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Hard to... Hard to look back and be very clear about.其实现在想想他们也没什么禁酒的意识As I know now my dad was developing quite a significant drinking problem himself.我爸爸现在酗酒很严重What point do you think you then started to drink regularly?那你后来什么时候开始养成喝酒的习惯Um I would say from about 16 17.16 17岁左右I would say it took off from the runway a bit during the university years.到大学的时候就没怎么喝了Rolling forwards而现在I think my drinking probably increased as a stress-buster.喝酒主要是为了减轻压力I slipped into a habit of工作完虽然很饿probably having two or three pints after work on an empty stomach但我习惯喝个两三杯probably a few more though on a Friday night.要是星期五晚上就多一点So youd have been consuming on average 30 units and above a week?所以按你的统计 你一周喝30杯左右Just look at your veins around your neck.我先从你脖子上的静脉开始检查Were looking for any lymph nodes. Its a routine examination.看看有没有淋结巴 我们再看其它方面So what had all these years of drinking done to me?多年喝酒习惯会不会对我有什么影响Take a really deep breath in for me?我做了一个很长的深呼吸 Article/201507/384814The same process is happening all over the cosmos.宇宙中到处都在发生这样的碰撞过程Entire clusters of galaxies are constantly colliding and reforming.所有的星系都在不断地发生碰撞和重建Giant collisions as trillions of stars pull on one another,数万亿恒星相互吸引而产生的巨大冲撞their vast masses causing them to spin and dance.所产生的大量碎块使得星系开始旋转起舞Gravity is driving the cosmic clock work万有引力仍然像在宇宙大爆炸开始时那样as it done ever since the big bang.驱动着宇宙时钟的运行This is what the universe looks like这就是当我们脱离人类尺度上的时间when we are released from time on a human scale.所看到的宇宙面貌了But will this cosmic whirlpool go on forever但宇宙的这种旋转永远持续下去吗as an endless mild storm of mass and energy, space and time?让能量与质量,时间与空间无尽地缓慢碰撞What an extraordinary question to even be able to ask.能提出这样的问题是多么不简单啊I think the solution lies back where we began,我认为就在一切开始的地方with the big bang.宇宙大爆炸Ask yourself this.问问你自己What caused the inflation or expansion of the universe in the first place?是什么最先引起了宇宙的膨胀或是扩张When we can answer that等我们能够回答这个问题and fully understand the Big Bang,并完全理解宇宙大爆炸的时候we will also learn the fate of the universe.我们也就能够知道宇宙的命运The key to it all is something called dark energy.宇宙命运的关键是一种叫做暗能量的物质A mysterious form of energy一种神秘形式的能量that pushes space itself apart,它能够使空间本身相分离even as gravity is making matter clump together.即便存在着能将物质聚在一起的万有引力It seems as if dark energy supplied the kick that inflated the universe,看上去似乎是暗能量使得宇宙得以膨胀although we are not quite sure how.尽管我们并不知道究竟是如何做到的What is certain is可以肯定的是that the fate of the universe depends on how this dark energy behaves.宇宙的命运依赖于暗物质如何进行反应If the dark energy slowly weakens,如果暗物质逐渐变弱then gravity could get the upper hand万有引力便会占据上风那么大约两百亿年之后and in 20 billion years or so, the universe goes into reverse那么大约两百亿年之后,宇宙会开始倒转and drive everything back to where it came.将一切都拉回到宇宙的起源 Article/201511/408303

