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世界虚构明星榜出炉 万宝路牛仔最“牛”A Marlboro billboard in Denver in an undated photo.They influence everything from how we look and act to eat and speak and have even helped sway the course of history - but they are not real.And topping a list of "The 101 most influential people who never lived" in a book released on Tuesday is theMarlboro Man- a macho American cowboy who emerged in the 1950s and helped boost sales of Marlboro cigarettes."The figments of our imaginations, the creatures we push out of our minds into the real world are fully capable of pushing back with surprising consequences," Jeremy Salter, one of the US book's three authors said.Coming in at number two on the list isBig Brotherof George Orwell's 1984, followed byKing Arthur, who the authors say embodies for many the ideal monarch, and Santa Claus comes in at number four."Santa Claus governs our entire economy for the last quarter of the year and without him businesses wouldgo broke," said co-author Allan Lazar.Barbie"the bodacious plastic babe who became a role model for millions of little girls, setting an impossible standard for beauty and style"makes the listat number 43."The idea came to us that influential characters didn't have to exist, that fictional characters were just as important in our lives, even in maybe some cases more so than real people," Lazar said.Even theLoch Ness Monstermakes the list at number 56."As the most popular tourist attraction in Scotland, Nessie's influence on the cash flow of that country has been significant," wrote the authors of "The 101 most influential people who never lived."(Agencies)他们的影响无处不在,从人们的衣食住行到言谈举止,甚至影响了历史进程,但他们在现实生活中并不存在。本周二,一本名为《最具影响力的101位虚构人物》的书新鲜出炉,其中,于上世纪50年代出现的“万宝路牛仔”荣登榜首,这个颇具男子气概的酷男形象曾使万宝路香烟热销全球。这本书共有三位作者,其中一位作者杰里米·索特说:“我们凭空虚构出来的人物和形象反过来会对我们自身产生意想不到的影响。”排名第二的是乔治·奥威尔的小说《1984》中的主人公“老大哥”,其次是亚瑟王,这本书的作者说他是很多人心中理想君主的化身;位居第四的是圣诞老人。作者阿兰·拉撒尔说:“圣诞老人在每年的最后一季度都是经济增长的最大动力,没有圣诞老人,很多企业会破产。”风靡全球的塑料芭比娃娃位居排行榜第43位,它是无数小女孩心中所向往的“美丽和时尚”的典范。拉撒尔说:“有影响力的人物不一定真实存在,虚构出来的人物在我们的生活中同样重要,有时他们甚至比现实人物的影响力还要大。”甚至连尼斯湖水怪也榜上有名,排行第56位。作者在书中解释道:“尼斯湖是苏格兰最受欢迎的旅游景点,它对大量资金流入当地具有举足轻重的作用。”Vocabulary:go broke :破产make the list :登上排行榜 /200803/32065。

One-hundred-and-eleven-year-old Japanese engineer Tomoji Tanabe was awarded official recognition Monday as the world's newest oldest man by the Guinness Book of World Records(GBWR).A 111-year-old Japanese engineer born at the end of the century before last was awarded official recognition Monday as the world's newest oldest man, and joked he was sorry for still being alive.Tomoji Tanabe, a teetotaller who has repeatedly said that avoiding alcohol was a secret of his longevity, was given a certificate from the Guinness Book of World Records by the mayor of his local municipality.Tanabe, from Miyazaki prefecture on the southern island of