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Some expectant mothers in China#39;s eastern city of Hangzhou recently chose to shift their scheduled childbirth dates earlier or later, in order to prevent their babies from getting birthdays only every four years, according to report recently.根据近日一则报道指出,中国东部城市杭州市的几位准妈妈为了防止她们的宝宝四年才过一次生日,选择了改变原本的分娩日期,早几天或者晚几天分娩。Since 2016 is a leap year, which comes around every four years and contains 29 days in February, those born on the last day of the month can only celebrate an actual birthday every four years.因为2016年是每四年轮一次的闰年,且二月有29天,所以该月最后一天出生的孩子以后只能每四年才庆祝一次真正的生日。Chen, a 37-year-old mother-to-be, was originally scheduled to give birth on Feb. 29, but decided to have her cesarean performed three days earlier than originally scheduled.37岁的陈女士原本的妊娠期是2月29日,但是她决定要比预产期早三天进行剖腹产。She explained that it could be disappointing for her baby to celebrate his birthday every four years while other kids get to celebrate every year.她对此解释称,如果29日生孩子,相比起其他孩子每年过一次生日,以后她的孩子每四年才能过一次生日,孩子会非常失望的。He Pei, a senior doctor in the obstetrics department of Hangzhou Women#39;s Hospital, said that Chen is not the only woman to do this. Many expectant mothers don#39;t want their babies to be born on Feb. 29.杭州女子医院妇产科的资深医生何培表示,陈女士不是唯一一位这样做的女士。许多准妈妈都不想自己的孩子在2月29日那天出生。At the same time, others believed that having a birthday every four years is a special experience, and those mothers-to-be weren#39;t worried about it.但是与此同时,很多人认为四年过一次生日也是一种很特别的经历,所以这些准妈妈们不需要为此担心。 /201603/429813。

China#39;s country code domain ;.cn; is now the world#39;s most commonly used. It had 16.36m users by the end of last year, topping Germany#39;s ;.de,; according to the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC).中国互联网络信息中心表示,截至2015年年底,中国国家网络域名;.cn;保有量已达1636万,超过德国国家域名;.de;,成为全球最常用的国家(地区)域名。The .cn domain is also world leading in domain resolution service, security and the ratio of benign uses, said CNNIC head Li Xiaodong.据中国互联网络信息中心主任李晓东介绍,;.cn;网络域名在务、运行安全、良性应用率等方面均位居国际一流水平。As China began to require real-name registration in 2009, the .cn domain is able to protect users#39; interests and reduce online theft, phishing and fraud, Li said.李晓东表示,在2009年实名注册机制完善以来,;.cn;域名实现了对注册者权益的有效保护,以及对恶意盗取、网络钓鱼、网络诈骗的有效防范。The domain is not only widely used by Chinese institutions and companies but also by overseas institutions and multinationals, according to the CNNIC.据中国互联网络信息中心表示,这一网络域名不仅在中国机构和企业中广泛使用,而且还在海外机构和跨国公司中获得使用。It is used by all central and provincial governments in China and most telecom companies and commercial banks. Multinationals including Apple Inc., Microsoft, Samsung and Amazon own .cn domain names.这一域名目前用于所有中央和省级政府,以及大多数电信公司和商业。此外,包括苹果公司、微软、三星和亚马逊等在内的多家跨国公司也都拥有;.cn;域名。 /201601/421492。

