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如何用英语发牢骚? --18 ::59 来源: 下面是一些例句,你或许会从中学会怎样用英语发牢骚:  1. Yech...it is a beautiful day out. And here I am stuck inside the office with all this paper work  哎,外面天气那么好,我却得守在办公室内处理这些文件  . How am I to know what I'm supposed to do if there's no organization around here?  如果这里那么没有条理,我怎么晓得该做些什么好呢?  3.The company is so cheap we have to sharpen our pencils until they're down to little stubs like this  公司这么吝啬,害得我们得把铅笔用到这么短  .Now where did my eraser go this time? Don't take things off other people's desks without asking them,O.K.?  这回我的橡皮又到哪里去了?不要不说一声就拿别人桌子上的东西,好吗?  5.I want you to stop hogging my desk space, all right?  你不要再占用我的桌子,好吗?  6.Turn the other way when you smoke, so I won't have to breathe it, all right?  你抽烟时转向那一边,免得我吸到,行不行?  7.Don't talk to me while I'm in the middle of calculatin  我在计算时,别跟我说话  8.Ah, heck! Another mistake.The staff here can't even use their calculators right!  真见鬼!又错了这里的职员连计算器都不能正确使用  9.Oh,why did he have to give me this rush job now that it's almost time my lunch break!  哎,快到午餐休息时间了,他为什么非给我这个急件不可!  .I know I made a mistake. I just wish he wouldn't keep hammering away at it  我知道我犯错误了我真希望他不要一直骂个不停  .Doing this mindless work all day is going to drive me crazy  整天做这种不用动脑筋的工作,会使我发疯的  .Why do I have to do all these extra needless little jobs anyway?  不管怎样,为什么我得做所有这些多余的、不必要的琐碎工作?  .How come everyone in our company is middle-aged stuffy?  为什么我们公司都是一些古板的中年人?  .Everytime he gets drunk,he goes into lousy preaching routine  每次喝醉,他就开始他那令人讨厌的说教  .I don't understand what's going on inside these young people's heads  我不了解这些年轻人的脑子里想的是什么  .Say, don't you think Miss Black is using the phone too much personal calls?  喂,你不觉得布莱克的私人电话打得太多吗? 如何用 英语 发牢骚夜幕已经笼罩着乡间一轮红月正从树林后面徐徐升起,天上几乎见不到星星在这苍茫夜色中,寒气与露水降下来了我坐在敞开的窗前欣赏着这夜色,耳边只听见那夏天的风声虽然我见不到红色和蓝色的花朵,但是我知道它们在哪儿远处的草地上,银色的查尔斯河闪闪发光木桥那边传来了踢嗒踢嗒的马啼声接着,万物俱寂,只留下夏夜不断的风声有时,我丝毫辨别不出它究竟是风声,还是邻近的海涛声村子里的时钟敲起来了,于是我觉得并不孤单 城市的夜晚是那样的不同啊! 夜深了,人群已经散去你走到阳台上,躺在凉爽和露水弥漫的夜幕中,仿佛你用它作为外衣裹住了你的身子阳台下面是栽着树木的人行道,像一条深不可测的黑色的海湾,飘忽的精灵就投入了这漆黑沉静的海湾,拥抱着某个所爱的精灵随波荡漾而去长长的街道上,街灯依然到处亮着人们从灯下走过,托拽着各种各样奇形怪状的影子,影子时而缩短,时而伸长,最后消失在黑暗之中;同时,一个新的影子又突然出现在那个行路人的身后,这影子好似风车上的翼板一样,转到他身体的前方去了公园的铁门当啷一声关上,耳边可以听到脚步声和响亮的说话声;一阵喧闹;一阵酒醉后的吵嚷声;一阵火灾的报警声;接着,寂静如初于是,城市终于沉睡,我们终于能够看到夜的景色姗姗来迟的月亮从屋顶后面探出脸来,发觉没有人在欢迎她.月光破碎,东一块,西一块,撒落在各个广场上和各条大街的开阔处---像一块块白色的大理石一样棱角分明. 687英语热词:“脑残粉”英语怎么说? -- :31:59 来源: “脑残粉”指的是那些极度痴迷于某事物或某明星的粉丝,甚至狂热到失去理智的地步在英语中,男的“脑残粉”叫fanboy,女的“脑残粉”叫fangirl,虽然二者痴迷的对象略有差别,但疯狂程度却不相上下  Fangirl refers to a female fan, obsessed with something or someone to a frightening or sickening degree. They may have obsession over anime and game characters, or over real people like the Orlando Bloom.  女的“脑残粉”指的是痴迷于某事物或某人到了可怕或变态的程度的女粉丝她们或是痴迷于动画片或中的虚幻人物,或是疯狂迷恋真人,如电影明星奥兰多?布鲁姆  Similar to fangirl, fanboy is an extreme fan or follower of a particular medium or concept, whether it be sports, television, film directors, games, etc.  和女“脑残粉”类似,男“脑残粉”是疯狂痴迷于或追随某种媒介或概念的粉丝,他所痴迷的可能是运动、电视、电影导演,也可能是   example:  I’ve spent too much money on iPhones, I’m such a iPhone fanboy!  我在苹果手机上花了太多钱了,我真是苹果手机的脑残粉啊! 英语 热 词