Kyushu, was born on September 18, 1895 -- before Japan became a world player, Australia became independent or the Wright Brothers created the first plane."It is nothing special," he said, addingtongue-in-cheek, "I have lived too long. I am sorry."With the recognition, Japan boasts having both the world's oldest man and the oldest woman -- Yone Minagawa, 114, who also lives in Kyushu.To look after himself, Tanabe mainly eats vegetables and few greasy dishes, an official said.He became the oldest male after his predecessor, Emiliano Mercado del Toro of Puerto Rico, died at the age of 115 on January 24.Since then, the Guinness Book of World Records has investigated who should take the title as the oldest man on Earth and contacted Miyakonojo authorities earlier this month to verify Tanabe's birthdate.More than 28,000 Japanese are at least 100 years old, most of them women, according to the government.The Japanese people's renowned longevity is often attributed to eating the country's traditional healthy food, despite the hectic lifestyle many lead in the big cities.But the longevity is also presenting a headache as the country has very low birthrate, spelling a future demographic crisis as a smaller pool of workers supports a mass of elderly.本周一,一位于19世纪末出生的111岁的日本工程师被授予官方书,成为世界上“最新的”寿命最长的老人。他开玩笑说,他很抱歉自己活了这么久。滴酒不沾的田锅友时不断重申,其长寿的秘诀主要是不沾酒。他所在市的市长为他颁发了《吉尼斯世界纪录大全》授予他的书。来自九州岛南部宫崎县的田锅生于1895年9月18日。当时,日本在世界上还未占据一席之地,澳洲还未独立、莱特兄弟也还没有发明出第一架飞机。田锅说:“这没什么特别的。”后来又半开玩笑地说,“我活得太久了,我很抱歉。”田锅获得吉尼斯世界纪录的认后,日本便同时拥有了全世界寿命最长的男性和女性,目前全世界寿命最长的女性是114岁的皆川米子,她也住在九州岛。据一位官员介绍,田锅平时以吃蔬菜为主,很少吃油腻的菜。波多黎各的115岁老人Emiliano Mercado del Toro今年1月24日去世后,田锅就成了世界上寿命最长的男性。之后,吉尼斯世界纪录大全便开始调查谁可以接过这个头衔,他们于本月早些时候与宫崎县都城市有关部门取得联系,对田锅的出生日期进行了核实。据日本政府统计数据,目前日本的百岁老人超过2万8千人,其中大多数是女性。日本人以长寿著称,这常被归结于人们的饮食以日本传统的健康食品为主,尽管大城市里很多人生活得忙碌而紧张。但“长寿”现象对于日本来说也是个头疼事。日本的出生率极低势必造成一小群劳动者养活很多老年人的局面,这将会导致未来出现人口危机。Vocabulary: tongue-in-cheek:不认真的;半开玩笑的 /200808/45869。

51 eBay wedding: Couple strike it lucky as hotel gets a cancellation and puts reception up for auction   51英镑的eBay 婚礼:一对幸运的新人取消原定婚礼日程后通过竞拍赢得51英镑婚礼大礼包 /200910/86233。

Over the last year I have lots of material on self-improvement and success. One common theme I found in almost everything I was an emphasis on gratitude. In an effort to increase gratitude in my life, I have listed the top 5 things that have been given to me for nothing:去年我看过很多关于自我成长和成功的材料,我发现几乎所有材料都有一个共同点,那就是强调感恩。为了增强我的感恩之心,我找出了五个对我来讲最重要的不劳所获。1. My CarWhen my Gramma bought a new car, she sold her 1997 Ford Tauras to me for . A white Tauras isn’t exactly the coolest car on the block, but I have driven it for 7 years with minimal maintenance costs. After 14 years and 100,000+ miles, it still gets me where I need to go.我的车我奶奶买新车的时候,把她的1997年产福特金牛座轿车以一美元卖给了我。白色的金牛座虽然并不是我们那个街区最酷的一辆车,但它为我效力了七年,也没花多少维护费用。现如今在它役14年、跑了10万英里路之后,仍然可以带我去任何我想去的地方。