正式约定给小猪短租划出了其所生存的灰色区域。“还没有任何清晰的法律来监督(住宿分享务)。目前我们做这个的方式更多取决于协商的结果。”小猪首席运营官王连涛(Tarry Wang)表示。But analysts expect tighter regulation. “The government’s usual approach is to step back and let the market develop. Then, once a handful of players achieve significant traction and demonstrate a successful mechanism for meeting regulatory requirements, you start licensing the top players and weed out the rest,” says Mark Natkin at Marbridge Consulting, an advisory group.但分析人士预计监管将会收紧。北京迈瑞咨询(Marbridge Consulting)的马克.纳特金(Mark Natkin)表示:“政府通常的做法是退一步,让市场发展。然后一旦有一小撮参与者引起了瞩目,并展示出一套符合监管要求的成功机制,政府就会向最优秀的参与者发放牌照,让其他参与者出局。”When Mr Chen considers the prospect of regulators swooping in and stifling the sector, he finds solace in a Shanghai wonton shop championed last month by Mr Li. The premier stepped in to defend the humble stall as an example of “grassroots entrepreneurship”, rebuffing zealous bureaucrats who had ordered it to close because it lacked a licence.在陈驰考虑监管机构介入并压制行业发展的可能性之时,李克强上月对上海一家馄饨铺的持让他感到安慰。李克强称这个小店是“草根创业”的典范,反驳了一帮因为该店无照营业而责令其关门的积极官员们。“From this small event we can see that the Chinese government, when it comes to reform and regulation, China is not quite [as strict] as the outside world thinks,” Mr Chen says.陈驰表示:“从这件小事我们可以看出,在涉及到改革和监管方面,中国政府不太像外界想的那样(严格)。” /201612/482624。


  Scientists reported Wednesday that 2015 was the hottest year in recorded history by far, breaking a record set only the year before — a burst of heat that has continued into the new year and is roiling weather patterns all over the world.科学家周三宣布,2015年是有记录以来最热的一年,刷新了2014年才创下的纪录——这种趋势延续到了新的一年,扰乱了世界各地的气象规律。In the continental ed States, the year was the second-warmest on record, punctuated by a December that was both the hottest and the wettest since record-keeping began. One result has been a wave of unusual winter floods coursing down the Mississippi River watershed.在美国本土,去年是有记录以来第二热的一年,而去年12月是最热、降水量最多的一个月。因此在密西西比河流域,出现了一波不同寻常的冬季洪水。Scientists started predicting a global temperature record months ago, in part because an El weather pattern, one of the largest in a century, is dumping an immense amount of heat from the Pacific Ocean into the atmosphere. But the bulk of the record-setting heat, they say, is a consequence of the long-term planetary warming caused by human emissions of greenhouse gases.数月前,科学家们开始预计,全球气温记录会被刷新,部分原因是出现了百年一遇的强烈厄尔尼诺现象(El ),将太平洋的热浪送进大气。但是,他们说,在这种创纪录的气温中,很大部分都是人类排放温室气体导致地球长期变暖的后果。“The whole system is warming up, relentlessly,” said Gerald A. Meehl, a scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo.“整个气候系统都在变暖,势不可挡”,位于科罗拉多州尔德的国家大气研究中心(National Center for Atmospheric Research)的科学家杰拉德·A·米尔(Gerald A. Meehl)表示。It will take a few more years to know for certain, but the back-to-back records of 2014 and 2015 may have put the world back onto a trajectory of rapid global warming, after period of relatively slow warming dating to the last powerful El , in 1998.1998年上次大型厄尔尼诺现象发生之后,曾出现了一个缓慢的升温阶段。但2014年和2015年连续刷新记录,可能已经让我们回到了全球迅速变暖的轨道。不过还需要几年的时间才能确定这一点。Politicians attempting to claim that greenhouse gases are not a problem seized on that slow period to argue that “global warming stopped in 1998” and similar statements, with these claims reappearing recently on the Republican presidential campaign trail.一些政界人士试图表明,温室气体不是什么大事,他们以升温放缓的阶段为依据,提出了“全球变暖在1998年就已停止”以及其他类似说法。最近,这些说法重新出现在了共和党总统竞选活动中。Statistical analysis suggested all along that the claims were false, and the slowdown was, at most, a minor blip in an inexorable trend, perhaps caused by a temporary increase in the absorption of heat by the Pacific Ocean.