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A centuries-old tradition of wearing a white horse-hair wig in court ended for many judges when a simpler new dress code came into force.一项更为简便的新着装规范开始实行,对许多法官而言,延续数百年在法庭上戴白色马尾假发的传统就此结束。While judges in criminal cases will still wear them, those in civil and family hearings will appear bare-headed in court, wearing a new-style plain black robe, the British government said.英国政府称,审理刑事案件的法官仍将戴假发,而那些民事案和家庭听案的法官将不戴假发出庭,只穿一种简单的新式黑袍。After a long debate, the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Philips, head of the judiciary in England and Wales, finally ordered the changes in an attempt to modernise the courts.在长时间的辩论之后,英国高等法院王座庭庭长菲利普斯勋爵——英格兰和威尔士的最高司法长官——最终下令做出这些改变,以使法庭现代化。Wigs have been an emblem of the British legal system since the 17th century when the fashion for wearing them in wider society filtered through to the courts. For hundreds of years before the reign of Charles II, judges and lawyers were expected to come to court with short hair and a beard.自17世纪以来,戴假发的社会风尚蔓延到法庭上之后,假发就成了英国司法体系的一个标志。在查理二世统治之前的数百年间,法官和律师都要留着短发和胡须出庭。The decision to abandon wigs has dismayed traditionalists who argue that they give judges an air of authority and impartiality. The degree of anonymity that wigs provided could also protect them from angry members of the public. John Mortimer, the barrister and author of the "Rumpole of the Bailey" books, opposed the changes. "The idea's ridiculous! A barrister without his wig would be like a doctor without a stethoscope," he wrote in a newspaper article when the changes were first proposed.抛弃假发的决定令传统人士十分沮丧,他们坚称假发使法官显得权威而公正,而且掩盖了法官外表上的个性特征,以免受某些愤怒群众的骚扰。“法庭上的鲁波尔”系列图书的作者、律师约翰·莫蒂默反对这些改变。当这些改变首次被提出时,他在报纸上撰文写道,“这主意简直荒谬!不戴假发的律师就如同不戴听诊器的医生。”However, modernists argue that wigs are a hangover from the past that could intimidate people in court. In a newspaper interview, Lord Phillips described wigs as an anachronism that gave the public a false impression of judges.然而,现代主义者认为假发是过去的遗留,是用来恫吓出庭人的。在接受某报采访时,菲利普斯勋爵说,假发是件不合时宜之物并导致公众对法官形成错误的印象。A Ministry of Justice survey last year found 70 percent of court workers wanted to keep wigs, compared to 42 percent of the public.去年司法部的调查显示,70%的法庭工作人员想保留假发,相比之下只有42%的公众这么想。 /200907/78515女:你从来都没有那样吻过我。男:你知道他得到多少钱才那样做吗? /201108/150917Earthquakes are a common occurrence, rumbling below Earth's surface thousands of times every day. But major earthquakes are less common. Here are some things to do to prepare for an earthquake and what to do once the ground starts shaking.Marina District home damageSafety Tips#8226; Have an earthquake iness plan.#8226; Consult a professional to learn how to make your home sturdier, such as bolting bookcases to wall studs, installing strong latches on cupboards, and strapping the water heater to wall studs.#8226; Locate a place in each room of the house that you can go to in case of an earthquake. It should be a spot where nothing is likely to fall on you.#8226; Keep a supply of canned food, an up-to-date first aid kit, 3 gallons (11.4 liters) of water per person, dust masks and goggles, and a working battery-operated radio and flashlights.#8226; Know how to turn off your gas and water mains.If Shaking Begins#8226; Drop down; take cover under a desk or table and hold on.#8226; Stay indoors until the shaking stops and you're sure it's safe to exit.#8226; Stay away from bookcases or furniture that can fall on you.#8226; Stay away from windows. In a high-rise building, expect the fire alarms and sprinklers to go off during a quake.#8226; If you are in bed, hold on and stay there, protecting your head with a pillow.#8226; If you are outdoors, find a clear spot away from buildings, trees, and power lines. Drop to the ground.#8226; If you are in a car, slow down and drive to a clear place. Stay in the car until the shaking stops. 地震是一种经常发生的自然现象,地表之下每天要发生几千次的震动,但大地震还是比较少见的。下面给大家介绍一些地震预防准备以及一旦地震发生时的应对方法。滨海区房屋受损安全贴士* 做好预防地震的准备计划。* 请教专业人士,学习如何把家变得更牢固,比如将书架钉在立柱墙上,在碗碟橱里安装牢固的门闩,把热水器捆在立柱墙上。* 在屋里的每间房间中都确定有一个在地震发生时可以躲的地方,在那个地方不会有东西砸到你。* 准备好罐装食品,新式急救箱,每人3加仑(11.4公升)的水,防尘面具和护目镜,还有电池型收音机和手电筒。* 知道如何关闭煤气和水管的总开关。如果地震开始* 卧倒;躲在课桌或餐桌下,保持不动。* 直到震动停止前呆在室内,确定安全后再逃出。* 远离书架和家具,它们可能会压倒你。* 远离窗户。在高楼大厦里,火警和洒水装置在震动中可能会启动。* 如果你躺在床上,躺在原地保持不动,用枕头保护头部。* 如果你在室外,找一块远离房屋,树木和电线的空地,然后蹲在地上。* 如果你在车里,减速开到空地上。直到震动结束前呆在车里。 /200805/39980

