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Part . The Times capsule.Keywords. time capsule, future, be passed on.Vocabulary. copper, aluminum, stainless, non-rusting, leakproof, humidity, Zimbabwe.A. Do you know what a time capsule is and what it is ?Listen to the following explanation. Fill in the blankets.Time capsules are special devices built to protect papers and other objects usually 0 years.The purpose is to help people in the future understand what is important when the time capsule is closed.The device is usually made of copper, aluminum or stainless steel.It should be non-rusting, leakproof and durable.Contents to be placed in the time capsule should be conditioned to a low humidity level.Include items that do not require any technology or equipment other than the eye and hand to use and interpret.Today computer discs and similar electronic media may not be playable in the future.Finally, the capsule location should, of course, be dry as well.B. Now listen to a report about a time capsule, supply the missing inmation.Have you ever thought about what you would save from today to show to people in the future?Some people are thinking about it.They are involved in a project to save objects in a container that is not to be opened until New Year day, 00 years from now.The container is a time capsule.The idea this time capsule came from the people at the New York Times newspaper.So it is called the Times capsule.The papers and objects to be put in it are to help people in the year 3000 understand about life in the world today.First, a container was needed to keep the materials safe.So the newspaper invited 8 architects and designers from around the world to take part in a design competition.An architect from Spain, Santiago Caltravo won.His winning design is a shiny steel container.It has 1.5 cubic meters of space inside.It is shaped like a flower with 8 separate parts.Mr Caltravo says he wanted the container to be beautiful, yet create a feeling of mystery.Some of the things that will be placed in the Times capsule have been chosen.They are been shown along with the Times capsule at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.Among the objects are 6 magazines published by the New York Times which described the last 00 years,a recording of the sounds of life in New York City made at 9: in the morning of the ninth day of the ninth month of 1999,pictures taken of what some people in New York were doing at that same time,a small container of fresh water from a river in Braziland an American military medal, a ceremonial chair from Zimbabwe, a beanie baby doll popular with collectors, Marlboro cigarettes.Other things will be chosen to represent life at the present time.Visitors to the museum can use two computers to enter their own suggestions.The objects chosen by a special committee will be placed in the capsule bee it is closed in the April.Then the large steel container will be moved to its permanent home, outside the entrance of the Natural History Museum,Although the Times capsule is not to be opened 00 years, it should not be gotten.A guard will be paid to watch over it and remind people of why it is important.The creators of the project hope the guard duty will be passed on from person to person through the next centuries.C. Now listen again, focus on the objects that will be placed in the Times capsule.Supply the missing inmation with key words. 3559

You can marry any one of them你可以跟他们中的任何一个结婚One day a girl brings home her boyfriend and tells her father she wants to marry him. After talking to him a while, he tells his daughter she can't do it because he's her half brother. The same problem happens again four more times! The girl starts to get pissed off. She goes to her mom and says, "Mom... What have you been doing all your life? Dad's been going around laying every maiden in the town and now I can't marry any of the five guys I like because they have turned out to be my half brothers!!!"Her mom replies, "Don't worry darling, you can marry any one of them you want, he isn't really your dad."一天,一个女孩把男孩子带回家见父亲,说要跟这个男孩结婚她父亲跟男孩谈了一会之后,对她说她不能嫁给这个男孩,因为男孩跟她其实是同父异母的兄弟之后,女孩又认识了另外四个男孩并一一带回家见父亲,请求父亲同意他们结婚,但结果都是一样,这些男孩竟然跟她都是同父异母!女孩真的是被气坏了她跟母亲说,“妈,你这一辈子到底是怎么过的?爸爸在镇上到处胡搞,现在我都谈到第五个男孩了,但现在一个都不能嫁,因为他们最后都是跟我一个爸爸”!女孩说完,她母亲回答说,“亲爱的,不用担心,你可以跟他们中的任何一个结婚,你爸爸其实也,也不是你的亲爹” 571

Hostage Situation Ends at Australia Cafe 人质事件在咖啡馆告捷A gunman entered a downtown cafe in Sydney on Monday, and took people hostage, including employees and customers. The lone gunman ordered some of the hostages to stand by the window and hang up an Islamic flag. At least 5 hostages escaped during the -hour ordeal. This reportedly caused the hostage taker to become extremely agitated. After night fell, commandos stormed the building and ended the siege. Two people, as well as the gunman were killed. The gunman was known to police and was out on bail despite a long criminal history.周一在悉尼,一名手进入了市中心的一家咖啡馆,并劫持了名人质,包括员工和顾客这名手命令人质站在窗前,并挂上伊斯兰国旗在这场个小时的搏斗中,至少有5名人质逃离据报道称这让手极端不安夜幕降临以后,突击队突袭了这栋楼,进行了包围包括手在内的3人死亡警方了解这名手,他有很长的犯罪史,并处在保释期间译文属原创,,不得转载 3833

Brown v. Board of Education; yearbooks in American schools; indeed; none of them isare; down to the wireWords:casepartylandmark decisioninferiorto ruleto enrollto desegregateyearbookkeepsakepeershairdosautographindeednone of them isaredown to the wire 61

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