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A Chinese agricultural official#39;s unsupported claims about the carcinogenic risks of consuming genetically modified soybeans have rekindled a fervent debate about the use of genetically modified crops in a country with ever-expanding food needs.中国一名农业官员声称食用转基因大豆有致癌风险,这一未经实的说法在一个食品需求不断增加的国家引发了关于使用转基因作物的激烈争论。Wang Xiaoyu, deputy secretary general of the Heilongjiang Soybean Association, a supporter of local non-genetically modified soybeans, recently told local media that people who consume soy oil made with genetically modified soybeans #39;are more vulnerable to developing tumors and suffering sterility#39; (in Chinese)黑龙江大豆协会副秘书长王小语近日向当地媒体表示,转基因大豆油的消费者更容易患肿瘤、不不育。他是当地非转基因大豆的持者。To back his claim, Mr. Wang noted that regions where consumption of GMO soy oil was high, such as the southern provinces of Fujian and Guangdong, also boasted relatively high levels of cancer.为了佐自己的观点,王小语指出,例如福建和广东等南方省份是转基因大豆油的消费集中区域,同时也是肿瘤发病集中区。Experts were quick to call Mr. Wang#39;s methodology into question, with several noting that he had failed to present even a scintilla of laboratory evidence linking GMO soy oil with cancer or fertility problems. But in a country aly deeply suspicious of genetically modified crops, social media users took the idea and ran with it, sending fear over carcinogenic oil seeping through the Chinese Internet.专家们很快对王小语的理论提出质疑,数位专家表示他甚至未拿出转基因大豆油与癌症或不不育问题有关的一丁点实验室据来。但是,在一个本就对转基因作物有着深深疑虑的国家,社交媒体用户听信了这一说法并大肆传播,令整个中国互联网都充斥着对“致癌油”的担忧之情。#39;We should replace all the leaders#39; special provisions with GMO food,#39; wrote one user of Sina Corp.#39;s popular Weibo microblogging platform. #39;Good things should be reserved for the Communist Party.#39;新浪微的一位用户写道:我们应该把所有领导的特供食品都换成转基因食品,好东西应该留给共产党。The strong response to Mr. Wang#39;s conjecture appears to have been fueled in part by a recent government decision to approve imports of new varieties of genetically modified soy beans, as well as by rumors that people in the U.S. don#39;t eat the genetically modified foods they produce.公众对于王小语这一推测的强烈反应,似乎在一定程度上与近期政府决定批准几种新的转基因大豆进口有关,此外也可能是因为有谣言说美国人不吃自产的转基因食品。In June, Chinese agricultural authorities approved imports of three new genetically modified soy bean varieties, including two produced by U.S. seed giant Monsanto and one by German chemical producer BASF. GMO opponents criticized the country#39;s agriculture ministry for failing to be transparent about the approvals.今年6月份,中国农业当局批准进口三种转基因大豆,其中两种来自美国种业巨头孟山都公司(Monsanto),另一种来自德国化工生产商巴斯夫(BASF)。反对转基因食品的人批评农业部审批不透明。The ministry said in a statement that it had received import applications from the two companies in 2010, but a search of the ministry website turns up no documents or notices indicating applications were filed. The ministry did not immediately respond to requests for comment.农业部发布声明说,其在2010年就已经收到了这两家公司的进口申请,但是在农业部网站搜索不到表明申请已经提交的文件或者通知。农业部未立即回复记者的置评请求。Meanwhile, rumors that U.S. consumers didn#39;t eat genetically modified food fed into existing paranoia in China about GMO products, which have been described on some Chinese Internet discussion boards as a #39;soft bomb#39; unleashed by the U.S. to destroy China and a U.S conspiracy to manipulate the global economy.