2. My EducationI was fortunate enough to have great parents who decided at a young age to save money for my education. I graduated from Purdue University in 2009 with no student loans and 在中国,普通话作为官方语言的地位日益巩固。然而在英国,为什么大多数的英国人不遵循标准的发音["standard pronunciation" or RP (received pronunciation)],却喜欢操着一口地方口音呢?难道英国人不认为RP English是"perfect English"吗?可我们中国人学英语伊始接触的却都是RP English呀。学好英语的一个重要标准就是发音准确、纯正,不能南腔北调的。难道这种观念过时了吗?对此,B的一位发言人是这么解释的:RP is an expression which is used in the media and it's the kind of English that used to be spoken on television or radio. In fact RP English is not standard English in the sense that it's not what most people speak. It's very rare that you'll find someone who really speaks RP English, probably the queen is one of the few people who speak that way.请注意,上面这段话中提到RP used to be spoken on television or radio,"used to be"意味着曾经如此,而现在已经不同了。也就是说,从使用人数这个意义上来说,RP不是标准英语。因为它不能反映绝大多数人的讲话语音。那么,RP是从何而来的?标准英语语音来源于英国等级制度,上层社会一律要从标准口音模式,这也就是英国女王为什么要是RP口音的原因了。In Britain there are lots of different accents and dialects. Generally speaking you can tell a lot about a person's social, educational and geographical background from the way he or she speaks. 英国社会有许多种口音。一般来说,口音能反映一个人的社会、教育背景和出生地,你也可以通过英国人讲话的口音来判断其所代表的社会等级。In the past the most prestigious accent was what we call RP but this is no longer as fashionable as it once was. 过去曾被公认的高贵语音(即标准语音),随着社会的发展,已经不再时髦。如今在英国的电视和广播里面,大家可以听到各种各样的口音。媒体也流行起地方口音了。There's less pressure now to conform. 外界压力减小,人们再也不需要循规蹈矩地、拿腔拿调地去模仿标准口音了。 /200907/78805 paid by me towards my tuition. They also paid my rent all four years. The only thing I had to do was graduate on time. I know that most people don’t get an amazing deal like this and for that I am grateful.我的教育我非常幸运有一对伟大的父母,他们在我很小的时候就开始为我的教育存钱。到2009年我从普渡大学毕业的时候,从未自己付过一分学费,却也没有任何学生贷款。我的父母甚至还为我付了四年的房租,而我所要做的就是按时毕业而已。我知道很多人没有像我这样的好运,为此我心怀感激。3. My ComputerWhen I graduated from High School in 2005, my parents threw a graduation party for me. I netted about ,000 in cash gifts and used it to buy a brand new laptop.In 2008, the laptop was stolen when our house was robbed. Good thing my parents had home owners insurance. The laptop was covered for 00 which I used to buy a new computer that I still use to this very day.我的电脑2005年我高中毕业的时候,父母为我办了一场毕业欢庆会。庆祝会上我收到了大概2000元的礼金,我用这笔钱买了一台新的笔记本电脑。2008年我们家失窃的时候我的笔记本也被盗了。不过好消息是我的父母购买了家财险,我的笔记本得到了1200元的赔偿。我又用这笔钱买了一台新电脑,并且使用至今。 /201103/127576。

Fathers who were spanked as children are less likely to spank their own children than mothers who were spanked while young, according to a US study.美国一项最新研究表明,小时候挨过打的爸爸更舍不得打自己的孩子,而有此遭遇的妈妈打孩子可能性更大。Researchers from Ohio State University set out to see if 1990s parents followed the practices of their own mothers but found parents today were showing a lot more affection to their children, ing to them more and spanking them less.俄亥俄州立大学的研究人员对上世纪90年代的家长是否会效仿他们自己的妈妈展开了调查,但结果表明,如今父母们对孩子更加疼爱,更爱给他们读故事,也更少打他们。"