月色下,我们看不到生活中坚硬的棱角山坡在月光下如同笼上了一层柔和的银纱;大海在月光下宁静碧蓝;我们在月光下也不再像白日那般心计来往,而是沉醉于自然的情感中The Fascinating MoonriseThere is a hill near my home that I often climb at night. The noise of the city is a far-off murmur. In the hush of dark I share the cheerfulness of crickets and the confidence of owls. But it is the drama of the moonrise that I come to see. that restores in me a quiet and clarity that the city spends too freely.From this hill I have watched many moons rise. Each one had its own mood. There have been broad, confident harvest moons in autumn; shy, misty moons in spring; lonely, white winter moons rising into the utter silence of an ink-black sky and smoke-smudged orange moons over the dry fields of summer. Each, like fine music, excited my heart and then calmed my soul. But we, who live indoors, have lost contact with the moon. The glare of street lights and the dust of pollution veil the night sky. Though men have walked on the moon, it grows less familiar. Few of us can say what time the moon will rise tonight. Still, it tugs at our minds.If we unexpectedly encounter the full moon, huge and yellow over the horizon, we are helpless but to stare back at its commanding presence. And the moon has gifts to bestow upon those who watch.I learned about its gifts one July evening in the mountains. My car had mysteriously stalled, and I was stranded and alone. The sun had set, and I was watching what seemed to be the bright-orange glow of a est fire beyond a ridge to the east. Suddenly, the ridge itself seemed to burst into flame. Then, the rising moon, huge and red and grotesquely misshapen by the dust and sweat of the summer atmosphere, loomed up out of the woods. Distorted thus by the hot breath of earth, the moon seemed ill-tempered and imperfect. Dogs at nearby farmhouse barked nervously, as if this strange light had wakened evil spirits in the weeds.But as the moon lifted off the ridge it gathered firmness and authority. Its complexion changed from red, to orange, to gold, to impassive yellow. It seemed to draw light out of the darkening earth, as it rose, the hills and valleys below grew dimmer. By the time the moon stood clear of the horizon, full-chested and round and of the colour of ivory, the valleys were deep shadows in the landscape. The dogs, reassured that this was the