1 Compared with conventional beef, grass-fed beef is higher in this health-promoting nutrient, which gives its fat a yellow color:1、与传统牛肉相比,草饲牛肉中某种有益健康的营养素含量更高,并让脂肪呈现黄色,这种营养素是:Vitamin A维生素AVitamin B维生素BVitamin C维生素CVitamin D维生素D2 Researchers found that having an “ambivalent” marriage, in which feelings of support from a partner waver, could jeopardize health. What percentage of couples they surveyed had ambivalent marriages?2、研究人员发现,如果你的婚姻属于“矛盾型”,你感觉配偶对自己的持时高时低,那么你的健康可能会因此受损。在接受调查的夫妇中,“矛盾”婚姻的百分比有多高?23 percent23%45 percent45%59 percent59%77 percent77%3 A large analysis found that birth order had an effect on which of the following traits?3、一项大型分析发现,出生顺序对以下哪方面产生了影响?Extroversion外向程度Consientiousness责任心IQ智商All of the above以上所有4 Exercise, particularly during midlife, may slow cell aging by preventing the fraying of this part of the chromosome:4、锻炼,特别是中年时期加强锻炼,可能会减缓细胞老化,防止染色体的哪个部分损耗:Centromeres着丝粒Telomeres端粒Chromatids染色单体Arms染色体两臂5 This contraceptive method is associated with the lowest one-year pregnancy rate:5、采用哪种避方法,一年内的受率最低:IUD宫内节育器The “pill”口药Condoms避套Cervical caps and sponges宫颈帽和海绵6 The World Health Organization placed processed meats like hot dogs and bacon in its Group 1 category, with “sufficient evidence” that they could cause cancer. Other carcinogens in this category include:6、世界卫生组织将热和培根等加工肉制品列为1类物质,即有“充分据”显示它们可能会导致癌症。此类别中的其他致癌物质包括:Alcohol酒精Asbestos石棉Tobacco smoke烟草烟雾All of the above以上所有7 Obese children who cut their sugar intake showed lower blood pressure and improved cholesterol ings within:7、肥胖儿童减少糖分摄入多久之后,血压会降低,胆固醇水平会得到改善:10 days10天One month一个月Two months两个月Six months六个月8 Sleep apnea has been tied to excess levels of uric acid and may raise the risk of this painful condition:8、睡眠呼吸暂停和尿酸水平过高有关,而且还可能引发哪种疼痛的病症:Shingles带状疱疹Gout痛风Migraine偏头痛Sciatica坐骨神经痛 /201511/407794。

The question is, has the world gone nuts? It certainly looks like a lot of people are being driven by fear, hatred and greed.  问题来了:这个世界是不是已经疯了?看起来确是如此,因为许多人都在被恐惧、仇恨和欲望所驱使。  Losing our sanity is about getting so absorbed in what someone else thinks that we#39;re no longer in touch with our own sensibility. It#39;s believing that we are right so everyone else must be wrong. It#39;s thinking that bloodshed, violence or guns will actually solve something. It#39;s believing that the real enemy is #39;them#39;, and that by eradicating #39;them#39; we make ourselves safe.  失去理智,即意味着沉迷于他人的观念之中,从而失去了自身的辨识力;抑或意味着笃信我们自己一定是正确的,所以别人肯定错了;抑或是认为流血、暴力和杀能实际解决问题;也意味着相信我们真正的敌人是“他者”,并认为只要铲除他者,我们就安全了。  None of the above makes any sense in a sane world. Gaining our sanity means we know the difference between right and wrong, we know that two wrongs don#39;t make a right. It#39;s knowing that kindness wins every time. It#39;s knowing that the one who shouts the loudest invariably needs the most help. It#39;s knowing that sharing, communicating with, and helping each other is the best way to ensure our continued existence.  如果世界是理智的,所有这些都毫无道理。保持理性,就是我们要明辨是非,我们知道错上加错不会让问题得到纠正,知道善良永远会战胜邪恶,知道吼声最凶的人一定是最需要帮助的人,知道分享、交流和互相帮助才是让我们长久生存下去的最佳方法。  Chaos is natural — our universe is organized chaos — so to find our sanity in the midst of this is vital. Life is unpredictable, everything is constantly changing, the only security is knowing there is none. Arenown meditation teacher once said that there should be no difference between meditating in a cave or in the chaos of a city, as stillness is inside us and not dependent on external circumstances.  