We were surprised that mothers seem to learn a lot about the parenting role from their own mothers, but fathers don't follow their mothers as much," said researcher Jonathan Vespa in a statement.研究人员乔纳森·韦斯帕在声明中称:“看起来妈妈从自己的母亲那里学到了很多育儿经,而爸爸却不跟自己的母亲学那么多,我们对此很惊讶。”The study of 1,133 young adult parents found significant generational changes in parenting practices.这项研究共对1133位年轻的父母进行了调查,结果表明一代一代的育儿方式有很大差别。Overall, there was a large generational shift in which the second generation of parents was much less likely to spank than their own parents.总体上看,与自己的父母相比,第二代父母更不爱打孩子,两代人在此问题上的观念有很大转变。Second generation mothers who were spanked at least once a week were found to be nearly half as more likely to spank their own children compared to mothers who weren't spanked.调查结果还表明,与没挨过打的母亲相比,小时候至少每周被打一次的第二代母亲打孩子的几率要多一半。Fathers spanked as children were less likely to spank their own children.但小时候挨过打的父亲却更不会打孩子。The study found only 28 percent of the second generation of fathers reported spanking their children compared to 43 percent of mothers.研究发现,仅有28%的第二代父亲打过孩子,而在母亲中该比例为43%。"A little spanking of boys seems to deter (fathers) from spanking their own children later in life," said Vespa.韦斯帕说:“挨过几次打的男孩长大后更不会打自己的孩子。”"The evidence suggests that mothers are more the disciplinarians in the family than fathers are today."“数据表明,在当今家庭中,教训孩子更多的是母亲而不是父亲。”In general, the amount of affection that parents show their children has increased significantly over the generations.总体来看,如今的父母对孩子的疼爱比前几代人超出很多。Sixty percent of fathers and 73 percent of mothers in the second generation reported showing their children physical affection and praising them within the last week compared to only 40 percent of their parents openly showing affection weekly.在第二代父母中,有60%的父亲和73%的母亲在一周之内爱抚并称赞过孩子,而第一代父母中仅有40%每周公开向孩子表达爱意。Reading to children had also increased markedly. Nearly three times more mothers in the second generation reported ing to their children daily compared to their own parents.给孩子读故事的比例也有大幅提高。与第一代父母相比,第二代母亲每天给孩子读故事的比例要多近3倍。 /200908/81146。

恋爱时,我们总是希望爱情甜甜蜜蜜,与伴侣一生一世在一起,但有时天意难违,很多时候被逼分开,最可恨便是第三者插足破坏了的爱情,既无奈又可恨,有些人则会奋力踢走第三者,但有些人则非常无辜,眼白白被第三者抢走爱人,生活中这样例子实在太多了,那么,那些星座容易被第三者抢走爱人呢?本文参考太阳和金星。第一名:双鱼座双鱼座的人很容易感动,尤其在爱情中世界里,他们对情人很无私奉献,但付出的同时,未必会得到相同回报,由于这种天性善良,当二人感情出现问题时,或者有外来第三者插足他们的感情,双鱼座的人则显得很无力,只要对方稍微强势一点,便吓退双鱼,除非月亮和金星在强势的星座,否则他们只能眼白白看着情人被第三者抢走。 PiscesPisces girls are very emotional and usually very kind, if they find they have been cheated by their boyfriend, they would be very helpless in front of such cases. /200911/89528。

