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罗源县输卵管造影哪里好福州去哪里输卵管通液最好Laughing Yoga: Exercise for the mindGiggles and guffaws filled the halls of an elderly home in Manila as its residents gathered for an unusual therapy session.The seniors were practicing laughter yoga, a form of exercise that aims to help them awaken their senses and punctuate their long bouts of solitude.Guidance counsellor Paolo Trinidad says laughing away problems will promote a healthier mindset, and he has embarked on a mission to sp the laughter and the good vibes.Laughter yoga involves self-triggered laughter that is not necessarily initiated by humour. The exercise routines combine yoga breathing techniques and laughter simulation with stretching, chanting and role playing."That's the gist of laughter yoga. We will be laughing without any reason, no jokes. We will be laughing because we want to be healthy. We have to have a good mind, good mindset," laughter yoga professor Paolo Trinidad said.Mr Trinidad conducts laughter yoga sessions in other institutions, including an abused children's shelter, a cancer ward, schools and corporate offices.Vocabulary:guffaw: to laugh noisily(大笑;哄笑;狂笑)punctuate: to interrupt something at intervals(不时打断)laugh away: 用笑驱除embark on: 从事;开始做vibe:气氛;环境背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/110025福州台江区孕检去那好 OPEC Output Cuts Roil Stock Markets欧佩克将减产石油 股市再猛跌  OPEC will cut its oil output by 1.5 million barrels a day starting in November, with chances of more cuts to come. But the announcement was met by a further drop by financial markets. 欧佩克将自11月份起每天减少150万桶的石油产量,之后有可能进一步减产。但是金融市场却有更大的跌幅。OPEC hopes that by cutting output it can put a break on diving oil prices that have been dramatic in recent weeks. Crude oil is selling for 50 percent less than earlier in the year.  欧佩克希望借由减少石油产量来控制最近几周急剧下滑的油价。原油价格比今年早些时候下跌了50%。The decision to cut output came during an emergency meeting in Vienna. Speaking to reporters afterwards, OPEC's president, Algerian oil minister Chakib Khelil, blamed the low oil prices on a drop in demand and on the current financial crisis.  这个决定是在维也纳召开的紧急会议中作出的。欧佩克主席、阿尔及利亚石油部长克利勒在会后对记者表示,油价下跌的根源是需求减少以及目前的金融危机。"There are companies that are not able to pay for the oil," he said. "So it's not the effect on the financial market, it's the effect of the financial market on the supply. If your buyers are not going to be able to get credits from the banks, they are not going to be able to even buy the crude." 他说:“有的公司不能付石油开。所以这不是影响金融市场的因素,事实上,金融市场影响了石油供应。如果你的买家不再能够从那里获得信贷,他们根本无法购买原油。”Khelil said OPEC may meet again before the cartel's planned gathering in Algeria in December and it may cut prices yet again before the year is out. At the moment, OPEC is actually producing beyond its a of 29 million barrels a day. If it meets its a and the planned cuts take place it would end up pumping about 1.8 million fewer barrels of oil a day.  克利勒表示,欧佩克成员国12月份按计划在阿尔及利亚集会,但之前可能还会再次会面,而且在今年年底前可能还会减少石油产量。在目前,欧佩克的实际石油产量超过它一天2千9百万桶的配额。如果欧佩克按照配额量产油,再加上减产措施的实施,最终每天石油产量会减少180万桶。Any hopes of an immediate reaction on the world financial markets were dashed. Stock markets plummeted Friday, as fears of recession continue to sp. 这个减产措施会立刻反映在世界金融市场上的希望渺茫。由于唯恐经济衰退会持续扩散,股市在星期五严重下跌。200810/53929部分文本:If you'd met 16-year-old Georgia Davis a year ago, you might not recognize her today. Davis has lost 202 pounds -- nearly half her former weight. 如果你在一年前遇到乔治雅·戴维斯,今天你再见到她的时候恐怕会认不出来。戴维斯减掉了202磅,这几乎是她之前体重的一半。"I was unhappy, I was eating the wrong stuff, I was doing the wrong things and now it's like the complete opposite," she said. “我不开心,吃的不对,做的也不对。