Enter some men’s wear departments these days, and you could be forgiven for thinking Christmas has come early. Velvet jackets, the stuff of end-of-year-dinners and festive get-togethers, festoon the rails even before the inevitable racks of tinsel, cards and wrapping paper have appeared in stores。  随便走进几家男装店,恍然感觉圣诞已然到来。这也不怪你,通常岁末年终赴宴以及节庆欢聚时才穿的天鹅绒夹克已经琳琅满目地摆满了货架,甚至比亮箔、卡片和包装纸年复一年的上架时间还要早。  The current crop of velvet jackets, however, has a rather more casual feel, more blazer in style rather than resembling something pulled from the black tie or evening wear section. Designers from Giorgio Armani to Dolce amp;Gabbana and Gucci have taken this luxurious, louche fabric and brought it squarely in to the daylight。  但是,当前这批天鹅绒夹克更具休闲与运动风格,而非随意模仿半正式礼和晚装款式。从乔治·阿玛尼(Giorgio Armani)到杜嘉班纳(Dolce amp;Gabbana)以及古姿(Gucci),设计师们都认可了这种原本属于公子哥穿的奢侈面料,并让它堂而皇之地登堂入室。   Case in point: her predecessor at Gucci, Tom Ford, a man at home in a glossy velvet jacket, whose current eponymous men’s wear campaign features actor Nicholas Hoult (who appeared in the film Ford directed, A Single Man) in a zingy midnight blue velvet blazer complete with jaunty playboy cravat, a pair of sultry shades, and a flock of psychotic ravens perched on his shoulders for effect. Available in eight colours, from emerald green to ruby red, ebony and aubergine, Ford’s blazers are cut from fine Italian velvet (the “daytime” version – yes, there is a “daytime” version – retails for a cool ?2,370, the evening version for ?2,290)。  举个例子:汤姆·福特(Tom Ford)是贾娜妮之前的前任古姿创意总监,在家喜欢穿亮光色天鹅绒夹克,他目前举行了以其名字命名的男装推介会,主打款以男演员尼古拉斯·霍尔特(Nicholas Hoult,曾出演福特导演的影片《单身男子》(A Single Man))为偶像,穿的是活力四射的午夜款蓝色天鹅绒运动夹克,配以时髦的牛仔围巾,佩戴一副让人想入非非的遮阳镜,模特肩上还蹲了几只“精神不正常”的乌鸦以增加视觉效果。福特设计的运动夹克(哦,本系列还有“日款”,零售价卖到了让人咂舌的2370欧元,晚装款零售价则为2290欧元)由上等意大利天鹅绒面料裁剪而成,共有8种颜色的款式面市,从翠绿、宝石红、乌黑到紫红色不等。 /201012/120009

How do you spend your off hours? Do you watch television? Do you surf the web? Read articles here at Lifehack.org? There are many ways you can spend your leisure time. But is it really possible to get more out of your time off? Not just making this time more productive, but actually making it more enjoyable.Breaking the Work/Play DistinctionI believe the answer goes against what many of us have been taught about how to spend our free time. From early childhood we’ve been taught to divide everything to do into two groups, work and leisure. Work consists of all the things we need to do and leisure is everything else.Splitting the world this way isn’t necessarily wrong. But the subtle message contained in this split is that work and leisure shouldn’t resemble each other. Your work needs to be productive, efficient and challenging. Therefore leisure should be relaxing, accomplish nothing and be free of pressures.Why This Kills Your Free TimeThe problem is this assumption, that work should be the opposite of leisure, ruins your free time. The belief that the most enjoyable moments of life are spent relaxing in the fruits of our labor doesn’t match the real world. Research has shown that the most enjoyable moments of our life are the ones where we are most engaged.Psychology researcher Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi recorded this phenomenon. He did this through a device that pinged at random points in time. The subject then filled out a form based on their feelings, thoughts and current activity. What he found was people have more enjoyable experiences from work than from their time off. He mentions this paradox in his book, Flow:“Thus we have