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在去年的一个感人且疯狂的网上疯传的视频中,作曲家埃里克·惠特克领导了一个虚拟的由来自全世界的歌手组成的唱诗班。他通过YouTube导演了这场音乐制作的创意挑战,并发布了他新作品的前两分钟:“睡眠”,它是由2052人组成的唱诗班来演绎的。全片将于四月七日首映(是的,在YouTube上!)。 Article/201305/240481Studios Use CGI to Replace Paul Walker, Philip Seymour HoffmanHollywood productions will use CGI to resurrect the actors in their upcoming films. A recent sudden deaths of two Hollywood stars have sent Hollywood studios skramtbling. With Paul walker in fast and furious 7, and Philip Seymour Hoffman in the hunger games.A recent sudden deaths of two Hollywood stars have sent Hollywood studios scrambling with Paul walker, star in fast and furious 7, Philip Seymour Hoffman ,apearing in C, CS to the Hunger Games.Movie makers have been forced to come up with some creative solutions to complete some crucial scene here.But do they have a technology to do it and how audiences response to it at all? A#39;s B is in Los Angeles,certain to more.Good morning B.Good morning B.Good morning D.This is a scenario that Hollywood faces many times over the years. JCM all passed away before finishing a film project. Then dance studio would dotheir best with the body doubles. But today, they have much better options.Coming back to the big screen, actor PhilipSeymour Hoffman will live on as the character in the next to WS of hunger game after dying before filming was completed.And now we#39;re learning, so will Paul Walker in the fast and furious 7.Actor was originally believed the movie would have to be drafted because of too many untapped scene. Instead,the Hollywood reporter is reviewing the studio will use special effect, replacing the actor with Computer Generated Image of him.What you are seeing here is a technology advance appointed wire. They can do things that actors will not possible before.CGI technology is used to put a new face on actors more and more. It is how Army Nett play twins in a social network.How N.P dance so daftly in Black Swan. And even how Audrey Hepburn was resurrected for this Dove chocolate ad. But using an actor#39;s tragic death raise ethical questions.The big issue here is whether you can tell if it is a scene you know that is not real , it gives you a weird feeling when you are watching it. I think the studio is going to be very careful to make thisa scene processed.Now when CGI is used, the seized actors’family are usually consulted it and scripts are sometime changed. Walker Characterwere reportedly got a different ending in the film,a happy ending. Just one more thing in that press studio can do it and make it sure that audiences feel comfortable.Ya,that is appropriate when we chat to their family for permission and understand.Interesting how CGI is becoming stable in Hollywood now. /201404/283718

Turkey Mine Disaster: Clashes After 274 KilledRescuers battle fire and toxic fumes as they search for more than 100 missing miners stuck underground in western Turkey.新闻背景:当地时间5月13日,土耳其西部马尼萨省索玛地区的一个煤矿发生爆炸,前已造成274人死亡,此外有约450人获救。土耳其能源和自然资源部长耶尔德兹在宣布最新死亡数字的同时,表示救援工作仍在进行中。救援人员将尝试从两个不同位置进入矿内搜索。但耶尔德兹也同时透露矿内情况仍比较危险,明火仍未完全扑灭,火灾和有毒的一氧化碳气体阻碍了救援工作的进展。。事发时有近800名矿工在井下作业,仍有至少百余名矿工生死未卜。联合国秘书长潘基文、国际劳工组织总干事莱德等联合国系统高官纷纷对土耳其严重矿难表示哀悼,向遇难者家属表示慰问。联合国秘书长发言人杜加里克当天说,潘基文将亲自致信土耳其总统居尔,就该国矿难向土耳其政府和人民表示哀悼。美国白宫表示美国愿为土耳其矿难的救援工作提供持。美国参议院外交关系委员会主席梅内德斯也对矿难死难者表示哀悼。 As each stretcher is born from the mine, those crowding the entrance faced two dilemmas: Is it their loved one being carried from the disaster? And if so, is he alive or dead? The smoke still billows from the mine,its toxic cloud incapacitating those sent in to bring out the casualties. The grief and anger is overwhelming and on an enormous scale. Stunned relatives sit on the sides of the road, comforting each other. At the state hospital, they are struggling to cope. The bodies of the dead and the injured arrived in a steady stream. In what is sure to become Turkey#39;s worst ever mining disaster, three days of mourning has been declared by the Prime Minister.Tayyip Erdogan has been in power for eleven years. His increasingly authoritarian rule has infuriated many urban dwellers. On his visit to the mine, he promised to discover the cause.At the end of March 2010, it was determined that this mine passed in the fields of work and house safety. I went through all the inspections. I#39;d like to say that the pain we have left behind is not just that of the brothers we have lost, it#39;s our shared pain, the pain of the nation.Those words did little to salve the anger. Hundreds gathered to protest what they say is a chronic disregard for safety practices at many privately owned mines. The firm which operates the complex has done so for thirty years. And it had recently both said to be significantly reducing the running cost. These pictures inside the mine were taken three years ago with the local MP greeting those of the coal face, the low height of the tunnel is clear as he bends down to shake the hands.The fire started on Tuesday afternoon to clear the gases from where the miners were trapped. They worked through the night, pumping in the oxygen and pulling all the men they could from the ground. The poisonous fire and its aftermath are aly testing the government, which claimed the mine passed the safety inspection in March. But with allegations of under-aged workers and miners being allowed to operate without the authorization carts, the question is mounting as the body count rises. /201405/298695