而现在一切恰恰相反。”她说。Davis, whose father died when she was 5, says she started caring for her sick mother at the age of 10. Ignoring her own health, she eventually ballooned to 460 pounds. The British press dubbed the 5 foot 6 inch girl "Britain's Fattest Teen," but it wasn't just the cruel title that motivated her to take action and lose weight. 戴维斯五岁时父亲就去世了,从十岁开始,她就要照顾生病的母亲。由于不注意自身健康,她曾一度膨胀到了460磅。英国媒体曾戏称身高5尺6英寸的她为“英国最胖的青少年”。不过,最终成为她减肥动力的,还不是这个难听的绰号。"What motivated me was my friends and my family, and me thinking that if I keep going the way that I am I am going to die soon," she said. “我的朋友和家人让我有了减肥的动力。我意识到如果这样下去,恐怕很快我就会死掉。”她说。Social workers at home in Aberdare, South Wales, helped Georgia get all the way to Wellspring Academy of the Carolinas in North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains. 在南威尔士社工的帮助下,乔治雅去了位于北卡罗来纳州蓝脊山的水源学院。The academy, founded in 2007, is a therapeutic weight loss school that uses cognitive behavioral therapy to help kids get healthy. Georgia was eager for the help and the pounds started coming off -- more than 200 in just nine months. She says goal weight is approximately 150 pounds. 这所成立于2007年的学员是一家减肥治疗学校。学校运用认知行为学原理帮助孩子获得健康。乔治雅十分努力,在九个月的时间里,她的体重下降了200多磅。她说,她的目标是让体重最终降到150磅左右。"She is someone that is very inspiring to everybody here," said Susan Borgman, the director of Wellspring, "because of all the students that we have, she definitely took the approach of 'I'm gonna get the most out of this.'" “对于这里的每一个人,她都是很好的激励大家的榜样,”水源学院董事苏珊·伯格曼说,“因为在所有的学生中,她很明显是最努力想摆脱现状的一个。”Wellspring also runs an academy in California. The North Carolina academy sits on 220 acres and is home to 50 students between the ages of 11 and 18. 水源学院还在加利福尼亚开设了一所学校。北卡罗来纳州的学校占地220荧幕,目前有50名从11岁到18岁的孩子住在那里。There's a proverb that says "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step," and that's certainly true of Georgia's journey at Wellspring, which includes 10,000 steps on hilly terrain each and every day. 俗话说:“千里之行,始于足下。”这完全符合乔治雅在水源学校的经历。每天每天,她都要在山区地带行走超过一万步。Those steps are measured on the pedometer that everyone at the academy wears, just one of the daily requirements of life at Wellspring. 每个人都要带着步程计完成这些路程,这是在水源学校的日常活动之一。06/74136福州人流手术去那好

南平人工授精生男孩多少钱"Hello Dad, just a few lines to let you know I'm well and hope you all are too. Finally I've got used to my machine gun. I can't say that I much like using it to shoot against people but I'm sure that I'm glad to know how to. It's very quiet here in the evening. I think the war maybe come into an end soon. You should be receiving my check soon. It will be a little more than last time. I won some money in a game and figure you could use it. Well, time to turn in. I should do miss everyone. Love, Arhie." “你好,爸爸,我只说几句话,但你得知道我很好,希望你也是。我现在已经习惯了我的机关。我不能说我非常喜欢用那打死人,但我相信我很高兴知道如何使用。在晚上这里非常安静。我也期望战争尽快结束。你应该很快就能收到我的票。我们即将到达最后时刻。我在一次游戏中赢了一些钱,希望你可以用到。是时候睡觉了。我会想念每个人,爱你的儿子。”201111/160832福州人工受精哪家好 ManagementWhat do bosses do all day? 老板整天在干嘛?The shocking truth can at last be revealed 惊人真相终将披露May 5th 2011 | from the print editionGotta hone those networking skills“撒网”技能有待磨练THANKS to closed doors and fierce gatekeepers, bosses are tricky to observe in their natural habitat. Yet it might be useful to know what they do all day, and whether any of it benefits shareholders. A new Harvard Business School working paper sheds some light.多亏了紧闭的房门和尽忠职守的把关者,老板们得以狡猾地呆在自己的窝里观察一切。然而,了解他们每天做什么,这些行为又对股东是否有利,也许是不无益处的。哈佛商业学院新披露的一份文件向我们揭示了部分真相。