the paradoxical situation: On the job people feel skillful and challenged, and therefore feel more happy, strong, creative and satisfied. In their free time people feel that there is generally not much to do and their skills are not being used, and therefore tend to feel more sad, weak dull and dissatisfied. Yet they would like to work less and spend more time in leisure.” [emphasis mine]I believe the dissatisfaction for work stems from the external need to work. Since we cannot exercise freedom in choosing to show up every morning, it is easy to begrudge the time there. Even if it produces positive experiences in our lives.The Answer Isn’t Becoming a WorkaholicI don’t believe the resolution of this problem, is to work all the time. I think that would only exacerbate a situation where people feel trapped by oppressive work schedules. Even if jobs can produce,challenging flow experiences, putting all your eggs into one basket can be risky.Instead, Fill Your Spare Time With Active LeisureActive leisure is free activities you choose that challenge and fulfill you. But because you take up these tasks through internal desires, not external constraints, you won’t feel trapped by them.Many people have found ways to incorporate active leisure into their lives. Taking up hobbies, sports and learning new skills even when time is limited. But as the standard forty hour workweek gets pushed longer and passive entertainment becomes easier to consume, it is harder to take up active leisure.Leisure is Hard WorkUpgrading your leisure time to make it more enjoyable isn’t always easy. This may sound backwards, since many people believe the purpose of leisure is to be easy. But sometimes the benefits of being active in your time off aren’t immediately apparent.Activity requires that you invest your attention. The body was designed to be efficient, not enjoyable, so it may resist your attempts to invest energy in anything non-essential.How to Start the Active Leisure HabitThere are many ways you can upgrade your leisure time, but it requires effort. Unlike watching television or relaxing, opportunities for flow need to be structured in advance. It can sometimes require planning and always requires an initial push of momentum to get started.I suggest an experiment. Try replacing some low-energy task with a more engaging one. Continue it for a month. After that month, if you don’t feel the new task is more satisfying than your old usage of time, quit. This is about enjoyment, not productivity, so you don’t need to feel guilty if you decide to switch back later.Suggestions for Active LeisureHere are a couple ideas to get the ball rolling:1. Join Toastmasters -At toastmasters.org you can find clubs near your location. There are thousands of them and they are a great experience. I’ve known many people who tell me Toastmasters is the highlight of their week.2. Start a Craft -Try learning a new hobby or restarting an old one. Painting, woodworking, sculpting, programming or blogging are all great starts. Buy a tutorial book to get you started and learn from there.3. Play Sports -Find a physical activity that will get you to move and provides a challenging environment. Not only will this keep you healthy, but it will put your mind into a state of flow more easily than sitting on the couch.4. Learn a New Language -Challenge yourself to learn a new language. This has always been a goal of mine. I’ve heard from many sources that it can be both challenging an enjoyable to gain fluency in a non-native tongue.5. Play a Game -Computer games and interactive entertainment can be great ways to produce flow. Although you can get addicted to the enjoyable environment, structuring a small amount of time to play games can engage you mind to have fun.6. Start a Project -One of my personal favorites is to get a new project going. Starting a project to complete something over the course of a couple months can be exciting and incredibly rewarding. Go start that novel you’ve been thinking about. 