familiar moon, stopped barking. And all at once I felt a confidence and joy close to laughter.The drama took an hour. Moonrise is slow and serried with subtleties. To watch it, we must slip into an older, more patient sense of time. To watch the moon move inflexibly higher is to find an unusual stillness within ourselves. Our imaginations become aware of the vast distance of space, the immensity of the earth and the huge improbability of our own existence. We feel small but privileged.Moonlight shows us none of life’s harder edges. Hillsides seem silken and silvery, the oceans still and blue in its light. In moonlight we become less calculating, more drawn to our feelings.  5379

看英文电影 六种技巧练口语 -- :50: 来源:   语言的交流与掌握大量的词汇、句型、语法是两回事就语言本身的知识来说,我们已经过关了我们缺少的就是在交流中来运用英语,只有在交流中我们才能与对方进行思维密码的相互破译同样的话在不同的语言交流环境中所表达的意思是不一样的   建议要把学习的目标收缩,把追求大而广的英语知识转化为追求一种定量性的技巧有6种技巧,是美国人和美国人之间交流的关键性东西,也是看电影、学英语中重要的六步如果我们能掌握这6种技巧,就可以更好地理解美国人的思维,从而学好口语   第一,如何用英文简单界定一个东西的技巧美国人和美国人交谈80%是想告诉对方这个事物是什么我们的课本尽管词汇难度不断加深,但思维逻辑结构却只停留在一个水平上中国人常说Whereisthebook(这本书在哪儿)?很少有人说What is a book(书是什么)?而美国的小学生就开始问:What is the book?这种Where is the book只是思维的描述阶段但是我想连大学生也很难回答What is a book?因为中国传统英语教学模式没有教会学生表达思想的技巧   第二,如果已经学会界定,但理解还有偏差,那就要训练How to explain things in different ways(用不同的方式解释同一事物)一种表达式对方不懂,美国人会寻找另一种表达式最终让对方明白因为事物就一个,但表达它的语言符号可能会很多这就要多做替换练习传统的教学方法也做替换练习,但这种替换不是真替换,只是语言层面的替换,而不是思维层面的替换比如,I love you(我爱你)我们教学的替换方法就把you换成her,my mother等,这种替换和小学生练描红没有什么区别这种替换没有对智力构成挑战,没有启动思维这种替换句子的基本结构没变,我听不懂I love you,肯定也听不懂I loveher如果替换为I want to kiss you,I want to hug you,I will show my heart to you等,或者给对方讲电影《泰坦尼克,告诉对方那就是爱,这样一来对方可能就明白了这才叫真正的替换也就是说用一种不同的方式表达同一个意思,或者一个表达式对方听不清楚,举一个简单易懂的例子来表达,直到对方明白   第三,我们必须学会美国人怎样描述东西从描述上来讲,由于中美的文化不同会产生很大的差异我们描述东西无外乎把它放在时间和空间两个坐标上去描述美国人对空间的描述总是由内及外,由里及表而中国人正好相反从时间上来说,中国人是自然的时间顺序来描述我们描述一个东西突然停住时,往往最后说的那个地方是最重要的美国人在时间的描述上先把最重要的东西说出来,然后再说陪衬的东西只有发生悲剧性的事件,美国人才在前面加上铺垫这就是中国人和美国人在时间描述上的巨大差别   第四,要学会使用重要的美国习语不容易学、易造成理解困惑的东西就是“习语”比如北京人说盖了帽儿了,外国人很难理解,这就是习语所以和美国人交流时,能适当地运用美国习语,他马上就会觉得很亲切,也很爱和你交流那么什么是习语?就是每个单词你都认识,但把它们组合在一起,你就不知道是什么意思了   第五,学会两种语言的传译能力这是衡量口语水平的一个最重要标准因为英语不是我们的母语,我们天生就有自己的母语很多人都认为学好外语必须丢掉自己的母语,这是不对的   第六,要有猜测能力为什么美国人和美国人、中国人和中国人之间交流很少产生歧义?就是因为他们之间能“猜测”我们的教学不提倡“猜测”但我觉得猜测对学好美国口语很重要在交流中,有一个词你没有听懂,你不可能马上去查字典,这时候就需要猜测来架起一座桥梁来弥补这个缺口,否则交流就会中断   中国人学习口语讲究背诵,背句型、背语调,结果就是很多人讲口语的时候讲着讲着眼就开始向上翻,实际上是在记忆中寻找曾经背过的东西如果他要是能猜测的话,我想也就不会出现这种现象   再说说英语语音的问题我们中国人不需要钻牛角尖,一定追求发音像一个本地人,只要我们的发音不至于让对方产生误解就可以了我们在平时,不需要迷信什么科学方法,只需要记住一点:模仿但一定要模仿标准的英语或美语在模仿的基础上,每天保持1个小时的自我口语练习,这个练习必须假想一个双向交流的场合,即仿佛有人与你交流一样   最后,讲讲英语的用气问题我们在发音时,尽量气运丹田,而避免用肺发音,这可以使英语发音洪亮圆润 口语 技巧 电影

