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郴州疱疹可以治吗郴州东方医院有泌尿外科吗In fact, you know what?事实上 你知道吗The remains of this paraglider and a bit of breeze that there is out in the lake,降落伞剩下的部分 加上湖面上的徐徐微风theres no reason why I shouldnt make something much cooler to cross this with.我可以弄出点辅助工具 让横渡行动变得轻松些Yeah, lets get this going.Im gonna try to make a kite.说干就干 我要做个大风筝First job is to modify the shape of the chute and attach the control lines.首先要调整一下降落伞的形状 再接上控制方向的丝线Leaves stuffed into each corner create a solid point to secure them.在伞盖的各个角落塞点小东西 用来固定它At the end of this, just put a clove hitch in it one turn, two turns and then in front of themselves.在这头打一个双套结 绕一圈 两圈 然后把它套进去The good thing about this is itll tighten on itself,and that then cant come undone.这种结绳法的优点在于它的两圈之间 可以相互压紧 而不会松开The lines are in place,next I fashion a makeshift control bar to help maneuver the kite.搞定绳子以后接下来要做个简易船舵 用以控制风筝的方向With the kite positioned downwind just off the shoreline,its time to get it airborne.把它安置在顺风方向的海岸线上以后 就是时候乘风而行了Lets see if we can try and get this thing launched from the water.看看能不能让风筝从湖面上飞起The wind is out, and the lines are tight.Give it a good pull.起风的时候 适时拉紧绳子 拉一把试试But the first two attempt dont work,on my third try, it catched just right.前两次尝试都没有成功 第三次它终于迎风而上Success.There we go.Up it goes.成了 好了 扶摇直上啊201608/459256郴州专业治疗阳痿的男科医院 The grandest of these tombs had openings cut in the wall,最豪华墓穴的墙壁上开凿了凹槽to create side chambers where the most important bodies以便让最重要的尸体could be laid out in aristocratic spaciousness like family vaults in a country church.能够安息在奢华宽敞的空间内 就像教堂中的家族墓穴Unlike medieval knights though,与中世纪的骑士们不同these grandees were buried with eagles and dogs, or even treasure.这些贵族将 鹰 甚至珍宝作为陪葬品The kind of thing the Vikings who broke into these tombs thousands of years later were quick to filch.这些陪葬品让数千年后维京海盗的盗取 易如探囊取物In return, though,these early tomb raiders left their own legacy.然而作为回馈 这些早期盗墓者也留下了他们的遗产These wonderful graffiti.These runes were carved by the most skilled rune carver in the western ocean.这些珍贵的涂鸦 这些如尼文 由大西洋最娴熟的雕刻师 书刻在墙上I bedded thorny here.Ingegirth is one horny bitch.我在此如卧针毡 茵妮格斯是个浪荡的贱人As for the Orcadian hoi polloi,they ranked space in a common chamber,而作为奥克尼的平民 只能葬于一间公共墓穴之内on a floor carpeted with the bones of hundreds of their predecessors.葬于由无数祖先的尸骨铺就的地板之上A crowded waiting room to their afterworld.一个熙熙攘攘 通向来世的等候室For centuries,life at Skara Brae must have continued in much the same way.几个世纪以来 斯卡拉布雷人的生活几乎毫无变化But around 2,500 ,the island climate seems to have got colder and wetter.然而在公元前2500年前后 岛上气候开始变得寒冷潮湿The red bream disappeared and so did the stable environment the Orcadians had enjoyed for countless generations.红鲷鱼灭绝了 让奥克尼人世代安居乐业的气候 也不再规律与稳定Fields were abandoned, the farmers and fishers migrated,土地变得贫瘠 农民与渔夫开始迁徙leaving their stone buildings and tombs to be covered by layers of peat, drifting sand and finally grass.留下了他们的石室 墓穴 任由其被层层泥炭 流沙 与最后的茵茵绿草所覆盖 /201606/451012TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201611/475085郴州市东方医院包皮手术的步骤

郴州市治疗包皮包茎多少钱栏目简介:Now some sports news. A friendly soccer match between former players for AC Milan and Shanghai teams will kick off tomorrow at the citys Hongkou Stadium. To promote the game, organizers have set up an exhibition of some of the jerseys the AC Milan players have worn. Cui Huiao tells us more. 201701/488457郴州东方医院好不好 郴州治疗梅毒费用多少

