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重庆市中医院冰点脱毛多少钱内江玻尿酸注射填充价格I am not sure how comfortable i am with computerized lifts.我不确定在计算机化的电梯里能有多舒适。She`s a bit elevator-wary.她有点警惕电梯故障。Don`t they make you feel claustrophobic?它们不会让你感到幽闭恐惧吗?How exactly does an elevator work?电梯究竟如何运作的?It looks like this one is out of order.看起来这部电梯发生故障了。we`re packed like sardines in here.我们这里像沙丁鱼罐头一样挤成一堆。Everyone stay calm!大家都保持冷静。we have to try not to panic.我们要试着别惊慌。Looks like we`re going to be stuck in here for a while.看起来我们要被困在这里一段时间了。Have you called for help yet?你呼救了吗?Can`t we force the doors open?我们不能强行打开电梯门吗?Let`t just sit tight.让我们耐心等待吧。It`s probably safer to wait it out.也许耐心等待故障清除会更安全。Just take a deep breath and relax.做做深呼吸,放松一下。Have you tried the ;door open; button?你试过按开门键吗?Try tapping the door with a key,the sound travels really far.试试用钥匙轻拍电梯门,声音会传得更远。Don`t worry,we`ll be out in no time.别担心,我们马上就能出去。Just remember,elevators have cameras---let`s not do anything stupid.只需要记着,电梯里有摄像头,别做傻事。 /201501/351910重庆市星宸美容医院是私人的吗 A new flexible smartphone design could change the way users interact with their devices. ReFlex, developed by researchers at Queen#39;s University, uses #39;bend sensors#39; to control app interactions, and simulates physical forces through detailed vibrations.一款柔性智能机能改变用户与设备的交互方式。由加拿大皇后大学研究人员开发的ReFlex柔性手机就是采用弯曲传感器来控制应用程序,并通过不同的振动级别来模拟物理力度。According to its creators, consumers might be able to get their hands on the bendy smartphone within the next five years.据该手机开发者称,消费者有望在未来五年内接触到这款可弯曲的智能手机。If you hold a book open and bend it in the middle, the pages will begin to turn. A deeper bend will flip the pages more quickly. ReFlex works on a similar principle, explains Roel Vertegaal, director of the Human Media Lab at Queen#39;s University, where the phone was created.如果你手中拿着一本打开的书,从中间弯曲,页面就开始翻动,弯曲的幅度越大,翻阅的速度就越快。皇后大学人类媒体实验室主管洛尔·维特加尔解释道,ReFlex的运行原理与之相似。The design combines multitouch with bend input, allowing a user to control actions on the phone by bending it. This means that a person can flip through pages on a virtual book just by bending the phone, and it will produce feedback that mimics the real sensation.该手机设计结合了多点触摸与弯曲输入功能,允许用户通过弯曲手机屏幕实现手机的操作控制。这意味着一个人可以通过弯曲手机来实现虚拟书本翻页,而手机能产生仿真的反馈。#39;This represents a completely new way of physical interaction with flexible smartphones,#39; said Vertegaal. #39;When this smartphone is bent down on the right, pages flip through the fingers from right to left, just like they would in a book. More extreme bends speed up the page flips. Users can feel the sensation of the page moving through their fingertips via a detailed vibration of the phone. This allows eyes-free navigation, making it easier for users to keep track of where they are in a document.#39;“这代表了柔性智能手机与物理互动的全新结合方式,”维特加尔说道,“当智能手机从右边向下弯曲时,页面将从右至左从手指间划过,就像我们看书那样,弯曲的幅度越大,翻阅的速度越快。用户可以通过手机振动感受到页面在指尖划过的感觉,这样用户在看文档时就允许眼睛自由游览,看到哪里只需弯曲屏幕翻动即可。”The phone has a high definition 720p LG Display Flexible OLED touchscreen, and uses an Android 4.4 KitKat board mounted on the side. In the back, bend sensors detect the forces applied to the screen, and a voice coil produces tactile feedback through vibrations.该款手机采用了720p高清分辨率LG柔性OLED触摸屏,操作系统是安卓4.4,主板被安装在屏幕的两侧。而在手机的背部,弯曲传感器负责监测施加在屏幕上的力度,还有一个音圈能通过振动产生触觉反馈。When a user plays the #39;Angry Birds,#39; game with ReFlex, they bend the screen to stretch the sling shot.当使用者玩儿《愤怒的小鸟》的时候,他们可以通过弯曲屏幕来完成弹射。 /201602/428126沙坪坝区妇女医院是正规医院吗

