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Employees working at foreign-funded companies are likely to receive the highest average annual bonuses, followed by staff at state-owned enterprises, private companies, government departments and government-funded institutions, an online survey initiated by China Youth Daily has found.由《中国青年报》发起的一项网络调查显示,外企员工年终奖平均最高,其次是国企、民企、政府机关,最后是事业单位。Of all the 3,926 people surveyed, 36.2 percent said that their annual bonus is a major factor in their workplace satisfaction and helps to determine whether or not they will change jobs in the coming year.共有3926人参与了调查,其中36.2%的受访者表示,年终奖是衡量工作满意度的一个重要方面,年终奖的多少,会成为自己来年是否换工作的重要参考。 /201112/165826

As most dog owners will confirm, a four-legged friend is quick to offer a reassuring nuzzle when you are feeling down and low. But its natural empathy also extends to strangers, scientists claim, the Daily Mail reported.据英国《每日邮报》报道,大多数养的主人都有这样的经历,他们情绪低落时,这个四条腿的朋友就会马上用鼻子在主人周围蹭来蹭去,给他们提供安抚。不过,科学家指出,与陌生人也有这种与生俱来的情感共鸣。They believe dogs naturally seek to reassure humans in distress.科学家认为,天生会帮助人类消除悲伤。In tests, when either their owner or a stranger started crying, most dogs approached them providing reassurance and comfort.经过试验,不管是的主人还是陌生人开始哭泣时,大部分的都会靠近他们,带去安慰。 /201206/187070

There are several strange and unique McDonalds’ in the ed States, including a colonial-themed locale in Independence, Ohio; a river boat restaurant on the Mississippi River in St. Louis, Missouri; and a brightly lit Golden Arches in the middle of Times Square. However, the most unusual McDonald’s location on U.S. soil can be found in New Hyde Park, New York, where the franchise opened its doors in a gorgeous Georgian mansion that dates back to 1795.在美国有几个奇怪和独特的麦当劳店,包括在俄亥俄州独立区的一个殖民主题餐厅,密苏里州的圣路易斯市的密西西比河上的一个水上船餐厅,和时代广场中央的有着一个闪亮的金色拱门的餐厅。但是,美国最不平凡的麦当劳餐厅坐落在纽约市的新德公园;在那的一个可以追溯到1795年的华丽的格鲁吉亚豪宅里面,最精美的麦当劳店开张了。Before one can fault the corporate giant for opening a restaurant in a historical landmark, it must first be noted that this mansion — known by locals as the Denton House — was abandoned and on the verge of collapse before McDonald’s purchased the property in the 1980s.如果有谁要批评这个企业巨头在历史地标上开一家餐厅,那他首先应该注意到,这座被当地人称作丹敦房子的房屋是被废弃的,而且在20世纪80年代,早于麦当劳购买这栋房子之前,它已经岌岌可危了。 /201212/212742美军阿富汗境内大动作来源:Economist 编辑:Vicki上周美军 终于开始了从2001年进入阿富汗以来的最大行动,这也是奥巴马总统上任后的第一次阿富汗行动。长期的目标是要清楚阿富汗境内的恐怖分子。此次行动与美军此前的“山地挺进”、“山狮”等计划有很大的不同,派出了4000名美军海军陆战队,560名阿富汗军人,及180架飞机做掩护。War in Afghanistan : A surge (高涨)in HelmandWestern soldiers are engaged in one of the biggest anti-Taliban offensives in yearsWILL a thrust of the sword(推力剑) bring results? The launch last week of Operation Khanjar by American forces marked the start of one of the largest military offensives in Afghanistan since Western forces invaded the country in 2001. It is also the first big military push by America’s president, Barack Obama.The longer term ambition is to reduce counter-insurgency activity (反叛乱活动)in Afghanistan over the course of the next year to 18 months. More immediately the goal is to drive Taliban insurgents(起义者) from their strongholds in southern districts of Helmand province, where they have been ensconced since 2006. Western commanders hope to end a stalemate that has beset 8,000 British troops in the province for the past three years. What separates Operation Khanjar from other offensives in recent years—“Mountain Thrust(山地挺进)”, “Medusa(梅杜莎)”, “Mountain Lion(山狮)” to name a few—is that some 4,000 American marines and 650 Afghan soldiers have been deployed, supported by more than 180 aircraft. The operation is also being co-ordinated with British and Danish military pushes in central and northern areas of the province.It is the Marine Corps’ biggest operation since the taking of Fallujah from Iraqi insurgents in November 2004, although that precedent offers a cautionary(告诫的,注意的) point. The battle of Fallujah demonstrated how American armed forces are supremely capable of dislodging (撞出)enemies who attempt to stand and fight, but it did little to tackle the insurgency in Iraq that tied down 150,000 American soldiers and cost of tens of thousands of Iraqi and American lives.The Taliban may have learned that lesson. Last week Afghan government spies inside the Taliban reported that the movement’s “provincial governor” in Helmand, Mullah Naim Barech, had told his fighters to be y to hide their weapons if the military pressure became too great. He added that they should prepare instead to wage an insurgents’ war on Western military supply lines.American commanders argue that they have learnt a great deal about counter-insurgency tactics since Fallujah. “Our focus is now and will remain the Afghan people,” said Marine commander Brigadier Larry Nicholson, before the operation. He argues that the size of the offensive and plans to stay on after it is completed mean that insurgents can be kept at bay. “Where we go, we will stay, and where we stay, we will hold, build, and work toward transition of all security responsibilities to Afghan forces”, he says. Early reports from the operation suggest that some American units met little resistance, but others were involved in heavy fighting.The overall NATO commander General Stanley McChrystal also promised restraint in the use of air power, a response to many incidents in the past two years in which civilians were killed by bombs, causing widesp anger among Afghans. “We must avoid the trap of winning tactical victories, but suffering strategic defeats, by causing civilian casualties or excessive damage and thus alienating the people,” he wrote in a tactical directive ahead of the operation. Officials claim that soldiers now call for air support far less frequently than they did in the past. Khanjar is likely to have several objectives. A first is to throw the Taliban off balance before presidential elections in August, and in this they support ongoing British operations in the central districts of the province. Second is to sever the Taliban’s supply lines. These are long and run across the porous border with Pakistan to the south of the province. They are vulnerable to attack in the desert areas along the border where there is no local population to conceal the insurgents.A third aim will is the hardest to achieve: giving the populace confidence that Afghan and Western troops are going to stay and have the capacity to bring improvements, for example by delivering clean and working government institutions and, above all, security. Helmand is Afghanistan’s largest province and even the current 12,000-13,000 troops on the ground do not represent a high concentration of forces. “People don’t trust NATO forces,” says Haji Mahboob Khan, an Afghan senator from the southern Helmand district of Garmser. Although he argues that there is little local support for the Taliban, many believe that the insurgents will outstay the foreign forces. “Many times British forces came to an area but left again and the Taliban came back.” Keke View:新总统,新行动。 /200907/77167

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