一直以来,统计分析都表明,这些说法并非事实,增速放缓充其量是必然趋势中的一个小插曲,也许是太平洋吸收的热量暂时增加所致。“Is there any evidence for a pause in the long-term global warming rate?” said Gavin A. Schmidt, head of NASA’s climate-science unit, the Goddard Institute for Space Studies, in Manhattan. “The answer is no. That was true before last year, but it’s much more obvious now.”“有任何据表明全球变暖的长期速度出现停顿了吗?是否定的。去年之前就是如此,只是现在的情况更加明显了,”加文·A·施密特(Gavin A. Schmidt)说。他在美国航空航天局(NASA)位于曼哈顿的戈达德太空研究所(Goddard Institute for Space Studies)担任所长。Michael E. Mann, a climate scientist at Pennsylvania State University, calculated that if the global climate were not warming, the odds of setting two back-to-back record years would be remote, about one chance in every 1,500 pairs of years.宾夕法尼亚州立大学(Pennsylvania State University)气候科学家迈克尔·E·曼恩(Michael E. Mann)测算,如果全球气候没有在变暖,连续两年刷新记录的可能性非常小,大约每1500个两年,才会出现一次。Given the reality that the planet is warming, the odds become far higher, about one chance in 10, by Dr. Mann’s calculations.鉴于现实情况是地球正在变暖,这样的可能性就大幅增加了。根据曼恩士的计算,大约每10个两年就会出现一次。Two American government agencies, NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, compile separate analyses of the global temperature, based upon thousands of weather stations and ocean buoys scattered around the world.美国的两家政府机构,NASA和国家海洋与大气(NOAA),采集了世界各地数以千计的气象站和海洋浮标的信息,编写了各自的全球气温分析报告。They released their results on Wednesday morning, showing 2015 as the warmest year in a global record that began in 1880. Preliminary data from the Japan Meteorological Agency also show record warmth for 2015, and a British monitoring program is expected to report a similar result in coming weeks.周三上午,NASA和NOAA发布了分析结果,显示自从1880年有全球气象记录以来,2015年是最热的一年。日本气象厅的初步数据也显示2015年刷新了最热记录,英国的监测项目预计将在未来几周内发布类似结果。NOAA previously reported that 2015 was the second-warmest year for the continental ed States, after 2012.NOAA此前曾发布报告称,2015年是美国本土第二热的一年,仅次于2012年。The intense warmth of 2015 contributed to a heat wave in India last spring that turns out to have been the second-worst in that country’s history, killing an estimated 2,500 people.在2015年的高热气候中,印度去年春天出现了该国历史上第二严重的热浪,导致大约2500人丧生。The strong El has continued into 2016, raising the possibility that this year, too, will set a global temperature record. The El pattern is also disturbing the circulation of the atmosphere, contributing to worldwide weather extremes that include a drought in southern Africa, threatening the food supply of millions.强烈的厄尔尼诺现象一直持续到了2016年,因此今年很有可能再次刷新全球气温纪录。厄尔尼诺还扰乱了大气循环,加剧了全球范围内的极端气候,其中包括非洲南部发生旱灾,对数以百万计人口的粮食供应构成了威胁。 /201601/424078



  Thousands of new luxury apartments are appearing in central London in the city’s latest building boom — but some will now be less palatial than originally planned.在伦敦市最新这轮建筑热潮中,市中心又将增添数千套豪华公寓,但部分公寓可能不如原计划那样奢华。Developers are going back to their drawing boards to replace large homes with higher numbers of smaller, less expensive flats after increases in stamp duty sent the top of the market into decline.随着印花税上调导致高端住宅市场下滑,开发商们已开始重新规划,将大房子换成更多套数的面积较小、价钱较低的公寓。The latest example is the New Scotland Yard site in Westminster, where the Abu Dhabi-backed developers are in talks with planners to increase the number of apartments and cut their size.位于威斯敏斯特的新苏格兰场项目就是最新例子,有阿布扎比背景的开发商正在与规划者讨论增加公寓套数,缩小房子面积。“There is a wider trend in prime London to reduce unit sizes,” said Mark Farmer, chief executive of Cast, a real estate and construction consultancy.房地产及建筑咨询公司Cast的首席执行官马克#8226;法默(Mark Farmer)表示:“伦敦黄金路段的大趋势是缩小公寓面积。”