石柱土家族自治县黑脸娃娃多少钱Micron Technology Is Said to Be Takeover Target of Chinese Company清华紫光收购美芯片厂商障碍重重HONG KONG — It is either the first step in the largest takeover of an American company by a Chinese one or a new chapter in the emerging technological cold war between the two countries.香港——这要么是中国企业收购美国企业金额最大的一宗行动中的第一步,要么是美中两国日益加剧的技术冷战中的新的一章。Tsinghua Unigroup, a state-owned company that is China#39;s top chip maker, is preparing a billion bid for Micron Technology, the ed States maker of memory chips, according to a person briefed on the matter. The bid would dwarf the price of the closest such deal, the .7 billion paid by Shuanghui International Holdings of China to take over the American pork producer Smithfield Foods in 2013.知情人士透露,清华紫光集团准备以230亿美元(约合1400亿元人民币)的出价收购美光科技(Micron Technology)。国有的紫光集团是中国顶尖的芯片生产商,美光则是制造存储芯片的美国企业。此次收购要约的金额远远超出了最为接近的类似并购案,即中国企业双汇国际控股有限公司在2013年以47亿美元收购美国猪肉生产商史密斯菲尔德(Smithfield)的金额。Yet obstacles abound to any takeover of Micron by Tsinghua Unigroup. In a report released on Tuesday, Credit Suisse said the deal was ;highly unlikely to get past U.S. regulators who are increasingly viewing semiconductors as a strategic industry.; Credit Suisse said a trade war was brewing between the ed States and China over the production of chips, which serve as the brains of the billions of computers, phones and other devices.不过清华紫光试图收购美光的任何尝试,都会遭遇很多阻碍。在周二发布的一份报告中,瑞信(Credit Suisse)称,这宗交易;得到美国监管部门批准的可能性极低。美国监管部门越来越多地认为半导体是一个战略性产业。;瑞信还称,美国与中国之间围绕芯片生产正在酝酿一场贸易战。芯片的作用相当于数亿台电脑、手机和其他设备的大脑。The political difficulties that could hurt any deal highlight a growing wariness by both China and the ed States of technology produced by the other, and illustrate how critical to security even ordinary electronics have become.任何交易都可能面对重重政治障碍,这突显了中美双方对于彼此的技术产品疑虑日益加强,此外也说明,即使是对普通的电子产品而言,安全问题也变得愈发关键。Memory chips are where data resides in between computational tasks. While Micron is best known for bulk memory products that go into mobile phones and personal computers, the company, based in Boise, Idaho, also contributes to advanced systems for global data centers, high-performance computing and flash memory, considered essential for speedy analysis of tasks as varied as placing web ads and maintaining jet engines.存储芯片的用途是在计算任务执行期间贮存数据。总部位于爱达荷州伊西的美光最著名的业务是为移动电话和个人电脑提供大规模存储产品。该公司也为全世界的数据中心提供先进系统、高性能计算技术和闪存。这些产品被认为有至关重要的意义,可用于对各种任务开展高速分析,包括投放网络广告和维护喷气机引擎。Micron sells chips with wires just 16 nanometers across, which is near the smallest width now commercially available and would probably be considered a leading-edge process technology by ed States regulators. Micron is the last ed States-based maker of such memory chips, with facilities in the ed States and across Asia, but relatively little production in China. The loss of the ability to make advanced memory chips could even affect American security, according to some analysts.美光销售的芯片中包含的电路宽度只有16纳米。这与市面有售的最小宽度相距不远,因而很可能会被美国监管部门认为是一种顶尖的加工技术。美光是总部在美国的最后一个生产此类存储芯片的企业。公司在美国和亚洲各地都有生产厂,但在中国大陆的产能相对较小。一些分析人士认为,如果失去制造先进存储芯片的能力,甚至会对美国的安全造成影响。When reached over the phone for comment, Tsinghua Unigroup#39;s chairman, Zhao Weiguo, said, ;I can only say we are interested in working with Micron.;在接到请求置评的采访电话时,清华紫光董事长赵卫国说,;我只能说我们很有兴趣与美光合作。;;Micron does not comment on rumor or speculation,; a company spokesman, Daniel Francisco, wrote in an email.;美光不会就传言或揣测发表,;该公司发言人丹尼尔·弗朗西斯科(Daniel Francisco)在电子邮件中写道。Another problem could be the size of the bid. Nam Hyung Kim, a memory analyst at the research group Arete, said it was too low and could indicate that the Chinese company was simply feeling out prices for companies that produce chips and memory. Micron was worth more than billion just a few weeks ago, and about billion late last year. The stock has been under pressure, partly from low consumer demand for PCs ahead of the release of Microsoft#39;s new Windows operating system this month.