口语小词学到位:避免不必要的麻烦(5) -01-7 :: 来源: J1: S.O.S --- Some One Special午饭时间,大家做在一起总喜欢讨论一些轻松的话题.今天讨论的是那个男生帅、酷. Kitty是最活耀的一个,她边告诉我们她是喜欢谁,边在她的书上列了一大堆名字,最后她在Mike的名字上打了个*号,还在底下加了SOS.这让我觉得很奇怪,看了看坐在后面的Mike,对Kitty说:"Mike看起来很好阿,他需要急救吗?"Kitty听后,边笑边解释:"SOS在这里的意思是 Some One Special,而不是急救的SOS!"J: School Xing [School Crossing]好几年前,刚来美国不久,有位朋友要考驾照,但因他自认英文不很好,却认为我英文小可,就要我陪他去DMV考中文试题的笔试.笔试考完,接着考交通标志,即考试人员指着标志,他用中文说出,我则用英文翻译给考试人员听.当考试人员指到一个标志上画了两个人走在人行穿越道上,下面写着[School Xing]时,我朋友用中文说[学童人行道],而我因看到X后面加了ing,就翻成[School X-ing],那位考试人员笑了笑说:这要念成[School Crossing].当时觉得很窘,不过事后想想觉得很感谢那位考试人员耐心的改正,不但让我懂了Xing的正确念法[X-ing]而且没有因为我念成 [X-ing]而算我朋友答错了.如考试人员硬听成[Exiting],而让我朋友因错了这题而没过关,那我就不知如何向他解释了. J3: Monkey see, Monkey do一次开车在路上,旁边驶过的一辆车里坐着一个妈妈,边开车边打电话,座位旁还有一个小女孩.我家洋先生看了,就说这样真危险,边开车边电话键,旁边还坐了一个小朋友,更何况 Monkey see, Monkey do. 我听了有些茫然,就问他"你在说什么, What monkey?"他边笑着边告诉我;原来[Monkey see, Monkey do]是俚语,相当于中文[有样学样].这个俚语还挺生动的,让我想起听过的猴子学人喝醉酒的故事.所以大人在小孩前面尤其得注意自己的行为,因为 Monkey see, Monkey do.J: Go cold turkey小胖Johnny是公司里[名嘴],哪里有吃有喝必见其踪.今年,公司为了赶不及回家的游子开了一个很丰盛的感恩节派对,Johnny参加了,却一反常态不再见其大吃大喝.感恩节过后,追问究竟,他说" I' m getting too fat, so I must go cold turkey on greasy food."喔!原来冷火鸡亦有减肥之效,想想冰箱还剩下大半只火鸡,即问 "If you don't mind you can have the rest of the turkey in the freezer",Johnny会意一笑答"I sure have had enough turkey these days. No thanks"随即委婉相告他已痛下决心减肥戒吃了,而"go cold turkey"即[速戒]之意. cold `turkey (sl 俚 esp US)(a) way of treating a drug addict by suddenly stopping all his doses of the drug instead of gradually reducing them 使有毒瘾者突然停用毒品而不是逐渐减少剂量的处理方法.(b) frank statement of the truth, often about sth unpleasant 直言不讳; 照实说: talk cold turkey towith sb 对[与]某人直言不讳.J5: Sleeping on both ears小李刚来美国时当过褓母.有一次遇到所带的小女孩生病,小孩哭闹,大人着急,连续折腾了好几天,煞是辛苦.那天早上小李像往常一样去上班.小女孩的妈妈笑着悄悄地告诉小李:"She is sleeping on both ears."这下小李懵懂了.她听说过在中国小婴儿一直脸朝天睡会睡出[铲刀头],也听说过在美国让婴儿俯卧趴着睡,可偏偏就没听说过sleep on both ears.她实在不知所以然,便问:"为什么?"小女孩的妈妈看着小李一副迷茫的样子,赶紧说:"她好多了,现在睡得好好的"以后经过小李的"研究",才知道sleep on both ears是酣睡之意.J6: Indian giver一次和同学聊天,聊到咖哩,旁边的印度同事说:"我刚给约翰的自制咖哩,?一定要带回家尝尝,才知道什么叫咖哩!!"约翰听后从椅子上跳起来大叫:"You are such an Indian giver!"印度同事和我顿时如坠五里雾中茫然不已,怎么她变成印地安人了? 约翰看我们的样子,于是解释[Indian giver]是形容一个人给别人东西后,又想拿回来; 或是想交换其它好处的意思. 印度同事和我听后,无奈的笑笑.约翰保留住那罐咖哩,笑得更开心了.J7: Stood up金发碧眼的莎莉在周末都兴高采烈的去约会.这天晚上她却早就回到宿舍,打扮得像孔雀却无精打采,对我说" I was stood up"她不是预备去电影院吗?我问她"为何要站着,而不是坐着?"她听了之后,十分懊恼地看着我.后来她明白我真的不是幸灾乐祸,才解释说[stood up]是被人放鸽子,约会的人爽约. J8: Carpool在台湾,公家机关习惯将公务车保养及司机休息的场所称Motropool,中文意思就是[车辆保养场].十多年前,有次来美出差,顺道访友,同学开车到机场来接我去他家住.出了机场,同学将车驶入最内线,有个标志写着[ Carpool only].我心中纳闷,Carpool是什么意思?他总不可能去司机休息室吧!于是我就自作聪明地问他:怎么,车有问题?他说:没有阿?为什么?我说: 那你为什么要去Carpool?同学哑然失笑地告诉我,Carpool是指两人以上共乘一车,才可以走这条线,我听了怪不好意思的.晚饭后,同学的邻居过来问他明天可不可以Carpool,同学说不能,"我要陪同学去买点东西",我又胡涂了,为什么他不能跟他Carpool,我们今天也不是Carpool 的吗?同学再解释给我听,邻居所说的Carpool,是指大家轮流开车上班,以节约能源的措施.前面的Carpool是名词,后面的Carpool则是动词,对初到美国的人而言,还真是一时不容易体会! 麻烦 必要 避免 到位

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