Blueberries are low in fat and sodium.蓝莓的脂肪和纳含量都极低They are good sources of fiber as well as a wide它是纤维素和多种维生素以及variety of vitamins and minerals. Blueberries矿物质的重要来源have been marketed recently as ;brain berries;.蓝莓被称作 ;健脑水果;Studies done in animals have shown improved brain动物实验表明,与正常老鼠相比function in rats given a daily dose of blueberries每天用蓝莓的老鼠的compared to normal rats. Much more work needs to be大脑功能有了显著的提高,但我们仍需done before we can conclude the same effects would做大量研究,才能确定蓝莓对人体也会occur in humans. The health properties in blueberries产生相同的效果,蓝莓之所以有助于健康are derived from the antioxidant activity of the是由于它含有花青素和类黄酮anthocyanins, flavonoids, and proanthocyanidins,它们在蓝莓中的含量极高which are in high concentration in the fruit.可以起到抗氧化作用These compounds give their blue and red colors.正是由于有了这些物质,蓝莓才能Antioxidants are believed to help protect the body呈现蓝色,和红色,抗氧化剂可以帮助against the damaging effects of free radicals and身体抵御自由基和随着年龄增长而chronic diseases associated with the aging process产生的慢性疾病对人体造成的损伤such as cardiovascular disease and cancer.比如心脑血管疾病和癌症Researchers have also found that proanthocynidins研究表明,花青素有助于提高may promote urinary tract health and reduce the risk尿路功能,并且通过防止细菌of infection by preventing bacteria from adhering to在尿路中滋生,从而降低the cells that line the walls of the urinary tract.尿路感染的风险It should be noted that eating blueberries will not但是我们应该注意,食用蓝莓cure a urinary tract infection, but persons with并不能治疗尿路感染,但是患有chronic infections may benefit from regular慢性尿路炎症的人consumption of blueberries and长期食用蓝莓和越橘等水果related fruits such as cranberries.可以有效减轻病症Pomegranate is one of the heaviest advertised石榴是目前最广为推崇的超级食物之一super foods right now. Many people did not know五年前,很多人甚至还不知道what a pomegranate looked like five years ago.石榴到底是什么样的Most pomegranates on the market are in the form of市场上的石榴大部分以果汁形式出现fruit juices. Pomegranate juice contain high levels of与其他果汁相比,石榴汁中的antioxidants compared to other fruit juices.抗氧化剂含量更高,抗氧化剂可以Antioxidants fight the free radicals in the body抑制人体内的自由基,而自由基that can be related to increased risk of cancer,可以增加罹患癌症,心脏病及其他heart disease, and other conditions. Some studies疾病的风险,有研究表明have found that consuming concentrated每天饮用一定量的浓缩石榴汁pomegranate juice daily may lower the risk of some能够有效降低罹患某些癌症的types of cancer, although this work is not yet可能性,但这项研究目前还不全面conclusive. Pomegranate has also been shown to石榴还可以防止动脉have antiatherogenic properties, which may help粥样硬化的形成,从而进一步保护protect the heart and arteries from damage. Also,心脏和动脉功能a heart benefit of concentrated pomegranate juice浓缩石榴汁同样可以通过防止低浓度的may include preventing the oxidation of low脂蛋白发生氧化来保护我们心脏density lipoproteins, which are the LDL#39;s and因为低浓度脂蛋白能够can lead to plaque formation in the arteries.在人体中造成血管堵塞Tomatoes contain a powerful antioxidant, lycopene.番茄含有一种很强的抗氧化剂,番茄红素Several studies have found that diets high in lycopene几项研究表明,摄入一定量的番茄红素may reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.能够降低罹患癌症和心脏病的风险The most compelling evidence so far is the role of目前最有力的据是,番茄能够tomatoes in prostate cancer prevention. Recall that预防前列腺癌I mentioned the issue of bioavailability earlier.我之前提到过生物药效率Tomatoes provide a great example of this important番茄是显示这个指标的一个factor. Lycopene is best absorbed from processed例,经过加工的番茄制品中的tomato products because of the way that lycopene番茄红素的吸收效果最好is bound to the tomato#39;s cell structure.因为番茄红素与番茄的细胞结构紧密相连So tomato-based sauces, soups, and condiments因此以番茄为原料的酱料,汤汁provide the best source of lycopene in the diet.和调料是补充番茄红素的最佳来源 Article/201510/403774

TED演讲视频:叙说维基百科的诞生吉米·威尔斯回忆他怎样组织起“一帮乌合之众的志愿者们”,给他们合作的工具并创建了Wikipedia,一个自发组织,自我修正,从未完成的在线百科全书。 Article/201703/499735

Despite the mountains of footage,尽管影像记录堆积如山Deb Roy is aly uncovering the intricate effect戴布·罗伊已经发现了日常生活daily life has on language development.对语言发展的复杂作用It seems cooing to your baby is not just instinct,对自己的宝宝轻声低语不仅是种本能 it#39;s essential.也是必要的事In the months leading up to their son#39;s first words,在引导儿子说出第一个词的日子里he and his wife unconsciously simplified their speech.他和妻子不知不觉中简化了自己的言语Then as their son#39;s own speech develops,当他们的儿子开始自己讲话时they began to use longer sentences again,他们又重新开始使用较长的句子mirroring the child#39;s own development.这反映出孩子自身的成长What#39;s that over there? Over there, that ball?那边那个是什么 那边的 那个球Green ball.绿球For the very first time, the analysis has also enabled Deb分析结果也破天荒地让戴布to piece together the precise emergence of individual words,拼凑出了单个词语出现的详细过程charting how a new word is born.描绘出新词诞生的图景OK, water, water.好了 水 水So my son, around his first birthday,我的儿子在一岁生日前后started using the sound ;gaga; to indicate water,开始使用;嘎嘎;的发音来指代水and then over the next several months在接下来的几个月里learned to slowly approximate the proper speech form.经过学习逐渐向正确的表达方式靠拢 Article/201411/343814