He said changes made by former chancellor George Osborne, which increased the tax on expensive homes while reducing it for those below £925,000, were partly to blame. “The key trigger point, I would say, is the £925,000 stamp duty threshold, where rates step up from 5 to 10 per cent, or from 8 to 13 per cent if you are an investor.”他说前财政大臣乔治#8226;奥斯本(George Osborne)调整税收是造成这一趋势的部分原因——新政策增加了豪宅的税收,同时下调了售价低于92.5万英镑房产的税收。“我认为关键导火索是92.5万英镑的印花税门槛,超过这个门槛税率从5%上升到10%,如果你是投资者,那么税率就从8%上升到13%。”These new rates, which came into force in 2014, have been blamed in part for a slowdown in the luxury new-build market.新税率于2014年生效,一直被指责部分地导致了中高档新建住宅市场放缓。Investors who are buying second or additional homes — a key market for new-build — pay an extra 3 per cent of the purchase price.购买二套或以上住房的投资者——新建住房的一个重要市场——要多付购买价格的3%。While prices in some areas are still rising, the average new-build price in London’s West End was down 4.5 per cent in the past year, according to JLL, the property agency.据房地产务机构仲量联行(JLL)的数据,部分地段房价仍在上涨,不过伦敦西区新建住宅平均价格在过去一年下跌了4.5%。Northacre, which is developing the New Scotland Yard site, said the group was increasing the planned number of apartments from 268 to 295 because it was “changing a number of the three-bedroom apartments into one- and two-bedroom apartments”.新苏格兰场的开发商Northacre表示,该集团准备将计划新建公寓数量从268套增加到295套,因为它打算将“一批三居室公寓改成一居室和两居室”。“This is due to the fact that our initial marketing efforts have resulted in strong interest for those smaller units,” the group said.该集团表示:“这是因为我们的初期营销工作令投资者对较小的公寓产生了浓厚的兴趣。”The former police headquarters, bought by Abu Dhabi Financial Group for £370m in 2014, is to be redeveloped over the next five years into a 1m sq ft development across six buildings, which will also include retail, restaurants and offices.新苏格兰场将在未来五年重新开发,总占地面积一百万平方英尺,包含6栋大楼,同时将附带零售及餐饮空间和写字楼。新苏格兰场以前是伦敦警察厅总部所在地,2014年被阿布扎比金融集团(Abu Dhabi Financial Group)以3.7亿英镑收购。The developers of the 42-acre Battersea Power Station site have made similar changes, applying earlier this year to add 409 homes to the 3,444 planned, cutting the number of three- and four-bedroom units — as well as eliminating plans for a hotel — and enabling the flats to be sold at lower prices.占地42英亩的巴特西发电厂(Battersea Power Station)地块的开发商也作出了同样的调整,今年早些时候申请将计划的3444套公寓增加409套,削减三居室和四居室的数量,并取消建设一座酒店的计划,同时允许以较低价格出售公寓。The Clearings development in Chelsea, backed by the Sports Direct founder Mike Ashley, received permission this month to change its mix of homes to eliminate seven town houses and a six-bedroom flat, increasing the total units from 69 to 78.切尔西Clearings项目本月获批可以改变其混合住宅计划,取消7栋联排别墅(town house)和一套六居室公寓,将公寓总数从69套增加到78套。该项目背后的持者是Sports Direct创始人迈克#8226;阿什利(Mike Ashley)。While developers look to shrink their most expensive flats to make them easier to sell, there are also signs that the stamp duty changes, market slowdown and uncertainty over the process of the UK’s departure from the EU are deterring developers from building altogether.虽然开发商们计划着缩小他们要建的最贵豪宅的面积,让房子更容易出售,但也有迹象表明印花税的调整、市场放缓,以及英国脱欧过程带来的不确定性都削弱了开发商的积极性。The number of new homes started in central London dropped by 58 per cent in the first half of 2016 compared with the second half of 2015, from 8,760 to 3,670, according to JLL figures.据仲量联行的数据,2016年上半年伦敦市中心新房开工数量比2015年下半年下降了58%,从8760套减少到了3670套。Mr Farmer said it was likely developers’ margins would be squeezed even with the changes to their building plans.法默表示,开发商即使调整了建设计划,其利润空间仍可能被挤压。“It is actually also more expensive to build, per square foot, a smaller-unit, denser scheme, so developer gross margin may still fall unless you drive higher sales values per square foot for the smaller units, which is a tough ask in a hardening market,” he said.他说:“实际上按照每平方英尺造价来说,面积较小、设计较密集的房子其实更贵,因此开发商的毛利率仍可能下降,除非你将较小公寓每平方英尺销售价值拉高。在一个不断紧缩的市场,这是个艰难的问题。” /201610/469806。