同时,有关美国消费者不吃转基因食品的谣言也令中国国内对转基因食品的猜疑更加狂热。在中国一些网络论坛中,还有人说转基因食品是美国旨在摧毁中国的“软炸弹”,是美国想要操纵全球经济的一个阴谋。In fact, U.S. consumers eat large quantities of genetically modified food. Speaking in a panel discussion hosted on the website of the Communist Party mouthpiece People#39;s Daily (in Chinese), Li Ning, director of the Ministry of Agriculture#39;s gene safety management division, noted that 70% of food in the U.S. contained genetically modified material.实际上,美国消费者食用大量转基因食品。在共产党喉舌《人民日报》网站所举办的访谈中,农业部科技发展中心基因安全管理处处长李宁说,美国70%以上的食品都含有转基因成分。#39;There haven#39;t been any confirmed food safety cases caused by GMO food so far. It is safe to eat genetically modified food,#39; she said.她说,至今未发生一例经过实的转基因食品安全性事故;食用转基因食品是安全的。Tasked with feeding 20% of the world#39;s population on less than 10% of the world#39;s arable land, China#39;s government has pushed for the use of GMO technologies to boost the country#39;s seed sector and improve agricultural efficiency. The country#39;s national science and strategy lists the development of pest- and disease-resistant GMO crops as a key project.为了用不足世界10%的耕地养活世界20%的人口,中国政府推动了转基因技术的使用以提振该国的种子行业、提高农业生产效率。中国国家科技战略将抗病虫害转基因作物的研发列为重要项目。Developing genetically modified crops is #39;just like adding wings to a tiger,#39; Huang Dafang, a researcher with the Biotechnology Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said during an interview in March. A key GMO supporter, Mr. Huang argues that conventional agriculture alone cannot solve China#39;s food needs.中国农业科学院生物技术研究所研究员黄大昉在3月份接受采访时说,发展转基因作物是“如虎添翼”。作为转基因的重要持者,黄大昉说,单靠传统农业无法解决中国的食品需求。But public opposition to the use of genetically modified crops remains strong.但是公众反对使用转基因作物的声音依然很高。#39;China doesn#39;t need to develop GMO. If we cultivate land well and waste less feed (don#39;t throw dead pigs into rivers), China#39;s agriculture can feed the Chinese people,#39; Gu Xiulin, a Yunnan University of Finance and Economics processor, wrote on Weibo. #39;GMO is a magic knife that can annihilate mankind and destroy the environment例 don#39;t be fooled.#39;云南财经大学教授顾秀林在微上写道:中国根本不用搞转基因,如果好好种地、少浪费饲料(不要把老多猪喂死了扔江河里),中国农业能养活中国人;转基因是灭亡人类毁坏生态的一把魔刀,不要上当。In fact, China has been importing genetically modified soy beans since 1997, and also allows the import of some varieties of genetically modified corn, though both are subject to strict controls. At present, genetically modified corn and soy are only approved for processing into soyoil, soymeal and animal feed, not direct human consumption.实际上,中国自1997年起就一直在进口转基因大豆,同时也允许进口某些转基因玉米,尽管对两者都进行了严格控制。目前,转基因玉米和大豆只批准用于加工为大豆油、豆粕和动物饲料,而不是直接供人食用。China has become the world#39;s largest soybean importer, buying about 60% of the globally traded soybeans. Most of those imported soybeans are genetically modified varieties produced in the U.S., Brazil and Argentina.中国已经成为了世界最大的大豆进口国,进口量占到了全球大豆贸易量的60%。而中国进口的大多数大豆都是产自美国、巴西和阿根廷的转基因品种。In November 2009, the agricultural ministry issued bio-safety certificates to two strains of pest-resistant GMO rice and one variety phytase corn, approving them for use on experimental plots. (Phytase can increase phosphorus absorption in animals and helps reduce feed costs and improve feed efficiency.) Commercial planting of GMO crops is still strictly prohibited, though European Union authorities claim to have found traces of genetically modified rice in imported rice products from China.