I#39;ll do it in Catalan.我要用加泰罗尼亚文来写It#39;s this ability we have to combine sounds to make new meanings我们把声音组合起来表达新含义的能力that means how we talk will continue to change意味着我们的说话方式会不断改变from generation to generation.一代又一代地演进That#39;s mummy.那是妈妈And the fact that it#39;s a living entity makes it so fascinating正是这种生命力让语言变得如此迷人but so evasive for scientists.却也让科学家难以捉摸We have come a long way but, at the same time,我们做了很长时间的努力it#39;s really a window that has opened.但这真的只是研究的开始We are only beginning to get a glimpse我们只是刚刚知道一点of how complicated the whole process is.这整个过程有多么复杂Researchers are beginning to understand that,研究者开始了解到beyond our innate ability and our upbringing,除了我们的天生本能与后天教养之外there are more factors that influence why we talk.还有很多因素影响着我们说话的原因One area of growing consensus在对语言生物学的理解上 in understanding the biology of language越来越多的人赞成这一观点is the realisation that language actually is not one monolithic thing语言不止是一个庞大的整体but instead is made up of multiple different components.而是由多种不同的成份组成Come on, 4 a pound, bananas!看呐 香蕉四块钱一磅 Article/201501/353546

We said it. Par. Tay. Being social (without overdoing it) can help reduce the risk of stroke, dementia, and even the common cold. So get out there and make merry – your health may depend on it.我们曾经说过。年轻人聚会。适量的社交活动可以降低中风,痴呆甚至普通感冒的风险。所以,走出家门,开心一点——你的健康或许就依赖于此。You Will Need你需要Friends朋友Proof of age年龄明Sense of humor幽默感Games游戏Flirting调情Time off work下班时间Willingness to shake your groove thing抛开烦恼的意愿Hot lips (optional)火热的嘴唇(可选)Steps步骤While this is awesome, it didn#39;t go to medical school. Always consult your doctor for actual medical advice.尽管这段视频很精,但并不是专业的医学院出品。一定要向医生咨询专业的医疗建议。STEP 1 Drink responsibly1.适量饮酒Have a drink with friends – moderate alcohol consumption in a supportive social setting can lower your risk of heart disease and stroke, and red wine may improve cardiovascular health.和朋友一起喝酒——合适的社交场合适量饮酒可以降低心脏病和中风的风险,红酒或许可以改善心血管健康。STEP 2 Yuk it up2.捧腹大笑Embrace your inner comedian. Laughter can reduce stress and increase blood flow, which can in turn lower your risk for heart disease.享受你内在的喜剧天分。大笑可以减缓压力,增加血液流动,从而降低心脏病的风险。Laughing for 10 to 15 minutes burns up to 50 calories, meaning you might actually be able to laugh your butt off.大笑10至15分钟可以燃烧50卡路里的热量,这意味着笑掉你的大肚子也是有可能的。STEP 3 Game on3.玩游戏Goof off. Play games that elevate your heart rate or that engage your mind. The first can help get your cardiovascular system into shape; the second can help stave off dementia.偷懒。玩一些可以提高心率的游戏或者智力游戏。首先可以促进心血管系统健康,其次可以避免痴呆。STEP 4 Flirt4.调情Flirt like a champ. Studies show those who do tend to have higher white blood-cell counts, which helps fight off infection.适当地调情。研究发现,适当调情的人白细胞数量更多,可以抵抗感染。Kissing can burn up to five calories per minute, so get your smooch on with that special someone!亲吻每分钟可以燃烧5卡路里的热量,所以可以和你喜欢的人纵情热吻。STEP 5 Relax5.放松Take frequent vacations: a study shows a correlation between two or more vacations a year and lower rates of depression and improved quality of sleep.经常度假。一项研究发现每年度假两三次可以降低抑郁率,改善睡眠质量。STEP 6 Dance6.跳舞Regular dancing has been shown to help lower the risk of dementia and osteoporosis; provide a great aerobic workout, and release endorphins for a natural, healthy high. Partying never felt so good!经常跳舞可以降低痴呆和骨质疏松症的风险;跳舞是一种有氧运动,可以自然释放出健康水平的内啡肽。聚会从未让你感觉这么好!One study shows that while close connections to family have no impact on a person’s life expectancy, people with big groups of friends outlive those without by 22 percent.一项研究发现,与家人关系密切对一个人的寿命没有影响,而有一大帮朋友的人比没有朋友的人寿命长22%。 Article/201411/342258

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