混乱是一种自然的状态——我们的宇宙本身就是一个有序的混乱体——所以在混乱的世界中求得理性就尤为重要。生活不可预知,万事都在永恒的变化之中,唯一可以确定的是世界上根本没有确定性的东西。一位著名的冥想师曾说过,在山洞中冥想和在喧嚣的城市中冥想其实并无分别,因为宁静是存在于我们心中而不是外部环境中的。  Think of the sky that has clouds, storms, rain, snow, tornados, lightening, thunder, yet behind IT all is the sky, unchanging. Beneath our tears and grief, beneath the dramas and conflicts, there is a very sane, still and calm place we can rest in.  想想气象万千的天空,可能云层密布,可能暴雨倾盆,抑或雨水纷纷,可能下雪、刮台风,或许电闪雷鸣;可是,在这些喧嚣背后,天空永远宁静。在我们的泪水和悲伤的背后,在挫折和冲突的背后,就是最本真的理性,这是供我们栖息的最恒久、最安全之地。 /201603/433303。

Little Zeke Walters and his family headed to the mall near their home in Evansville, Indiana, last week to take his first photos with Santa, his dad, Donnie, told BuzzFeed News.温暖的故事发生在上周末,齐克·沃特被爸爸妈妈带去家附近的购物中心,拍与圣诞老人的人生第一张合影。 /201512/413011。

Although most young Argentinians aren’t even thinking about marriage these days, they seem quite fond of wedding ceremonies. So they’ve come up with a bizarre party trend of fake weddings, where groups of 20- and 30-somethings get together to attend wedding-themed parties complete with fake bride and groom.虽然大多数阿根廷年轻人根本没考虑过谈婚论嫁,可他们似乎都还很喜欢参加婚礼。所以他们开启了“假结婚”的奇异潮流,一堆20或者30多岁的年轻人齐聚一堂,参加婚礼主题的聚会,不过新郎和新娘都不是真的。The idea was the brainchild of 26-year-old publicist Martin Acerbi, who, a couple of years ago, organised a fake wedding with four of his friends in La Plata, about 32 miles away from Buenos Aires. “It all started two years ago with a group of friends: we realised we hadn’t been to a wedding in a long time because hardly anybody is getting married anymore,” Acerbi says.26岁的公关马丁·阿克比想出了这一主意,几年前,他与他的四位朋友在距离阿根廷布宜诺斯艾利斯51.5公里远的拉普拉塔组织了一场假婚礼。他回忆道:“一切始于两年前我和一群朋友的经历:由于现在很少有人结婚,我们意识到我们很久没有参加过婚礼了。”To his surprise, the event was a huge success which got him thinking about a new business. The friends went on to found ‘Falsa Boda’, a fake wedding organising company, in November 2013. They rent out real wedding locations, hire caterers, florists, and DJs, and make everything look like a real wedding. Except, there is no ‘happily ever after’.令他惊讶的是,他们组织的假婚礼获得了空前的成功,这使得阿克比想到了新商机。这几位志同道合的好友于2013年11月成立了一家组织假婚礼的公司Falsa Boda。他们租赁了真正的婚礼举办地点,雇佣了宴席承办者、花匠和DJ,让一切看上去与真正的婚礼一模一样。唯一的差别在于,婚礼过后没有“从此之后的幸福生活”。The bride and groom are hired too, as is a secret boyfriend or spurned lover who arrives unexpectedly to disrupt the ceremony. There’s a fair bit of drama when the bride or groom abandons the wedding and elopes with the third actor. There’s a different storyline for each event, and sometimes the ‘bride’ even throws her bouquet to the female guests.新娘和新郎也是雇佣来的,假婚礼上还会有秘密男友或者感觉备受冷落的情人前来闹场。有时新娘或者新郎会抛弃婚礼与第三名演员私奔。每场假婚礼最后都会有不同的故事结局,有时新娘会将捧花扔给女性客人。“These wedding professionals have become our strategic allies, we organise it like it’s the real thing, except the marriage itself is fake,” Acerbi said. “Our guests get all the fun of a wedding party with none of the commitment, or the problem of finding someone who is actually getting married.”