你是如何度过休闲时间的?看电视?网上冲浪?还是在Lifehack.org上浏览文章?度过休闲时间的方法有很多。但是,你真的能从休闲中得到更多的东西吗?不仅要使休闲生活更丰富多,还要切实享受更多的快乐。  打破工作和的界线  我相信这个和很多人受到的如何度过休闲时间的教导背道而驰。很小的时候就有人教导我们把生活分为两部分:工作和。工作包含了所有我们需要做的事情,而则是另一回事。  这样划分生活不一定是错的。但是,这里蕴含着工作和不应该相类似的信息。工作需要有成果、效率和挑战,因而就应该是轻松的、无目的、没压力的。  这样的划分毁掉休闲生活的原因  毁掉休闲生活的问题在于一个假设:工作应该是的对立面。生活中最快乐的时刻是轻松享受劳动成果的时刻,这个信念与现实不符。研究表明,生活中最快乐的时刻在我们最忙碌的时候。  心理学研究员Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi对此现象做了记录。他通过能及时在任意点发出呯的声响的装置做了这个记录。实验对象根据自己的感觉、想法和当前活动填写一张表格。他发现,人们从工作中获得的快乐感受比在休闲时得到的更多。他在自己的书《心流》中提到了这个悖论:  “这样,就出现了自相矛盾的情况:在工作中,人们能感觉到能力和挑战,因而感觉到更多的快乐、更优秀、更有创造力,对自己也就更满意。而在休闲时间,人们一般都感到没什么事可做,他们的娴熟技能也得不到应用,因而更容易感到沮丧、无聊,对自己也更不满意。然而,他们还是宁愿少点工作时间,多些休闲时间。”(我的特别强调)  我认为,人们对工作的不满源于外界对工作的需要。由于不能自由选择每天早上上班的时间,就很容易因此发牢骚,尽管上班能为我们的生活创造快乐的体验。  解决办法不是要你成为工作狂  我认为解决这个问题的办法不是全天候工作。我想那样的话只能使情况恶化,使人有受到令人压抑的工作日程限制的感觉。尽管工作中充满挑战的机会,但把一切希望都寄托在工作上是很危险的。  那么,就以积极的休闲活动占用你的空余时间  积极的休闲活动是由你随意选择自己感兴趣而且满意的活动。由于做这些事出自个人的意愿,而非他人强迫所为,你就不会感到压抑。  许多人找到了让积极的休闲活动融入生活办法。即使在时间有限的时候,也把它花在业余爱好、体育锻炼和学习新技能上。但是,随着标准的每周四十小时的工作时间拉长,消极的活动令人感到更自在,因而人们难得参加积极的休闲活动。  休闲是个艰苦的工作  升级休闲活动使之带来更多快乐,往往不能令人感到舒心。这似乎说反了,因为人们认为休闲的目的就是要舒心快乐。不过,有时用于消闲的积极活动产生的好处并不能马上体现出来。  活动需要你投入注意力。而体能是为工作能力,而不是为得到快乐务的,因此,它可能会在任何不必要的事情上抵制你的企图。  如何启动积极休闲的习惯  升级休闲活动的办法有很多,但都需要付出努力。能产生心流的机会不像看电视或休息,它需要预先规划。它可能有时需要编制计划,而且总是需要一个开始实行的初始时间。  我建议做个实验。以一种活力不足的活动替代更具吸引力的事情。坚持一个月。一个月以后,如果你觉得新的活动不如原来的令你高兴,就停下来。这是为了快乐,不是为了产出,因此,如果你决定再改回去,不必感到内疚。  几种积极休闲活动  以下是几个关于开始积极休闲活动的设想:1. 参加讲演会-在toastmasters.org 网站能找到离你所在地最近的俱乐部。俱乐部有很多,那是很棒的体验。我认识许多人,他们告诉我,参加演讲会是他们一周内最重要的事情。2. 开始一门手艺-试着培养新的业余爱好,或重新捡起老手艺。绘画,做木工,雕刻,编程和写客都是很好的开始。买一本指南书,指导你开始学习。3. 进行体育锻炼-选择一项体育运动,能让你活动起来,给你提供具挑战性的环境。这不仅能保持你的身体健康,而且能让你的思维处于比坐在沙发上更敏捷的活动状态。4. 学习一门新的语言-激励自己学习一门外语。这一直是我自己的目标。我从很多方面了解到这样能激发快乐,也能使说外语的舌头更灵活。5. 玩个游戏-电脑游戏和互动活动可能是激发心流的最好方法。尽管你可能沉迷于快乐的活动,但是安排一点时间玩玩游戏能吸引你的注意力,让你开心。6. 启动一项计划-我个人最喜欢做的是运作一项新的计划。启动一项计划,在几个月时间内一步步完成计划能令人感到兴奋,而且能获得意想不到的回报。开始写你一直想写的小说吧。 /200811/56280Editing On Films Is Now Being Done On ComputersLike any modern professional, Naomi Geraghty took her laptop with her when she went on a business trip in January. The machine got a lot of use -- but not just for email.1月份出差时,娜奥米#8226;杰拉蒂(Naomi Geraghty)带上了她的笔记本电脑──跟时下所有专业人员一样。她的电脑有很多用途,不仅仅是收发电子邮件。Ms. Geraghty is a film editor and was spending 10 days at the Irish coastal home of Terry George, director of 'Reservation Road,' starring Joaquin Phoenix, which opened across the U.S. last week. Mr. George couldn't travel for the editing, so Ms. Geraghty loaded a copy of Avid editing software on her Apple PowerBook and went to him.杰拉蒂是一名电影剪辑师,这次出差的目的地是《救赎之路》(Reservation Road)一片的导演特里#8226;乔治(Terry George)在爱尔兰的海滨别墅,时间为10天。由于乔治没办法远行,杰拉蒂只好带着已经安装了Avid编辑软件的苹果PowerBook来找他。这部影片最近在全美上映,华金#8226;费尼克斯(Joaquin Phoenix)在里面扮演角色。Most people have a mental image of film editors hunched in the dark over editing consoles with lengths of film pinned to the wall behind them. These days, they sit at computers, moving scenes around as easily as paragraphs in a word processor.提到电影剪辑师,大多数人对他们的印象是:猫在某个昏暗角落的操作台旁,长长的胶片钉在身后的墙上。如今的剪辑师却是坐在电脑桌前,他们在屏幕上移动画面就像用文字处理软件挪动段落那么轻松。Video files are so demanding, editing computers used to cost tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of dollars. But as Ms. Geraghty's tale suggests, even relatively low-end personal computers, laptops included, are now so powerful that Hollywood pros have joined student filmmakers and indies in taking advantage of them.由于视频文件对电脑配置的要求很高,用来剪辑的电脑过去动辄几万甚至几十万美元一台。而现在,即使相对低端的个人电脑,包括笔记本,都已经非常强大。于是,好莱坞的电影专业人士纷纷加入学生制片人和独立制片人的行列,用起个人电脑──杰拉蒂就是一个典型例子。It's one more example -- along with music recording and graphic design -- of the way cheap computers are blurring the distinction between professional and amateur tools. Not that just having software makes you good at something, as a quick trip around the Web makes clear.