  An estimated 90% of buses in Beijing offer free Wi-Fi by the end of 2016, according to the Beijing News.据《新京报》报道,北京约90%的公交车预计在2016年年底之前覆盖免费WiFi。Free Wi-Fi is also offered on 12,000 buses within the 5th Ring Road that encircles urban Beijing.截至目前,北京市五环路内1.2万辆公交车也已正式开通免费WiFi。;Beijing has become the top provider of free Wi-Fi on buses in China,; said Qiu Zhaomin, representative of the Wi-Fi supplier.公交WiFi供应商负责人邱朝敏表示:“北京将会成为中国公交车免费WiFi覆盖最广的城市。”;95% of the buses within the 5th Ring Road offer free Wi-Fi, and the remaining 5% will be discarded,; said Qiu.邱朝敏还提到:“五环内的公交车辆的WiFi覆盖率已经达到了95%,没有安装的那5%也基本是即将报废的车辆。”Qiu said the Wi-Fi on buses in suburban areas is now being tested, and will be implemented by the end of this year.邱朝敏表示,京郊地区的设备安装工作将在年底进行,目前正处于测试阶段。To use free Wi-Fi service, passengers will need to simply download the application called ;16WiFi; and register with real names.为了享受免费WiFi务,乘客需要下载名为“16WiFi”的手机客户端,并用真实姓名注册认。Apart from offering internet connectivity, the application also provides real-time information of the buses including how many passengers are commuting.除提供网络连接务之外,该应用还会提供公交车相关的实时信息,如每天有多少乘客乘公交车等等。In 2013, a Wi-Fi service was first attempted on Beijing#39;s buses, but the service failed due to technology limits.事实上早在2013年,公交WiFi务就曾在北京公交上试行部署,但最终因技术不够成熟等问题不了了之。This time, the service is reported to provide daily for 500,000 people. ;We use a 4G network, and the speed guarantee for 50 people in a bus to watch s at the same time,; said Qiu.此次公交WiFi务重新上线之后,每日的用户近五十万人次。邱朝敏表示:“现在我们使用的是4G网络,其网络速度可以保公交上五十位乘客同时在线看视频。” /201611/477648

  The EU should explore new arrangements with Turkey as its stalled bid to join the bloc is thrown further into question after a referendum vote gave President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sweeping new powers, Brussels’ enlargement chief said yesterday.欧盟扩大事务专员约翰内斯?哈恩(Johannes Hahn,上图)昨日表示,欧盟应该探索与土耳其建立新的安排。在修宪公投赋予土耳其总统雷杰普?塔伊普?埃尔多安(Recep Tayyip Erdogan)广泛的新权力后,久拖不决的土耳其入欧努力变得更悬了。Johannes Hahn, the Austrian commissioner in Brussels, said he was seeking a mandate from member states to find a different approach. His move is the first step in a process that could clear the way for a formal suspension of Turkey’s accession talks and their replacement with a new customs deal.这位奥地利籍专员表示,他正寻求获得各成员国的授权,以找到一种不同的处理方法。他此番举动将开启一个进程,可能为正式中止土耳其入欧谈判、代之以签署新关税协议扫清道路。It comes days after Turkish voters narrowly approved a constitutional overhaul to strengthen Mr Erdogan’s grip, a development seen in Brussels as the point of no return for the country’s discredited membership talks.几天前,土耳其选民以微弱多数通过了一项将强化埃尔多安掌权的宪法改革。在布鲁塞尔眼中,这样的发展意味着土耳其不被看好的入欧谈判从此再无重启之日。Mr Hahn said there was no time to lose as Brussels embarked on a “fundamental” assessment of its fraught relationship with Turkey amid concern that the new constitution gave Mr Erdogan authoritarian powers and anxiety that he was exploiting last year’s failed coup to clamp down on political opponents.哈恩称,眼下已经没有时间可以浪费了,由于担心新宪法赋予埃尔多安独裁权力,加上对他利用去年失败的政变打压政治对手感到不安,布鲁塞尔已经着手对欧盟与土耳其之间不太平的关系进行“根本性”评估。“The current situation is not sustainable, neither for them nor for us,” Mr Hahn said. “We should say OK, let’s clean the table [of] everything we had and look [at] what could be the future kind of co-operation. Elements from things which have aly existed might be taken on board.”