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重庆大坪医院做整形好不遂宁去除抬头纹价格大足区腿部脱毛价格 Hospitals in China#39;s biggest cities are reporting an increase in women choosing natural childbirth, reversing a decadeslong trend during the one-child policy in which cesarean sections were favored.近日,我国大城市的医院报告指出,选择自然分娩的女性数量正在增加,扭转了计划生育实施数十年来,剖腹产手术更受青睐的趋势。China#39;s C-section rate is the highest in the world, with cesarean sections used in 47 percent of all births in 2013. The World Health Organization#39;s recommended rate is less than 15 percent.中国的剖腹产率在全世界范围内是最高的,2013年使用剖腹产生育的比例达到了47%。世界卫生组织规定的剖腹产率不应超过15%。Limited to one child, especially in urban areas, women sought C-sections for their convenience and reduced risk to newborns, even though recovery times increased for mothers and surgery presented its own dangers. However, since the second-child policy started in January, women have been considering the risks associated with C-sections more carefully.受限于只能生一个孩子,尤其是城市中的女性因寻求方便及降低风险而选择剖腹产。即使这样做会增加产妇的恢复时间及手术带来的危险。不过自今年1月二孩政策落地以来,女性对剖腹产相关的风险考虑得更为谨慎,剖腹产数量也有所下降。The government introduced new exceptions to the one-child policy in late 2013, although they varied from region to region. Since Jan 1, all couples have been allowed to have a second child, and the number of cesarean sections has dropped.我国政府已经于2013年底实施新的单独二孩政策,尽管全国各地有所不同。从今年1月1日起,所有的夫妇都可以生养二胎,剖宫产的数量已经有所下降。At Sun Yat-sen University#39;s First Affiliated Hospital in Guangzhou, the C-section rate dropped to about 40% during the first 3 months of the year, a reduction of 10% from last year.今年前3个月,广州市中山大学附属第一医院的剖腹产率降至约40%,同比下降了10%。At Shanghai First Maternity and Infant Hospital, one of the country#39;s major maternity hospitals, the C-section rate also dropped to about 40 percent last year. A decade ago, the rate was 70 percent.去年,我国著名的产科医院上海市第一妇婴保健院的剖腹产率降至约40%。十年前,这一比率为70%。In Beijing, the C-section rate dropped slightly, from 46.4 percent in 2013 to 46.2 percent in 2014, according to the Beijing Health and Family Planning Commission.据北京市卫生计生委的数据显示,在北京,剖腹产率略有下降,从2013年的46.4%下降到2014年的46.2%。 /201604/437632重庆胡子激光脱毛价格

永川区中医医院贵么Indians deported from China for sex offense印度人因性侵犯而被从中国驱逐BEIJING: Two Indian visitors who had been detained by the police for molesting an young girl were deported back to India on Thursday. They were in policy custody for eight days after a 17-year old Taiwanese girl complained that she had been molested by them in the elevator of a Beijing hotel on July 7.2名印度游客因猥亵一名年轻女孩而被警方逮捕,并于周四被驱逐回印度。据报道,一名17岁台湾女孩投诉7月7日那天在北京一家酒店的电梯被两名印度游客猥亵。后来两名印度游客被警方拘留了8天。The two men from Haryana, aged 28 and 50, initially denied the accusation but records in the cctv camera proved them wrong. They later admitted what they did, police sources said.两名印度人分别是28岁和50岁,来自哈里亚纳邦。他们最初否认相关指控,然而摄像头记录的视频明他们是撒谎的。警方称, 他们后来承认了自己的罪行。They initially asked for a selfie before trying to get rough with her. Even after the lift came down from the 10th floor and the girl tried to leave, the two men dragged her back to the lift.两人最初是要求和她一起自拍,然后想对她动粗。甚至电梯从10楼下来后,女孩想走出电梯,然而两名印度男子扔把她拽回电梯。The two were kept in a detention camp in the outskirts of the city两名印度人被拘留在郊区的一个拘押营Both work for a Kolkata based tea company. One of them is the father of two children, and the other one has grand children, reports said.据悉,两人都是为总部在加尔各答的茶叶公司工作。据报道,其中一人是两个孩子的父亲,另一人已经有了孙子。 /201607/454804綦江区去色素痣多少钱 重庆美容医院

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