The palace of Apollo was grand and magnificent, supported by giant columns with gold and ivory and studded with jewels. The son of Apollo Phaethon and daughter Hayley lived here. Phaethon was born to be handsome and sexy but a bit impetuous and arrogant, while Hayley was tender and nice but did not have a beautiful face, which made her sad because she deeply loved Phaethon. The beautiful Naiades loved Phaethon too. 太阳神的宫殿,是用华丽的圆柱撑着,镶着闪亮的黄金和璀璨的宝石,飞檐嵌着雪白的象牙,两扇银质的大门上雕着美丽的花纹,记载着人间无数美好而又古老的传说。太阳神阿波罗的儿子法厄同,女儿赫莉就居住在这个美丽的宫殿里。法厄同天生美丽性感,冲动自负;赫莉温柔善良,却没能得到父亲的恩赐,拥有一张太阳神那样美丽的面孔,这使得她很无奈,因为她深深爱着的是法厄同。同样喜欢法厄同的还有绝美的水泉女神娜伊。 Year by year, Hayley was depressed and sensitive because Phaethon did not understand her and fell in love with Naiades. Whenever Hayley expressed her affection to him, he always refused her with the excuse of having the same father. Hayley could not bear his indifference and made up a lie. One day, she found Phaethon and told him, “Dear brother, I cannot conceal a secret anymore. Although she is our mother, I must tell you that you are not the son in heaven but the son of our mother and an ordinary person.” He believed this honest sister and asked their father. No matter how much Apollo assured him, Phaethon could not believe it. Finally, Apollo promised to give him anything for proving his true identity. 日复一日,年复一年,在无尽的相思与失望之中赫莉渐渐变得忧郁而敏感,自负的法厄同并不理解她,依旧与娜伊成双成对。每当赫莉有所表示,法厄同总是以他们是同一个父亲为由将赫莉挡在门外。赫莉再也无法忍受他的绝情和冷漠,终于,一个无知的谎言在她的脑海中诞生了。有一天,她找到法厄同,对他说:“亲爱的哥哥,我不能再隐瞒你了,虽然她是我们的母亲,我本不该嘲笑她什么,但我不得不告诉你,你并非天国的子孙,而是克吕墨涅,也就是我们亲爱的母亲,和一个不知名的凡人所生。”冲动的法厄同轻易的相信了一向不说谎的,跑到父亲阿波罗那里问个究竟。但是无论阿波罗怎样再三保,他就是不相信自己是父亲的亲生儿子。最后,太阳神无奈,指着冥河起誓,为了明法厄同是自己的儿子,无论他要什么,他都会答应。 /201109/152732。

调查表明:女性无名指长运动能力强A groom puts a wedding ring on his bride's finger during their mass wedding ceremony at South Korea's largest amusement park Everland in Yongin, about 50 km (31 miles) south of Seoul, September 20, 2006. The length of a girl's ring finger could be an indicator of her future sporting potential, researchers at King's College London said on Thursday.In the largest study of its kind, hand measurements of 607 female twins aged 25-79 from the UK were compared with the women's lifetime sporting achievements.The findings, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, found that women withring fingerslonger than their index fingers had performed better at running and associated running sports such as soccer and tennis.In women the ring finger is commonly shorter or the same length as the index finger, while in men the ring finger is generally longer.The report said detection of sporting potential by examining the ratio between the index and ring fingers "could help identify talented individuals at a pre-competitive stage."The reasons for the findings were unclear, said one of the report's authors, Professor Tim Spector from at King's College, who said he was originally sceptical about the link to sporting ability."Previous studies have suggested the change in finger length was due to changes intestosteronelevels in the womb", he said.But he said it had been found in a separate study of twins that finger length was largely inherited, possibly explaining why sporting parents