“无论是对他们还是对我们来说,当前局势都是不可持续的,”哈恩称,“我们应该说,好的,让我们来理清桌面上的所有东西,看看未来可能的合作形式。现有的种种情况都可能被纳入考虑。”Turkey is still officially a candidate for EU membership, though it has long been recognised that the country no longer has a meaningful prospect of joining. Mr Hahn said stability and certainty were required in the relationship between Brussels and Ankara, with Turkey’s economy weakening and the country facing “refinancing challenges” this year and in 2018.目前土耳其仍然是欧盟候选成员国,尽管长期以来人们一直认为,土耳其入欧可能性其实已经不大。哈恩称,在土耳其经济疲软以及今明两年该国面临“再融资挑战”的情况下,布鲁塞尔和安卡拉之间的关系需要稳定和确定下来。He would seek a mandate from European foreign ministers to explore new arrangements with Ankara to replace the accession process — which can be suspended with approval of a qualified majority of member states — he said.他表示,将寻求欧盟各国外长的授权,以探索与安卡拉建立新安排来代替入欧谈判进程——在征得成员国特定多数同意的情况下,该进程可以被暂停。These would centre on a proposed upgrade to the 21-year-old EU customs union with Turkey, which covers industrial goods but not agriculture, services or public procurement. This would reinforce trade links with the country even as the accession process was parked, boosting an economy weakened by months of political turmoil.新安排可能会以升级欧盟与土耳其有21年历史的关税联盟为核心。该协议覆盖工业产品,但并不包括农业、务业和公共采购。即便入欧进程被叫停,新的关税联盟也会加强欧盟与土耳其之间的贸易联系,提振该国因数月来的政治动荡而趋于疲软的经济。EU member states have kept the accession process open to maintain dialogue and influence with Ankara. But Mr Hahn said there had to be a “realistic” and “rational” alternative, as the “artificial debate” over accession had overshadowed their relationship.欧盟成员国还没有切断土耳其入欧进程,以维持与土耳其的对话,并对其施加影响。但哈恩表示,必须找到一种“现实的”和“合理的”替代选择,因为有关入欧的“模拟辩论”已让双方关系蒙上阴影。He suggested Turkey could remain in the accession process only if it reversed its slide away from European values. “I am much more in favour [of having] something in place which is a more sustainable long-lasting structure.他建议,土耳其只有改变背离欧洲价值观的做法,才能留在入欧进程中。“我更加赞同(实施)某种机制,一种更可持续、持久的架构。“I can’t believe that the country under Erdogan is willing to share any kind of power with anybody, and this is?the fundamental concept of the EU. In that respect one has to see what is the [most] suitable kind of co-operation.”“我不相信埃尔多安领导下的这个国家会愿意与任何人分享任何权力,而权力分享正是欧盟的基本理念。在这方面,我们必须看看(最)适合的合作形式是什么。”Only Austria has pushed for an outright halt to accession talks, amid concern in Germany and elsewhere that an abrupt break could jeopardise a controversial deal with Ankara that has helped curtail migrant flows into Europe.只有奥地利提出直接停止土耳其入欧谈判。德国和其他国家都担心,突然中断谈判可能会危及一项与土耳其达成的争议性协议,该协议对遏制移民流入欧洲起到了一定作用。But diplomats believe Europe is now better placed to confront any increase in migrants and that Mr Erdogan will calculate it is not in his interests to force refugees to leave Turkey.但外交官们认为,欧洲如今已能更好地应对移民增加,而埃尔多安也会知道强迫难民离开土耳其不符合他的利益。Ankara’s relations with Europe deteriorated sharply during the constitutional referendum campaign, with Mr Erdogan comparing the Dutch and German governments to Nazis after they refused to allow Turkish ministers to address rallies in their countries in support of the changes.在土耳其为修宪公投宣传造势期间,荷兰和德国政府拒绝让土耳其一些部长在正在他们国家举行的持土耳其修宪的集会上发言,埃尔多安因此把这两国政府比作纳粹,这些事情导致土欧关系显著恶化。EU foreign ministers hold talks in Malta on Friday, at which they will take stock of relations with Mr Erdogan and Turkey’s new constitution, which has been criticised by human rights groups.本周五,欧盟国家外长将在马耳他举行会谈,讨论与埃尔多安的关系以及土耳其的新宪法。新宪法遭到了人权团体的批评。 /201704/506696


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