With a clear view of the endless plateau below, vultures are quick to spot any opportunity.从高空俯视着广袤无垠的高原,秃鹫们不会放过任何一个机会。A dead yak has drawn a crowd. Vultures aren#39;t famous for their table manners. The vultures do well here, as the vast Tibetan wilderness is home to many large creatures.一头死牦牛吸引了一群秃鹫前来,秃鹫的就餐礼仪并不好,但在这里秃鹫们却表现的很好,因为广阔的西藏荒原有足够多的大型生物。Living in herds of up to 200 in the remoter corners of the Tibetan plateau, wild yaks travel large distances, grazing on the alpine tundra.居住在西藏高原偏远角落的野牦牛群居的数量甚至可能达到200只。他们走过遥远的距离来到高山上的冻土地带寻觅食物。Strong and secure over mountain passes and rivers. The yak is in its element at altitude so much so that it gets sick if it goes below 3,000 metres.依靠着山口和河流,牦牛在这里强大而安全。它们于这个海拔的环境是如此地连为一体,以至于如果他们到达海拔3000米以下,身体就会变得虚弱。Standing two metres tall at the shoulder and weighing more than 800 kilos, the wild yak is both formidable and aggressive.牦牛身高2米,体重超过800千克,不仅自身强大还很好斗。But without this fearsome creature it#39;s unlikely that humans would have survived up here.但若没有这种看起来吓人的生物,人类就不可能在这里生存。Once domesticated, the yak is an amazing animal, providing the Tibetans with transport, food, wool for clothes and tents, and manure for fuel.一旦被驯,牦牛会让人惊异万分。它为藏民提供运输,食物做衣物和帐篷的毛,还有可以做燃料的粪便。 /201403/279697

Jobs pushes forward乔布斯再接再厉adding the mini, shuffle,and nano to his iPod empire.iPod帝国相继推出了mini、shuffle和nanoFrom the time it launched, every generation just got kind of smaller,从诞生之日起 每一代产品都更进一步slimmer, sexier, slicker, tinier.更苗条 更性感 更细腻 更小巧The incredible shrinking iPod earned Apple a parody on ;Saturday night live;.iPod体型不可思议越来越小 《周六夜现场》对此恶搞了下苹果Okay, wait a minute.Steve Jobs, I don#39;t even think you really holding anything.好的 稍等 史蒂夫·乔布斯 你手上什么也没有啊I am, iPod Invsi Perfect stocking stuffer and it holds 8 million songs.我有透明版iPod 完美的圣诞礼物 能存储八百万首歌The iPod would soon hold TV shows,随后iPod可以播放电视节目music , even feature films,音乐视频 甚至电影all downloadable on iTunes globally.均可从iTunes上下载 不分地域Whether it was in Asia, Australia,无论是在亚洲还是澳洲they were able to interact with music almost instantly as people could in the U.S.都和在美国一样 在音乐的国度没有时差The iPod is so popular,iPod如此成功even its commercials are capable of catapulting careers.即使是它的广告都能创造事业奇迹One, two, three, four,一 二 三 四tell me that you love me more.告诉我 你更爱我You look at an artist like Feist and her song ;One, two, three, four;比如说歌手菲斯特 她的歌《一二三四》I mean this is the song that...这首歌it had cracked the very very bottom part of the billboard chart.它在公告牌榜单上几乎是垫底的But it started running in apple commercials and literally like the next week,但当它成为苹果广告的背景音乐后 仅仅一周boom, it#39;s at like number 20.它便冲进了前二十Boom, number ten.很快又进入前十Harry Schum, the star of the hit TV serious ;Glee.;哈利·沈是热播剧集《欢乐合唱团》的主角But you might not recognize him here,in apple#39;s dancing silhouette commercial.但在这个苹果黑影舞蹈广告中你可能认不出来他I always heard that Steve Jobs has to prove it.我时常听说史蒂夫·乔布斯想要明He#39;s particular and he wants thing simple and他很特别 想把事情变得简单I think that#39;s what shaped the form of silhouettes.我想这就是黑影舞蹈的设计初衷A person dancing, maybe doing extraordinary moves,一个人在跳舞 做一些精的动作but in silhouette.但是以黑影的形式So it made you feel that, hey, I could be one of those people holding those iPods having fun这让你感觉 我也可以这样 手持iPod 尽享乐趣and I just thought it was so genius.我认为这太有才了 /201305/241022

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