在2009年11月份,中国农业部向两种抗虫害转基因水稻及一种转植酸酶基因玉米颁发了生物安全书,批准它们在试验田中进行种植。(植酸酶可以增加动物对磷的吸收,帮助降低饲养成本、提高饲养效率)。商业种植转基因作物仍被严格禁止,不过欧盟(European Union)当局声称已经在从中国进口的大米产品中发现了转基因大米的痕迹。The government has not signaled any intention to allow large-scale planting of GMO grain crops, largely out of concern over the public reaction.中国政府并未显示出任何允许大规模种植转基因粮食作物的意图,这主要是出于对公众反应的担心。#39;It#39;s not normal for a developing country like China not to develop advanced technologies,#39; Mr. Huang said.黄大昉称,中国这样的发展中国家不发展先进科技,这是不正常的。 /201307/247221美国《》杂志创刊于1953年。1953年12月《》杂志出版第一期,为月刊,主要面向广大男性读者。关于美国人的文化,我们专门向上海外教网的外教Ashley请教了以下问题:1、How widely is Playboy known is the U.S? 《》在美国有多流行?几乎所有的美国人都知道《》杂志,不论男女,它是一本月刊(Monthly)。2、Is Playboy a porn magazine? 《》杂志算色情杂志吗?Does Playboy contain lots of porn pictures and words? 《》杂志中是否充斥着许多色情的图片和文字?是的,我想《》应该算是色情杂志,其中有许多比较裸露的(naked)的图片。3、Is there any restriction for the sale of Playboy? (such as not to kids, etc.)销售《》是否有一些限制呢?(比如不允许卖给孩子等等。)是的,是有一些限制的,将《》卖给18岁以下的孩子在美国将被视为非法的。就像卖香烟一样,如果您看上去像个孩子,您会被要求出示您的身份(ID)以明您可以购买该杂志,否则您是无法买到的。当然也有一些小贩为了利益照样将《》卖给一些未成年人,这种现象在许多国家都存在。4、Is Playboy more expensive than any other magazines?《》要比其他的杂志贵一些吗?是的,《》显得要贵一些。美国大部分的月刊的内页在150-250,价格约2-3.5美元。5、 Is there another magazine in the US serving in the same way as Playboy? 在美国还有和《》类似的杂志吗?有的比如阁楼风情杂志。 /201304/234137Brazil doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving. But it does celebrate another form of giving; uniquely American in its frenetic, media frenzied salute to the holidays: good ole Black Friday.巴西不庆祝感恩节。但是这个国家确实会用另一种形式来庆祝感恩节;以巴西特色的狂热,媒体的谄媚,来向美好的黑色星期五致敬。Carnival and the soccer field, Brazil has taken to imitating that day when millions of Americans camp out on frozen sidewalks in dilapidated tents in front of Walmart, all in the spirit of giving of their time and precious cash, in the hunt to trample and claw their way to a Panasonic可悲的是,除了狂欢节和绿荫场外,巴西自创的庆祝形式为数不多,反而是开始学起美国人。而这一天的美国,数百万美国人露宿在冰冷的街头,沃尔玛(Walmart)门前密布着破旧的帐篷,所有人都是本着付出时间和宝贵金钱的精神,就为了等大门一开争先恐后地购买一台松下平板电视机或者XBox One游戏机。But in the U.S., if Black Friday is a score card for Christmas retail sales, in Brazil it is more of a means for retailers to fraud eager shoppers, happy to participate in an American tradition that is still as foreign to them as the moon. If Brazilians were doing Black Friday right, they’d have people camping out in front of Patio Higienopolis Thursday night, or at least barging through the doors at 00:01 on Friday at the nearest FNAC.在美国,如果说黑色星期五是一张圣诞节假期的零售业绩记分卡,那么在巴西,它却更像是零售商欺骗热切的、愿意接受美国传统节日的购物者的一种手段,因为这个节日对他们而言还相当陌生。如果巴西人懂得怎么过黑色星期五的话,那就应该在周四晚上到Patio Higienopolis卖场门口扎营,或至少在周五凌晨第一时间闯入最近的FNAC门店。And as Black Friday approaches the second most populous nation in the Americas, city and state governments are taking to warning their shop-a-holic citizens, full of holiday cheer, that there are many Brazilian Grinches looking to take advantage of their gift giving selves by selling them up a river without a paddle.鉴于黑色星期五逐渐被巴西这个美洲第二人口大国所接受,市、州政府开始向他们的市民——那些充满假期欢乐的购物狂发出警告——有许多“巴西怪杰”打算利用他们奖励自己点礼物的想法打捞一笔。