这个趋势再次说明廉价电脑正在淡化专业工具和业余工具之间的界限,这一点在音乐录制和图形设计领域已经得到体现。但只要在网路上转一转就会发现,仅仅有了软件还不足以成为高手。Ms. Geraghty says that while she enjoys the comfort of her regular editing studio, a notebook is not without its charms. 'I could look out over a fishing harbor,' she says. 'It was the best view I've ever had from a cutting room.'杰拉蒂说,虽然在常规剪辑工作室里感觉很舒适,但使用笔记本工作也别有一番情趣。“从窗户望出去,渔港美景近在眼前,这是过去我在剪辑室内从未享受过的,”她说。Like 'Reservation Road,' the typical Hollywood feature film these days is an analog-digital hybrid. Reels of film might be developed at a lab such as Technicolor, but then .5 million scanners digitize them and put them on a 0 generic USB hard drive. From there, it's on to the editors.如今,一般的好莱坞故事片都是以模拟-数字混合方式制作的,《救赎之路》就是其中之一。一卷卷胶片在Technicolor这样的工作室冲洗出来之后,扫描仪(售价高达150万美元)会对其进行数字化,保存在100美元的普通USB硬碟上,然后才进入剪辑环节。Editing on computers is so much easier than editing physical film that it's how nearly all movies are now cut. USC's film school once had 50 editing consoles; now it has only two. Indeed, editing may have become too easy. 'You can easily recut your movie 10 times a day,' says Matt Furie, who teaches editing at USC. 'Some students go off the deep end and cut, cut, cut. We tell them they need to discipline themselves to push away from the desk, drop the mouse and just think.'剪辑数字影片比剪辑胶片要简单得多,如今差不多所有电影都是用电脑剪辑的。USC电影学校原来有50台剪辑工作台,现在已经缩减为两台了。的确,剪辑可能变得太容易了。“你一天甚至能剪辑10次,”在USC教授剪辑的马特#8226;富里(Matt Furie)说。“有些学生大刀阔斧地剪、剪、剪,我们总是提醒他们要控制自己,暂时离开桌子,放下鼠标,什么都不做,静静地思考。”Like others, Mr. Furie suggests that one of the reasons there are so many rapid-fire cuts in today's movies is that editing software has made them so simple to do.正如很多专业人士指出的那样,富里表示,目前出现大量剪辑粗糙的影片的原因正是在于编辑软件使得剪辑工作变得异常轻松。 /200803/32944Curse Words in ShakespeareThe works of William Shakespeare are often held up as the epitome of good English. However what most people aren't aware of is that they are full of sexual innuendo and that they even contain the odd curse word. In fact there are even references to the C-word, with it being alluded to three times in Shakespeare's plays. Once in Hamlet, once in Henry V and most blatantly of all in Twelfth Night, where the character Malvolio actually spells the word out.CIA/MI6 Overthrowing Democratic GovernmentsIn the west we're taught at school that we are the good guys and that the rest of the world are the bad guys, and that it's our job to sp our “democratic values” around the globe. However what we're not taught is that our governments (namely the British and American) have actually at times masterminded the overthrow of democratic governments in order to pursue their own nefarious ambitions. There are numerous examples of this, particularly in South America and the Middle East, one of the most notable being the ousting of Iran's democratically elected government in the early 1950's.College Drop OutsAnother thing not often spoken about at school is that many of the worlds most successful and intelligent people didn't actually like education and in some cases left it altogether. In fact, Albert Einstein, the very poster boy of intellectualism, intensely disliked school. He compared being at school to like being in the army and resented the way it tried to put boundaries and constraints on people. Other famous people who were critical of organised education include Victor Hugo, Leonardo da Vinci and the writer Alexandre Dumas.Historic PornographyIn history class, when we learnt about ancient Greece and Rome, we were taught about the wars, literature, art and invention of those classical civilisations. However what was never mentioned was the obsession the ancient world had with sex. It permeated almost every aspect of society and was graphically represented in much of their artwork. In fact when places such as Pompeii and Herculaneum were excavated they were found to be covered in erotic frescoes and sexual inscriptions. So much so that the discoveries were kept from public view and sometimes