另一个问题可能在于收购要约的规模。研究集团Arete的存储行业分析师金南衡(Nam Hyung Kim,音)称出价太低,可能说明这家中国企业只是在试探生产芯片和存储设备的各家企业的要价。就在几周前,美光市值还曾超过230亿美元,去年年底时该公司市值为350亿美元。该公司股价之所以承受压力,部分原因在于微软(Microsoft)将于本月发布新版Windows操作系统,此时消费者对个人电脑的需求较低。;I#39;m not sure they are even serious; about the price, he said.;我不确定;他们的开价;到底是不是认真的,;他说。;Yesterday a major shareholder said the company should be worth more than billion,; Mr. Kim said, referring to a note distributed on Monday by David Einhorn, the activist investor who heads Greenlight Capital and has built up a stake in Micron. ;Given that, and the fact that Micron has good technology with a strong fundamental outlook, the price is way too low for them to even consider, from my view.;;昨天,美光的一位大股东表示,公司价值应该超过400亿美元,;金南衡说。;考虑到这一点,加上美光有先进的技术,基本面前景也很好,在我看来,这个出价实在太低了,他们连考虑都不会考虑。;金南衡引述的是维权投资者戴维·艾因霍恩(David Einhorn)于周一发布的一则通告。他是绿光资本(Greenlight Capital)的负责人,并逐步在美光持有了一定股份。Simply by proposing a deal, Tsinghua Unigroup stands to gain status. Last September, Intel invested .5 billion in the company. Making Intel-type chips does not help Tsinghua much in manufacturing memory chips, which would require different, or vastly retooled, facilities.单单是提出要约,清华紫光就可以提升声望。去年9月,英特尔(Intel)向该公司投资15亿美元。然而,生产英特尔那种芯片,对于存储芯片的制造并不会起到多大帮助,后者需要不同的生产设施,或是做出大幅改造。If a deal was rejected by American regulators, it would enable Beijing to claim that ed States policies are restrictive to Chinese investment — undercutting complaints by the ed States about blocks against American technology companies#39; operations in China.如果美国监管机构否决这笔交易,北京方面就可以宣称,美国对中国投资采取了限制性的政策——进而回击美国政府的抱怨。美国表示,中国对美国科技企业在华的经营加以阻挠。Willy C. Shih, a professor of technology and operations management at Harvard Business School, said an acquisition would save China years in catching up with industry leaders, like Samsung.哈佛商学院(Harvard Business School)的科技和经营管理教授史兆威(Willy C. Shih)表示,收购一家企业,可以让中国在追赶三星(Samsung)等业界领袖的过程中节省多年时间。;The question is, if you#39;re China and you want to have this capability, one of the ways to do it is to buy it,; Mr. Shih said. ;Tsinghua Unigroup has the cash because it#39;s basically government money, so that#39;s one way to do it.;;问题是,如果你是中国,而你想取得这种能力,那么一种方式就是收购,;史兆威说。;清华紫光有现金,因为那基本上是政府的钱,所以这就是其中的一种方式。;Ye Ming, a spokesman for Tsinghua Unigroup, said on Tuesday that the company had no official announcement. The news was first reported by The Wall Street Journal.清华紫光的发言人叶铭周二表示,公司并未发布官方通告。最先报道该消息的是《华尔街日报》(Wall Street Journal)。If it materializes, the plan would be the strongest indication yet of the aggressiveness with which Beijing is pushing to build China#39;s semiconductor industry. Partly because of export restrictions on the sophisticated tools and machines required to produce semiconductors, China#39;s companies have lagged behind the global leaders. In 2013, China imported 2 billion of semiconductor materials, more than it spent on petroleum.如果消息属实,该计划将是中国迄今发出的极力推动构筑半导体产业的最强信号。中国企业与全球领先厂商之间存在差距,部分原因在于生产半导体所需的精密工具和机械有出口限制。2013年,中国进口了2320亿美元的半导体材料,比进口石油的花费还多。To address the imbalance, Beijing has vowed to spend big. Vice Premier Ma Kai heads a group with the task of making China#39;s chip industry a global leader by 2030, and he is equipped with about 0 billion in government money to spend over the next decade, according to a report last year by McKinsey amp; Company.