The consumer protection bureau of S#227;o Paulo, Brazil’s largest city, released a list Tuesday morning of 325 companies Brazilians should avoid this holiday season, primarily for e-commerce. The bureau, known as Procon, or Pro-Consumer, also published a list of tips today on what to look out for when shopping online. So while Black Friday in the U.S. is a day of deals, in Brazil it’s come to be known more as a day of fraud. As a result of last year’s fraudulent fiasco among on line and traditional retailers, the local government is using Black Friday as a way to remind consumers of their rights.在巴西最大的城市——圣保罗的消费者保护局周二早晨公布了一份巴西人应该在这个假期回避的325家公司名单,主要是针对电子商务。被称为消费者保护组织(Procon)或者维护消费者权益(Pro-Consumer)的保护局还在当天发布了有关在网络购物注意事项的指南清单。因此,虽然美国的黑色星期五是场购物盛宴,但到了巴西却变成诈骗盛宴。考虑到在去年发生的网络和传统零售商的诈骗丑闻,巴西地方政府把黑色星期五当成了提醒消费者维权的契机。This is quite different from the U.S., of course, where consumers are more than aware of their rights, and might even tend to abuse them. Brazil is not a litigious society. You get trampled, you grin and bear it. There is a new Brazil emerging. One acutely aware of fair play. A web based company called ReclameAQUI, or Complain Here, set up a site to give consumers in Brazil a voice. This of course is their busiest time of year.这与美国相比,真是一个天一个地。当然,美国的消费者更清楚他们的权利,甚至是变得滥用自己的权利。巴西并非一个好打官司的社会。你的权利被践踏也只能咬咬牙认了。不过,巴西正在改头换面,这是一个更加认同公平交易的巴西。一家名为Complain Here的网络公司创建了一个网站,让巴西的消费者发出自己的呼声,当然,这是他们一年之中最忙碌的时候。Brazil is getting y for its fourth Black Friday, but this year is getting extra attention due to last year’s abundance of consumer complaints.巴西正为其第四个黑色星期五做准备,但是鉴于去年大量的消费者投诉,今年得到了越来越多的关注。Brazilian daily Estado de Sao Paulo has even taken to posting up to the minute story items about Black Friday, serving as a watchdog to the bad boys of Brazilian retail.巴西报纸圣保罗州报(Estado de Sao Paulo)甚至已经开始发布有关黑色星期五的详细的新闻报道,以监督巴西的零售业中的“坏孩子”。Last year, many Brazilians went to stores promising discounts upwards of 70%, only to find out the discounts were much lower, or were tied to other offers. Some stores simply raised prices weeks before Black Friday, only to lower them on the actual date in order to give consumers a sense that prices had dropped precipitously.去年,许多巴西人涌进那些宣传三折大减价的商家,结果却发现折扣根本没那么多,或者是附加了种种条件。一些商店干脆在黑色星期五前几周抬高售价,只是在节日当天降低价格,继而让消费者们感觉到是在大减价。“This year’s Black Friday will be a testing ground for retailers, ” said Rodrigo Bore, vice president of online retailer Buscapé. The company said it spent around 0 million on software and staff to build a system that validates price offerings from the retailers it showcases on its search engine. The prices of items marked down for Black Friday will be compared with the average value of the same goods sold over a three month period to see if there really is a discount in play, Bore told Estado on Tuesday.“今年的黑色星期五对于零售商而言是一块试验田。”电商Buscapé副总裁罗德里戈·尔(Rodrigo Bore)说。这家公司表示,为了建立一个系统,来验其搜索引擎中零售商报价的真实性,它在软件和人员方面投资了大约2亿美元。该系统将对黑色星期五打折商品的价格与前三个月同类商品的平均售价进行比对,以此来判断折扣是否真实。Search engine Busca Desconto, which helps organize Black Friday on line in Brazil, partnered with the Brazilian E-Commerce Chamber to create a code of ethics for participating e-tailers, in an effort to move them into good ole gringo-style customer service.搜索引擎Busca Desconto,不仅组织巴西的黑色星期五在线购物活动,同时还与巴西的电子商务商会(E-Commerce Chamber)合作,为参与电商制定行为准则,以此来规范他们的顾务,向“外国佬”的水平看齐。