even vandalised so as to obscure their explicit nature.Fascist Coup Planned for AmericaAnother piece of history that you probably weren't taught about at school concerns a little known plot to implement a fascist takeover in the ed States. The plot, recently investigated by B Radio 4, was led by wealthy industrialists and bankers, including Prescott Bush (grandfather of George W. Bush), who were displeased with Franklin D. Roosevelt's progressive political policies in the early 1930's. The plan may have succeeded were it not for a Marine Corps Major General named Smedley Butler, who blew the whistle on the plot after being approached by the influential power brokers who wanted him to lead the uprising.Columbus Didn't Discover AmericaThe truth is that Columbus wasn't even close to being the first to discover the New World. The Vikings visited the Americas some 500 years before Columbus did and there are also people who believe that the Chinese beat him to it as well. On top of this there is the simple fact that there were people in the Americas before Columbus arrived. It's only a vestige of Eurocentric imperialism that leads us to think of America as having been “discovered” in the traditional sense and it's left many people who are native to the continent with the feeling that their pre-Columbus history has been ignored and devalued.Playing Video Games is Good For YouChildren are often chastised for wasting their time playing computer games. However research shows that games can help improve reflexes, eyesight and intelligence. Shoot-em-up games in particular were shown to aid visual skills. There is even a doctor from New York's Beth Israel Medical Center, named James C. Rosser, who co-authored a study suggesting that surgeons that played games were faster and less prone to making mistakes than their non-game playing counterparts.TV is EducationalTV, like games, is another thing that is often seen as being a bad influence on people. The criticism it gets however couldn't be more misguided, as television is in fact one of the most educational things ever invented. It allows people to learn about the entire world from the comfort of their own living room and has been responsible for the collective education of a large chunk of humanity for the last fifty years. The fall of the Berlin Wall, the Moon Landings, the plight of Africa and global warming are just a few of the things we've been informed and updated about by television. May it continue to entertain and illuminate us long into the future.Fractional Reserve BankingFractional Reserve Banking is a system of banking that essentially allows banks to lend out money that they don't actually possess. It's legal and operates to varying degrees across the planet. It's the root cause of inflation and is something that few people know about and even fewer people understand. If people were educated about it, they wouldn't allow it to continue. However as our education systems are more concerned with the superficial than the essential, we'll probably all continue in ignorance of it until the world economy collapses under the weight of our collective debt.The Drug Use of Poets and WritersOne of the greatest ironies of education is the way children are constantly told of the dangers of drugs and alcohol while at the same time being encouraged, and sometimes forced, to learn about poets and writers, most of which were notorious drug users, alcoholics and womanisers. Famous figures in literature who are associated with drugs include Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Thomas de Quincey and Jack Kerouac. One popular drug of choice amongst writers was laudanum, a solution of opium in alcohol, and was commonly used for both medicinal and recreational purposes, particularly during the Romantic period. Author Aldous Huxley was also open about his drug use, writing about his experiences with LSD. In fact I'm sure that in a hundred years time teachers will be forcing children to learn about Marilyn Manson and Pete Doherty in much the same way that they try to teach them about writers of poetry and fiction today. /200804/35924