郴州做个精子化验要多少钱Nowhere in Cromwells strong-arm regime did his shock troops seem to enjoy their work more thoroughly than in the visitations to the monasteries,在克伦威尔的高压统治下 他的突击队从修道院中攫取了前所未有的满足感done with lightning speed during the course of 1535 and early 1536.他们以迅雷不及掩耳之势 于1535至1536年初横扫各地The uprooting of nearly 10,000 monks and nuns,几近一万名僧尼惨遭迫害the destruction of an entire ancient way of life had little to do with reforming zeal.旧时生活方式的毁灭 也无法消退改革的狂热When you look at Cromwells flying squads up close and in action,当你看到克伦威尔的爪牙行动时you dont really get the impression of a bunch of men who thought of themselves as renovators. Wreckers, more likely.定不会觉得他们有;革新者;的自觉 而更像是一群强盗For one thing, they seemed to enjoy their work a bit too much.一来 他们似乎过于沉醉于其中I laid unto him a concealment of treason,我揭发了他的叛国罪wrote one of Cromwells hit men to his chief about a prior he had at his mercy.克伦威尔的一名打手 在向其长官报告一名修道院长的信中写道I called him heinous traitor in the worst terms I could devise,我极尽恶语辱骂这个叛国贼And him all the time kneeling and making intercession unto me,Not to utter to you the premises of his undoing.他一直跪在那里向我求饶 并供出了没完全坦白他霸占的地产Such were the pleasures of reform.这些就是改革带来的愉悦The property bonanza that followed the dissolution of the monasteries was on a scale no other English revolution ever approached.另外 解散修道院带来丰厚的不义之财 数字之庞大 英国任何革命都无法企及Abbeys like this one at Laycock were offered at bargain basement prices,诸如莱科克这样的修道院 都被作为廉价物品一般and loyalty to the new order secured with bricks and mortar.为新构建的体制占有 /201701/486936 This chopper crew know this stuff,and Im safe on the deck,and the helicopter is out of here.这队机组人员驾轻就熟 我安全着陆以后 直升机就返航了But things dont always go that smoothly.但事情不会总是如此顺利In Guatamala,Simon and I plan to rappel together out of that breen helicopter.在危地马拉时 西蒙和我打算一起从盘旋的直升机上绳降下去And this time, we went in hot.然而这次 我们踏进了火坑Theres a live volcano beneath us,Thats the lava.我们下方有座活火山 那就是岩浆You can feel the heat coming out of this stuff.你能感觉到它散发出来的熊熊热气Must have hundred of feets here,Its hot.这儿起码离地有几百尺高 但还是很热You know theres no land right on top of a volcano,飞机无法停留在 一座岩浆迸发的火山上lava, just off the back side of it,Smoking sulfur fumes everywhere,岩浆从后面喷发 到处弥漫着呛人的硫磺烟雾and winds that were just throwing the helicopter all over the place, and it was a real battle.狂风把直升机吹得左右摇摆 这真是一场恶仗Youve got a helicopter higher,but he cant see whats going on.我们得提升直升机高度 但这样一来飞行员无法看到下面的情况And, basically, I become the pilots eyes,so I tell the pilot exactly whats going on.我几乎成了飞行员的眼睛 告诉他们下一步的指示Okay, then, were good.Bear is underneath...the helo.好的 一切正常 贝尔已经在 飞机下方The pilot was fighting with the helicopter,cause the winds were throwing the helicopter all over the place,飞行员努力控制着直升机 因为大风将飞机吹得东倒西歪and I was lowering Simon down the other side.那时我正要从一侧把西蒙放下去I was halfway down the rope,between the helicopter and the ground.我就挂在半空中 在飞机与地面之间And the pilot said,Dave, I got to go.I cant hold the helicopter any more.这时飞行员说 戴夫 我得走了 我控制不住飞机了I had one hand on Simon,and Im trying to look at Bear, Im trying to lower Simon.我一手扯着西蒙 一边关照贝尔 一边放下西蒙Im trying to convince the pilot just to hold on for another,同时还要说飞行员再坚持15秒you know, 15 seconds so I could get Simon to the ground.好让西蒙安全着陆Literally, just about to pull my knife out to cut the rope.然后 我马上拔出刀子 切断绳索201610/472779资兴市人民中妇幼保健医院不孕不育多少钱郴州医院男科哪家好



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