Chamber director Gerson Rolim said Brazilian retailers are notorious for phony sales. Part of the new code of ethics is to guarantee consumers that Black Friday sales are actual sales, below the average three month price. Another target, said Rolim, is to get e-tailers in particular to clarify exactly what items are on sale and what shoppers have to do in order to secure the discount. Getting a free TV if you buy a Mercedes C is not really a Black Friday sale.该商会负责人格尔森·罗里姆(Gerson Rolim)说巴西的零售商因虚假打折促销而臭名昭著。制定这套新的行为准则,一定程度上是为了向消费者们保,黑色星期五的打折是真实的,低于三个月的平均价格。罗里姆表示,另一个目标是让零售业者,尤其是电商,明确哪些商品在打折促销以及为了享受折扣,消费者们需要满足哪些要求。买奔驰车送电视机,这种活动算不上是黑色星期五的打折促销。If companies violate the code of ethics, they will be banned from participating in Black Friday sales in 2014. By then, Brazilians will be in their fifth year of Black Friday madness. Forget the phony sales. I say, let the trampling begin!如果有公司违反了这套行为准则,那么他们将被禁止参加2014年的黑色星期五减价促销活动。届时,巴西人将迎来黑色星期五疯狂的第五个年头。忘记虚假促销。我是说,让盛宴开始吧! /201312/268166

One day, Eve asked Adam,;Doyou really love me?;一天,夏娃问亚当:;你当真爱我吗?;Adam said helplessly,;Do I have any other choice?;亚当无可奈何地回答:;我还有的选择吗?; /201307/248612三分之一员工上班打瞌睡Hey you! Dozing at your desk! Wake up, go home and get more sleep!That could be the message from a survey released Monday by the National Sleep Foundation. The survey of 1,000 people found participants average six hours and 40 minutes of sleep a night on weeknights, even though they estimated they'd need roughly another 40 minutes of sleep to be at their best.Roughly one-third of those surveyed said they had fallen asleep or become very sleepy at work in the past month.Just how big a deal that is depends, of course, on your job. Last week, the chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission acknowledged it should have done more to investigate a tip that security guards routinely took naps while on the job at a Pennsylvania nuclear plant.It wasn't until a tape of guards sleeping in a "y room" at the Peach Bottom plant in south-central Pennsylvania surfaced several months after it got the tip that the NRC announced in September a special investigation.While sleepy workers know they're not performing as well as they could during the day, work is what's keeping them up nights, according to the survey, which found workdays are getting longer and time spent working from home averages close to four-and-a-half hours each week.It seems people are also trying to squeeze in more time for themselves and their families, even if it means less sleep. The average wake up is at 5:35 a.m. and it's followed by about two hours and 15 minutes at home before heading out to work, according to the survey. Average bedtime is 10:53. 嘿!上班时间打瞌睡?!快醒醒,回家补觉!这可能是美国全国睡眠基金会于本周一公布的一项调查得出的结论。这项共有一千人参加的调查发现,调查对象在工作日期间每晚平均睡眠时间为6小时40分,不过他们觉得自己仍需要补充大约40分钟的睡眠才能达到最佳状态。约三分之一的受访者称,在过去一个月中,他们曾在上班时间睡着或感到昏昏欲睡。这个问题到底有多严重?这当然取决于你的工作。宾夕法尼亚一家核电站曾传出保安经常在上班时间睡觉的消息,美国核管理委员会主席于上周承认,对这一事件的调查力度还不够。宾夕法尼亚州中南部的Peach Bottom核电站的保安在“待命室”内睡觉的录像在美国核管理委员会得知这一秘密消息的几个月后曝光。在此之前,美国核管理委员会已于九月份宣布将展开一项特别调查。调查表明,睡眠不足的员工知道自己的工作表现不够理想,但工作忙是导致他们晚睡的主要原因。调查发现,如今人们的工作时间越来越长,每周在家工作的平均时间接近四个半小时。此外,人们仍在尽可能地为自己和家人挤出更多的时间,尽管这意味着睡眠时间会减少。调查显示,人们每天的平均起床时间为5点35分,出门上班之前能在家待大约两小时十五分钟,平均就寝时间为10点53分。 /200803/30960