I love to have simple ways to improve my life. Everyday is a chance for improving our life, and it’s up to us to best use it. What I want is to have good, balanced progress everyday.To ensure balance, my favorite way is using the four facets of prosperity: material, spiritual, physical, and social. By achieving material prosperity, spiritual prosperity, physical prosperity, and social prosperity, I believe I can have complete and balanced prosperity in my life.You may add other facets of prosperity if they work for you, but in my opinion these four facets are easy to remember and aly cover practically everything.To put this concept into practice, what I do is ensuring that I do something to improve each facet everyday. Here is how I do it:1. Decide on something to do daily in each facetTo keep things simple, choose only one or two tasks to do daily in each facet. More than that, it could be difficult to keep up with them. Of course, you may want to do more than just one or two tasks to improve a facet, but choose only the most important ones to be made daily. In my case, I have just one task for each facet.One thing to remember is each of the tasks should be measurable so that you know for sure whether or not you have done it. Here is an example:* Material: do project for at least 2 hours* Spiritual: meditate for 30 minutes* Physical: exercise for 20 minutes* Social: ping at least one friend2. Record your performanceAfter setting the daily tasks for each facet, all you need to do is ensuring that you do them. Recording your performance can greatly help you here. You may use a notebook, a spsheet, or any other medium you want. Write down there whether or not you have done a task in a particular day.I myself use Joe’s Goals. It’s a simple web application that can help you track your progress. Whenever I finish something, I check the corresponding box in Joe’s Goals. This way I can easily see if I often miss a facet so that I can put more effort there.3. Adjust accordinglyIf you think that you can more effectively improve yourself doing something else, don’t hesitate to change the tasks. For example, maybe you think that ing spiritual text will give you better result than meditation for spiritual prosperity. In that case, you can change your daily task from meditation to ing spiritual text. On the other hand, if you think that they are both necessary, you can decide to do both (though you shouldn’t forget to keep things simple).Another possibility is increasing the intensity of the tasks to bring you to the next level. For instance, instead of exercising for 20 minutes a day, you could make it 30 minutes a day.By using this system, you can be sure that you do something everyday to improve yourself in all facets. It’s as if you make balanced progress on autopilot. I’ve used it for some time and - though I miss my daily tasks here and there - I’m glad to see how it helps me have balanced progress to complete prosperity.What do you think? Do you have other tips for daily improvement? 我喜欢用简单的方法来丰富我的生活。每一天都是一个好机会,如何充分利用好每一个机会则完全取决于我们自己。而我希望的就是每一天都过得快乐,每一天都和谐的生活着。为了生活和谐延长,我喜欢围绕丰富物质生活与精神生活,进行体育锻炼及社会交往这四个方面去制定自己的计划。我相信,当我的物质生活,精神生活,身体状况,社交能力都达到一个很高的水平,我的生活就已经是充实的,丰富的。也许你会觉得还有其他一些方面是有益于丰富你的生活的,但是照我看来,这四个方面不仅容易记住并且已经涵盖了生活的方方面面了。为了把理论投诸实践,我要做的就是确保我每一天都有做一些有关于丰富四个方面中各个部分的事情。以下就是我要做的事:1.就每一个方面而言,必须确定一些每天必做的事情。简而言之,就每一个方面而言,挑选一到二个每天必做的工作。超过二个,完成任务将会变得困难。当然,你可能在丰富某一方面的时候想选择更多的任务,但是请挑选就每天生活生活而言最重要的那些事情。对于我来说,一个方面一项任务就足够了。要记住的是,任何一项任务都应该是可以记录下来的。这样你就可以知道自己是否已经完成任务了。例如:物质:至少两小时工作精神:半小时自我反省身体:20分钟运动社交:至少与一个朋友交流2.记录下你每天的生活在制定各个方面的各项任务之后,你所需要做的就是确保你会完成所有。记录下你每天的生活对你是有很大帮助的。你可以用一个笔记本,一份电子表格或者其他任何你需要的工具,记下你是否每一天都完成了各项任务。