为了应对这种不平衡,北京承诺开展巨额投资。副总理马凯牵头了一个工作组,目标是到2030年让中国的芯片产业领先全球。麦肯锡(McKinsey amp; Company)去年发布的一份报告称,他未来十年可以配的政府资金约合1700亿美元。The push has also raised security concerns. Leaks by the former National Security Agency contractor Edward J. Snowden revealed how the ed States used hardware produced outside China to snoop on the Chinese.这番努力也引起了安全方面的担忧。美国国家安全局前承包商雇员爱德华·J·斯诺登(Edward J. Snowden)披露的文件显示,美国政府使用在中国之外生产的硬件窥探中国。Over the last two years, Tsinghua Unigroup has emerged as a leader in China#39;s semiconductor effort. As a subsidiary of Tsinghua Holdings, which controls companies spun off from China#39;s top universities, it is closely connected to the government.过去两年里,清华紫光在中国推动半导体产业的努力中成了一家领军企业。作为清华控股的子公司,紫光与政府关系密切。清华控股控制着从中国的顶尖大学剥离出来的多家企业。All of that means the bid for Micron is likely to stir up scrutiny from American regulators, and in particular could prompt a review by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the ed States, which reviews company acquisitions that could pose a threat to American security. Even though the technology is not directly related to the military, the deal might receive scrutiny because it would effectively eliminate the last major American company to make memory chips.所有这些都意味着,收购美光的要约大概会引起美国监管机构的关注,尤其可能会招致美国外国投资委员会(Committee on Foreign Investment in the ed States)的审核。该委员会负责审核可能对美国安全构成威胁的企业并购行为。尽管相关技术与军方没有直接联系,但是由于它实际上会消除最后一家制造存储芯片的美国大型企业,所以仍然可能受到严密审核。;I think the U.S. should be concerned,; said Mr. Shih, the Harvard professor. ;One could say that maybe the Chinese want to keep Micron in Idaho. If they buy them, they#39;ll likely be wanting to move the tech to China. So to me it just represents the loss of another U.S. capability.;;我想美国应该感到不安,;哈佛教授史兆威表示。;有人会说,或许中国人想让美光留在爱达荷州。但既然买了,他们就可能想把技术转移到中国。所以在我看来,那的确代表着美国损失又一项实力。;The huge bid is also unusually aggressive for a Chinese state-run company, and analysts say it may shine a spotlight on how China uses a state-backed industrial policy to increase the technological capabilities of its companies.对于中国国有企业来说,这次巨额的收购要约也显得异乎寻常地激进。分析人士表示,或许可以从中看出,中国会怎样运用国家持的产业政策来增强本国企业的技术实力。 /201507/387696重庆缩鼻翼哪家医院好 重庆第十一人民医院要预约吗

重庆中心医院咨询Apple shares rose on Tuesday, further narrowing their decline over the past year, after an investment bank issued a bullish note on iPhone demand. 苹果(Apple)股价周二上扬,进一步收窄了过去一年的跌幅,此前一家投资发布了对iPhone的需求表示乐观的报告。 Demand for the smartphone, which is Apple’s most important product, is tracking at 56.5m units for the quarter to the end of March, according to an analysis of web search data by Morgan Stanley. That is “clearly ahead of expectations as investors are sceptical Apple can reach implied guidance of 52m,” the New York-based investment bank said. 根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)对网络搜索数据的分析显示,在截至3月底的第一季度,这款智能手机(苹果最重要的产品)的需求有望达到5650万部。这家总部位于纽约的投行表示,这“显然超出预期,投资者正对苹果能否达到5200万部的隐含销售指引表示怀疑。” Anxiety has been rising about slowing sales growth for the iPhone, which accounted for more than two-thirds of Apple’s total revenue in the previous quarter, due to saturation in the domestic market and economic headwinds from China, a key growth driver for the world’s biggest publicly traded company. iPhone占到苹果上季度总营收的逾三分之二,但美国国内市场饱和以及中国经济遭遇阻力促使市场对iPhone销售增长放缓日益焦虑。中国是这家全球市值最高上市公司的关键增长动力。 However, Morgan’s data point to positive year-on-year and sequential gains to the end of February in China, as “growth improved in most regions”. 然而,根士丹利的数据表明,截至2月底,苹果在中国的同比及环比表现均为正数,与此同时,“增长在大部分地区都有所改善”。 