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OK, if these principles are so powerful, you might be thinking, why are they not commonplace in business?好了,既然这些法则如此强大,你可能会想,为什么在商界不常见到它们呢?Why do we not use these words every day?为什么它们还不是老生常谈?Well, change has to first start in the mind.好吧,改变首先得从思想开始If we think back to our pitch to Bob,如果我们回想对鲍勃的推销in order to apply the principles that underpin the miracle of the human immune system,为了运用撑人体免疫机制的几条法则we first need to think differently about business.我们首先得从另一个角度来思考商业Now typically, when we think about business, we use what I call ;mechanical thinking.;通常,当我们想到商业的时候,我们使用我所谓的“力学思考法”We set goals, we analyze problems, we construct and we adhere to plans,我们制定目标,分析问题,制定并执行计划and more than anything else, we stress efficiency and short-term performance.最为重要的是我们强调效率和短期表现Now, dont get me wrong -- this is a splendidly practical and effective way现在,请不要搞错,这是一种在相对稳定的环境中of addressing relatively simple challenges in relatively stable environments.解决较为简单的问题时十分有效和实际的方式Its the way that Bob -- and probably many of us, myself included -- process most business problems were faced with every day.这是鲍勃--还有包括我在内的,我们中许多人--处理我们每天面临的大多数商业问题的办法In fact, it was a pretty good mental model for business事实上,这曾是一种良好的商业思想模型,overall -- until about the mid-1980s, when the conjunction of globalization总体地,直到20世纪80年代中期全球化和科技革命、通信技术的结合and a revolution in technology and telecommunications made business far more dynamic and unpredictable.使得商业变得比以往更具活力、更难以预测But what about those more dynamic and unpredictable situations that we now increasingly face?那么当我们现在面临更具活力和不可预测性的情况时该怎么应对呢?I think in addition to the mechanical thinking,我认为除了力学思考法外we now need to master the art of biological thinking, as embodied by our six principles.现在我们得掌握生物思考的艺术,就像我们的六条守则所传达的一样201612/484739。


SCENE③ C 同时间 在附近一个钢琴学校里【用电脑交朋友】 Sue: Do you want to 1) end up an 2) old maid?苏: 你想变成老吗? Rose: Im happy as a 3) single woman.柔丝: 我乐于做单身女郎。 Sue: Maybe now, but what about when you're old?苏: 或许现在是,但你老的时候怎么办? Rose: I'll worry about that then.柔丝: 我到那时再担心也不迟。 Sue: A lot of women like you meet nice men in 4) chat rooms.苏: 很多像你这样的女人,在网路聊天室碰到不错的男人。 Rose: You mean where you can talk with people 5) one-on-one?柔丝: 你是指那种可以跟人一对一谈话的地方? Sue: Sure! Lots of people do it.苏: 是啊!很多人这样做。 Rose: Use a computer to find friends? I don't know. It's not for me.柔丝: 用电脑交朋友?我不确定耶,这不适合我。 语言详解 A: I keep gaining weight. 我的体重一直在增加。 B: If you don't watch out, you'll end up as big as your mother. 若是你不留意,你最后就会跟你妈妈一样大块头。 【I'll worry about that then.我到那时再担心也不迟】 假如别人在你面前乌鸦嘴,说你现在不如何如何,以后就会怎样,但你根本听不进去的时候,就可以说这句话。 【It's not for me.这不适合我】 这句话是用在别人劝你接受一样东西,而你不愿意的时候。 1) end up 结束,落得……的下场。2) old maid 老3) single woman/man 单身女子/男子4) chat room 网络聊天室5) one-on-one 一对一 /200708/16596。

Please do not feel sorry for my life. 也请不要为我的生命哀叹。Only if I know you all happy, I will be happy too. 只要我知道你们都快乐,我也会快乐。I may be sentenced to death. But if I should survive, I would be willing happily to promote your glories and I would write down and record the great achievements we make.我可能会被判死刑,但如果我能幸存下来,我很愿意将你们的荣誉发扬光大,也将会把我们获得的伟大成就记录成册。I cannot take you all in my arms instead I would like to embrace your generals. 我不能拥抱你们所有的人,但我要拥抱你们的将军。Come up me, my little general. I will take you in my arms tight. 来吧,小将军,让我紧紧拥抱你一下!And I still hope that my kissing you will respond in your recent generations. 我想我给你的吻会在你新的继承者上有所回报的。I have to say goodbye to you, my children.我要和你们告别了,孩子们。 I will always bless you all and I hope you will not forget me at all.我将永远为你们祝福,也请你们不要忘记我。201609/463400。

And most of all, congratulations to this distinguished group of morehouse men 最重要地 祝贺莫尔豪斯的这个优秀群体The class of 20132013届毕业生I have to say that我不得不承认Its a little hard to follow 这有点难读Not dr. Wilson, but倒不是威尔逊士A skinny guy with a funny name而是一个名字古怪的瘦削家伙Betsegaw tadele 贝茨嘎·塔德勒Hes going to be doing something他肯定会有所作为I also have to say that you all are going to get wet还有 我不得不说 你们都会淋湿And id be out there with you if i could允许的话 我也想和你们一样But secret service gets nervous但特勤局会很紧张So im going to have to stay here dry所以我只能留在台上躲开雨了But know that im there with you in spirit但我会在精神上同你们一起Some of you are graduating summa cum laude你们有些人以最优等成绩毕业Some of you are graduating magna cum laude有些人以极优等成绩毕业I know some of you are just graduating, ;thank you, lordy.;而有些人只要能毕业就感谢上帝了201604/435618。

即学即用英语会话词典B部分:自我评价 即学即用英语会话词典文本下载即学即用英语会话词典这部词典着眼日常生活、学习、工作等语言环境,囊括了当今美国最最简洁、最地道的日常口语表达方式。本词典获得2002年全国优秀畅销书奖 /200706/14991。