An elderly woman from Brooklyn decided to prepare her will and make her final requests. She told her rabbi she had two final requests. First, she wanted to be cremated, and second, she wanted her ashes scattered over Bloomingdales.布鲁克林的一位年迈的妇女决定准备自己的遗嘱,提出最后的要求。她告诉自己的犹太教士说她有两个临终前的要求。第一,她要火化;第二,她要把骨灰撒到布鲁明黛。;Bloomingdales!; the rabbi exclaimed. ;Why Bloomingdales?;“布鲁明黛!”教士叫道,“为什么在布鲁明黛?”;Then I#39;ll be sure my daughters visit me twice a week.;“那样的话我女儿肯定一周会探望我两次。”Note: 布鲁明黛(Bloomingdale#39;s)是一家连锁百货公司,与梅西百货同属联邦百货公司旗下。布鲁明黛在美国有超过36家分店。Government 美国政府 "Of the people, by the people, and for the people." That's how Abraham Lincoln described the American government in his Gettysburg Address. These simple phrases capture the essence of American democracy. Instead of ruling over U.S. citizens, the government is ruled by them. Elected officials are known as public servants who represent their constituents. Americans can get involved in government by voting, by writing letters to their representatives and even by organizing peaceful demonstrations to make their voices heard. Each American citizen has a vested interest in how he or she is governed. Former President Theodore Roosevelt expressed the American view of government well: "The government is us." 「民有、民治、民享」,这是亚伯拉罕.林肯在盖茨堡演说时,描绘的美国政府。这简短的几个字道出了美国民主的真谛。美国政府不是统治人民而是受人民所统治。民选的官员被认为是人民的公仆,他们代表的是他们的选民。美国人可经由投票,向他们的代表陈情、甚至于组织和平的示威活动,来发表心声,参与政事。每一个美国公民都有一份保护自身利益的权利与义务,来决定他们的政府该如何执政,前总统泰迪.罗斯福深刻地表达了美国人对政府的看法:「政府就是我们。」 At first glance, it might seem that the U.S. president, as "leader of the free world," is the "ruler" of America. On Inauguration Day, the swearing in of President Bill Clinton for his second term will reflect the pomp and circumstance of a coronation ceremony, with dignitaries from around the world in attendance. Even as far back as George Washington, who once rejected a suggestion to become "King of America," people have sought to ascribe far-reaching powers to the president. But the Constitution ensures that the president will not become an all-powerful ruler. 乍看之下,身为「自由世界领袖」的美国总统似乎是美国的「统治者」。在就职日,来自世界各地达官显要的出席,使柯林顿总统的第二任就职宣誓仪式,如同国王加冕典礼一般的华丽与隆重。即使远朔自华盛顿总统,他曾经拒绝了成为「美国国王」的建议,人们还是想要把无比的权力赋予总统。但是美国宪法确保了总统不会成为一个集权的统治者。 The U.S. government, as outlined by the Constitution, is divided into three branches: legislative, executive and judicial. The legislative branch passes the laws, the executive enforces the laws and the judicial interprets the laws. The legislative branch is comprised of the two houses of Congress, the Senate and the House of Representatives. Thanks to CNN, C/SPAN and the nightly news, many lawmakers have almost become celebrities in their own right. The executive branch is represented by the president, who is called the chief executive or chief of state. Besides that, as commander in chief of the armed forces, the president carries more than a little clout in world affairs. The judicial branch is made up of the Supreme Court and about 100 other federal courts. The nine Supreme Court justices hold office for life. 美国宪法概略的将政府分为三部份:立法部门、行政部门及司法部门。立法部门通过法律:行政部门执行法律而司法部门诠释法律。立法部门由国会的参议院及众议院所组成。承蒙CNN及C/SPAN和夜间新闻之抬爱,这些议员们都因个人的论调、举止成了名人。行政部门由总统代表,他被称为最高行政长官、或是国家元首。除此之外,身为三军司令,美国总统在世界局势所有的影响力也是不小的。司法部门是由最高法院及大约100个其它的联邦法院所组成。九位最高法院的法官是终身职。 /200803/32921

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