就我个人而言,我的工具是Joe’s Goals,一个操作简单,可以帮助你记录生活事项的应用网站。无论我在什么时候完成任务,我就会在Joe’s Goals相应的邮箱里查看进度。这样一来,我就很容易发现自己经常忘记哪一方面的任务然后付出更多的努力去完成。3.在过程中自我调整计划。如 果你觉得干点别的什么更有效于自我充实,那么请不要犹豫,立即修改计划。例如,也许你会觉得多读一点有关精神方面的书籍比自我反省有用多了。那么你就可以 把你每天的计划从自我反省改为书籍阅读。另一方面,如果你觉得它们两者都有存在的必要,那么你可以把两者都编入计划(虽然做计划的原则是越少越好)。另外一种可能就是增加工作的强度,使自己更上一个台阶。例如,你可以把每天20分钟的体育锻炼改为每天半小时的体育锻炼。通过这种方式,你就可以确保自己每天都在全方面地丰富着自己的生活。这就好比你在自动驾驶仪上灵活操作。虽然我经常忘记自己每天的计划任务,但是我还是会在某段时间里作出计划任务,而且很高兴看到通过这样的方法我的生活变得和谐,充实,丰富。你觉得怎么样呢?对于每天充实自己的生活,你有其他好的提议吗? /200806/41881Did you know that Christmas shopping is even worse for our health than we previously thought?   你知道吗?在圣诞节进行血拼对你的健康有害,这甚至比你原先想象的那样更严重。 /200912/91584

“世界最好工作”的英国得主已于本周三抵达澳大利亚风景如画的汉密尔顿岛,开始了他在这个热带天堂岛屿为期半年的休闲般工作时光。The Briton who won a competition for the "Best Job in the World" arrived on Australia's idyllic Hamilton Island Wednesday to begin his leisurely six-month posting in the tropical paradise.Ben Southall, 34, started by sending a blog from Brisbane airport departure lounge where he filmed himself alongside his girlfriend, Breanna Watkins."When we get there we're going to explore our house, and it's the first chance to drive the golf buggy as well, which is one of the massive perks of the job," he said.The outgoing charity fundraiser beat off thousands of competitors for the job in a hugely successful marketing campaign that captured the world's imagination and earned international awards for its creators.His brief as "caretaker" is to snorkel, swim and sail around the balmy Whitsunday Islands and send daily blogs and blogs with the aim of promoting the destination for Tourism Queensland.His movements will be recorded in exhaustive detail on two websites, www.islandreefjob.com.au and www.bestjobben.com, as well as social networking site Twitter.Southall earlier courted controversy when he admitted he would miss Britain's long summer days and traditional roast dinners, prompting newspapers to accuse him of being a "whingeing pom"."So when asked about the things I'd miss about the UK it appears I have to play my cards close to my chest for fear of reprisal by the tabloid newspapers both here and in Australia!"However, he later complained he had been placed in economy class for the long journey from Britain to Australia."Can you believe it....I'm in economy!! Oh well can't change the habit of a lifetime," he tweeted.Tourism Queensland chief Anthony Hayes insisted Southall would have to work hard and said the 'best job' stunt would help keep the industry afloat in the global downturn."Today is the beginning," he said. "All the publicity's been great but now it's about communicating with people who really will want to come to Queensland for a holiday.A government report this month warned Australia's tourism industry was at risk of losing thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in income after its share of global tourism dropped 14 percent between 1995 and 2008. /200907/766451. Stop using the word "just" to describe yourself. Oprah says: "Stop saying that." I can’t tell you how often I tell people that I’m "just" a yoga teacher, "just" a blogger, "just" an artist. I’ve been delving into my motivation for doing this — maybe I want to make certain that everyone else knows that I know I’m nothing special before they can size me up and judge me. And sometimes I think I use this phrase to lessen my accountability in certain situations. If I’m "just" an artist, how can I be expected to be smart with money, for instance? I also think I use it, subconsciously, to decrease my importance in the eyes of others. Whatever my excuses, I need to suck it up and cut the word from my identity once and for all. 不要用“只是”来修饰自己。奥普拉这样说到:“我经常听到别人这样介绍自己,我只是一个瑜伽教练,只是一个撰写客的人,只是一名搞艺术的人。我一直在自己的领域专心研究——也许我们这样说只是希望别人在评价我们的时候可以把我们当成一个平凡的不能再平凡的人,这样我们就不必去承担一定要去做更好的压力,因为我们只是一个平凡的人。不管你的借口是什么,不要使用'just'这个词”。 /201001/93795

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