阿克比说:“这些婚礼专家已经成为了我们的战略同盟,我们将它当做一场真正的婚礼来举办,只有婚姻本身是假的。我们的客人可以充分享受这场没有承诺的婚礼的乐趣,就算看中新郎新娘也没有关系,因为他们不是真的结婚。”Each fake wedding event can accommodate 600 to 700 guests, who all pay about to attend. According to Acerbi, the events are mostly targeted at women, who end up buying the majority of the tickets. “The romanticism around weddings is clearly still alive, at least in that respect,” he explained.每场假婚礼能容纳600-700名客人,每位客人需付50美元入场费。据阿克比透露,假婚礼的主要目标是女性,她们购买了大部分入场券。他解释说:“虽然婚姻本身是假的,但婚礼的浪漫氛围并未减少。”32-year-old marketing manager Pablo Boniface, who recently attended a fake wedding, said: “The girls were euphoric, as if a cousin of theirs was really getting married, but it was just an actress. When the bride arrived, everyone went crazy, pulling out their phones and snapping pictures like she was a Hollywood star.” He agreed that the fake weddings were a big hit because hardly anyone his age ever talks about getting married. “I’m single and so are all of my friends of both sexes. Marriage is something we don’t even think about. It’s a formality that has nothing to do with love.”32岁的市场经理帕布洛·伯尼菲斯最近参加了一场假婚礼,他说:“姑娘们的情绪都很高涨,感觉就像她们的亲戚真的在结婚一样,但其实婚礼上只有演员。新娘入场之后,每个人都很疯狂,拿出他们的手机拍摄照片,感觉她就像一名好莱坞明星。”他承认假婚礼特别受欢迎,因为他的同龄人很少会考虑结婚。“我还是单身,我身边的男女朋友们也一样。婚姻是我们不会考虑的东西。这是一场与爱无关的仪式。”There’s plenty of data to prove Boniface right. 22,000 couples tied the knot in Buenos Aires in 1990, but that number nosedived to almost half that – 11,642 – by 2013. According to government statistics, the people who do get married are much older. So people these days don’t have many opportunities to attend wedding parties, which is why Acerbi’s fake weddings are so popular.不少数据显示1990年布宜诺斯艾利斯有2.2万人结婚,而这一数字到了2013年暴跌至11642人。据政府统计,真正结婚的人年纪都比较大。如今阿根廷的年轻人没什么机会参加婚礼,阿克比的假婚礼才会如此受欢迎。“They are going to see something they don’t do in real life any more,” explained sociologist Victoria Mazzeo. “The fact is that very few young people get married anymore.”社会学家维多利亚·马泽尔表示:“他们会见识到现实生活中看不到的东西。事实上,现在很少有年轻人结婚了。”And as Boniface pointed out, it’s apparently easier to meet someone at fake weddings than at real ones!正如伯尼菲斯指出,很明显去假婚礼结交朋友远比去真婚礼方便。 /201510/404684。

The doctor looked at his patient#39;s tongue, felt his pulse, knocked on his chest, and began: ;Same old story, my friend. Too much confinement. Do not deny it. What you need is plenty of outdoor exercise. Walk, Walk.;医生看了看病人的舌头,号了号脉。 敲了敲他地胸部,说道:“还是老问题,朋友, 运动量太小,不要否认这个事实。你需要大量的户外运动。 走路。 走路。 ”;But, doctor...;“不过,医生……”;Don#39;t argue with me. I am the doctor. Take my advice. Walk ten times as much as you do now. That#39;s the only thing that will cure you.;“不要同我争辩,我是医生。遵照我的嘱咐,走10倍于你现在所走的路,这是治愈你的疾病地唯一方法。 ”;But my business...;“然而我的工作是……”;That is just the trouble. Your business! Well, change your business, so that you can get a chance to walk more. What is your business?;“这正是问题所在。你的工作!好吧,换一个工作。 这样一来,你就有机会多走动了。 你是干什么的?”;I#39;m a letter-carrier.;“我是一名邮递员。 ” /201511/412189。