Apple’s shares climbed 2.3 per cent, making the Cupertino, California-based company the second-best performer on the Samp;P 500. The stock is now essentially flat for 2016, having been down as much as 12.2 per cent on a year-to-date basis in late January. It is off 16.2 per cent over the past 12 months. 苹果股价上涨了2.3%,使这家总部位于加州库比蒂诺的公司成为标准普尔500指数(Samp;P 500)中表现第二优秀的个股。苹果股价2016年以来持平,从年初到1月下旬曾下滑12.2%。过去12个月累计下跌16.2%。 /201603/432075 The phone maker, which partnered with game company Valve for its virtual reality headset, delays the device to next year. It was supposed to launch in time for the holidays.手机厂商HTC宣布,公司与厂商Valve合作开发的虚拟现实头盔将推迟至明年发布,Vive头盔原定于在年底各大假期前发布。If you had an HTC Vive on your Christmas list, it looks like even Santa won#39;t be able to get it to you in time.如果HTC Vive原本在你的圣诞购买清单上的话,现在看来就算圣诞老人也不能让你如愿了。Phone maker HTC said Tuesday it is delaying its virtual reality goggles until April 2016, more than four months later than the original plan to offer the device for sale in limited quantities this year.手机厂商HTC周二宣布,将该款虚拟现实头盔将被推迟至2016年4月发布,比原定于今年提供限量销售的计划推迟了4个月。;We remain committed to delivering the HTC Vive to a broader group of content creators and partners, and remain focused on delivering the very best experience possible for a consumer release,; the company wrote on its website, citing speculation about the Vive#39;s planned release this month.“我们仍会向更大范围的内容创造者和合作伙伴提供HTC Vive,并且专注于在面向消费者发布该产品时尽可能提供最佳的用户体验。”公司在其官网上如是写道,并宣布了原定于本月发布的Vive头盔的最终发布时间。The company announced the Vive in March as part of a partnership with Valve, which is known for its Half-Life games and Steam online store.公司在今年3月宣布将与厂商Valve 合作开发虚拟现实Vive头盔,Valve(威乐软件)因其半条命等系列游戏和Steam在线务名声大噪。HTC#39;s delay represents just the latest bump in virtual reality#39;s long and winding road from research projects to store shelves. So far, only two headsets, Google#39;s Cardboard and Samsung#39;s Gear VR, are being offered to consumers. Others won#39;t be available until next year.HTC公司该产品的推迟发布说明虚拟现实技术从研究项目走向实体店的道路确实是漫长而曲折的。到目前为止,只有谷歌的Cardboard和三星的Gear VR这两款已面向消费者的虚拟现实产品,其他产品都需等到明年才有可能上市。We still don#39;t know the price or detailed launch dates for products like the Oculus Rift, Sony PlayStation VR or HTC Vive, all of which are focused on high-end VR games and s.目前这些虚拟现实产品如Oculus Rift, Sony PlayStation VR 或 HTC Vive的售价和具体发布时间还尚不明确,这些产品都将专注于高端虚拟现实游戏和视频领域。The lack of detail hasn#39;t stopped fans from eagerly hyping these devices, nor has it stopped a flood of developers from creating all sorts of content. Major streaming companies Hulu and Netflix work with the devices, while game makers like Microsoft, Harmonix and Sony are preparing to offer games.虽然还不清楚这些细节,但这并不能阻止粉丝们为这些设备的热切造势,大批开发商也迫切为这些产品创作各种内容。主要的两大流媒体公司Hulu 和 Netflix均打算与这些产品合作,而微软, Harmonix 和索尼都分别表示为这些产品提供游戏。Despite all this enthusiasm, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg -- who pushed Facebook to buy Oculus last year -- has begun lowering expectations for how quick the uptake will be for these devices. ;This is going to grow slowly,; he warned in September. ;If you think about the arrival of computers or smartphones, the first units shipped did not ship tens of millions in their first year. But they proved an idea and made it real.;尽管有这般热情,去年刚成功收购Oculus的脸书首席执行官马克扎克伯格却开始下调预期,这些新设备的最初销量可能都不会太高。他在9月份就警示,“这些新设备的进展会比较慢,想想当初计算机和智能手机问世时的情景,在第一年这些设备的销量都不会太高,但它们明了某想法是可以变成现实的。”For now, HTC said it plans to offer 7,000 more prototypes of its device to developers ahead of next year#39;s launch.目前,HTC表示公司打算在明年正式发布Vive头盔之前先向开发商提供7000多套设备样品。 /201512/415327重庆隆胸重庆市第二人民医院光子嫩肤



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