often have sporting children."We found that finger length was 70 percent heritable with little influence of the womb environment," he said."This suggests that genes are the main factor and that finger length is a marker of your genes."He said no specific candidate genes had been identified for the link and that multiple genes were probably responsible.Previous studies looking at the link between finger length and sporting ability have mainly focused on men.A study published in 2001 of 304 English professional soccer players found they had a significantly larger ring-to-index-finger ratio than a control group of 533 other men.(Agencies)伦敦国王学院的研究人员周四提出,从女性无名指的长度可以看出她的竞技潜力。这项调查是同类调查中规模最大的一次,研究人员对英国607对年龄在25岁到79岁之间的女性双胞胎的手指长度与她们所取得的体育成就进行了对照。此项研究结果在《英国体育医学》上发表,研究发现,无名指比食指长的女性在跑步和与跑步相关的一些项目,如足球和网球中表现较为突出。女性的无名指通常比食指短,或和食指一样长,但男性的无名指普遍比食指长。研究报告中说,通过研究食指和无名指之间的比例探测人的竞技潜力"可以及早发现(未过竞技年龄)竞技人才"。研究报告撰写者之一伦敦国王学院的蒂姆·斯派克特教授说,至于其中的原因,目前还不清楚。他说自己原本对无名指长度关系到竞技能力持怀疑态度。他说:"此前的一些研究表明女性手指长度的不同主要是因为子宫中睾丸激素的水平变化。"但是,他说,对双胞胎所做的另一个研究表明,手指长度主要受遗传因素影响,这可以解释为什么运动能力强的父母生的孩子运动能力也较强。他说:"我们发现,手指长度70%是遗传而来的,子宫环境对此没什么影响。""这说明基因是影响手指长度的主要因素,同时,手指长度也是基因的一个标志。"他说,目前未发现哪种特定的基因形成了手指长度和竞技能力的这种关系,所以很可能是多种基因造成的。之前的一些研究主要着眼于男性的手指长度和竞技能力的关系。2001年公布的一项研究发现,304名英国职业足球运动员的无名指和食指的比例要远远大于另外533名普通男人的手指比例。Vocabulary:ring finger :无名指testosterone :睾丸激素(是一种与生殖以及精力有关的雄性荷尔蒙) /200803/29696。

、英国的色情与文明 色情似乎一直是资本主义国家的代名词。这是因为在西方国家你可以相对自由地做你想做的事情。另外西方国家实施的是市场经济,只要是有市场的,就可以存在。和北欧国家一样,英国在70年代也经历了性解放的阶段。那时正是工党当政,电视,报纸和各种媒体对性毫不掩饰,据说电视每天都播放和性有关的节目,而且裸体的镜头每个频道都有。自从撒切尔夫人为首的保守党上台以后,情况就发生了些变化。她一边强硬推行私有制,一边又加强了各行业宏观控制的力度。自此,裸体的镜头基本上就从电视B频道消失了。90年代布莱尔代表的工党上台后,情况又发生了些变化。英国的ITN,特别是CH4和CH5一到了晚上9点以后,就会播放从欧洲大陆引进的片子,例如自然者协会是怎样活动的,女人如何通过培训学会达到高潮等等。有一个片子播放的就是一个女人是如何集中注意力,然后自己就大呼小叫的达到高潮了。不过和美国的电视相比,英国的电视‘卫生’多了。前年我在美国的一家MOTEL里,有一个频道就24小时不停地播放着黄的不能再黄的片子。而英国即使是付费的卫星频道,播出的黄色片子依然是那样的含蓄。 英国全国性的报纸大大小小的有10余种。大报有泰晤士报,独立报,卫报,和金融时报,基本上都是非常正规的报纸。而小报,例如太阳报,镜报,世界报和体育报等等,多报道花边新闻和绯闻。太阳报和世界报每天在第三版(PE 3)都会登出一位裸着上身美女的照片。据说不是每个人都可以上PE 3。一般都是较有名气的模特。英国的杂志也是五花八门的,比较大众化的有主要反映影视名人圈实际生活的《OK》和《HELLO》,另外还有每年都要评选世界100名最性感女人的《FHM》。好像去年华人小提琴演奏家陈美(?)就进前100名了。 英国毕竟是一个英国资本主义国家,言论还是相当自由的,而且透明度很高。英国有一个卫星频道,每次都直播国会里各党派讨论问题的的实况。英国还有一个节目,好像叫《SPITTING IMES》。在这个节目中各党派的要人都给装扮成小丑一样,很是滑稽。 谈色情业是离不开这个话题的。英国的主要是集中在伦敦,曼彻斯特,哥拉斯格这些大的城市。伦敦的SOHOU区是英国最大的红灯区,里面有站街的低等,艳舞表演,性商店等等。不过相当的‘宰人’,我的一位朋友60多岁的老父亲没事也要看看新鲜,结果不到30分钟的表演,就让这个老头付500英镑。后来我的朋友赶过来,争吵了半天,最后付了300英镑才放他走。和欧洲大陆的荷兰,德国相比,好像英国的色情业很不规范,所以一直也没有那样火。英国的低等的也都好像大妈似的,究竟谁给谁钱啊?! 和中国相比,在英国酒吧到处都是,而且夜总会也不缺,这些地方都为寻找情人,性伙伴,一夜情等等提供了场所。英国的夜总会主要是用来在声音巨大无比的环境中蹦迪的。英国女孩可不像中国女孩那样含蓄,到夜总会恨不得不穿衣,因为他们认为胸和臀部要是好看,就要露出来给别人看,否则自己留着有啥意思。英国女人也爱喝酒,而且喝醉了以后就放纵自己。我曾经看到一个女孩在一晚上的跳舞过程中,就和5个男人发生过非常亲密的行为,即接吻,拥抱和抚,英文称为:SNOG。和谁SNOG这是人家的权利,不过刚吻了这个人,又亲那个人,多恶心啊。一般结束前,能找到比较喜欢的男人就一起回家了。第二天睁开眼,就说自己昨天醉了。有了借口,心理也就平衡了。所以在英国找SEX是很容易的,而且无论男的或女的都不用对方负责什麽,再加上是FREE的。因此,英国的夜总会的生意出奇的好,而色情业却每况愈下。 英国目前的状况是否就说明了它的社会文明程度高呢?由于也没有经过检验,所以很难说清。