Researchers asked the chief executives of 94 Italian firms to have their assistants record their activities for a week. You may take this with a grain of salt. Is the boss’s assistant a neutral observer? If the boss spends his lunch hour boozing, or in a motel with his assistant, will she record this truthfully? Nonetheless, here are the results.调查对象为94位意大利公司的首席行政官,他们被要求让助理们记录下一周的活动。对这些,你也许不能全信。助理们是中立的观察者吗?如果老板在午餐时豪饮,或者和他的助理腻在汽车旅馆,她会如实记录吗?尽管有此种种不定因素,调查结果如下:The average Italian boss works for 48 hours a week and spends 60% of that time in meetings. The most diligent put in another 20 hours. And the longer they work, the better the company does.一般,意大利老板每周工作48小时,而且60%的时间花在会议上。最兢兢业业的人,工作时长甚至达68小时。而且,公司的运营状况和他们的工作时长成正比。201105/135532龙岩输卵管疏通公立医院

福州做造影检查那间医院好Agriculture and nutrition农业与营养Hidden hunger隐性饥饿How much can farming really improve people’s health? 农业到底能为促进人类健康贡献多少?IN A market in southern Uganda two traders squat behind little piles of sweet potatoes and a sign that says “with extra vitamin A”. A passing shopper complains about the price: 10% more than ordinary sweet potatoes. Yes, say the traders, but they’re better, bred with extra vitamin A. The bargaining goes back and forth, but the struggle to improve the crop has aly been won. Since 2007, when an outfit called HarvestPlus began distributing the “biofortified” rootcrop in Uganda and Mozambique, 50,000 farmers have started to plant it or crops like it. Vitamin A intake has soared and the produce commands a premium. The shopper eventually buys some. 乌干达南部的一个市场上,两个小贩蹲坐在一小堆红薯边,一旁的牌子上写着“富含维A”。顾客路过,抱怨价格太贵:比一般红薯贵10%。贵是贵一点,小贩解释道,但是这种红薯更优质,富含更多维A。虽然还要再讨价还价一番,但已经确定的是作物营养价值方面已经有所进步了。自2007年,供应商HarvestPlus开始在乌干达和莫桑比亚销售“生物合成”的块根作物,近5万农户开始种植此类作物。维A含量的显著增多,使得产品价格升高。顾客最终也逐渐开始购买此类农产品。Nutrition has long been the Cinderella of development. Lack of calories—hunger—is a headline-grabber, particularly as rising food prices push more people towards starvation. But the hidden hunger of micronutrient deficiencies harms even more people and inflicts lasting damage on them and their societies. It, too, worsens as food prices rise: families switch from costly, nutrient-rich, fruit, vegetables and meat to cheaper, nutrient-poor staples.营养一直以来都是发展中被遗忘的短板,摄入能量不足——饥饿——占领了大大小小报刊的头版,尤其是当食品价格上涨,导致更多的人面临饥饿。然而,缺乏微量元素的隐性饥饿影响着更广泛的人群,并且对人们以及社会造成长期的危害。不仅如此,隐性饥饿还会加速食品价格上涨:很多家庭会从营养丰富的昂贵水果、蔬菜及肉类转向价格便宜但营养价值较低的主食产品。In 2008 the Copenhagen Business School asked eight eminent economists to imagine they had billion to spend on causes that would most help the world. Five of their top ten involved nutrition: vitamin supplements for children, adding zinc and iodine to salt and breeding extra micronutrients into crops (like those sweet potatoes). Others included girls’ schools and trade liberalisation.2008年,哥本哈根商学院邀请8位著名的经济学家一同设想如果有750亿美元,将会用到哪些他们认为对世界最有帮助的事业上。十大事业中的前五项就包括营养:儿童补充维生素,食盐加锌和碘以及农作物增加微量元素(如红薯)。其他事业还包括女童教育以及贸易自由化。201104/132976 Then that foot stops and the other one accelerates. And so on. Thinner, lighter things are easier to accelerate than heavy, massive ones. So if you want speed, put the muscles up high and the skinny down low. Speed If you really want speed, you could go even further and pare down the foot, to decrease lower leg mass even more. A few million years of evolution and yoursquo;ll wind up with;you guessed it. A hoof.然后,一只脚停下来,另一只脚加速。依此类推。更细、更轻的东西比重的、体积大的东西加速快。所以如果你想要速度,上半身肌肉要多些,而下半身要瘦些。想要速度时就加速,你可以走得更远。缩减脚的尺寸,减少小腿的重量。几百万年的进化后,你会停止;;你猜对了。进化成一个蹄。accelerate v.使加速; 加快massive adj. 大而重的pare down 削减, 减少lower leg 小腿wind up 停止164237福州哪个医院治卵巢早衰比较好福州阴道镜去哪里



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